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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
An Underground Jewell
by Sylvia Ramsey

Due to participating in a life extension experiment that subsequently combined with the leftover virus from a childhood bout of polio, Elizabeth Jewell is the only human ..  
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Featured Book
by Joan Hovey

A blind woman is stalked by a killer who targets women with intellectual or physical disabilities...  
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Featured Book
by Elizabeth Parker

Check your surroundings and lock your doors. You never know who is lurking on the other side!..  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

His career is write on track by Brad Bathgate
His career is write on track By MONIQUE EL-FAIZY DAILY NEWS WRITER Wednesday, April 6th, 2005 ..
His First Time by Shawn Oetzel
A glimpse into a fledgling serial killer's mind as he experiences his first taste of murder. This story will appear in the August 2006 Writer's Post Journal...
History of Girls Soccer on PEI by Frederick Rodgers
The difficulties of forming an all girls team and then finding teams to play against...
Hitchhiking the Montana Millennium Part 1 by Tyler Wiseman
North Dakota, Fargo to Jamestown Published in Digihitch with part II..
Hobo by Jessie Gray
this is just something i wrote nothing to good..
Hold On by Tinka Boukes
*A Friend Send This To Me..and I would like to share with all my friends"..
Holidays 1960 Part 10 by PJ Dunn
Random Musings of an Old Man..
Holidays 1960 Part 11 by PJ Dunn
Random Musings of an Old Man..
Holidays 1960 Part 12 by PJ Dunn
Random Musings of an Old Man..
Holidays 1960 Part 13 by PJ Dunn
Random Musings of an Old Man..
Holidays 1960 Part 14 by PJ Dunn
Random Musings Of an Old Man..
Holidays 1960 Part 9 by PJ Dunn
Random Musing of an Old Man..
Holidays Part 7 by PJ Dunn
Random Musings of an Old Man..
Holidays Part 8 by PJ Dunn
Random Musings of an Old Man..
Hollywood Casino edited 2/27/1 by Lois Christensen
A place I love to go for entertainment...
Holy Spirit Tours by Graham whittaker
Someone asked "If He comes again what would happen?" Same old same old probably...
Home Health Care by Sigrid Manon de Nijs
What I found in a nursing care facility in the USA..
Home Sweet Home - Part I by Barbara Terry
Jamie is running away from home. What adventures will she find on her to journey to...?..
Home, Sweet Home - Part VI by Barbara Terry
Will Jamie's father get out of prison? What other surprises will she find after leaving the courthouse? ..
Homeless by inka piegsa-quischotte
A short story with a twist which will hopefully inspire some thoughts...
Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda by Edward Phillips
"You wanna play my game? I'm good at it."..
Honor Defended - 1st Chapter by D. H. Brown
HONOR DEFENDED brings the War on Terror slithering into the Major's neck of the woods when a brother officer, home on leave from Iraq, is beheaded and his wife abducted by terrorists planning attacks on his beloved America...
Honor Due(1st Chapter) by D. H. Brown
A retired ex-special forces type's past comes back to bite him when he realizes he's been targeted by a Special Ops team. His mission is to unearth what was buried 35 years ago in Southeast Asia, take the vengeance owed to his family, and another chance at love...
Honor vs. Chaos by Charles Rowell
The first part in the ten part Honor series. Most stories of heroes focus on the hero but this one focuses on the villains...
Honor vs. Greed by Charles Rowell
Part two of the Honor series. Honor's most dangerous villains are introduced, "The Seven"...
Hooked by Donald Yates
Fishing can be dangerous when you hook something unknown. ..
Hoopoe by Farhan Mohamud
Oh you migrating Hoopoe When you reach the land of David Give my best wishes of peace ..
Hooves... Chapter One by David Humphrey Sr
A Priest Looks Forward To a Game of Chess With an Old Friend, But Ends Up Getting A Lot More Than He Bargined For.....
Hooves... Chapter Three by David Humphrey Sr
A Priest Looks Forward To a Game of Chess With an Old Friend, But Ends Up Getting A Lot More Than He Bargined For.....
Hooves... Chapter Two by David Humphrey Sr
A Priest Looks Forward To a Game of Chess With an Old Friend, But Ends Up Getting A Lot More Than He Bargined For.....
Hopes Dreams Reality Chap. 1 by Esteban Pina
Excerpt from a story about a boy's brutal struggle to manhood and beyond. Life and love in the realm of the Cosa Nostra...
Hopes Dreams Reality PROLOGUE by Esteban Pina
Excerpt from a story about a boy's brutal journey into manhood and dire consequences that follow...
Horror at it's best!! ;) by Aidan Lucid
This short horror story is not for the faint hearted. If you're an animal lover, then beware!!!..
Hostage by Tekla Miller
A young newly hired female prison officer is taken hostage by an inmate serving life for first degree murder..
Hot Dogs in Heaven by Michelle Mills
Communicating beyond the veil...
Hot Wheels by Aidan Lucid
This is a heist story containing some obscenities. If you're the type of person to be always short of breath, then it might be wise to give this a miss as it will leave you breathless with its break-neck speed!..
HoundDog letter to the Editor by G Schultz
The last letter to the Editor I wrote..
Hours to a Coma by Lori Finnila
My opening to "6 Hours: What is it Like Being in a coma for 6 Hours?"..
Housekeeping 101 by Bob Liter
She was a slob. Did she dare become involved with a neatness freak?..
How To Read The Other Like A Book by Lonnie Hicks
If you pay close attention you can read the other like a book-here's how. Updated: 8/13/13 Babies Learn To Read the Other From Birth...
House of Misery by Jeffrey Martin
Trestle Press Spring Submission Contest Winner Jeffrey Martin weaves a compelling drama that is sure to bring chills to your spine. This is one mystery/suspense digital short story that has elements of grave danger and terrible horror. What is in the House of Misery and who really haunts it? Does th..
How did I end up with so many books? by Erren Grey Wolf
How the Beneath the Surface saga was born...
How do you clean your brian by Linda Meckler
I said brain cleaning not drain cleaning. Big difference or is it. For some people their brain acts like a sewer. How do you clean your brain? Letís see when you clean anything you usually start with soap and water or some kind of cleaning product. But let me think how would you clean your mind..
How I Became a Writer by Constance Gotsch
Find the right person and you can achieve anything..
How much peace are you forfeiting? by ALISON HILL
Resisting the will of God...
How My Life Turned Around by aldolf trumpleton
"I was once a drug dealer and deadbeat drug addict. Now I am the happiest man alive! Now it is my pleasure to help others quit drugs like cannabis and cocaine, easily, instantly and permenantly. Without suffering withdrawal sypmtoms. Hard to beleive but it's true!" Chris Sullivan..
How Non-Profits Can Use Social Media to Raise Money by Lonnie Hicks
Thought it would be a good idea to get the best material in this area out there...
How the Tiger Learned to Roar by George Hutton
How a young tiger learned an important lesson about self expression...
How to Beg for Cigarettes: Chapter 16 Styling with Ahab by Matt Ponticello
One business owner's hilarious, "Laugh-a-mile-a-minute" romp through the inner city filled with real and surreal characters, within a city, a business, and employees to match...
How To Get That Book Published and Not Lose Your Soul by Lonnie Hicks
So You Want to Be a Writer Huh? (This is re-published from my web site: (I will update this article in about two weeks)..
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Featured Book
Death Drones 2025
by Will Clark

This is a futuristic story - or is it, about what could happen in the year 2025. Our government is now going further and further into people's private lives, private conv..  
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Featured Book
A Fragment of Destiny
by Richard Turner

A fanatical foe looking for revenge. A secret that men are willing to kill for..  
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