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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Purgatory Inn
by Terry Vinson

Where check-out time for one's sanity is nonexistent.....  
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Featured Book
Drowning Rapunzel ebook
by Annette Gisby

Murder. Obsession. Insanity...  
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Featured Book
Blues in the Night: The First Chronicles of Bernie Butz
by Carol Fowler

This is a 5 story series about a jazz reviewer in 1951 who has an undying loyalty to the cats that he writes about. He finds himself in the middle of their dilemmas that ..  
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All Mystery/Suspense Short Stories

25 Most Recent Mystery/Suspense Short Stories

Cracked by Richard Kallao
original what happens when you become to depended on drugs ? never find out...
Cranberry Sauce!! by Cody SEA
ladies and gentlemen, for your entertainment, the best short story about cranberry sauce -ever-..
Creating Franklin by Tony Eldridge
What happens when an author's character comes to life?..
Crocodile Rock by Richard Kallao
original ..
Curse of Nilofer by Rekha Ambardar
Long mystery. An archeologist finds the sarcophagus of a long-dead Egyptian queen, but does anticipate the destruction that is to follow...
Curse of the Missing Sandals and the Old Oak Tree by John Coppolella
Curiously things disappear. Odd socks, Georg Mateos and other lost things explained...
Cut by Starr Gardinier Reina
AWARD WINNING short story. ..
Danielle and Grand Mere Ghost Hunting by Raven Newcastle
Here is a short story featuring our heroine, Danielle Labouleaux and her grandmere. Enjoy!..
Danielle Labouleaux at 16 by Raven Newcastle
Here's something fun! Just to get an idea of why she is the way she is, here's a short story featuring the heroine of our book, The Bodyhunters at the tender age of sixteen. Enjoy!..
Danielle Labouleaux meets Aiden Stone by Raven Newcastle
Excerpt from The Body Hunters. Danielle Labouleaux heroine of The Body Hunters meets Aiden Stone for the first time...
Danielle Labouleaux's Fight by Raven Newcastle
This is an excerpt from our novel, The Body Hunters. Danielle Labouleaux is begrudgingly having dinner with her fiance's co-workers and their wives. Needless to say, things don't go as planned...
Danielle's Mardi Gras by Raven Newcastle
Danielle is a psychic teen with a major attitude. Another backstory to the adult heroine of the Body Hunters...
Dark and Stormy by Mark Low
A man drinks alone on a stormy evening on a island in the Caribbean whilst a storm brews around him..
Darkness Three by Odin Roark
This is a short story lift from my published novel 3 WAY MIRROR. It is a pivotal part of the story, circa the '80s, and the introduction of two characters, Max and Julian who serve as central catalysts for the protagonist, Charlie, an amnesiac victim searching to find the lost time of his memor..
This is a short story lift from my published novel 3 WAY MIRROR. It is a pivotal part of the story, circa the '80s, and the introduction of two characters, Max and Julian who serve as central catalysts for the protagonist, Charlie, an amnesiac victim, who searches to find the lost sect..
Daylight by Kathleen Clauson
A tenured homicide detective from Chicago finds an unexpected clue at a bakery. ..
Dead Giveaway by Susan Furlong-Bolliger
Upon returning for her father's funeral, Julie finds that not much has changed in her hometown-including her evil stepmother, Rose. Suspicious of the circumstances surrounding her father's death, Julie embarks on her own investigation. She soon finds herself entangled in a mystery with a million d..
Dead Zone by Donna Sundblad
Dishonest real estate agent Parker Frost plans to steel another client from his co-worker Harry. Selling the Ainsworth Mansion offers more than he realizes!..
Deadly Keys by Janice Scott
Who killed Robert Frobisher and his step-daughter Chelsea, and why?..
Deadman's Cave by Eric Barkley
After high school students find a dead body under a bridge, their lives are turned upside down and spun into a world of conspiracy and mysterious deaths...
Dear Diary (Part 1) by Sarah Tagert
Susie Jackson starts writing a journal since arriving at her new home which is not at all what she or her sister expected!..
Dear Diary (Part 4) by Sarah Tagert
Susie Jackson once again picks up her diary to write of yet another stunning turn of events!..
Dear Diary (part 5) by Sarah Tagert
I don't think we are going to have a miracle. No one is going to find us. For some reason, I feel like this is all my fault. Maybe if I had been a better daugther, Mama would not have felt like she could no longer care for us. ..
Dear Diary (Part 6) by Sarah Tagert
I keep praying SOMEONE will press the issue of checking on us in our new home but I really don't see this happening. I am beginning to think no one cared in the first place..
Dear Diary(Part 2) Story 100!!!! by Sarah Tagert
Susie Jackson writes another entry into her journal, detailing the events of the past few days since she last wrote...
Dear Diary(part 3) by Sarah Tagert
Susie Jackson writes in your diary after receiving a letter from a friend..
Dear Louie (a distraught mother reaches out for help) by Sarah Tagert
Audrey Jackson writes to her friend in Tennessee, desperate for advice...
Dear Louisa (Deborah Writes) by Sarah Tagert
What Audrey needs right now the most is someone who can come and take care of her and the children while she recouperates. Would you be able to make such arragements? ..
Dear Mrs Sandusky (Deb writes) by Sarah Tagert
Social worker Debroah Alexander writes to Lousiana Sandusky after recieving her heart felt letter..
Dear Ms. Sandusky by Sarah Tagert
Susie Jackson writes to her mother's friend in Tennessee..
Dear Sisters by Sarah Tagert
Susie Jackson writes to her sister who are far away from her in Californina, from her hospital bed...
Death By Jello by Susan Furlong-Bolliger
Bailey isn't too thrilled with the fact that she had to bring a jello salad to her real estate office's Thanksgiving party, and even less happy when her boss suddenly drops dead after eating it. When the police arrive to investigate, Bailey soon finds that the world of selling houses is a LOT more c..
Death Rattle by S. Bigalow
An encounter of two men, One living, One dying..
Death Without Closure by Helen Downey
Here are a few chapters to wet your whistle! I'll add more later...
Deb Write (to Louisa Mason) by Sarah Tagert
Please keep me informed of how they are fairing. I'd like to keep following them. This family deserves much more than they have gotten and I hope a new life will bring that to them. ..
Deborah Writes Louisa by Sarah Tagert
Those girls needs a stable, secure home and frankly, I donít think Audrey will ever be able to provide it...
Read excerpt from Depths of Alfredo Depths of Alfredo by Danny Allen
Bo Jon has to find a escavator missing in action. Will his cunning find the culprit or will professional claim-hunters kill a kind retired-engineer...
Read excerpt from Devil's Beasts Devil's Beasts by Amy Brown
This short story was inspired by a certain movie. Some of the scenes in this movie made me think about the other POV. ..
Diary Of Darkness by Michael Morash
A man, believing he is acting of his own free will, finds, in the end, he is the puppet...not the master...
DID I DO I KNOW YOU by John Townsend
After years of trying to find someone, the unexpected happens...
Dirty Little Secrets by Marta Stephens
A short story, parts 1-3..
Distracted by Rita Hestand
Tara Simmons calls 911 when she finds a rattle snaked coiled on her bathtub faucet...
Disturbance in the Field by Roberta Isleib
First published in SEASMOKE: Crime Stories by New England Writers from Level Best Books (November 2006.) SYNOPSIS: When clinical psychologist Dr. Rebecca Butterman is invited to ride along on a murder investigation, she wonders what could have gone so wrong in this posh waterfront Shangri-l..
Do We Write With The Sprits by Patricia Smith
Your sitting there writing. The television playing low in the back ground. Totally engrossed in your work.Suddenly a sound catches your attention. You stop typing and listen,you shrug it off , but wait there it is again...............
Do You Believe Me by Raymond Morrow
Stranger in our midst..
Doing the Deed by Kit Daniels
A dark and twisted little tale...
Double Jeopardy by Toyin Onabowu
Life can go from great to nightmarish as Alicia discovers when she arrives at work one morning, only to be brought to book for the unaccountable...
Double Take by Chris O'Grady
Wilder is once again beset by troubles while he's planning to "borrow" from a bank: three pros knock him out and kidnap him, and he spends the story recovering and trying to get himself out of the bind he's in...
Doubts by Kevin Nenstiel
So I light my smoke, yeah? Just like I do when I mean toÖ you know. I have to do it. Calms my nerves. You see? I canít be all on edge when it comes time to do it. I need to take the rage down. If I donít, I get all wild and I canít quite stop. You need to be straight, right? Yeah. ..
View Photo of Down on Bourbon Street (the rest) Read excerpt from Down on Bourbon Street (the rest) Down on Bourbon Street (the rest) by Bradley Fralick
This is the rest of the story, and its in this category still only because it is a mystery as to why I wrote it!..
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14. The Day Mark Twain was Robbed by Masked Gu
15. The Mark Twain Robbery, Part II
16. Secrets of Stonehenge
17. Honest Thief, Tender Murderer, Chapter Nin
18. One Dark Night Part Five
19. Chinese Checkers

Featured Book
Doing Max Vinyl (An Annie Ogden Mystery)
by Frederick Brooke

An absurd journey into the heart of modern corporate lunacy, Doing Max Vinyl features a businessman who runs afoul of his environmentalist girlfriend, his scorned ex-wife..  
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Featured Book
Drowning Rapunzel ebook
by Annette Gisby

Murder. Obsession. Insanity...  
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