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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Body Glorious / Corps à corps - photography by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

Showing the beauty of the human body in a variety of postures in paintings, sculpture,black and white photos, etc. THE NATIONAL INDIE EXCELLENCE 2008 BOOK AWARDS at t..  
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Featured Book
The Great First Impression Book Proposal:
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

Carolyn Howard-Johnson continues to help authors, FRUGALLY. This time with Everything You Need To Know To Sell Your Book in 20 Minutes or Less!..  
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Featured Book
Body Glorious / Corps à corps - photography by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

Showing the beauty of the human body in a variety of postures in paintings, sculpture,black and white photos, etc. THE NATIONAL INDIE EXCELLENCE 2008 BOOK AWARDS at t..  
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All Arts/Entertainment Short Stories

25 Most Recent Arts/Entertainment Short Stories

DON'T GET DOWN-GET UP & DO MORE by Tracie Christian
This story is a commentary for a literary site for authors. It's a chunk from my life story and if it inspires just one person or more...well for me...that's mission accomplished! Enjoy..
Drip Line by Patrick Granfors
The results of Friday's noctunal slide show..
Dutch Square Mall by Janie De Coster
Having a good time with my readers. Here I am with New England Patroits Richard Seymore sister KiKi at Waldon Book Store..
Elvis the Pelvis by Floyd Orr
A Retrospective..
Encounter the Show by Christine Boyce
What two women think of as they walk home from the theatre...
Fa•nat•ic by Edward Phillips
[image by Steven McGee for the NYT]..
Fairies in Winter: A Composer's Journal Entries April 1-5, 2005 by Laurie Conrad
A Composer's Journal Entries April 1-5, 2005 by Laurie Conrad...
Fallout (screenplay) by Sarah Mankowski
Believing the Cuban Missile Crises resulted in nuclear war, the Mason family remain in their underground shelter. Now the children emerge to discover the strange new world. NOTE: screenplay predated "Blast From The Past"..
Fifiisms by Marcus Dino
Definiton: Fifi's distinct way of talking. These may be words, phrases, and even language that she distinctly uses. ..
Fifty Years of Leave it to Beaver by Beverly Mahone
OK, I admit that, as a little black girl, I used to watch the “Beev” because he was a kid just like me...
Filling in the Music: A Composer's Journal August 9-28, 2012 by Laurie Conrad
The composer continues work on the "Unsung Songs: Songs of the Earth" cycle for piano, flute, violin, viola and cello...
Filling in the Sketches for the Flute and Piano Piece : A Composers Journal by Laurie Conrad
The composer fills in her sketches, adding various lines and melodies. A Composer's Journal Entries: February 13-18, 2014. ..
Finding Melodies and Harmonies for 'Glimpses': A Composer's Journal by Laurie Conrad
The composer continues work on the new piece for flute and piano. A Composer's Journal January 28 - January 31, 2014...
Finishing the Musical Score of 'Unsung Songs: Songs of the Earth' by Laurie Conrad
The composer continues to write the chamber cycle 'Unsung Songs: Songs of the Earth' for flute, piano, violin, viola and cello. The chamber music cycle is based on fifteen haiku poems written by violinist William Hurley. A Composer's Journal November 12-20, 2012...
Finishing Trois Prieres: A Composer's Journal Entries: February 2-4, 2007. by Laurie Conrad
Cycle for orchestra and choir: I speak to an angel when I finish the last movement of Trois Prieres. A Composer's Journal by Laurie Conrad...
First guest blog - Cindy the actress by Stephen Kogon
On the Studio Reader Stan web site, the first guest to share a story about working in the entertainment industry is Cindy, who relates an unusual experience she had in an elevator on the way to an audition. To check it out, either click on the direct link below, or go here: www.studioreader..
Flash Ripslinger! True Stories from the Action Figure Underground! by Terry Lattimer
As I entered the first hanger everything was quiet and I immediately sensed a presence. There, almost hovering above me was the complete full-sized Alien Craft ... ..
Footnotes et al: Work Continues on Visits With Angels by Laurie Conrad
Writing books: Work Continues on 'Visits With Angels': Mystic’s Journal Entries: February 2-7, 2010...
Forgetting & Forgiving (blaming everyone else) by Joyce White
It occurs to me that all I am and all that I have accomplished is a tribute to my mom and pops despite and in spite of my constant denial and blaming of my parents for all my problems...
Foundation of the Arts by David Arthur Walters
Of course Dance is the foundation of the arts..
From Cottonfields, a Reform School, Prison and now the Entertainment Field by Joe Davis
I was brought up in a dysfunctional family you! But look at me NOW!..
I picked and chopped cotton. I've done prison time, but look at me NOW!..
Fourteen day's of Spring by xavier burton
Fourteen day's of Spring Fourteen stitches across your face can have a lot to tell a child. Larry was a good man to all who knew him. His heart was always in the right place, at least his secrets never really surfaced openly in front of strangers. He worked through the downtown noon traffi..
Further Thoughts on Music and Architecture: A Composer's Journal by Laurie Conrad
A Composer's Journal entries: November 27 - January 3, 2008 by Laurie Conrad...
George Gershwin Remembered by Edward Phillips
This is a review of the one-man performance of "George Gershwin: Alone" performed by Hershey Felder. (picture:
Getting Familiar - Part 6 by Janeen Robichaud
Part 6 in the erotic Jenna series. (Adults only)..
Gig Of His Life by Paul Mc Cann
Being in the right place at the right time, can make destiny ...
Glodean White's Baby Shower at Director Billy Wilder's Bistro by Carol Speed
Carol Speed went to Glodean White's wonderful Baby Shower..
Goodbye Borders: Another casualty in the decline in book sales! by JE Thompson
The Decline in Brick and Mortar Book Stores must be stoppped!..
Great Father by Suleiman Azar
I want to tell you a story, of what transpired on the day of saturday-AUGUST-25-2007, four months from my awakening via my scientific discovery this previous palm Sunday...
Groundhog Ruminations by Juliet Waldron
Groundhogs, Germans, and the long human history of weather watching...
Harmony Hallers Say Age is an Attitude by Harmony Hallers
The Harmony Hallers Senior Citizens' motto, Where age is an attitude", says it all about this vibrant group. The Department of Parks and Recreation Harmony Hall Regional Center's program is growing all the time. ..
Harp & Flute Music: Starting Work on the Songs: A Composer's Journal by Laurie Conrad
A Composer's Journal Entry March 29 - April 13, 2007 by Laurie Conrad...
Harp and Flute Music: A Composer's Journal March 7-13, 2007 by Laurie Conrad
Continued work on the Images cycle. A Composer's Journal by Laurie Conrad...
Harp Music: Images. A Composer's Journal : February 22-March 5, 2007 by Laurie Conrad
A Composer's Journal by Laurie Conrad...
Harp, Flute, Violin and Viola: 'Images' ; A Composer’s Journal, Feb '08 by Laurie Conrad
A Composer’s Journal Entries, February 21-March 23, 2008. ..
Has He Made It Through The Rain? by Linda Alexander
American Idol has gripped the world. Taylor Hicks has captured many of our votes. Why? Copyright Linda Alexander, 2006. No reproduction without permission of the author...
Heard this joke? by Miller Caldwell
A friend in need is a friend indeed...
Heiress Ocean Available for Bookings by Fran Briggs
Delights audiences around the country, on the stages of major national venues, as well as the intimate settings such as café houses, and private clubs. Unparalleled, Heiress Ocean's popularity continues to soar...
Her little adventure, Part 2 by Janeen Robichaud
Adult content! If you are not an adult, please don't go any further. ..
Television, once a vital source of information, has been filled with yellow journalism, mysogyny, and commercialism. With all of the strides that people of color have made, they are still portrayed negatively and stereotypically in the media...
How 67 cents Turned Into 22K in less Than 6.7 Days by Fran Briggs
Did you know that you can be a 'small outfit,' and still maintain a competitive edge? Well, you can. And that's because when you secure a corporate sponsor, you become a mammoth in the marketplace.Ho..
How Great Sings Art by Patricia Oplinger
Admirable friends are a gift...
How Taylor Hicks Made it Possible For Adam Lambert to Win American Idol by Linda Alexander
American Idol isn't interested in anything out of the ordinary ... or at least it wasn't 'til Taylor Hicks won...
I Love Lucy by gerri gatlin
Lucille Ball my hero!!! I love Lucy!..
I met Natalie Cole by Beverly Mahone
The Baby Boomer Diva is truly unforgettable!..
I'm seeing Red by gerri gatlin
Red Skelton an American to remember...
images from our books by glenise clelland
some of the images are available as prints on canvas 60cmx90cm - this has been the most popular to date. Aus$750.00 including postage..
In Our Backyard by Linda Newton Perry
New Species and a New Skeleton..
View Photo of Introduction to DREAM PIANO Read excerpt from Introduction to DREAM PIANO Introduction to DREAM PIANO by Shirley Kirsten
The author rekindles memories of her early musical studies, cherished pianos, and politically unorthodox, non-musician parents...
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1. Steve and Eydie
2. Seven Story Videos Two
3. Working on the Dance for “Glimpses”: A Com
4. Bloodlines, Tales From the African Diaspor
5. Still Working on the Musical Score of Glim
7. Working on the Musical Score: A Composer's
8. A Tribute to Fred Astaire
9. Starting to Write for Flute and Piano: A C
10. Filling in the Sketches for the Flute and
11. Undiscovered Porn Star
12. Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Song
13. After the Musical Score is Finished: A Com
14. Sketching out 'Glimpses' for Flute and Pia
15. Finding Melodies and Harmonies for 'Glimps
16. Paul Is No Critic
17. Screenplay Pitch
18. Dance is Something to Write About
19. Fa•nat•ic
20. Mr. Mayhem Speaks. ...

Featured Book
And .... Action!
by Stephen Lodge

On-the-Set, Behind-the Scenes Stories and Photographs From the Author's Life in and Around the Hollywood Motion Picture Business...  
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Highly Inspired Stuff
by S D

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