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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Path, vol. 2 number 1
by Mary Nickum

short stories, essays, poetry, book reviews..  
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Featured Book
The Path, vol. 2 number 1
by Mary Nickum

short stories, essays, poetry, book reviews..  
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Featured Book
The Women of Stormland
by Lois Santalo

How can one person bring himself to enslave another? One way is to denigrate the enslaved person as less than human. Ashley Pennington, of mixed race, knows this trauma i..  
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All Mainstream Short Stories

25 Most Recent Mainstream Short Stories

Read excerpt from Tibet and Tiffany Tibet and Tiffany by Michael Anka
Tiger's Eye by Lori Maynard
The man roars at me in a language never meant for my ears. He forces me to perform some macabre ballet. Not right for a beast like I. God did not give me claws to dance and fangs to sing...
Time to Fly by Patricia Dunn
Clever things can happen when a woman finally decideds she's had enough...
Time to meet the TRUTH by NEILSON WILLIAMS
The whole truth and nothing but the truth as GOD strikes you down..
Tippecanoe County Buffalo Offers Visions by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
Life's Vital Compass Listen To The Soul Of Yourself Not The Venom mouthed by Deceptious Tongues of any Man who cannot prove nor stand with courage... ..
To Be Or Not To Be by Stephen Kata
A man considers suicide...
Tom's Tall Tales Told Truthfully - Part 10 by Tom Hyland
Am thinking about ending this Pot Pourri - not enough Feedback, ERGO assume it is a LOSER! May compile all 10 parts into 1 big mess? Dunno yet! ..
Too Many Cooks by David Schwinghammer
A young boy hears about a girl who shot her father who'd been molesting her. He can't get anybody to explain how a father could do that to his own daughter...
Tornado by Chessly Nesci
The lake community had been hit hard by a raging Tornado. We had no warnings and couldn’t prepare for such a disaster. The local sheriff came and took pictures of my cabin. I never lost my electricity and everything was intact. The two hundred year old trees were still hovering over our very old str..
Touching the Rabbit by Rosalie Warren
Heather is looking after her neighbour's rabbit for a few days when it develops an eye infection. But Heather can't bring herself to touch the rabbit or, indeed, any other animal or person... Artwork (c) Laura Stefanussen..
Tower Tales #4: Bodily Functions by Mark Lichterman
Careful! Although I have this chapter listed as "Mainstream," in my opinion it should be listed as "Humor," but, though I think you will find this chapter very funny and something other than you've ever read, this humor may not be for everyone...
Walking Time Bomb Waiting To Explode by Mary Coe
High blood pressure and high cholesterol are silent killers and can cause serious permanent disabilities. If you suffer from either one; see your doctor on a regular basic and work with him or her on options on how to keep the condition under control. ..
Tower Tales 1: Sunbather by Mark Lichterman
Note: Some sexual content- ______________________________________ The binoculars held around his neck, tilting the chair back, he put the heels of his feet onto the narrow ledge beneath the window, and began the four-hour struggle to remain awake… Occasionally he didn’t, but if he did fall a..
Tower Tales 3: Be Careful! by Mark Lichterman
Extremely sexual, be careful! ______________________________________ By the movement of their heads the lookout could see that the kiss was ardent, and though he could not see beyond the back of the seat, by the angle of the man’s body and the position of his left arm, his fervent imaginatio..
Tower Tales2:To Kill Him? by Mark Lichterman
Hating this man more than he thought he was capable of hating anyone, as Ewing’s head cleared the hatch… As Ewing’s head barely cleared the hatch, purposely allowing the heavy wooden hatch to slam shut… Actually, putting his weight behind it, Mitchell slammed the hatch shut...
Tracey Flagler's Fun by David Arthur Walters
The girl next door, the sexiest woman in the world...
Traditional Sunday1: 1941 by Mark Lichterman
The brothers‑in‑law, Walter and Al, had played gin rummy with each other for years. Walter always thought it took skill to win at cards, or any game. Al, on the other hand, not only played skillfully, but was also lucky… and, oh yes, he did cheat. A "Becoming" excerpt..
Trapped by Addiction #1 by Marie Wadsworth
Samantha Moore, a morning show disc jockey for a Savannah, Georgia, radio station, tells her listeners she doesn't plan on going to her class reunion. When she and her morning show co-host, Melanie Scott, field calls on the topic, Sam gets a call from someone in her past...
Tropicupco by Mark Lichterman
Folding a pair of underpants, haltingly trying to think which of the three kids they belong to, “Mitchie, that’s really dumb; a cup made out of a coconut?” ..
True Love by Christa Joyce
Nothing compares to a mother’s love. My mother’s love. And as I stand here hugging this pillow I know it to be the real truth. She has always been a part of my life. She gave me life. Growing up, I never held much store by the fact that she carried me inside her for nine months. To loo..
Trying to forget an old flame by Jan Richards
Seeing an old flame with a child...
Tundra Sands -- A Dream by Nickolaus Pacione
DIV align=justify>font face="book antiqua">I describe of this dream being of where, within the vast desert of a tundra-like climate. In the sense of the description as of the desert, one sees something similar to the EM>Titanic/EM> rudder up in the sand. As what appears to be the doomed ship, on..
Turning Forty by David Schwinghammer
A woman shoplifts a John Grisham novel by mistake and is grilled by a store detective. ..
Two Beers, Icy Road, A Drunk Passenger by c lea harris
Someone could have died that night, thank God they didn't but true friendship has been revealed. ..
Ugly Americans by Ron Karcz
My message to the world this Memorial Day Weekend...
Ultimate Retribution by C. Kraemer
Reward. We all work for it... including terrorists...
Unabomber Jr. by David Schwinghammer
A group of high school kids are deceived by a pseudo-radical teacher...
Unseen Components. by Mark Lichterman
Careful, getting a bit sexy here. _______________________________________ Breathing a sigh of relief, “Hey, what took you guys so long? We was startin’ to think you got lost…” He sees traces of lipstick on Frank’s mouth. “…or somethin’.” “Nah!” Calling to Lisa, “We weren’t lost, wer..
USO Dance: Chris by Mark Lichterman
Mid twentieth century novels: "Becoming" (735 pages) and "For Better or Worse" (733 Pages) (sequel to "Becoming") can now be purchased as Amazon Kindle Ebooks @ $4.95. Or if a Prime member, both books can be read without cost. USO Dance: Chris is a "Becoming" excerpt._________________..
USO Dance: Plugged by Mark Lichterman
Careful, descriptive sex here. _______________________________________ “No!” Flattered, looking years younger than her thirty-one, knowing that he was—setting a trend for the rest of her life—minimally ten years younger. “I’m… uh, trust me, I’m older’n eighteen. And ‘a cop’? No, my father..
VALIDATION? Is it forthcoming? by: Linda Law by Linda Law
Messages we give and receive can pave the path of our future....
At twenty-three, Ethan Dacey believes that his future is built into the horizon. That all changes when a perfect life takes a hairpin turn, claiming his wife and child. Incredible circumstance and a future he never imagined leads him to Abbotsford, PA. ..
Valley Views From Abbotsford, PA Chapter Two by Laura Spinella
Having lived all her life in Abbotsford, Bess Hillenbrandt knows what makes every person in the small town tick. That's about to change as she meets Ethan Dacey, a man who's led a different kind of life. Make sure to read Chapter One first!! And be sure to visit my website,
Veneer by Stephen Geez
A story of youth and age, coming together in a time of crisis..
Vessie & the Guru by Jerelyn Craden
Chapter 18 excerpt from my novel: Vessie Flamingo Outshining the Moon..
Vision of Greatness by Joe Vojt
Sounds of the earths crust shrinking echoed on deaf ears, waiting for the soul of life to return. ..
Voices of Reason by Leeuna Foster
After Steven walked out on their marriage, a year ago she kept telling her family and friends repeatedly that he would come back to her. They all looked at her with pity in their eyes. They didn’t believe her. But she knew. ..
Waiting by Jim Harrington
Dorothy waits for her son to return from war...
Waiting To Cross by Ian Gilmour
People who feel lonely and ignored have always interested me. This is fiction that stems from the image of some shoes hanging on power lines...
Walls by Jerelyn Craden
Friends reunited are still miles away...
Want a Collie by Mark Lichterman
Seeing the iceman enter the building, releasing the old lady’s hand, the boy ran to the truck and, standing on tiptoes, grabbed hold of two shards of ice, then hurrying back to his grandmother, “here, Bubby,” handed her the smaller piece. “Thank you, mein kind.” [Thank you, my child.] ..
WAR - Update: 8-6-05 My Heart Stopped on Sunday UPDATE by Karen Dunn
Sept.: Leaving Germany ! Grandbabies are coming home!!! 8-6-5: My son has returned from Afghanistan safely. Thank You God! Pray for those in the line of slaughter dealing with the savages of Iran GB has pissed off the God Allah! ooo! America America God Shed his ..
War of the Wills by David Schwinghammer
A social studies teacher's disciple problem leads to violence. (Based on a true story)..
View Photo of We Believe in the Freedom to Read & It's a Very Fine Line... Read excerpt from We Believe in the Freedom to Read & It's a Very Fine Line... We Believe in the Freedom to Read & It's a Very Fine Line... by Chris the Abducted Alien
Originally posted by Jill Christine Carpenter Note: There are actually two articles written by Jill Christine Carpenter in this posting.....
We Gather Our Roses by Mary Fallon Fleming
An older woman decides to marry again, but the groom is non the wiser...
We Should Shit Together More Often by Thomas Archer
This a chapter from my novel Burnt Popcorn And Cheap Perfume. The focus in this chapter deals with the horror the main character experiences when using the workplace restroom...
Wedding Day by Mark Lichterman
Swallowing, closing her eyes a moment, instinctively, Oh, God! moving out of fear itself, Marsha stepped out from under the trellis and began the, Oh, God! long journey to the huppa… And as she did her knees began to wobble and she became faint. ( A "Becoming" Excerpt)..
Wedding Days by Mark Lichterman
Within forty minutes of starting, the rehearsal was finished. The entire wedding party taken to dinner at a nearby restaurant by the parents of the groom, Mitchell looked for a sign of hostility or animosity between Marsha and his mother, but at the moment, happily, there did not appear to..
Wedding Days 2 by Mark Lichterman
Looking at her, Marsha’s expression and tone of voice causing his heart to lurch, because for a second he, unreasonably—especially since she’d just said, ‘we’re getting married tonight’—thought she was going to tell him that she didn’t want to marry him. “What’s wrong?” “Mitchell, I’ve… I..
Wedding Night: Gas by Mark Lichterman
Mitchell wanted them to leave immediately, if not sooner, because, his stomach bloated, he had been fighting an army of gas bubbles that, advancing through his intestinal tract, were trying, oh, yeah, to find escape through his rectum and now, squirming, thinking the profound thought, Where do fa..
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20. Nights of the Absurd

Featured Book
What he said then, and what he tells us today- Obama In His
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

A one of a kind commemorative issue. A 60 page booklet of the words, affirmations, promises and quotes used by Barack Obama to win the votes of 54% of The Americ..  
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Obama's World: Secrets and Deceptions
by Will Clark

America may be at a Biblical turning point in our history. We must be very careful, and have full knowledge of the person we choose to lead America in the next years...  
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