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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Mystery of Metamorphosis
by Frank Ryan

A scientific exploration of one of Nature's great mysteries...  
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Featured Book
by Mike Monahan

Barracuda is a fast-paced thriller which will be enjoyed by readers who appreciate the aquatic action of Jaws, the mob intrigue of The Godfather, and the police procedura..  
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Featured Book
Buried Threads
by Kaylin

The Trident Venture crew travels to Japan for a new adventure...with frightening results...  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

How To Get That Book Published and Not Lose Your Soul by Lonnie Hicks
So You Want to Be a Writer Huh? (This is re-published from my web site: (I will update this article in about two weeks)..
How to make a child in three months. by Jack Kuperman
How, really?..
How to meet the guy of your dreams. by Jack Kuperman
828 words...
How to prepare scrambled eggs (3). by Jack Kuperman
The third lesson. ..
How to prepare scrambled eggs (4). by Jack Kuperman
The fourth lesson..
How to prepare scrambled eggs (5). by Jack Kuperman
the last lesson...
How to See Easter Island in 24 Hours or Less by Edward Phillips
[image: USAF C-141 Cargo Jet]..
How to Succeed as a Self-Publisher of Books: 15 Simple Steps to Follow by sesan Oguntade
It is believed that over 90% of those who started out as self- publishers have failed at this business practice. Most have written one book and have tried to get the word out about their book but have stopped due to discouraging sales results that they have achieved...
How To Survive A Power Outage While Writing by Arthur Bain
There you are all comfy at your desk briskly pecking away at the keyboard when suddenly... WHAM! Your screen suddenly goes blank and lifeless, the lamp on your desk blew its wad, your little jimmy cricket night light flickers and dies. Your now all alone in the dark. After muttering a few exclusives..
How To Survive A Power Outage While Writing by Arthur Bain
An encounter in the dark leads a young man to the brink of insanity. Don't read this in the dark! This is the fourth book by Arthur L. Bain. How To Survive A Power Outage While Writing - you will follow a young man through one night of horror. The only weapon in this story is an aluminum b..
How to use toilet paper. by Jack Kuperman
If you still don't know how to do it, you can learn about this very important business here...
How Unwanted Dreams Came About by Elizabeth Parker
Ever wonder what goes through the author's mind as they are writing? If so, here's a little trip through mine...
How woodchips came to be by Ryan Zeron
a myth i made up :P..
Howard and Sara meet by Christine Bell-White
Howard and Sara Introduction "After the Awakening"..
Howard Hughes' Underground Genetic Research by Terry Lattimer
"As I began to brush away more dust I got a very eerie feeling that escalated with the removal of more areas of dust until finally I felt a wave of thrilling repulsion as I realized what I held in my hands." ..
  • by Batya Casper
This is a short story, different in tone from Israela, which I've spun from Israela's background information. ..
  • by maceo mays
two kingpins collide in the mean streets of cleveland in this thriller.frank b is the nephew and uncle lanz is the mastermind behind the scheme for power over the drug game.uncle lanz also repersents the crooked side of the law which adds to the volatile situation that is building.tayeon was put on ..
Hudsyn Marie's Story: Special Needs Parenting 101. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A woman fights for her child who has specail needs...
Humility a lesson learned in this very important virtue per my dog! by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
Humility, Pets, Shakespeare, Faith; Inspired by the Humor and Wit of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, C.Ss.R...
Humps, Bumps, Thumps and Potholes by Tom Hyland
Just another pet peeve here - no biggy! Am I the only weirdo who thinks of such things? Or perhaps the only one dumb enough to ADMIT it? ..
Read excerpt from Hunting Season Hunting Season by J Michael Kearney
Three friends learn more about each other than they need to know, while out hunting...
Huntress by P. Lucas Christopher
After her father's death, 16 year old Jessie is the only thing standing between the town and the horror lurking in the forest...
Hurricane Isaac Update and Hurricane Katrina Memories by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
Updates on Hurricane Isaac and Hurricane Katrina (7th Anniversary) Memories Pic: My front yard ..
Hybrid by Dre' Porcher
This story is called "Hybrid" about a world a elemental dragons, with a few various other races in there. Dragons in this world come in two forms, two legged or four legged. It's an epic battle between the elements where unity is both the goal and the threat. (Looking for a Co-Author for this story...
I I Love You To Death by George Wilder Jr.
A short Short about a guy named Justin who is having a bad day everyday. Suddenly his world is turned upside down by a fiery meteorite...
I am a national best selling author by Orlando Javien
I am because I believe I am. ..
I AM a Veteran by Randy Rogers
In Rememberance of Veteran's Day 2008..
View Photo of I am an old HIPPIE or young HIPPIE  depends... Read excerpt from I am an old HIPPIE or young HIPPIE  depends... I am an old HIPPIE or young HIPPIE depends... by Bradley Fralick
Either I might be considered an old hippie or possibly, one might consider that I missed all that SHIT!..
I am She! by Tonisha Gallien
The Second Coming of Nefertiti has revealed herself, and I am She...
View Photo of I Am Sorry! Read excerpt from I Am Sorry! I Am Sorry!" by Bradley Fralick
I said those three words frequently before I realized, hey! I have nothing to be sorry for!..
I Am The Fat Girl by Lonnie Hicks
The Unforgiven..
I AM THE MESSIAH by Suleiman Azar
the following is a time line of my life pertinent to my conviction of being a messenger of god..
I Am The Pretty Girl-Chapter One by Lonnie Hicks
Pretty Hurts..
I Am The Pretty Girl-Chapter Two by Lonnie Hicks
I Am The Wind by Lonnie Hicks
Part of the PP&L collection..
I Did My Best That Day by James Alonzo
Tending to a wounded soldier in Viet Nam..
I draw the line by Heather Fuselier
Wrote this a long time ago when I was going through a rough time in my life!..
I feel nostalgia for Yellow pages. by Jack Kuperman
169 words...
I had the most over the top dream by Darlene Cozart
I spent the night with my Mom in my dream. She passed away this last July the 19th. ..
I Hate Having To Wait In Kuwait by Leonard Brunk
A soldiers account of a hellish time spent in a waste land that serves no other purpose but to make one suffer. Leaving you thankful for the life you have outside of her clutches. ..
I Have A Monster by Reverend John Sleestaxx
Porn is not just naked people it is what excites you. I share my porn and i expect you to touch your soul and find yours...
View Photo of I Just Can't Let It Go Read excerpt from I Just Can't Let It Go I Just Can't Let It Go by Bradley Fralick
Because I have survived a coupla TBIs in my life, I tend to perseverate on things besides words that I do not say correctly. So, I give y'all this!..
I Love Bacon by diana flori
My love for bacon..
I Love You Never Meant Anything by S. Scanlon
I don't really know what inspired this. I'm proud of it, even though it is just a rough copy...
i never knew by atara dixon
missing you..
I Ran... by Stacy Mantle
The preface of a new novel I'm messing around with. ..
I read obituaries by Tracey Loftis
Hospice Care..
I Should Have Been More Like Her by Lonnie Hicks
I thought I was Immortal by James Alonzo
When One become aware of their Mortality...
I Thought Love Shouldn't Hurt This Way by Richard Kallao
sorry I had to write this just had a friend that had a bad experience with the way people treat him just because he's different ...
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Action/Thriller Stories
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17. Music I Love-Updated 4/18/15
18. Psychopaths and Institutions- Updated: 10/
19. Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda
20. The Ferguson Chronicles-Updated 9/5/14

Featured Book
Last Wild Place: An Adventure Novel Set In West Papua.
by Rosemary Patterson

Aggressive tourist promoter Hillary Young brings in seniors to triple the tourism in Jayapura, West Papua on the largest Island in the world, New Guinea. The senior's an..  
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Featured Book
The Alexandria Project, a Tale of Treachery and Technology
by Andrew Updegrove

A fast-paced, satirical tale of cyber sleuthing, international espionage, and nuclear brinksmanship that accurately portrays our increasing vulnerability to cyberattack...  
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