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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Hallowed Ground
by Cindy Ziperman

Gripping suspense, fiery romance and delightful humor, combined with fascinating Civil War history, and a dangerous fight to save a Civil War battlefield. Hallowed Groun..  
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Featured Book
Adrenaline Junkies 2 1101 Club Murders
by Craig Hartpence

In Jason Holtís previous fictional adventure, ďAdrenaline JunkiesĒ A Paramedic Nightmare, he discovers one of the largest serial killings ever conceived and was shot beca..  
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Featured Book
The Holiday
by Peter Mulraney

The Holiday is the second book in the Inspector West series of crime/romance novels, which explore the lives of people who commit crimes, mess up relationships and fall i..  
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All Mystery/Suspense Short Stories

25 Most Recent Mystery/Suspense Short Stories

Death By Jello by Susan Furlong-Bolliger
Bailey isn't too thrilled with the fact that she had to bring a jello salad to her real estate office's Thanksgiving party, and even less happy when her boss suddenly drops dead after eating it. When the police arrive to investigate, Bailey soon finds that the world of selling houses is a LOT more c..
Death Rattle by S. Bigalow
An encounter of two men, One living, One dying..
Death Without Closure by Helen Downey
Here are a few chapters to wet your whistle! I'll add more later...
Deb Write (to Louisa Mason) by Sarah Tagert
Please keep me informed of how they are fairing. I'd like to keep following them. This family deserves much more than they have gotten and I hope a new life will bring that to them. ..
Deborah Writes Louisa by Sarah Tagert
Those girls needs a stable, secure home and frankly, I donít think Audrey will ever be able to provide it...
Read excerpt from Depths of Alfredo Depths of Alfredo by Danny Allen
Bo Jon has to find a escavator missing in action. Will his cunning find the culprit or will professional claim-hunters kill a kind retired-engineer...
Read excerpt from Devil's Beasts Devil's Beasts by Amy Brown
This short story was inspired by a certain movie. Some of the scenes in this movie made me think about the other POV. ..
Diary Of Darkness by Michael Morash
A man, believing he is acting of his own free will, finds, in the end, he is the puppet...not the master...
DID I DO I KNOW YOU by John Townsend
After years of trying to find someone, the unexpected happens...
Dirty Little Secrets by Marta Stephens
A short story, parts 1-3..
Distracted by Rita Hestand
Tara Simmons calls 911 when she finds a rattle snaked coiled on her bathtub faucet...
Do We Write With The Sprits by Patricia Smith
Your sitting there writing. The television playing low in the back ground. Totally engrossed in your work.Suddenly a sound catches your attention. You stop typing and listen,you shrug it off , but wait there it is again...............
Do You Believe Me by Raymond Morrow
Stranger in our midst..
Doing the Deed by Kit Daniels
A dark and twisted little tale...
Double Jeopardy by Toyin Onabowu
Life can go from great to nightmarish as Alicia discovers when she arrives at work one morning, only to be brought to book for the unaccountable...
Disturbance in the Field by Roberta Isleib
First published in SEASMOKE: Crime Stories by New England Writers from Level Best Books (November 2006.) SYNOPSIS: When clinical psychologist Dr. Rebecca Butterman is invited to ride along on a murder investigation, she wonders what could have gone so wrong in this posh waterfront Shangri-l..
Double Take by Chris O'Grady
Wilder is once again beset by troubles while he's planning to "borrow" from a bank: three pros knock him out and kidnap him, and he spends the story recovering and trying to get himself out of the bind he's in...
Doubts by Kevin Nenstiel
So I light my smoke, yeah? Just like I do when I mean toÖ you know. I have to do it. Calms my nerves. You see? I canít be all on edge when it comes time to do it. I need to take the rage down. If I donít, I get all wild and I canít quite stop. You need to be straight, right? Yeah. ..
View Photo of Down on Bourbon Street (the rest) Read excerpt from Down on Bourbon Street (the rest) Down on Bourbon Street (the rest) by Bradley Fralick
This is the rest of the story, and its in this category still only because it is a mystery as to why I wrote it!..
Dream or What Once Was? by Jennifer Blum
This was once a dream now a story i wish to share...
Dream Walking Chapter One Part Two And Chapter Two Part One by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
ďKevin why wonít you give me any answer? You have to no more than you are letting on.Ē ..
Dream Walking Chapter Two Conclusion by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Were her fears real or unfounded?..
Dream Walking Chapters Three and Four by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
I want to stop being afraid, I want to start living my life, and yet I canít. I ..
Dreams by Melissa Crosson
Once again there's no weird topic so this one too gets stuck under mystery...
Dressed for Murder by Terri Ann Armstrong
Short Story..
Dying For Diamonds: Chap. 1 & part of Chap.2 by Jeanne Owens
this is what I have so far of a mystery novel I'm working on. Please tell me what you think, and if you have ideas for a new title...
Dying for Dummies by Tami Williams
A private detective is looking for an 'interesting' case. When he finds it, he discovers he is the main suspect. See how his secretary and partner get him out of the hot seat...
Dying to keep it by Donna Thompson
Dying to keep is is a finished novel that is in the process of being edited...
Eerie events in Cyprus 2004 by Mike Coatesworth
This is a true tale of an event that took place whilst I was on holiday in Cyprus..
Effects of Hunger by Justin Frye
Fernando and Evelan seem to be a normal couple, but neither of them were prepared for what happened on a small vacation of their's...
Elementary by Bob Liter
Maggie Atley, Detective Nick Bancroft's smartass girlfriend is only along for the ride, but she solves the case with compact thinking...
Eleven - Eleven --- Back to Seven by Mary Lynn Plaisance
Where is the passage way to Swamp Alley?..
Entity by Chessly Nesci
After returning home Angie heard some strange footsteps. In front of the attic door was a grey mist hovering in the air, the vague outline of a woman appeared. She watched horror stricken as the mist evaporated into thin air. Angie then flipped on the lights, but a few seconds later they dimmed and ..
Ephemera by Suzanne Flaig
A female security guard gets involved in a murder at a postcard show...
Error in Judgement by Thomas Ault
John and his partner knew the river and its stories, but John never knew all of the facts, until it was too late. Leaf and the beautiful Joanne may have gone to far but this mystery remains...
View Photo of Escape Read excerpt from Escape Escape by Doug Boren
Escape by Rye James
This is an excerpt of the 1st chapter of my next book, Escape. ..
Read excerpt from Eterna Eterna by Cela Shearer
This is a short story from my recent novel, "Dark Tales From a Small Town."..
Evidence by mahendra verma
evidence is a supensefull murder mystery. a police officer invetigate the murder case and captured to killer..
Evil Online by Walid Sowaidan
My name is Walter Gutenberg. I am a Computer Engineer. In fact I was a Computer Engineer. Not just a simple Engineer, I was a computer genius. I knew about computers more than I knew about myself. The happiest day of my life was when I joined one of the greatest computer companies on earth. I wo..
Excerpt - A Body To Bones by Donan Berg by Donan Berg
Respected, church-going Sarah Hamilton tries to unburden her soul. Whether or not she's successful can not be determined, but the journey has begun...
Excerpt from A Murder in Concord by Caleb Wygal
This is an excerpt from the near the beginning of my latest novel. Enjoy!..
Excerpt from Chapter 1 of Sacred Ground by timothy hollins
Mystery/Suspense with a new twist to science fiction! This novel is labeled the "melting pot" to literary genres!!!..
Flowers for Colleen by Roland Allnach
Darryl was a loner with a secret agenda and a grisly pursuit in life. Until, that is, he crosses paths with the most unlikely of creatures- someone like himself. A story that is difficult to categorize, "Flowers for Colleen" has elements of several genres...
Fool's Names by Dorothy Francis
This short story can be found at under short story..
Forgotten by Joe Sargent
ďPeople have been seeing things, hearing things, out here for years." ..
Formerly Yours by Tami Parrington
Four ex-wife's share weekly card games, and a deadly secret...
Fred's Friends by Jansen Estrup
Fred's friends - mythical, natural or supernatural? Or maybe just legendary...
Excerpt from Hugo Furst by J.A. Aarntzen
Hugo Furst is an eighteen year old adopted child that was a loner through his high school years. He had a gift for mathematics and was tracking for a post-secondary career in this field of endeavor but his parents' ability to finance such a dream no longer existed and Hugo had to choose alternate l..
Excerpt from Tony O by J.A. Aarntzen
This is the first chapter of an unpublished mystery novel that I wrote around 2002. Although I chose to list Tony O as a mystery novel, it could have easily been categorized as Humor as well. I hope you enjoy...
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Mystery/Suspense Stories
1. The Underside of Ice
2. The Dream of Foggy Creek
3. Soldier's Gap, Chapter Three
4. Mengele's Double, Chapter 9
5. Fisher of Men, Chapter Nine
6. Fred's Friends
7. Honest Thief, Tender Murderer, Chapter Nin
9. The Mystery Blog, The end.
10. Curse of Nilofer
11. Mengele's Double, Chapter Eight
12. The Sticky
13. Honest Thief, Tender Murderer, Chapter Eig
14. Darkness Three
15. The Ghosts of Yesterday
16. Hitch Bitch

Featured Book
by Claude Bouchard

Book #1 of the Vigilante series..  
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Featured Book
Image in the Tapestry
by TJ Perkins

Stolen money that's never been found and a forgotten family secret are the ingredents for this award winning mystery...  
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