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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Energy Game
by Neeta Blair

This book published in 2002 introduces the reader to the joy of playing with energy, recognizing everything as energy...  
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Featured Book
The WEALTH SECRETS You Must Know Before40 (Paperback)
by Jay Onwukwe

Becoming rich requires no miracle and no magic; only the knowledge and application of basic natural Laws, ancient Wisdom, common Secrets, biblical Truths and spiritual, P..  
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Featured Book
Real Palmistry - Your Life is in Your Hands
by Mark Seltman

Your hands are a topographical map of your character in past, present, and future. You can learn to navigate your map and chart your course...  
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All Self-Help Short Stories

25 Most Recent Self-Help Short Stories

Questions Answered (Islam) by Safi
This is a true narration from the life of the Messenger of Islam...
Quote I Need to Remember Today by Walt Hardester
Sage words indeed..
Raising the Dead! by Ntentson Audu
Dr. N.D. Audu is a specially anointed man of God from Nigeria-Africa, whom God is using mightily in modern times and around the world to force the devils to declare bankruptcy, as physically dead and dying people are supernaturally raised back to life again to God's glory! He is a world renowned Ex..
Reaching Out To Help Others by Stacey Chillemi
My name is Stacey Chillemi. I have received awards in her achievements and certificates in recognition for her outstanding efforts in trying to improve society. I have been an active participant in organizations and activities. ..
Reflections: A smokers story. by Lacy Enderson
A smokers tale...
Revised Excerpt from: Addiction A Personal Story by Lacy Enderson
Peer Pressure; Blessing in disguise?..
Sample Chapter for Heal My Wings: A Healing Guide for Women by Kimberly Ware
How to Heal from Divorce There are four types of relationships and they are: singleness, marriage, separation, and divorce. ..
Sample of Epidemic by Jordan Ninkovich
Journal Entry from Epidemic..
Say Goodbye by Tori Barton
Instantly my world was turned upside down...
Secondary Survivors by Namid
This is an excerpt from Secondary Survivors..
Set One Short Range Goal at aTime by Blondie Clayton
In the midst of turmoil,pain, and hopelessness, a child manages to discover her ability to set goals that changed her life forever...
Shadow Wisdom Teachers by Rosalie Heart
Advice for being aware of energy vampires and a rlease ritual to bring you back to your own mind, body and soul...
Spirituality Builder by Stacey Chillemi
Keeping Yourself In good Spiritual and Emotional Health..
Starting the Education of Imagination by Neeta Blair
How I set it up for educating Imagination, my inner being...
Still Here by TONY NERONE
Evaluating from a troubled past. ------------------------------------..
Stories of Shul Life: Lamentations by Alan Busch
Learning hard lessons can be painful, but you emerge stronger if you survive...
Suffering Comes With the Turf by Milli Thornton
This is an excerpt from my book "Fear of Writing: for writers & closet writers." I hope you enjoy it! - Milli..
Take A Motivational Shower by Dennis McCurdy
Motivation wears off, we need to continual rejuvenate ourselves..
Take Some Time For YOU by Liz Cosline
Take time..
Talk of Tigers/The Tiger Unveiled by Dan Hays
A dream about a tiger reveals a deep seated rage that needs to be addressed...
The Awakening --for Men by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
A great piece of work that has been created and enhanced. this touched me in so many ways, that I want to share it with my friends on the den. may it serve you too All the best Tuchy ..
The Birth of Life On Purpose Institute by Brad Swift
At Life On Purpose Institute we believe everyone should follow their purpose and passion in life and that doing so will never lead you astray even when you arenít completely clear where it will lead you. I call it ďfollowing the breadcrumbs of your passionĒ and itís actually how Life On Purpose Ins..
The brutal truth wins out! by Michael Wash
I never thought it possible that writing something so simple with a challenging twist would cause so much robust debate...
The Choice is Yours by Beverly Kirkhart
Story of finding the "hero" within...
The Common Sense Guy Reviews Be the Star You Are! by Cynthia
Review of Be the Star You Are! 99 gifts for Living, Loving, Laughing, and Learning to Make a Difference by Cynthia Brian REVIEWED by Bud Bilanch, The Common Sense Guy ..
The Fatwa by Muhammad Al Mahdi
Short Essay of educational value (You will learn by practical demonstration what a fatwa is, at least when it is issued by me.)..
The Heavy Red Wagon by Rodney Bohen
So perhaps the man we see along the road hitchhiking, with his knapsack and dog smiling by his side, truly has the right idea! Insofar as the true richness life has to offer! ..
THE COLLEGE ENVIRONMENT - Soggy Environmental Situations by John Domino
THE ENVIORNMENT Extra-Crispy Chicken and Soggy Situations If you are a college student, when you leave the main campus, you are leaving an environment that is conducive to learning. As expressed earlier in this text, itís better to review information the same day w..
The Cutter, Short Story from Life Honestly After by Author Aija Butler
"In the hours before my 30th Birthday I had an Epiphany I stood in the mirror, naturally and embraced the essence of life. I pulled back some of the skin around my eyes. I searched for lines and wrinkles, skin blotching, and age lines around the corners of my mouth. I found nothing out of the ordina..
The Hunt by Dan Hays
How a young boy felt unsafe on a hunting trip..
The Lordís Purpose Will Prevail in the End by Lacy Enderson
Romans 12:2 Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what Godís will is - his good, pleasing and perfect will. ..
The Memory Bank Of Amazing Recall by George Hutton
If you want a good memory, it's helpful to remember where you put things...
The One Who Walked Away by Linda Settles
This is a true story about an unexpected event at Book Expo America...
The Real Secrets of Remote Viewing by Gerald O'Donnell
Core Explanation of Remote Viewing. The mysteries of the location of the Universal Mind (Collective Intelligence)..
The Seven Steps of Change by Stacey Chillemi
The Seven Steps to the Beginning of Transformation...
The Strength of a Man by Namid
This is an excerpt from The Strength of a Man...
View Photo of The Two Things God Wants From You Read excerpt from The Two Things God Wants From You The Two Things God Wants From You by William Cottringer
INTRODUCTION Understanding and Accepting Godís Way of Life "Good propaganda must precede real events" (Erich Ludendorff). It was 6:05 p.m. Friday night September 12, 2001. I was just finishing up some last minute details at my office in St. Louis before leaving for t..
The wish by Rebekah Crawford
A teenage girl named Chloe cuts herself and her boyfriend wants her to stop...
View Photo of The Worst 15 Minutes... Read excerpt from The Worst 15 Minutes... The Worst 15 Minutes... by Ken Kupstis
Inspired by the saying "I gave up smoking, drinking and bad was the worst 15 minutes of my life."..
Time Management - Take-Out Tips by John Domino
Are you feeling completely overwhelmed? Many of these feelings arise from increasing responsibilities, commitments and goals. Throughout the year, many stressful situations occur, such as problems with relationships, scheduling conflicts at work or problems with highly demanding classes. You may als..
TOUGH TUKHUS by Tom Hyland
True Story - prompted by trying to help a Friend get through some rough times. Both Dale Carnegie and "The Secret" said the same thing: CBA ... CONCEIVE - BELIEVE - ACHIEVE! L'CHAIM !!! ..
Understanding China by Antonio Fonduca
Understanding My Sudden Depression by Randy Kadish
After my cancer scare I thought I'm put all my resentments behind me and fully enjoy being alive. Suprisingly, I fell into my first serious depression. I struggled to understand why...
Value of Self by Rodney Bohen
My dear friend, what indeed marks a man, and allows him to be remembered beyond the scope of his lifespan? ..
Verizon Vindication! by Tom Hyland
Well, Pilgrims, this tale now has a happy ending! Up until 10:30 am this morning, the Title was - Verizon Sucks - Part 2 - but in all fairness, I had to change it because of THREE CONSCIENTIOUS EMPLOYEES of a huge corporation! Read on - MacDuff ... ..
Want to give your career a jump start or need advice on office politics? by Mario Watts
Office Politics Ė The Good, The Bad & The Ugly By M. Watts..
Watch Out for Grizzly Bears! by Niki Collins-Queen
We see our first wild grizzly bears on a bus tour in Denali Park. We were on an 8-hour 64-mile wildlife bus among the tundra of Denali's Thorofare Valley. Since we're from Georgia we were shocked when the bus driver recommended we get off the bus and hike portions of the park. He said we could hop..
What happen to the American black family by Carolyn Dye
been on my mind fr awhile thought I would share...
What I'm learning in Al-Anon by Niki Collins-Queen
Although my marriage ended Al-Anon gave me a new beginning. It was a huge revelation to discover although I cannot control another person I can control my reactions to them. That inner peace and serenity is possible no matter what other people do. Once I began to improve and regulate myself it becam..
What was taken!! by Carolyn Dye
Dealing with be sexually abused...
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7. How to Change the World
8. Learning To Love Yourself

Featured Book
Reality Repair
by William Cottringer

This is a book to help readers plow through the enormous overload of the 95% nonsense to find the 5% common sense that is hidden away, which is needed to sustain long-ter..  
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Featured Book
Reality Repair
by William Cottringer

This is a book to help readers plow through the enormous overload of the 95% nonsense to find the 5% common sense that is hidden away, which is needed to sustain long-ter..  
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