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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Relationship: Notes on Love, Mutual Respect, Boundaries, Mar
by Bill Benitez

Valuable advice on developing and maintaining happy and healthy intimate relationships based entirely on first-hand experience...  
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Featured Book
It's All About Her: A Man-to-Man's Guide to Marital Bliss
by Jim Hamilton

Delivered in a straightforward, witty, and thought-provoking style, Itís All About Her is designed to spur actions and insights that work in the real world. Some of HER s..  
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Featured Book
The World of the Narcissist
by Sam Vaknin

A book-length psychodynamic study of pathological narcissism, relationships with abusive narcissists, and the Narcissistic Personality Disorder, using a new vocabular..  
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All Relationships Short Stories

25 Most Recent Relationships Short Stories

All About Me? by Lynn Barry
Is it really all about me?..
Aloof by Katie Gabrielle
A little girl is lost somewhere in the shuffle between what her father thinks is important and what really matters. This story ALOOF shows what might happen when parents and children grow apart...
Amazin' Sex Tales by Nathaniel Daley
Checkout the sit that have it all!..
An Afternoon to Remember by Donna-Lynette Cohen
This is an inside look on a newlywed couple and the lengths that the bride goes through to keep spice in the relationship..
An Agonizing Goodbye by Dorothy Jones
An Agonizing Goodbye dramatizes a daughter's struggle to deal with her dying father's refusal to acknowledge or speak to her. ..
An Angel's Thoughts by Dawn Anderson
A little girls thoughts about God......
An Enigma by Jonell Cash
An Old Day With A New Beginning by De Stanelli
A man with difficulties in his life may stumble upon better days 'in a manner of time.'..
And He Cried by April Smith
Angelica by Lee Gaylord
Angelica was a beautiful woman but she was mixed up...
Ania by
Ania squeezed a rough sour tear from her vacant green eye. It ran down her cheek, tracing every curve with its glistening salty path. She pushed a thick lock of tired brown hair behind her ear and looked up at the mirror. A pale reflection stared back at her, a mere image of suffering. Suff..
Animosity by George Warholak
A model letter for a sister who writes her brother for reconciliation ..
Annie's Story by Elizabeth Parsons
Annie marries the man she loves only to find a year later that her husband is a monster...
Anniversary by Eileen Granfors
When one is going to college and one is not, what's happens to first love?..
Another Day by Tony Nerone
The day in the life of a fool...
Cancellation by Randall Barfield
He Deserves Better by Sandy Knauer
He was my First, I was his Last by kimberly gray
First Loves are critical and seemingly a fairy tale. They almost all eventually end, but shouldn't this way...
HE, used to hold a lamb by JASMIN HORST SEILER
I could have listed this under a religous experience, and though I believe of the Jesus story, I am not religious, but I believe in true lasting relationships, and so here is a true story, you can take it from there...
Hearing The Truth by lucky Ahmed
This is my very first short story. So it may not impress noone, i would value your feedback gratefully. Any pointers you have to improve my writing would be great. So read, enjoy, and feel free to critique!..
Another Silence by INNOCENT AGBO
Nonso's destiny takes a different track when he meets and instantly falls in love with Nnenna in a public transport. They both feel it was the beginning of forever, not knowing that forever itself, may not last forever. Their conversation pour into a sea of loud silence. Feelings aren't just enoug..
Apathy by Dawn Anderson
Placing the blame.....
Aphrodites Mirror by Graham whittaker
Previously called TRISH and published by as Aphrodites Mirror (which I like better) Be warned.. THIS IS EROTICA. Please do not read if offended!..
At least if you ever felt the same by Choco Moody
Can you imagine how hard it would be to find out that you are not fit to the place where you actually were borned ?..
At Our Finger Tips, The World by Zoe Chow
This isn't really a story, more then it is my feelings on this life changing move I am about to make...
Attempt to Murder by Wangdi Gyalpo
This story is based on real life of one of my students. Just few portion is fiction...
Baby I'm Yours by Laura Fall
As the flame is everlasting...
Bad News Mail by Lowell Bergeron
Writer's Digest Contest #34..
Bar Scenes part four -Reflections by E T Waldron
It happened so easily we wound up making love on the cot Gus keeps in the kitchen for when he needs a rest. ..
Basket Catch. by Michael Eads
See, catching the ball allowed one of your teammatesí to be released from jail. ..
Be careful of what you wish for. by Maggie Cobbett
A nameless woman meets the love of her life for the last time...
Beer and Smiles by Mike Rowden
I swear, she was just sitting there. Her face was aglow, maybe it was the horrible lighting in the place, maybe not. She was grinning. I don't know why, but she was staring at me. Her gaze fell upon me like a fat man on pizza. The bar was small, somewhat...silent at the moment. She sat alo..
Belle by Liss Wiss
A psychological love story, mixing the well known theme of 'Beauty and the Beast' with today's contemporary issues of war and sin. ..
betrayal (version 1) by jing javier
She then looked through the window, her eyes staring out at the street below, seeing nothing as she was lost deep in thought. She tried to forget it and told herself over and over again but it still keeps on lingering her mind. Thoughts of him and this afternoon. She was about to leave the ..
betrayal (version 2) by jing javier
"what's wrong?" he asked. "this is my third time trying to call you, are you sick?". "I- i.." she's not sure what to say. "I'll be there in an hour" was all she heard and the other line was cut. Still unsuspecting, he took her to the balcony and with them, two flasks an..
Betrayed in the Nith by Miller Caldwell
The launch of this Romantic Novel Part 1..
Better Late Than Never? by Graham whittaker
Some things are better left unsaid... I think..
Beyond Friendship by Rene Remington
Where does friendship starts and how does it endures through life changes...
Read excerpt from Birth Birth by Harvey Tordoff
A simple tale of a simple birth ~ from four different perspectives...
Blackenstaff Chicago by Timothy
a day in the life..
Read excerpt from Blank Canvas Blank Canvas by AMIT GUPTA
Vibha is an artist. A famous artist. Every one knows her. She is extremely beautiful with sharp features. Last month she painted a portrait of an old lady, from then on she got famous. Now she is 35, and still alone. Completely alone with her paintings. Surrounded by sad paintings. WHAT HAPPEND AT T..
Bless me, Father by Marty Kay
God's ways are not ours...
Blessed be this child by Theresa Schmidt
Billie Jean Jones grew up poor with parents who were drunk a lot of the time. Billie Jean wanted for a lot of things including the necessities. Love in general was a foreign concept along with all the things that went with it. She always wanted for her own parents to give out hugs and at least an oc..
Blind Date by Sam Vaknin
They said to me: "Meeting girls requires effort. If you just sit at home and don't try to mingle, they won't come to you, you know! You got to get out more." ..
Blind to Reality by Keesha Fox
They say I'm naÔve because I can't accept the truth Fairy-Tale princess living in Fantasy land I can't see things for what they are Especially, when it comes to a man Let's take my ex for instance My whole relationship made no sense I was with a person who called what we had..
Blinded by the Lights, part 1 by Smokey Lonesome
Sometimes you meet the best people in the strangest places. . . ..
Book Review by Stefany J
Book Review from Reader..
Book Review by Stefany J
Reader Review of Book..
Book Review by Stefany J
Book Review from Reader...
Book Review by Stefany J
Book Review by Reader...
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Relationships Stories
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3. Surreal Dummy--Still Here
4. Working Together
5. a reluctant letter (because I care)
6. Nomadic Heart
7. Penelope and Peter bond; she enjoys a Cuba
8. Cement Dancer
9. Anniversary
10. deaf and blind...
11. Reflections...
12. Striptease at The Conference
13. Kisses sweeter than wine
14. Lightening Bug Nights
15. R.I.P. nephew
16. Roar of the Blender
18. The RAFT...
19. He was my First, I was his Last
20. You Never Meant What You Said

Featured Book
by Tygo Lee

When fantasy is magically transformed into reality.....  
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Featured Book
Relationship Magic--- God only Knows
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

No man is an island. What is life without relationships? It is often the case that relationships cause us the most pain. Relationship magic helps increase joy and minimiz..  
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