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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
by Terry Vinson

Only a select few have the power to 'DEFLECT' the Reaper's sharp-edged blade.....  
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Featured Book
What's In A Name?
by Kit Kingdom

College dropout Cain K. Abel wandered the countryside searching for a purpose and found it in the small town of Sweethill, Montana, where he met the woman with mounting b..  
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Featured Book
Scary Stories: A Collection of Horror- Vol. 3
by Billy Wells

Ten Tales of Terror in the horror/thriller genre with surprise endings...  
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All Horror Short Stories

25 Most Recent Horror Short Stories

Venus Oh Come Fly with Me by Richard Kallao
Violation Part 1: Just Wondering by Tammy Hazlegrove
This was written in regards to when I was raped...
Vishtitza - Part 1 by Lee Cushing
Something deadly is lurking in the snow outside an isolated Scottish hotel during Christmas...
Vishtitza - Part 2 by Lee Cushing
Watching William turn over the body, David felt sick when he saw the bloodied skull staring out from under the hood of the jacket. Taking note of David’s reaction, William let the body fall back down, glancing towards the row of trees. “I think we should get back.” ..
Vishtitza - Part 3 by Lee Cushing
He walked to the top of the stairs and glanced back, “We hope the Vishtitza are still outside and do what we can to keep them out there.” Opening a guest room door as William and Claire headed down the stairs, Christian Todd emerged from his room and watched them disappear into the dining room...
Vishtitza - Part 4 by Lee Cushing
Approaching the door to the room where Ray had been taken, she pushed it open and turned on the light. She came to a halt when she saw the blood soaking the sheets. Closing the door behind her, she approached the bed and looked at the deep gash that had been made across Ray’s throat. “Damn.” ..
Vishtitza - Part 5 by Lee Cushing
Her hand still inside the vent, Claire felt a stinging pain on her middle finger and withdrew rapidly. Closing the grating, she looked at the blood from the tiny wound on her finger. Her gaze travelling to the others in the room, she felt her legs buckling and she crashed forward, smashing int..
Vishtitza - Part 6 by Lee Cushing
Almost dragged by Samantha through the dining room door, Viki watched through the glass as the moths swarmed from the vent and covered Claire’s unmoving body. She stood there transfixed by the sight, blood beginning to stain the carpet beneath Claire...
Vishtitza - Part 7 by Lee Cushing
The conclusion to this story...
Voice in the Pipes by Philip Roberts
Hank doesn't know where the voice is coming from, or if it's telling him the truth...
Volunteer Road Rager by Brian Barnett
A man takes it upon himself to rid the road of young punks. ..
Voodoo Sanction, The by Lee Cushing
A short introduction to one of the characters from my novel, MAMBO...
Wade by R. Burrow
re: about Wade 04-2004 current revision (06-08)..
Wake Up Burma by Miller Caldwell
Blind to their people's plight.......
Waking up to Nothing but Black by John Miller
A man wakes up from a hangover and finds his self chained to a giant chestnut tree and thiking he's blind and doesn't know who chained him to the tree...
Read excerpt from Walk in the Woods Walk in the Woods by Jessica Pagan
Two girls get lost in the woods, rumoured to be where a child was mysteriously killed before. What will they find deep in the woods?..
Walker by Rycke Foreman
A lonely man finds peace on a desolate, moonlit road...
Want a Ride? by Nandini Deka
Halloween Interactive Special - Want a Ride? By Nandini Deka..
Read excerpt from Wanting To Be Loved Wanting To Be Loved by B. P. SMYTHE
They told him it would never work. But he wouldn't listen. His dream was to become the first person to create life. But he gave birth to a monster...... ..
War Story by Michael Little
Airplanes can't be haunted, can they?..
Warm Night by Randall Barfield
Wasteland -- A Parable by Nickolaus Pacione
written 01 Jan 2004 on paper..
Watery grave by M.J. Hewitt
Here is a quicky..
Way Over The Top by Jennifer Holly MacDonald
Assertive classes taken too far...
We need a stronger weed-killer by Michael Robinson
Lisa and Kevin were going to enjoy a day in the yard of their new home, doing weeding and yard work. Yet, the day planned turned dark and dangerous as the "weeds" had other plans...
Welcome to Grist Mill by Robert Kasch
It's not the welcome wagon...
Werewolf ! by Michael Kersting
Frank Collins had a dark secret..
Werewolf Made (Horror/SciFi) by Paul Kogel
A man is turned into a werewolf by a machine called "Crain's Bell". ..
Werewolf of Calgary by Michael Kersting
Jack Collins was a loner with a dark secret...
Westie goes down ... by The Grim Reverend Steven Rage
an excerpt from "You Morbid Westphal"..
What Goes Around Comes Around by Brian Barnett
A scarecrow grows weary of watching the fields...
WHAT Goes There? by Terry Vinson
Halloween 2014: Hell…frozen over - As Old Man Winter settles in, my personal tribute to John W. Campbell’s classic Sci-fi tale, ‘Who Goes There’ and the three film versions of ‘THE THING’ ..
Read excerpt from What Hides in the High Grass What Hides in the High Grass by Marcel Admiraal
Promotional story for the collection 'Beneath Dark Waters'. "On a wonderful summer night a man walks home from work, inhaling the sweet evening air and enjoying the sights and sounds of the country side. But in the darkness of the shadows, monsters follow in his wake."..
What the Cat Dragged In by Billy Wells
Little demons land on earth during a meteor shower..
What Will Be by Elizabeth Colantuoni
A young is stalked by demonic creatures while her cynical neighbor contemplates his role in her fate. ..
What would you do? by Ric Wasley
Here's another particularly creepy, helpless-feeling situation with a brief but shuddering nod to the horror genre both classic and contemporary. ..
Read excerpt from What's Wrong With Suzy What's Wrong With Suzy by Ed Clayton
A blossoming relationship. What IS wrong with Suzy?..
when eyes are burned shut,,,, by Nickolaus Pacione
font face="times new roman">written Oct 17, 2001div align=justify>It would be in the written thoughts as the black dreams are played out of a sleeping God, that it would be as this revelation would be written on a page staring back at me in the darkness and light. It would be from in the nigh..
When You Think You Have It Tough by Mr. Ed
A Story of One Family's Horror..
WhenThe Winds Screamed.: Tornado Outbreak, '2008' (Part Two) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A young boy discovers that he is the only one who survived the tornado outbreak of a few months back...
Whispering Death by Misty Rose
Beth and her stepmother are on a trip to a banquet, but get lost. Beth doesn't know that her Stepmother has other plans, and they don't include eating buffet food and having a good time...
Whispers in the Dark by S Cardin
Evangeline hears whispers in the dark... _______..
Who ate my lunch? by Jennifer Croy
Who ate my lunch? a scary story about a little boy who went to school one day and someone ate his lunch, but who?..
Why I'm Afraid Of Bees. .. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A young boy has a deadly fear of bees; he has good reason to be. Image (C) 2007, Karla Dorman...
Widows of the Night by Robynn Gabel
A little girl learns there are many different kinds of monsters in the world...
Witch's Party by Nickolaus Pacione
blockquote>p align=justify>font face="Georgia" color="505050" size="1">This was wrongfully billed as a fictious story written as a non-fiction story, well this is a non-fiction story. It's been a few years since I had a freebie story on the Den. So for you guys who followed me the past eight yea..
Without A Head At Halloween by Paul Mc Cann
One drink at Halloween brought something more than a hangover for Clancy ...
Without A Trick Or Treat by Paul Mc Cann
A strange visit at Halloween changes ome mans life forever . ..
Wolf ! by Michael Kersting
a cold winter day,a scared woman,a werewolf, a pair of hunters and a surprise ending...
Woodland Stalker by Kris Miller
Ben Matthews ventures into the Boreal Forest to hunt for some moose. But something else is lurking in these woods, and it wants to get its thrill out of hunting Matthews and ensures he never gets out of the woods alive...
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Horror Stories
1. Surprise! Surprise!
2. Someone To Kill
3. Bitter Ingredients, Bitter Pizza
4. Day Of The Dead
5. Reign of Goblins
6. The Clown At Midnight
7. Doobie Jack & The Hitchhiker
8. The Shredder
9. Revelations in Hell's Break room
10. Something In the House
11. Under The Soft Moss Covered Ground
12. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 5 -Humpty Dumpt
13. Passing the Torch
14. Blood Seeker
15. WHAT Goes There?
16. Animal Chain Atrocities
17. Blood Work
18. Jingle BONES
19. Blood Tide
20. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 2 - Hansel & Gr

Featured Book
The Black Pathway
by Mark Sutton

In Howard Trenton's case, he may be the first truly 'inhuman' serial killer to ever walk the Earth.....  
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Featured Book
The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five
by Nickolaus Pacione

Featuring some of the most talented small press authors in the realms of horror, science fiction, and Non-fiction. Houses a creative nonfiction breakaway by the publi..  
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