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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Exils Africains ... et il y eut David-Kanza
by Albert Russo

How Sandro left his Mediterranean island in the twenties for the Belgian Congo, how he met his future wife, Florence, who grew up in Rhodesia. They had two daughters, Ast..  
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Featured Book
Heart of the Sky
by Miranda Pope

A richly sensual romance set in Guatemala which traverses Mayan traditions, historical and spiritual issues,and the ever-changing culture...  
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Featured Book
A Cupboardful of Shoes, and Other Stories
by A. Colin Wright

My Story Collection, A Cupboardful of Shoes, published June 2012. See  
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All Literary Fiction Short Stories

25 Most Recent Literary Fiction Short Stories

Wanderin Man - Beyond Mardi Gras (in full) by Richard King
This story is a chapter from a 200 page book titled Wanderin & Wonderin. It originally appeared over the last several weeks in a serialized version in the "ARTICLES" section here on the DEN. Several reviewers questioned why it was in articles rather than "STORIES" prompting me to re-think that de..
War and the Temple by Peter Gardner
A story based on Homer's Odyssey, of a man trying to return to some kind of peace after an experience in the Vietnam War..
wars of the soul by Shehera Zade
prologue of a future novel..
Watertown Book Signing (31) by Gene Williamson
Installment 31 in the Captain Jack series...
Watertown Reunion (30) by Gene Williamson
Installment 30 in the Captain Jack series...
This is my most recent blog post. It’s all about how I arrived at the astounding story and backstories of my novel, OVERLAND. If you have not heard of it, I’m not surprised. Overland is a travel/adventure love story of historical proportions. It’s good, you’ll like reading, you’ll feel good…for ..
We're not lion, somethin's happenin' by Jerry Engler
Jerry Engler's gang at the Deerhead Tavern works through why there's a danger in saying "nothing ever happens here."..
Wedding Day by Roger Vizi
This is a story of a woman torn between an old flame and her new love on her wedding day...
Weekend at Pocono Manor by robin buehler
Weight Watchers by Peggy Duffy
Another fun little flash story. ..
What if (stand your ground part 5) by Alan Abrams
second guessing.....
What Lies Within by Ruan Mills Burke
A short story..
What Sherlock Holmes Can Teach Authors About Uniqueness by Liz Alexander
Watching the BBC’s brilliant TV series Sherlock (set in contemporary London for a change) has caused me to reflect on the many advantages of being Sherlock Holmes...
What's Good For The Goose by Feithline Stuart
Goose down pillows and coffee preferences make or break a marriage...
When I Was A Young Man by Guy Hogan
Mitchell's / Logan's Pub / Chief's Cafe / The Luna / Panther Hollow Inn / Union Grille / Peter's Pub / Joe Mama's / Fuel & Fuddle / Primanti Brothers / Original Hot Dog Shop / Hemingway's Cafe / Upstage / Oakland / Pittsburgh..
When in Rome by Peggy Duffy
All day in the summer heat Roxanne and Eric roam the streets of Rome. Her feet ache from her new Italian loafers. The soles are thin and the streets are paved in uneven cobblestones dating back to antiquity. But they are young and in love and love can conquer all, even foot pain. ..
When the Spring Dies by Nathaniel Tower
J.B. Miter tries to understand the loss of his wife and daughters...
When You Hear The Pellets Drop by Robert Harrison
“Just a quick one” the old fat policeman had asked. “A young kid like you shouldn’t have to serve time for vagrancy now should she?” It was the beginning of the end for her; she knew that now. “Just a quick one.” God how many times had she been asked that by the police, the protectors of socie..
Where's Duncan (The Show, Ch. 1) by Mike DeShazer
Erica and Pat's first attempts at securing concert tickets are thwarted...
whispers in the chapel by Nickolaus Pacione
div align="justify">font face="franklin gothic book" size="2">From the knowing is where I begin from the details which become the vague of the dreams as they are written before me.    As it was the setting is the most vivid of this being — it was a church similar to the one called Willowcreek in S..
White Christmas by David Grant
Dreaming of a white Christmas.....
White Vaginas (or whatever you might call them) by Dee Sunshine
An inverted take on racism..
Who Cares? by Andrew Nyongesa
It is story about cheating in examinations in schools. The story depicts ways students use to cheat and the devastating consequences of the vice...
Who's talking? by Louise Bannerman, CC
100 - Word Stort Story..
Whoosh by Regis Auffray
I don't know what this is. A strange encounter with a stranger on a bus leads to... Whoosh!..
Why Stefan had to rent a sander and refinish the floor in Brenda's bedroom by Rachelle
This flash fiction piece is included in my short story collection, entitled, POSSOONS. ..
Why, Arizona by Charlie Delgado
The woman watched the odometer of the old Chevy turn 175,000 miles as she blazed down highway 86 nearing Why, Arizona. She heard a gentle knocking start in the engine to hail the event. She turned the radio off to make sure it wasn't just a counter beat and sighed when the sound remained. ..
Wild Dreams of Reality, Chapter 1 by Jerry Ratch
A story of love, obsession, and liberation...
Wild Dreams of Reality, Chapter 2 by Jerry Ratch
Darrell shows up at the cafe, chasing after his wife, Vivian, and asks to stay at his brother's house...
Wild Willy takes a bite out of Curley Red by Jerry Engler
Domesticating a half wild animal may only be half successful...
Windows by Dennis Coleman
Samuel Holloway considers all that he sees, from the boardroom window. ..
Windy City by Mark Lichterman
The words “wind chill factor” must have had their origin on State Street, Wabash Avenue and Michigan Boulevard and had to be concocted by those who make their living by scurrying from the entry of one building to the entry of another building. ..
With A Little Time by Randall Barfield
Terror had seized her. Jim was her husband.....
Woman at the loom - The shimmering cloth of life by Gillian Stokes
One of those pieces that started out entirely as something else and ended up just writing itself!..
Woman In A Doorway by Roy Edwards
I was in London when I decided to follow, somewhat loosely, the old medieval pilgrim road to Compostela in Northern Spain, taking in the Notre Dame Cathedrals along the way, especially Chartres Cathedral about which much remains a mystery. I caught the channel ferry to France and I was on my way..
Wonderland in the Alley by Sandy Knauer
A story of friendship...
Words by Marjorie Davis
"Words" originally appeared in Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies, 23:1, 2002. A reprint appears on the WriteCraft web site...
Work in Progress by P Lewis
Divorce has become a common occurrence, but what about the life affecting consequences for the children of divorced parents. Children suffer long lasting scars as they try to walk a tightrope of shared lives and shared affections in two households...
Woven in the Blood. novel excerpt from work by Lisa Parsons by Lisa Parsons
Woven in the Blood is a work in progress by Lisa Parsons. It tells the story of Jonothan, a museum curator who decides to search for his birthmother after the death of his parents in a house fire. ..
Read excerpt from Yellow Yellow by K.J. Stevens
A young man deals with the the death of his Grandma...
Yellow Grits - Part I by Damaa --
Yellow Grits - part I 5th October 2001 The first in a continuing series of excerpts. ..
Yellow Grits - Part II by Damaa --
[Note: Items in brackets indicate italics] ..
Yellow Grits -Part III by Damaa --
Mama sounds like she's taking out all her frustrations on that pot of grits. I know she be tired. She works hard. I try to help as much as I can but I know she really misses Daddy. I miss him too. I miss him so much I can sometimes smell him in my dreams. I inhale and try to hold on to the scent of ..
Yellow Grits -Part IV by Damaa --
The continuing story of a girl's coming of age in a small town on southern island...
Yesterdays Wine by J. Allen Wilson
Our demons come in many forms..
You Can't Miss What You Never Had by D. Kenneth Ross
Sometimes we look for benefits to dificult situations because we must...
You've Got Mail! - Unreal Reality by BG Dellamarie
A slice of cyber-life..
Young Jack Walker Comes to Town (12) by Gene Williamson
Installment 12 in the Captain Jack Series...
Zoom Zoom for a time of need by Jerry Engler
Sometimes it's the stranger who becomes the friend, the familiar who becomes the stranger...
Zuni Motel Excerpt by david plumb
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Featured Book
The Comb in the Urinal and Other Perplexities of Life
by Thomas Neviaser

"The Comb in the Urinal" is sixteen short stories recounting scenarios about inanimate objects that I have come upon in my travels and what human circumstances occurred t..  
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Featured Book
Brief Lives
by Richard French

An almost-forgotten 19th century entertainer who performed magic tricks, wrote highly original songs, and got into grave trouble provides the subject for a play in the 19..  
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