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Sept 11, 2001
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Lord Eaglebeak
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Betrothed for the sake of convenience, Richard Darby thinks he has one year to win Lady Hetty's heart. She thinks she has one year to discourage him -- and lays a wager u..  
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The Hierophant Of 100th Street

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All Mainstream Short Stories

25 Most Recent Mainstream Short Stories

The Midnight Skulker18 by Mark Lichterman
“Let me get this straight,” Goodman said testily. “Some other broker, out of the blue, just coincidently happened to call the ‘Shelter Inn on Shelter Island’ and, coincidently, rang your room? This is what you’re telling me, Marsha?” ..
The Midnight Skulker19 by Mark Lichterman
The “Midnight Skulker being a shadowy character created by Johnny Hart in the "B.C." comic strip that first appeared in syndication in 1958. Eventually, and we're getting closer, I'll get to the reason for this title...
The Midnight Skulker20 by Mark Lichterman
Overwhelmed with the enchanting beauty of this place and the beauty of this time and of the beauty of woman at his side, “Marcie,” bringing his body before her, “I love you… “ ..
The Midnight Skulker21 by Mark Lichterman
Other tourists crossing the bridge for the first time stopped also to stare unbelievably at what they saw approximately twenty feet below. ..
The Midnight Skulker22 by Mark Lichterman
Passing streets with the names of: ‘Via Oriente’; ‘Via Poniente’ and ‘Avenida Miguel Negrete’, “Jeeze, Marcie, these streets sound so, uh, foreign .” ..
The Midnight Skulker23 by Mark Lichterman
Any writers here writing an onging story ever write themselves into a corner? Well, I kind of did here. But Tijuana,Mexico is no place to be stuck in. ..
The Midnight Skulker24 by Mark Lichterman
“Ain’t funny! ‘Hot stuff’, yeah!” Making a different kind of a face now, “Yuck! You’re right; this stuff is terrible! Here, you drink it,” she said, handing the glass back to her husband. ..
The Midnight Skulker25 by Mark Lichterman
“The Embarcadero’s a boardwalk that runs along the downtown waterfront from the ‘Embarcadero Marina’ to the Maritime Museum of San Diego. And there’s ‘The Star of India’."..
The Midnight Skulker26 by Mark Lichterman
The world’s oldest active sailing ship, the Star of India began her life at Ramsey Shipyard in the Isle of Man in 1863...
The Midnight Skulker27 by Mark Lichterman
Watching the national news, along with the nation's current weather, knowing that they’ll be facing ‘Wind chill’ factors of twelve to fifteen below zero once they alight at O’Hara Airport in Chicago... ..
The Midnight Skulker28 by Mark Lichterman
Pushing through the revolving door to the outside world of bone chilling, face numbing, squalling wind Breath coming in thick plumes of vapor.....
The Midnight Skulker29 by Mark Lichterman
Too cold for the falling snow to stick, but the wind’s velocity causing it to blow as stinging, billowing white clouds that effected the Friday evening rush hour traffic making it crawl at an even slower pace. ..
The Midnight Skulker30 by Mark Lichterman
“ ‘Kosher Matzos and pork sausage?” They’d gone through this a number of times and it had become kind of a standing joke between Marsha and Mitchell: “ ‘Kosher Matzos’ and pork sausage? You don’t think a bolt of lightning might get you for that?” ..
The Midnight Skulker31 by Mark Lichterman
Coming into the family-room, “Ain’t Nazi, it’s motzie! ” Mitchell said, sitting on the floor next to his children, where he was attacked and knocked onto his back and crawled upon by three laughing children and a gloppy kissing Great Dane. ..
The Midnight Skulker32 by Mark Lichterman
Sabra’s muzzle stationary on the table, following the conversation, somehow knowing they’re talking about her; Sabra’s – I’m starving, feed me, feed me – pleading eyes shifting from Sammy to Marsha to Sammy and back to Marsha. ..
The Midnight Skulker33 by Mark Lichterman
“Glancing at his watch, “Yeah, he should be in by now.” Dialing the number, he let it ring seven times before breaking the connection. “That’s strange. He’s always in before nine and, if not him, Geraldine.” ..
The Midnight Skulker34 by Mark Lichterman
Shading his eyes with the palms of both hands, looking through the plate glass window of the closed and firmly locked door Mitchell saw… ..
The Midnight Skulker35 by Mark Lichterman
“You know how rotten this is? That son of a bitch knew we put our home on the market and he didn’t give a damn about the fact that I have four kids and a wife...
The Midnight Skulker36 by Mark Lichterman
Speaking rapidly, “It happened after school but they stopped it and it was too late to call mommy today so they’ll probably call mommy tomorrow.” Sammy took a deep breath. ..
The Midnight Skulker37 by Mark Lichterman
“ ‘Alleged’? It’s not alleged, the son of a bitch cheated me out of three thousand bucks!” ..
The Midnight Skulker38 by Mark Lichterman
Memories of the past seven years at this home rippling through his mind as pages of a calendar, which, in fact, they were pages of a calendar. ..
The Midnight Skulker39 by Mark Lichterman
With the exception of Sabra – who’s head hung out the back window with her jaws clamped around her favorite toy: a life-like, life size latex baby’s arm from Sherry’s now discarded life size baby doll – all eyes were on what had been their home… that was now a vacant house. ..
The Midnight Skulker40 by Mark Lichterman
Somehow knowing they were talking about her, stepping onto one of the beds, her eyes followed the conversation regarding her bowel movement, Sabra lay with her head resting on her front paws. ..
The Monkey by Uttam Kamble
(Translation of original Mararthi story "Makad" by Sanjay Sonawani) For fourth successive day Sharnappa’s family had to do without food. His only source of income, play of monkey, was abruptly stopped due to the outbreak of the riots in the city. City was on fire. Riotous gr..
The Moon Rolls You Over Like a Lover by Jerelyn Craden
The healing power of love...
The Music Box by Mary Fallon Fleming
A developmentally disabled young boy and an elderly woman share a special relationship...
The Music In My Life by Ron Karcz
Sometimes good things happen in spite of bad circumstances in ones life. My music life is just that kind of story. Skill had nothing to do with anything. Right place and right time did...
The National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) by Ms.Stephanie Poplar
The National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) ..
Read excerpt from The old man and his memories The old man and his memories by Leonie Campbell
Tomarnu Brown was surrounded by his family; the racket made by his extended family, hurt his ears. He sighed and rose from his chair; looking for a reason to escape to the peace and quiet. He smiled to himself, then muttering loudly about needing more tobacco, and he left the house.The warm sun on h..
Read excerpt from The One-Legged Rickshaw Boy The One-Legged Rickshaw Boy by Lawrence Gray
I was on a mission to find a one-legged Rickshaw Boy. I told Mr P about my story idea and he said it was a very good one. Mr P was my producer, which means, as you can guess, that I am in the TV business...
The Other Woman by Mark Lichterman
Realism setting in; distressed at the thought of herself as “the other woman,” as a “home wrecker,” as the woman responsible for the breakup of a family with three young children. This excerpt is from my third novel, "For Better or Worse" and is the sequel to "Becoming"...Becoming can now b..
The Panda by Mary Fallon Fleming
A spoiled young girl learns a hard lesson in the hospital...
The Paranoia Made Me Do It by Joe McCarthy
Part Five - a continuation of "Do You Swear to Tell the Truth"..
Read excerpt from The Pig Statue Of Breckinridge The Pig Statue Of Breckinridge by Behlor Santi
The stuffy president of a small Southern college pays his rebellious young cousin to make a "modern" statue. Family secrets, as big and ugly as The Pig Statue of Breckinridge, then unravel...
The Platform by William Schrader
A lonely man falls in love from a distance...
The Printer's Find by Mary Fallon Fleming
A working-class man finds a diamond ring...
The Prize, A Different Kind of Valentine by C. Kraemer
An overly confident computer tech is offered the opportunity of a lifetime -- make a wish. He gets what he asks for but at a price...
The Raft by Mark Lichterman
Mitchell Lipensky had no way of knowing, but that very minute—that very moment—was the pinnacle and at no time in his life would he feel what he felt as strongly as at that exact time… ..
The Raspberry Man and His Tomato Lady by anne cunningham
... mature love's lesson on a summer afternoon. ..
The Robber's Fiance by Jim Harrington
Blood IS thicker than water...
The Secret ( law of attraction) By James Allen by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
A wildly powerful book that was read by many people in the Oxford and AA groups. It is still passed around the rooms today to help men and women to shift their thinking. this book is available from many sources as it is in the public domain...
The Secret Life of Walter Kitty by Dawn Huffaker
The following story was inspired by James Thurber who wrote a short story entitled “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” in 1939. The story centered around a henpecked husband who daydreamed that his life was more interesting and heroic. I have added a new twist to this theme. Enjoy!..
The Shower: Caution, R Rated by Mark Lichterman
Caution. "The Shower" contains an explicitly descriptive sexual scene Note: Mid twentieth century novels: "For Better or Worse" (sequel to "Becoming")can now be purchased as an Amazon Kindle Ebook @ $4.95. Or if a Prime member, both books can be read for free. The Shower Is an exc..
The Songs Of Home Chapter Five by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Maria finds out Jimmy's secret, in an unexpected way.......
The Songs Of Home Chapter Six by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Lord what have I gotten myself into? “ I asked wiping tears from my eyes. ..
The Spring of Confusion by Joe Vojt
The coolness of the night forces the budding flowers to close and yet the energy of the day remains. Continuing the path for spring drives people with new vigor. ..
The Taste of Peppermint by Debra Purdy Kong
A young girl watches helplessly as her parents' struggle with alcoholism. This story won 1st place in NeWest Review's 1998 annual writing competition and has since appeared in several publications...
The Waitress by Bob Liter
A waitress' life is one of sore feet and often poor prospects. ..
The Wake-up Call by Jerelyn Craden
An unexpected wake-up call...
The Wallet by Peter Hedge
A street kid, a rich American tourist and every Canadian's fantasy, all put together in less than a thousand words...
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3. A Virgin Girl
4. BK1: Becoming;1944#7
5. Deviant4: Sex'n'Dreams
6. BK1:Becoming;1942 # 1 (Xrated)
7. BK1: Becoming; 1944#5
8. Love me or Leave me Chapter 1
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12. What's Up Your Kilt?
13. BK1:Becoming;1944#2
14. Off Ramp: Weekly Short for 12/01/2014
15. A Gentile Girl
16. BK1Becoming: 1941 #1
17. The Code
18. BK1:Becoming;1944#3
19. Short of the week for 11/17/14—'Inscriptio
20. The Midnight Skulker 2

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At Eagle's Edge: A Novel About Our Choices, Our Future And
by Rosemary Patterson

Romance, Environmental novel about a Surfer Dude rescue of a sea lion from a massive Dilbit (Tar Sands Oil & Condensate) spill after huge tankers are allowed to travel th..  
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