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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
by Chidi Asika-Enahoro

one woman's miraculous journey through an incurable disease..  
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Featured Book
The Significance of A Dream
by Frances Seymour

The Significance of A Dream is An Inspirational Book of Poetry & Short Stories. The inspirational prose in this book will warm your heart...  
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Featured Book
Commonsense Wisdom for Everyday Life
by Joseph Langen

This book offers reflections on everyday events, ways to understand them and new ways to look at them...  
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All Inspirational Short Stories

25 Most Recent Inspirational Short Stories

Good Morning from Queen Faustina by Mary Lynn Plaisance
Queen Faustina woke up this morning and wanted to share this saying with all of you...
Good News In The Mail! by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A woman receives an unexpected blessing in the mail...
Good People! by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
An elderly couple is surprised with some unexpected blessings from some neighbors of theirs. This is their story...
Goodbye ... And Good Luck! by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A family moves away from their neighborhood and the neighbors wish them the best of luck on their new journey...
Goodbye Angel by Audrey Snead
I wrote this story for my good friends, Paul and Mary, in loving memory of their daughter, Crystal Jewel. The little girl lay motionless in the room of white. Her big eyes looked wonderingly at everything, but all she saw was white; white blanket on her bed, white pillow under..
Goodness Shines Forth by Valerie Boggess
"The pure in heart, shall surely see the face of God."..
Gotta Be Real. ... by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A girl learns to be herself instead of "following the crowd". Image of sunflowers (c) 2011, by Karla Dorman...
Grace by Renee Pisarz
Embracing the light, and finding the God within...
Grace and the Angels Sing by Angela Posey-Arnold
This is a true story handed down for generations in my family. I wrote it and published it in Guidepost Angels On Earth Nov/Dec 2007 Issue...
Grace For The Moment. ... by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A woman is trying to count her blessings in all things. This is her story...
Grace, Mercy, And Peace: The Adoption Chronicles. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A family in Iowa adopts three triplet sisters from Africa...
Grandfather, The Man and his story by Beverly Meadows
This is a true story based on my own personal experience...
Grandkids For Christmas. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A man is pleased to learn that he will become a grandfather to triplets on Christmas...
Grandma Esther by Gail Gerald
Grandma Esther is about a young woman's memory of her Grandmother..
Grandma Wakes Up by Jim Stewart
Miracle of Life/Death..
Granger's Story. (Part One) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A little boy with a rare syndrome is the joy of his parents' world. This is his story, as written by his father. This story is based on the little boy I met this morning who has this very syndrome. He is four, but like Granger, he cannot walk or talk. What a little charmer he was; I fel..
Grapefruit Christmas by Prentis Goodwin
Be happy with what you have in front of you...
Grateful by susan donavon
Mason an accomplished artist, has been awaiting possibly devastating information , from the doctor. In the course of Masons wait, he discovers some things about himself as well as a valuable life lesson...
Graydon And Graciela: Twin Miracles, Twin Blessings! (S.N.P. 101) (Part 1) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A mother writes about her twin infants who have managed to survive despite incredible odds. This is their story...
Great Expectations by mark walters
Have Great Expectations of God...
Greco. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A boy with spina bifida shares his story...
Greetings From California: A Letter From Anna Grace to Louisiana by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Anna Grace writes to Louisana..
Gregory Alex: His Story. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A couple is in the process of adopting a little boy from Poland who has special needs...
Growing Pains.: The Adoption Chronicles. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A family welcomes three new children into their home...
Growing Up Colt. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
One family's story about their son who was told he wouldn't be able to do much in life. Image of sunflower (c) 2011, by Karla Dorman...
Growing up in Italy by J Mangrav
The breathtaking landscapes and seascapes, the picturesque mountains and the shorelines that embrace Italy like a shawl made my growing up in Italy very magical. Italy, the land of soccer games, biking, romance and fine food highlighted the explorations teenagers undertake on their way to adulthood..
Guilty of Plenty!: My Story. (Part One) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A man feels unworthy to be loved by God because of things he's done. Image of crepuscular rays (C) 2010, by Karla Dorman...
Guilty Of Plenty!: My Story. (Part Two) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
The continuing story of a recovering drug addict/alcoholic/gambler and how he's trying to turn his life back around...
Guru, Pope and Mandala Mary by Andrew Minase
This is a recollection of one of my dreams in the past... I welcome anyone who has psychic abilities or resources to interpret this dream, and tell me what could be drawn from it. This entry is part of my series title "Hunch of the Meek," which is a collection of my original fables, parables, poems ..
Hadley's Cafe by Robert Shand
Viet Nam had changed Hadley. His cold, empty eyes betrayed his pain...
Hallel Hallel Alleluia... by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
I spoke with a woman the other day in a temple of worship & she spoke to me about "eye sores" I of course stood up to that plate because I do not find "Old Decrepit Buildings" as she described it to me as "eye sores" I find them utterly beautiful...(it is diversity of opinion course) Our..
Halo of Light by Mark Lichterman
Glancing at the shadowy figure that sat across from him, once again Johnson felt the stranger was something more or something less than human, and he shuddered...
Hanging Onto Hope by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A family struggles with the reality of cancer and the impending death of their little boy, who is now in the last stages of his disease...
Hannah's Story: The Adoption Chronicles. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A girl from Korea joins her family just before Christmas, making it a memorable event. This is her story...
A fictionalized account of the biblical story of Hannah's anguish and joy in her passion to conceive a child...
Happiness Is A Decision by Genevieve Kohn
Genevieve Kohn is one of the select co-authors of A Juicy Joyful Life which chronicles the passion, purpose and perseverance of inspiring women as they share the moment they discovered how to savor the sweetness in every day. Published by Inspired Living Publishing, LLC and had just been released!..
Happy Birthday Gran by J.A. Terry
{no summary}..
Happy Birthday In Heaven by Penni Smith (Weston)
To my nephew Bobby..
Happy Birthday, Lily Bloom by Jerelyn Craden
A fairytale for adults...
Happy Days! by John Johnston
How to have fun in life without being frightened by all the horrors on the screen of this Cosmic Show!..
Happy News: Dear Kendra, Letter #10 From Louisiana by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Louisiana writes her friend in California another letter...
Hard Times and Hope (A Conversation With Missy and Holly W/S Tagert) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Missy I'm A Survivor says: honey the bravery is not mine but Christ who dwells in me Holly Hobby says: it's not in me though Missy I'm A Survivor says: Christ isnt in you? ..
Harmonie Faith: Special Needs Parenting 101. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A little girl with cerebral palsy doesn't let her disability keep her from living a full life...
Harmony's Song Part Two by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
I am grateful to be here and though I can no longer walk there is still plenty I can do, Now don't get me wrong I am not some kind of superwoman who never grieves over her loss, because I do grieve, but I am here and I am grateful for that. There is a difference between grieving and dwelling. Som..
Harry's Easter Treat by Miller Caldwell
Old age has its compensations!..
Have Crutch, Will Travel.': My Story. (Part One) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A man walks across the country as a way to bring awareness to people who have multiple sclerosis. Image (C) 2009, Karla Dorman...
Have Crutch, Will Travel.': My Story. (Part Two) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Tom Whitt continues his journey towards the Gulf Coast States; he's now in Burleson, Texas, headed east. Image (C) 2010, Karla Dorman...
Have I Called by Jennave Coz
Every one to love... ..
have you ever wanted something only to find... by Angie Grainger
that no matter what you did to achieve it there was nothing on this earth that could get you to your goal?..
Have you Had enough? by simone faith
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Inspirational Stories
1. The Man
2. The Resurrection of Christ: history or hoa
3. Dr. Mohamed Osman Buwe
5. Shaylen'es Story (I'm Just A Little Girl P
6. Do We Belong Here?
7. Small Blessings
8. Mercy for Millicent
9. Vortex
10. Time to Slow Down
11. From Brokenness to Life Anew
13. 'That Is Impossible!': Our Story Of Faith.
14. Free Food
15. A Basketful of Daisies
16. 'Why Doesn't God Heal Me?': My Story. (Par
17. Getting Your Life Back
18. The Ronee' Files: May 21, 2012: The Solar
19. Scraps

Featured Book
Yi Jing: The True Images of the Circular Changes (Zhou Yi)
by Alexander Goldstein

This is the first book of my trilogy entitled "The True Images, Numbers and Ideas of Changes" and written to help the diviners by the 'Yi Jing' in their interpretations. ..  
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Featured Book
by Claudio Herrera

A phrase is not just a group of words in search of meaning; it is much more than that; it is the synthesis of a way of looking at life and the world. They are abstract se..  
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