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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Paternity and American Law
by Rosemarie Skaine

Family form is changing and the law is struggling to keep pace...  
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Featured Book
Alec [Alexander Trilogy Book One]
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

This is a story about a family of three wherein all members fulfill their dreams in different,sometimes amazing, ways...  
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Featured Book
The Cuban Family: Custom and Change in an Era of Hardship
by Rosemarie Skaine

This work explores how relationships of blood, marriage, sex, and residence work in each type of Cuban family, particularly as it is affected by Cuba’s struggle to transf..  
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All Family Short Stories

25 Most Recent Family Short Stories

A Slightly Different Coming of Age by Kathy Evans
An overview of a senior citizen's view of their own "coming of age"...
A Small Miracle by James Olson
The Christmas legend of a crippled little boy, a dying puppy and a child's faith in miracles...
A Son is Born with Agent Orange by James Alonzo
How a Viet Nam veteran learns about Agent orange at the birth of his son...
A Son Returns by Alan Rogers
My son returns after a year overseas ..
A Son's Duty by Richard Kallao
A Southern Funeral by Susan de Vegter
I recall my "Me-Maw" (grandmother) telling me her old tales about funerals down in Blackshear, Georgia at the Henry Funeral Home there...
A Special Kind of Family by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
This is about a family in Texas whose last name is Pearson. They are in the process of adding to their ever-growing family; in just a few months, two Cambodian sisters will join them. (The two girls are now staying with a family in Tennessee until their prospective family gets the needed adoption pa..
A Squirrel's Prayer . by Richard Kallao
A Story About Life by Barbara Sue
A story I wanted to share..
A Story of Two Special Sisters: Hanh Ly and Linn Chan Pearson by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Two Cambodian sisters with special needs join a family in Texas. This is their story...
A Story Simply Told by Lakshmi Sharma
Man, woman and life...
Read excerpt from A Stranger in my Mother's Bed A Stranger in my Mother's Bed by Mary Rives
As seen through a young daughter's eyes, this is the brief story of the first day her father returns home from a year in Viet Nam in 1968...
A Tale of Three Two-Toed Sloths by Robert Apold
This story is based on a true life account of an elderly couple living on the Atlantic coast of Panama who actually raised three orphaned sloths. Keep in mind that sloths do not make good pets and anyone reading this story should not attempt to adopt one...
A Tear for Anna by Richard Kallao
original ..
A tear for Us by Richard Kallao
A teenage lesson in BB gun laws by Elaine Anderson
This is a true story the names eliminated to protect the innocent. ..
A Ticket to the Past by Elizabeth Towles
Admit One: A Ticket to the Past, a story of an ordinary family...but what defines this word...ordinary?..
A Tomorow-Mother to Daughter-Adrienanne's Recounting by Lonnie Hicks
Special Talks..
A True Need For Psychology by Sheena Bandy
A True Need For Psychology Sentalla Rhodes raised her head quickly as she realized that she was laying in a puddle of her tears. She looked around to see if anyone had noticed that she had been crying. She didn't quite remember why she was crying; it was all like waking up from a dream. Had..
View Photo of A true story needed for rehabilitation Read excerpt from A true story needed for rehabilitation A true story needed for rehabilitation by Bradley Fralick
I wrote this a while back to help in my rehabilitation...
A Very Short Christmas Tale by James Vescovi
One of the most unique Christmas stories you'll read...
A Very Special Doctor: Dr. Wright's Story (For Sarah With Love!) ~Part One~ by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A doctor who was born with a serious physical disability shares his story...
A Very Special Lady, Miss Louisiana...(Written by M'buti) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A special lady has touched the lives of many other than the members of her own family. This story is told by her friend, M'buti Sormiento...
A View From Our Shoes: Living With A Special-Needs Child... by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
The ups and downs of living with brothers or sisters who face disability or heartache every day of their lives, as told by nondisabled children in the same family...
A Visit By The Doctor by Robert Harrison
It is amaizing what you can find in the forest...
A Visit From Santa Claus by Helen Downey
Her curiousity just couldn't keep her from looking......
A Walk With My Real Mother by Sandy Knauer
Abandoned by J Howard
Mistakenly abandoned in the middle of the night. Well, accidents happen when going to the bathroom, right?..
To give you a brief description of who I am I will start by saying I am a mom of two young boys. I was a veterinary techinician for 14 years. I am married to a veterinarian. I now am home with my kids and had an ebay store for two years. I currently closed the store and started getting into the love..
About my truck near runway.... by Rebekah Rosie Lang
My sister and I used to work out at the airport - Dallas/Ft.Worth International Airport. We had some wild and crazy times!!!! ..
Abraham Lincoln War Hound meet League of Extraordinry Gentlemen by Richard Kallao
Acceptance by Ameasha Brown
This is a story about being who you are, not being who others want you to be. It's also about unconditional love...
Addiction by Maybell Burr
i'm really sorry if this sounds like a sappy story and some people might just think "oh,that was just made up" it wasn't...
Adoption by Sigrid Manon de Nijs
A story about the adoption that changed my life. What a difficult decision it is. Love changes all...
Adoption and Foster Children by Henry Stevens
My family has many adoptive and foster members. We cherish one another...
Advantages/Disadvantages Of Having A Sibling With Special Needs: Kids Speak by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
More musings from kids who have brothers or sisters who happen to have varying disabilities, physical and/or mental...
Afternoon Tea by Helen Downey
Keeping up old tradtions, remembering what once was so simple yet elegant...
AFW, Chapter 5, Draft 1 by Ken Connelly
The flight to New Mexico and Texas, Fishing with your lip, Dark roads, I hate you all!, changes are not always good...
Against The Grain. ... by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A not-so-typical family shares their story...
Aiden's Gift of Love and Hope: An Adoption Story by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A story about a little boy from Russia who was adopted into a family from Wyoming. Aiden Aleksander is six years old, and he has cerebral palsy...
Alex and Sierra are the X-Factor by Edward Phillips
A love story. [image: Ray Mickshaw/Fox]..
All Dogs don't Go to Heaven by Richard Kallao
All In Good Time. ... by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A boy can't wait for his little brother or sister to be born...
All the Buzz by Richard Kallao
All The Generations That Were by Marcia Miller-Twiford
A true story I hope you will enjoy. ..
All-American Dad. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A father writes about his life with children who are adopted. This is their story. Image of American flag (c) 2011, by Karla Dorman...
View Photo of Almost Bit The Big One Read excerpt from Almost Bit The Big One Almost Bit The Big One by Bradley Fralick
This is a story about my BROTHER..
Almost Losing It All at Disney World! by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
Disney World, Traveling, Electronic Devices, PSP, Nintendo DS, Gameboy, Space Mountain, Adventures, Family, Church, Indian Food, Smoothies, Waiting In Lines, Hope, Losing Things, Finding Things, Spirituality, Good Deeds, Tipping, Laptops..
Alzheimer's Disease in the Family by T. Helfrick
Watching our parents get old wasn't too bad, as it was expected. When one of them was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, our lives all changed. This is a true story of my parents and family. ..
Ambivalent Reflections by Kevin Whitworth
We all have that special place we loved as a child here is mine..
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Family Stories
1. M. Ann Machen Pritchard interview on WBEJ
2. A Tomorow-Mother to Daughter-Adrienanne's
4. What makes the good old days the good old
5. The Christmas Kitten-Cat
6. Mommy Was The Best, And She Still Is
7. Doorway...
8. Our Battle their Defeat
9. The Silence of Infancy
10. The Cookie Jar
11. The Power of Taste
12. Alex and Sierra are the X-Factor
13. Whispers Scream
14. Thirty Minutes of Lovin'
15. Mayday, Mayday, Mayday (excerpt)
16. 'A Wonderful Number Of Children!': The Ado
18. He Said, She Said
19. It's Only Fair
20. 'It.'

Featured Book
Paternity and American Law
by Rosemarie Skaine

Family form is changing and the law is struggling to keep pace...  
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Featured Book
by Helen Vandepeer

A christmas story for children of all ages that can be enjoyed anytime of the year.Easy large print..  
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