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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Omega Wave E-Book (PDF)
by Richard Rydon

Not for the faint-hearted, ‘The Omega Wave’ is a full-length science fiction novel exploring gothic facets of consciousness and human nature. Luper a sensible young scien..  
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Featured Book
Book 7: The Nublis Chronicles: The Orion Property
by Kate Saundby

Cover Art by Deron Douglas. Beyond priceless is friendship to the one whose price has been established, to the one too useful to be allowed the..  
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Featured Book
The Omega Wave (Paperback)
by Richard Rydon

Not for the faint-hearted, ‘The Omega Wave’ is a full-length science fiction novel exploring gothic facets of consciousness and human nature. Luper a sensible young scien..  
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All Science Fiction Short Stories

25 Most Recent Science Fiction Short Stories

Breaking the Cycle (incomplete book) by Jeremy DeVaughn
This is a book that I couldn't complete. I didn't like it...
Black Briar Ridge (working title) - Chapter 1 by AJ Taylor
Riley Vetter is a mercenary soldier on the planet Boscoe caught up in a religious war that he doesn't understand. Amid war and violence, treachery and betrayal, Boscoe's deepest secret unfolds around him and Riley must search his soul for a way to reconcile his past decisions. But which way will..
Bringing the Waters by Theresa Crater
Read my short story “Bringing the Waters.” Hathor Priestess Nebit must discover why the skies have changed by joining in tantric ritual with the Horus Priest. ..
Broken Apart lll: Split Decision by Richard Kallao
Buck's Roadhouse by Shane Collins
One man finds it's not as easy as riding off into the sunset. Appears in OG's Speculative Fiction vol 27...
Bureaucracy by Chris Rutkowski
One day as we sat around in the Diner, we got to thinking... why does everything seem so crazy?..
Buzz Cut by Paul Hamm
Professor Lyman is on his way to wealth and leisure thanks to his creation - the G.E.M.M. (Genetically Engineered Micro Machine) On the eve of the conclusion to his master plan, he is terrorized by his own genius ..
Read excerpt from By the Gods By the Gods by Graeme Houston
Eros the God of love, finds his day is being spoiled Ares, God of war. Then more mysteries unfold. (Illustrated PDF 2.3MB)..
Can One Eat Dark Matter? by Benjamin Plybon
A story about a Mother, father and son who like to talk while eating. Dad and son discuss science, their favorite topic, while mom eats and munches...
Captain Quasar and the 'If Only' Elixir of Opsanus Tau Prime by Milo Fowler
In his hunt for a magical elixir that will reset any mistake, Captain Quasar must make the ultimate sacrifice...
Captive Wings by Loren Presley
Veronica knows she isn't supposed to go near her father's portfolio. But she has to know who she is.....
Carbon Killers by J. Quantaman
A romp through our energy future...
Cassiopeia by Marian Ghilea
An unusual encounter between two worlds...
Chapter 1 of my new novel Hope Killer (working title) by Destiny Allison
I'm looking for feedback and hope you will read the first chapter and let me know if I have you hooked. This is sci-fi/urban fantasy set in the near future in an imaginary city...
Chapter 1 of The Plain of Bitter Honey by Alan Chin
Twins Aaron and Hayden Swann are fighting a corrupt government taken over by ultra right-wing Fundamentalist Christians in 2055 America. Each brother fights in his own way, Aaron with bullets, Hayden with words. Then one night their world is turned upside down when they are caught in a gov..
Chapter 5 and 6 - Egnarian Chronicles by Guntis Goncarovs
Sci Fi Mind Candy - Chapter 5..
Chapter One of 'Remember The Cretaceous Nights?' by James Cotton
This is the first half of the first chapter of a story I wrote in college, called 'Remember the Cretaceous Nights?' which was about two scientists who were sent back in time to observe the events at the end of the Cretaceous Period, when a meteorite impact set off a short but dramatic series of ev..
Chapter Three and Four - Egnarian Chronicles by Guntis Goncarovs
Chapter Three of the Egnarian Chronicles..
Chatting with PAULA by Paula Hopkins
A computer science experiment in email correspondence has an unexpected result...
Children of Mars by Paul Day
Part of a larger novel I am writing about 9 children who are forced to survive alone on a dangerous and sometimes unforgiving world...
Chosen by Samuel Southwell
(A story from my book "Twisted American Fairy Tales") The game begins!..
Christmas Curfew by Paul Mc Cann
Its in the hard times that we can find common ground ...
Circuit Nerve by Craig Quackenbush
This is the introduction (prologue) to my sci-fi/cyberpunk novel "Circuit Nerve" (title yet to be finalized). Copyright 2014, C. Quackenbush..
I also wrote this for my web page! Can y'all guess the date?..
Cloning Dolly by David Arthur Walters
Senatorial Candidate Horace Forthright's ethical program..
Close Encounter by Dallas D'Angelo-Gary
Major Radcliffe is sent on a routine intercept, that turns out to be anything but routine...
closer by Duane Pesice
This is another entry from the Vines short fiction contest...came in second this time. It's a bit of a flash fiction, written in one draft and completely unedited, stemming from a picture of the Thames. I'm not usually one for happy endings, but in this case, it feels right. It was only thr..
Coffee Companion ES-245 by Sara Cunningham
...a little while after the apocolypse.....
Cold New Planet by Joy Smith
What mysteries will the colonists--and the consortium backing them--uncover on this slowly thawing planet?..
Consequence by R.A. Knowlton
It is the story of a man who awakens in the desert and his memory is lost to him. All he has is a few items that he carries and the undeniable urge to walk in a certain direction and he dose not know why he is so compellingly drawn along. This short story was written for an online contest. It ..
Conversation With The Past by Crystal-Rain Love
Not sure if this really qualifies as science fiction-you tell me. Thanks for editing, Regis!..
Corry by J.A. Aarntzen
A family's alien pet goes berserk...
COSMIC MIRRORS by John Townsend
Next time you look in your mirror---..
Crossroads of the Loa by donna bartley
The death experiences shared at the site of a major earthquake..
Cubicles by Dennis Coleman
A portal to another dimension opens up in a dreary office. Chaos ensues...
Curse of the Loveless Mind by Jaimey Perham
Dying old man rediscovers lost dead love.....
Cursed Hearts--Ch 1 by Lee Garrett
Chapter One: Galactic pirates discover The solar system, and a lady falls to Earth...
Cursed Hearts--Ch 2 by Lee Garrett
CH. 2 -- A fallen fury is earth's last best hope against hidious invaders... but she doesn't know this herself...
Cursed Hearts--Ch 3 by Lee Garrett
Extra-terestrial warrior chick discovers French toast...and rock and roll...
Cursed Hearts--Ch 4 by Lee Garrett
Continuing adventures of a lady that fell to Earth...
Cyberlink by Nicholas Stember
This is a Science Fiction story with a twist that is currently published at an ezine called "All Things Wierd and Wonderful". The below link takes you right to the webzine. If it doesn't work, cut and paste in this URL: Once there,..
D.O.V.E.S. by Les Bill Gates
A trip to Mars has catastrophic consequences and a surprising conclusion...
DAD - A voice with love, forever by Chinchu Jose
An intimate bond between a father and his son..
Dance of the Strings by C.R. Kwiat
A time travel mishap or two...or three...
View Photo of Dante's Day Off Read excerpt from Dante's Day Off Dante's Day Off by S.L. Wallace
Has science fiction finally caught up to daily practices?..
Death God Dancing by Lee Garrett
Tawa, the sun, was at the end of the bright path, settling into his distant kiva, making a red haze of the western sky. Two-feathers sat on his blanket, sunning himself like an old crow. His body was streaked with black and white. The bands were the sign of his people, the snake clan. Colored s..
Death on Planet Zongo by Martin Ingham
A comedy of bureaucracy. It never stops raining! ..
Deconstructing the Butterfly Effect by Sonny Whitelaw
When your job is patching up the histories of parallel dimensions, the last thing you need is to be distracted by personal problems. The body of this short story was submitted to the publisher's of Stargate novels, as an example of work. The result, of course, was that I ultimately penned..
Deploy:Prequel to Splashdown by Richard Kallao
Derelict by T-Bird
A bit of some random story I started writing yesterday. I have a good idea where its going, but once again I was bored as o often.... wrote one word and then the next, and now I have this. Enjoy..
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Science Fiction Stories
1. Resurrection Hill
2. Maybe the universe isn't rational after al
3. Doing Bristol
4. Part 3: Poison Earth
5. It's in the Cards
6. The Sludge (Part 8)
7. Happy Christmas Charles
8. Lost Identity
9. The Music Portal
10. Honor killing -NOT DONE
11. Rich Man, Poor Soul
12. The Sludge (Part 11)
13. The Spy in the Sky
14. Spring Heeled Jack
15. Living On Mars: Our Story. (Part One)
16. Part 1: Poison Earth
17. An Amber Storm From Hell
18. The WatchTower
19. Growing Young
20. Children of Mars

Featured Book
The Healing Crystal, Book Three, Ransom
by Michele Poague

When freedom fighter Rand Solis allies himself with young Kairma, the Heir to the Crystal, they discover in order to heal the world, both must sacrifice friends, religiou..  
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Featured Book
A Meeting of Two Worlds
by Gordon Abbo

A stargazer encounters friendly aliens who become allies in the War on Terror...  
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