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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
How To Grow A Puddle
by Edie Batstone

This second book in Edie's 'Puddle' series is filled with wonderful catchy rhyming poems that have positive nostalgic messages. Her whimsical illustrations carry the poe..  
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Featured Book
Eric and the Enchanted Leaf: A Visit with Canis Lupis
by Deborah Frontiera

Winner of the North Texas Book Festival's award for a children's book in 2007. The second in the "Eric" series, this book has Spanish and English text on each page. Relea..  
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Featured Book
Sarafina The Angel of Love
by Kendra Berni

A poem about Sarafina made into a picture book...  
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All Children Short Stories

25 Most Recent Children Short Stories

The Color Book by Ms Sherry
Life is colorful in more ways than one. Add a little color to your life, and find out what color means to you...
The Cotton Candy Caper by Jessica Stanfield
A fair without cotton candy? Whoever heard of such a thing? Two friends try to save the fair from someone who appears to want all of the cotton candy for themselves at this year's county fair...
The Cowboy (Ethan Sayer Age 5) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Babysitting my five year old nephew yesterday, instead of me telling him a story he told me one, here it is.....
The Creature From Coral City by Paul Mc Cann
Mermaids myths and mysteries as seen through this Mariners Tale ...
The Crossing by Samuel Southwell
(A story from my Book Twisted American Fairy Tales") Our little friend learns the meaning of life while crossing the road. ..
The Cry Baby by Randall Barfield
The Crystal Dove by Katie Gabrielle
Only the true of heart shall know the magic of the crystal dove.....
Read excerpt from The Crystal Kingdom - The First Story. The Crystal Kingdom - The First Story. by Peter Rossfour
The First Story in the series "The Legend of the Crystal Kingdom." The book introduces the reader to the main characters and also the "Galatian" emissary Twinkler, injured in a massive storm. ..
The Crystal Llama by TJ Perkins
This story was published in the Ohio State 6th Grade Proficiency Test Preparation Book...
The Dairy Barn by TJ Perkins
This story is based on a true happening from when I was a kid...
The Dancing Dolly by denise landry
A dolly finds her voice by dancing on a computer..
The Day the Moon Stole Christmas by Ev McTaggart
Alyssa has made the moon mad and he's out for revenge!..
The Day The Tornadoes Came To Town... by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
I am going to write about a rather scary experience that happened to me and my family when I was younger... It was during the spring or summer of 1997..I don't exactly remember what month it was, but I DO remember the year very well. I live in Nashville, Tennessee, with my adopti..
The Day We Met St. Nicholas by Carol Ranney
Crossing the street one Sunday morning began a lifetime adventure with St. Nicholas...
The Deadly Lie by Steve Groll
A ten-year-old boy learns a harsh life lesson about the consequences of dishonesty...
The Dog Who Came To Breakfast by Maggie grinnell
This story is about a dog who wanted breakfast like any other person which is how she feels she is...
The Dragon by Najib Altawell
Samira felt she had to leave her brother at once; otherwise he would carry on with his imaginary story about the existence of dragons. She walked outside the house still thinking about what her brother was talking about but at the same time she was trying hard to dismiss from her mind all the storie..
This story is a fairy tale that I created from a spelling unit. The story is based in Sooy Manor, which is infested by a horrorible and smelly beast of a dragon. The villagers needed someone to rid their kingdom from this terrible beast. Did they find their answser?..
The Dreadful Dragon by Ames Swartsfager
A prince has to face a dragon inorder to save thew princess. Is he brave enough? 325 words...
The Duck Pond by Helen Downey
It is true that memories of being in the womb are possible and have been documented. Each of us really does record within us all activities of what we do, but each individual brings forth only fragments of what went on before. Here's a moment when I was about 18 months old...
The Eclipse by Franz Kessler
For my Grandma Johanna Gollwitzer-Putz..
The Egg Stone by Ali Isaac
A short story for children...
The Ewe and the Fawn ~Christmas story by E T Waldron
the ewe..
The Faeryman by Otilia Tena
A married woman abducted by a beautiful sidhe - a fairytale..
The Fall... by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A child who uses crutches talks about a fall he had. He wasn't seriously hurt, but he WAS embarrassed. (I had this very thing happen to ME just a bit ago while going to work. I fell, and other than a few minor scrapes, I am OKAY! REALLY! Turns out I got tonight off, as it is SLOWER than sl..
The Fearless Three series by Rachel Funk
A series of children's book for early readers based on the wholehearted imagination I have seen in my own children's pretend play...
The Film Show by Siva Ojha
The story of two eight-year-old boys sneaking into a cinema...
The First day of School by Lisa Alderson
I think I swallowed a butterfly. I can feel it fluttering in my stomach. This is my big day.My first day of school. It’s very important, at least thats what mom said. Well I wont be there because I am getting sick. I am sure of it. Besides, who will play with Mrs O’Donells’ cat ? She..
The First Pot-Luck Supper by Gill James
How did Jesus manage to feed the 5,000? Could it have been this way? ..
The Flare (Part Two): By Nicole, aged 10 1/2 by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A young girl with arthritis keeps her friends up to date on her health woes...
The Flare, Part Three: Nicole's Diary by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Nicole Michelle Aldape, aged 10 1/2, continues to recover from a flare-up of her arthritis; and she writes of her feelings about having this debilitating disease...
The Flare: When Arthritis Rears Its Ugly Head by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
My little sister, Ronee', is NOT doing well AT ALL today. She is in her bed, with the shades pulled down, and the blanket thrown over her head, as she TRIES to sleep (which she CANNOT at the present time), even though it is a perfect, BEAUTIFUL, sunny late spring day. The other kids are ..
The Fox by Richard Kallao
origina a young fox learns the value of love and revenge ...
The Friendship Gift by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
A young girl learns a lesson in compassion and understanding..
The Funniest Thing My Kid Said Today: A Series by Michele Cozzens
About Camille..
The Giraffe With The Big Eyes by Paul Mc Cann
Life's an illusion depending on how you see it ...
The Girl and the Mirror Written by Alberto Monnar, Lisa Morton, Illustrator by Alberto Monnar
The Girl and the Mirror Written by Alberto Monnar Linda Weinerman (Editor) It was dark, and Britney was very fearful. Britney, who was 14 years old, thought that she was the prettiest girl in the world. Very frequently, she would gaze into the mirror and thi..
The Girl No One Talked To by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Aimi Jackson, who suffers from a rare facial disorder known as cystic hygroma, writes of how she has no friends and how sad she is. Aimi is nine years old...
The Girl With The Golden Hair by Bianca Boonstra
Thanks to my husband for the names ;-)..
The Golden Horse by Lonnie Hicks
Bedtime Stories..
The Golf Twins by Frances Lynn
Teens should be careful not to put their crushes on a pedestal...
The great pie theft by Steve Joos
This story is an old Institute for Children's Literature project which was inspired by a picture of one rabbit stealing a pie from another...
The Greatest Birthday Gift Ever! by Julia Nielsen
Maddy was so excited that her Grandpa (Who is deaf) has come to her birthday party. Everything seems perfect, but will her baby brother (the biggest pest in the world) ruin it all?..
The Girl Who Got Bigger And Bigger by Matt Purland
There was once a girl who wanted to be grown up like her parents, so she made a special drink that would make her grow, and she did grow. She grew until she was as big as her parents, but she didn’t stop there. She kept on growing until her foot was the size of her house. She quite enjoyed ..
The Great Welcome Feast by Anne-Margaret McElroy
The Great Welcome Feast Long ago there lived two Princesses, the Princess Elspeth who was fair and humble, and the Princess Eugenie who was dark and very proud. It was announced one day, by their father King Edgar, that a King from a far away land wished to wed one of the Prin..
The Happiness Bubble by Lark Pogue
This story is based on a dream that my friend Angie had in 1991. She has a heart for children...
The Hidey Hole (Dedicated With MUCH LOVE to Karla!!) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Uh-oh. It's happened again. Someone is hiding in the hidey-hole located in my bedroom because they are afraid they are about to get into trouble from mommy and daddy. I hear little gasping whimpers enamating from the corner of the one wall, nearest my bed, where it is dark and comforting...
The Hurricane by Susan Barton
You'd be surprised at the things blowing in on the winds of a hurricane. ..
The Ice Cream Cone (Children) by CJ Heck
A grandpa's gift of love ... ..
The Initiation & Darth Vader's mask by Georg Mateos
Haze would come when in the military one was tested to no show fear. When we were children it was called The Initiation, then PacMan arrived and kites were relegated as debris-in-dad's-garage. The new generations gets its adrenaline rush from electronics, we got it by experiencing the real t..
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Children Stories
1. Kandu's Great Discovery
2. The Kingdom of Sundae
3. The Tadpole and the Caterpillar
4. Alex and the wood nymph
5. Trusya
6. The Boy with 12 Fingers (Tell me what yo
7. Bobby Gets A Boo Boo!
8. Finding Ricky's Voice
9. The Raging River
10. Hypatia (born 350-370? died 415)
11. Magic At Ten Foot
12. An Update: Teeka Daniels, March 2014.
13. Bo-Bo And The Flight Down Under
14. Sonrisa's Story. (Part Three)
15. A GREAT story about kids that NEEDS to be
16. Reunited!
17. Pudi Cat's Grand Caper
18. Camden's Story: Special Needs Parenting 10
19. Diary of a Six-Year-Old
20. Atrocious.

Featured Book
Alita / ¿Quién soy? ¿Dónde estoy? ¿Qué soy?
by Jacob Taylor

Un tierno cuento para la hora de dormir que relata cómo un pequeño insecto pensó que era abeja. ¡Siga las divertidas aventuras de Alita mientras ella descubre quién es, d..  
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Featured Book
Celebrating Seasons
by Ann Streetman

This is a fun children's book for exploring the meaning of seasons...  
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