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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Three Stories: Satan-A Dog's Story, Truth in Nakedness & A C
by B. B. Riefner

This is a Kindle edition of three stories in one collection: Satan, a dog's story; Truth in Nakeness; and A Child Too Near..  
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Featured Book
Fox On Ice Skates Excerpt 2
by B. B. Riefner

Street learns what the Battle of Tibet is, the hard way. He walks away from a multi-million dollar potential marriage and meets the devil at his work place...  
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Featured Book
Three Stories: Satan-A Dog's Story, Truth in Nakedness & A C
by B. B. Riefner

This is a Kindle edition of three stories in one collection: Satan, a dog's story; Truth in Nakeness; and A Child Too Near..  
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All Literary Fiction Short Stories

25 Most Recent Literary Fiction Short Stories

Too Little...Too Late by Darrell Cador
Too Little...Too Late..
Tracey Flagler's Chagrin by David Arthur Walters
A wish upon the skin of a wild ass..
Tracey Flagler's Channeling by David Arthur Walters
Jesus casted the demons out..
Tracey Flagler's Happy Hats by David Arthur Walters
Mary levitated!..
Tracey Flagler's Holiday by David Arthur Walters
Here comes Santa!..
Tracey Flagler's Madonna by David Arthur Walters
Spirits discuss Madonna's missing Dear Self..
Tracey Flagler's Messiah by David Arthur Walters
Maybe the Messiah is already here...
Tracey Flagler's Neighborhood by David Arthur Walters
Oprah could have talked her out of it..
Tracey Flagler's New Age by David Arthur Walters
Nine Tenets of the New Age are laid down by Shaloma's channel..
Tracey Flagler's Peace Artist by David Arthur Walters
Peace is generally viewed as obsolete...
Tracey Flagler's Secret by David Arthur Walters
Our Oprah fan was crazy about the Secret, but it may have led to her demise..
Tracey Flagler's Spiderwebs by David Arthur Walters
Men are from the muck and women are from the air...
Tracey Flagler's Suicide by David Arthur Walters
The usual pros and cons..
Tracey Flagler's Sulfur-Fried Chicken by David Arthur Walters
Prof. Berdinger exposed the Miami Herald Death Tower..
Tracey Flagler's Yoga by David Arthur Walters
Includes unauthorized excerpt from Oprah interview with Lord Krishna..
Tragedy in California (24) by Gene Williamson
Installment 24 in the Captain Jack series...
Transformed Moments by VicToria Freudiger
Driving in downtown Dallas Texas can be a handfull, take a second and see how this author made the best of the traffic...
Traveling by Kilian Betlach
Four musicians, one van, twelve hours til Atlanta..
Treasure at the River by Samuel Connelly
Very, Very loosly based off of something that I experienced with my brother. ..
Tristan and Iodine by Amy Parkinson
An account of 2 friends sexual adventures...
Trouble with numbers by eileen knowles
Short story..
True impressions by Richard Henry
3pm train station full of dancing/flirting people ( just so I feel more lonely) off to Amsterdam another shot at recognition (but I hate to move) I'm fighting windmills like some other long lost hero (I'm more the 'traveling without moving' ..
Truth in Nakedness by B. B. Riefner
Street Norris takes an exotic dancer to meet his aristocratic aunt. Candid conversation reveals all and erases preconceptions,stereotypes and prejudices. ..
Truth or Consequences by shawn rohrbach
Young professionals learn quickly the need to lie to get ahead. This story appears in my short story collection "Strays and Other Stories" published here at Authors Den. Just go the the Authorsden bookstore and you will find it listed under 'Literary Fiction'...
Turn the Wheel by Roland Allnach
In "Turn the Wheel" a young man divulges a traumatic experience from his youth, and how life in his dysfunctional family resonates through his adulthood...
Twice Loved and Twice Left by J. Allen Wilson
“Jimmy cried alone in the night. His moans of agony went unheard as the masses of the cold city slept unaware of the solitude of his pain.”..
Twice waking up by Graeme Houston
A child is left alone in a hotel room.....
Twins by Kathleen Clauson
Appearances may be deceiving. This is a story of a couple who seem to live a puritan lifetsyle...or do they?..
Read excerpt from Two Choices Two Choices by Benjamin Toresco
Tamara Wilson longs to step away from her solitude..
Two flash fiction stories published in Hiss Quarterly by Kathy Kubik
Life Through the Front View contains fourteen exquisite offerings in prose, in settings that stretch around the planet, each with a voice as unique as its author. ..
Two Old Men by Doug Downie
Story published in July edition of the journal Down in the Dirt...
Two Parties by Raanan Geberer
An account of an aging man in his late 30s who seems to be constantly stuck in the same situations...
Un Bertsolari Vasco en Las Pampas, por Alberto E. Azcona by Bilingual MCA poets & writers for peace
Uncle Art is barely bearable especially when he's bearly barable by Jerry Engler
Uncle Art gets puckered by a privy and a bear in an earlier time...
Two Votes and Counting by John Howard Reid
Following the success of my previous anthology of short fiction, MICAELA MORRIS IN JO'S HEAVEN, here is a story I plan to include in my new book, A MOUNTAIN OF MANY TREASURES. I've always said that real-life stories can often make good fiction. It all depends on how your raw material is handled. M..
Under The Hawthorne Tree by j.d. daniels
Flash Fiction--Year/1923 Setting/Midwest..
Underdog Anxiety by David Arthur Walters
The Underground Man may be crucified at any given moment...
Untitled as of yet by Carrie Deveney
This is yet unfinished, but i'd like to hear some thoughts on what i have so far. :)..
Up On The Roof by Nick Padron
UP ON THE ROOF by Nick Pdron Jackie was bored again. Bored as only a fifteen year-old can get in summertime. An August heat wave had kicked in around noon and everyone on the block had taken off to the Amsterdam Avenue public swimming pool. The gang never bothered to ask ..
Val d'Aosta Vignette by Kevin Hart
This is my first flash, my time to get up from my poetry desk, and try stretching in a different direction. I know it's very short. Give me time to grow...
Various Short Stories by William Poje
Various Short Stories..
Vibrations by Kelli Jo Isaak
Valerie is a blind drummer who is having difficulty joining a band. Finally, after Josephine convinces Martin that Valerie should join, the band leaders take her in. They don’t know it at first, but letting a blind girl join their band will lead them on the road to fame...
Villa Acuna by Bob Hicks
Twilight has ended...
Visions of Mexico by David Stuart
About a drunk who is obsessed with a mystery woman...
Visions of Sugarplums by Kathleen Clauson
This story explores a woman's uncanny intuition, strangely enhanced by the onset of a migraine headache...
Volcanic Peeks by j.d. daniels
Flash Fiction, set in Turkey..
Volcano by Sarojini Sahoo
The original story was written in 90’s and is included in author’s Odia anthology Deshantari (ISBN: 81-7412-147-0) under the title ‘Agneya Giri’ and English version of this story was first published in August 2010 issue of ‘New Fiction Journal’ (ISSN: 0976-6863). Arita Bhowmik has translated it into..
Waiting for The Man by Adrienne Lauby
The inner monologue of an underage girl waiting for an older guy to come pick her up ..
Walk with Me by Lisa Adams
Happenstance or circumstance?..
Walking Between Walls by Tantra Bensko
My experimental story excerpt just now published in Unlikely Stories consists of motifs of odd angles and interactions between different planes of physical reality. It is set in San Francisco, and the location is based on the wonderful house, where, coincidentally, Jaimal Yogi, author of the great S..
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Literary Fiction Stories
1. Bubble Choices
2. Fortune and Men's Eyes
3. IT
4. Take Me, I'm Free (Flash Fiction)
5. The Nap
6. Dream-Blisters
7. Final Sky, Chapter 5
8. Counting Backwards
9. Italian Tale
10. Man Tasting Pain
11. Closed
12. Beer Neck Flower
13. Bui Doi (The dust of life)
14. Iron Roses 35
15. Iron Rose - 10
16. Authorised Bullies
17. Iron Rose - 15
18. Come to the Window
19. Details
20. It Ain't Brain Surgery

Featured Book
A Fox On Ice Skates- Excerpt 1
by B. B. Riefner

Join Street Norris'slippy glide through a series of dangerous, delightful but never deliberate situations which lead him to eventually grow up...  
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Featured Book
Love Builds a Nest in Our Park
by Richard French

21 brief prose sketches about people in a large urban park dealing with issues in romantic relationships...  
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