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Sept 11, 2001
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A Large Double-Double Please
by Sharon Lockwood

A Large Double-Double Please is a melting pot of ideas and funny anecdotes spun around every aspect of coffee in an attempt to bring two worlds together - the public and ..  
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Featured Book
This Can't Be Normal
by Diana Estill

Observational humor about family relationships, travel, and marriage...  
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Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics
by Jay Dubya

Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics satirizes and lampoons thirteen famous short fiction works that are given new adult spins...  
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All Humor Short Stories

25 Most Recent Humor Short Stories

OCS -- The @#&%$# Culture by Henry Lefevre
OCS wasn't a snap!..
Read excerpt from Odd Job Odd Job by Darrell Bain
How Christianity REALLY got started...
Ode to Mrs Runnels by Jim Stewart
A lesson in the life of a third grader...
Odyssey of a Southpaw by David Schwinghammer
A sad sack left-hander gets his first chance to pitch in a play-off game. ..
Office Policy by Angela Rhodes
Based only loosely, of course...
Office Politics – Excerpt by Karen Cole
“By the midnight hour, get ready for the sexiest, wildest, and cruelest practical joke that you’ve ever seen in public!”..
Oh for the life of a cowboy by Randy Stensaas
The miss adventure of a young cowboy and the old brown horse he is trying to break..
Oh Lord, What Did I Ever Do? by Bonnie May
I wanted to categorize this has horror, wouldn't let me chose both...
Oh Pig Of Mine by D. Kelly
Even assassins have feelings...
Oh, Waiter by Morgan McFinn
Fictionalized tropical island restaurant...
Oh, Why?? Why Did I Make A Fool Out Of Myself?? by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A young boy is humiliated: he tried to sing a solo at church and tanked. I sang O Holy Night last night during our choir's Christmas party, and I didn't do too bad, but I sang too soft and sang in the wrong octave. WHOOPSIE! LOL..
Oiling the Elevator by David Horn
A young boy, a father and an elevator that needs oiling...
Old Woman's Advice On Love by Rose Loya
Me someday as an old woman ;)..
View Photo of Old Dogs Read excerpt from Old Dogs Old Dogs by Duane Pesice
OLD DOGS I>Dedicated to the late Joe Burke/I> Henry took his customary seat at the pub with his usual gravity, facing the scene outside the window with some concern. For months now the signs had been up advertising the new venture, but Henry had chosen to willfully ..
Ole Sinner by Cheryl Sellers
this is written with the memory of respect and remembered in humor..
On Being a New Year's Baby by William Brotherton
It's not always roses when you're the first baby born for the year!..
On Drinking And Barrooms by D. Kelly
The Lord gave me a gift of immeasurable value in that my body will tolerate only so much alcohol. It's probably the one great thing that kept me from becoming an alcoholic. But, I'm not the brightest crayola in the box so it took some time to figure this out. ..
On Ice Quotable Quotes by j leonardo
As a ice hockey referee I hear many comments. Here are a few to think about from the beginners...
On the Good Foot by Kimberley Freeman
When a pissed-off girlfriend shows up at bridge construction site, everybody scrambles when she pulls out a shotgun...
On the Lighter Side by R. Christopher
Gag gifts between best friends..
One Crappy Road Trip, Or, Life With Kids! by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Life with boys ......
One Hell of A Bird Dog by Walt Hardester
Another hospital story..
One Night In the ER by Walt Hardester
one of many tales from my medical days..
One word joke. by Jack Kuperman
Open Mouth - Insert Foot by Chuckie Finn
Nothing like drawing a conclusion much too quickly!..
Oral Report by Laurie Ballard
Death is how you look at it. The beginning or the end?..
ORGAN MEETING by Gerald Tate
Origins of the Mongoloid Moose by S. Michael Wilson
The author explores the origins behind one of the world's more esoteric prehistoric clans...
Osama's Wish by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
This was sent to me by Becky (MistyDawn) in 2004. I just now ran across it and it screamed to be shared!..
Oswald K. Underfoot finds a firefight treasure by Jerry Engler
This is another in a series of Oswald K. Underfoot stories,a character who origninally was introduced when Leon Gambel hired him to get what was killing his sheep, which turned out to be a cougar that the government denied could be there. That story is in Volume One, Just Folks: Earthy Tales of Prai..
Our 4th Dog, DUSTY! by J. Means
While my wife is in the hospital, I clean the house...
Our Doublewide Dynasty by Kristan Hunt
We appeared like white-trash savages with our bar-b-que chicken war paint smeared across our faces and paws...
Out With The Bike by T. Helfrick
Ah, the bones are in need of some exercise, and yes, we have found how to do it!!..
Read excerpt from Outlawing Green Outlawing Green by Josh Jenks
Imagine if our democracy became a sudden tyrany with completely obsurd rules - read this humurous story with a sad bit of truth...
Over the Limit by Hazel Hart
Harrassed by a police officer for parking too far from the curb, Mack Schrader decides to get even. ..
Overheard by Eduardo Soliz
One of the more annoying things about working in a cubicle environment is the fact that you can all-too-easily hear everything your coworkers say. It can also be one of the more hilarious things...
Owner Will Repair Kitchen Floor {flash humor} by Phyllis Jean Green
8~~~8~~~&~~~6~~~~# This bit of silliness was fun to write. I want to thank the administrators of the 2003 Pep* contest for allowing me to post it at AD. Rules stipulated the opening sentence, case you wonder. (First thought Whoa. Then the fun began. Too much, I suspect. Probably post al..
Oxford by Kenny Baez
Oxford tripping...
Read excerpt from OYSTERS OYSTERS by Robert Herbst
Have you ever considered owning an oyster as a pet. It's something to think about. This story can be found in my book The Mount Perry Chronicles at>..
Pains Shortlisted. by gideon chumo
'when you get shortlisted for an interview, it's just the beginning of a painful journey in those interview panels.'..
Pair Of Spectacles by simmu simmu
Story of a little girl and her love for a pair of spectacles..
Pappy Yokum's Kickapoo Joy Juice by Mark Lichterman
In his best American Indian Brave voice Mitchell told his wife: “Me go catch’em dinner!” However, never a fish eater, Marsha had answered – in her best Jewish American wife’s voice – “I ain’t eating nothin' you catch, unless it’s a cow!” ..
Paramedic Stories, Part XXVIII, Cat Stuck In Tree by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
One of the few "lighter sides" of being a paramedic. They had to rescue a cat who got stuck in a tree after it was being chased by an angry dog...
Pirates of the Caribbean-Twisting Tales -part 4-Golden Days are Here Again. by Richard Kallao
to be continued next time seriously..
Pirates of the Caribbean-Twisting Tales part ll by Richard Kallao
smile when you call me a pirate..
Pirates of the Caribbean-Twisting Tales-End by Richard Kallao
sorry for the lame ending ...
Plateaus of Parana' by Lucille
Wild flying over south of Brazil..
Playing 8 Ball / Fixing Your Car? by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
Playing 8 Ball, Fixing Your Car, New Orleans, Fat City, Metairie, Bars, Pool Tables, Friendship, High School Memories, Disco Dancing, Automobile Maintenance, Oil Leaks, Dixie Beer, Minnesota Fats..
Paramedic Stories: Turkey Trauma (By Hector Gonzales, EMT) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
"Every time I smell the sweet aroma of turkey basting in the oven, I can't help but think back to almost two years ago, when we got a call for a guy who'd burned himself while attempting to smoke a turkey." A paramedic recalls an unusual call he got a year and a half ago; he still laughs ..
Paramedic Stories: EMT Follies, Or What NOT To Do! (By George Guzman) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A paramedic shares some of the funnier sides of being a paramedic/EMT, and he gives advice to future paramedic/EMTS what NOT to do...
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Humor Stories
1. Better Late Than Never. ...
2. Nude-Night-Naughty 6
3. A Normal Family
4. Looking For Mr. Golfball
5. Duped-Net: Undercover Blues
6. A Reluctant Father Christmas
7. Drill Sergeant
8. Wrong Route
9. Nude-Night-Naughty 3
10. Rose is dead
11. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the C
12. The DMV Funnies
13. Schmutzy, the cat who confounded hostile a
14. Barnyard Christmas Story
15. To Switch or Not To Switch, That is the Qu
16. Nude-Night-Naughty 8
17. Squirrels
18. The Seer
19. Big Bird & the fish pond
20. Timberland

Featured Book
A Reader's Guide to Author's Jargon and Other Ravings from t
by Edward Patterson

A Reader's Guide to Author's Jargon: a cure for short attention spans..  
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Featured Book
Idiots and Children
by Diana Estill

Family and observational humor from award-winning author Diana Estill...  
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