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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Peace on Earth
by Paddy Bostock

Peace on earth? Don't bet on it...  
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Featured Book
Jeremy's Juicy Pair
by Mark Sutton

'Jeremy's Juicy Pair' contains the two full-length novels, 'Jeremy and the Summer of Stalking', and its sequel, 'Jeremy and the Winter of the World-Wide Stalker'...  
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Featured Book
Oh Zaperetta! the hilarious trilogy
by Albert Russo

THE LITERARY REVIEW “... Be warned, Zapinette's gems of insouciant wit tend to become infectious. This wise-child's deceptively worldly innocence takes the ent..  
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All Humor Short Stories

25 Most Recent Humor Short Stories

Alf meet Twilight: An Experiment in Progress by Richard Kallao
this is an experiment in progress. so bare with me . I'm a fan of both Twilight and the tv series Alf, so here goes .............................
Aliens and my Dog name Jones by Richard Kallao
All Cracked Up. .... by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A man finds out that parenting children isn't nearly as easy as it seems .....
All he wants is a home. by Jack Kuperman
Can you help him? ..
All I want by Richard Kallao
All in a day's work? by Janeen Robichaud
One day while my sister was at work, one of the funniest things happened......
All The Things I Ever Wanted by Charles Blackstone
A young man approaching his thirtieth birthday doesn't know what to trust -- his imagination, his relationships, his work all manage to evade and perplex him. Everything except a pop-psychology "how-to" book he discovers in the bookstore, along with its beautiful and famous author. i> A Whet Mag..
All The Wrong Sizes. ...: The Adoption Chronicles. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A member of the large family complains about the wide age spread in her family...
All's Well That Ends Well by Eduardo Soliz
This, my first published story, was written for the Furry Fiesta 2012 conbook. The theme for the convention was "Beyond Thunderdome."..
Almost Eaten....thankfully I found I could fly... by Ed Matlack
Hey, they don't have a fishing category on this site,I mean fishing is life, gotta send a letter to the god of AD, Matt, LOL! ..
Almost Entertainment by Chuckie Finn
I wonder if this is how Brad Pitt got his start......
Alpha Female by David Schwinghammer
A lonely accountant bites off more than he can chew when he falls for a bowling partner...
The excitement of recieving a parcel can overide the fact that is the parcel really for you...
Am I Weird or What? by Brendan Carroll
Unpopular/odd opinions or beliefs set us apart. Sometimes good; sometimes not so good...
Amber, the cat who opposed stir-fried breakfast cereal by Douglas Skopp
Another in my series, "Little Known Cats Who Have Helped Humankind." I wrote these to relieve the darkness of writing my dark novel, Shadows Walking, about a Nazi doctor.....
America's Got Sob Stories by Sandy Knauer
A new reality show? ..
American Medi-Wheels by Ed Matlack
We were all just EMT's doing our job, but sometimes our jobs also "did" us...pranks at their best in the ambulance field of endeavor... ..
AMERICANA - Chapter 8 Reuben Nichols by Matt Ponticello
AVAILABLE NOW! "How to Beg for Cigarettes" AMERICANA, Boiled Alive in the Melting Pot, with more stories, more laughs, and another 60 pages of hilarious "laugh-a-mile-a-minute" romps through the inner city!..
Americana: Boiled Alive in the Melting Pot by Matt Ponticello
In the annals of How to Beg for Cigarettes, the author takes a hilarious, "Laugh-a-mile-a-minute" romp through the Inner City where he finds a cast of real and sometimes surreal customers and associates within a dysfunctional city, a business, and a staff of employees to match!..
Americana: Juliska the Gypsy by Matt Ponticello
From the annals of How to Beg for Cigarettes, AMERICANA is the author's story about one business owner's hilarious, "Laugh-a-mile-a-minute" romp through the inner city where he confronts and interacts with real and surreal characters, within a city, a business, and employees to match...
ARE MOTHERS SANE? by Donna Chandler
I suspect that as soon as a child is born the mother of that child starts losing brain cells. This is just one example of the behavior of a brain damaged mother ...... ME...
Are We There Yet? by Rodd Jokre
Thought up: 4.29.02 – 11:41am Written: 4.30.02 – 1:27pm #6..
Are you a VW or Mercedes Writer? by Nancy Carey
The power of the perfect word...
Are you worth Two Cents Monster ? by Richard Kallao
scream of laughter..
aria of a joyous canary by Katie Gabrielle
a canary with an unusual singing partner.....
Arlene's College Graduation by Farrell Winter
This is an account of our daughter graduating from college...
Amy Pearlman Farts? by Mark Lichterman
Having had a crush on twelve-year-old Amy Pearlman since the first time he’d seen her, sitting two seats behind and two aisles to the left, staring at her, Mitchell often daydreamed… trying to imagine Amy Pearlman naked. Becoming can now also be purchased as a Kindle Ebook @ $4.95..
Amy Pearlman Farts?? by Mark Lichterman
Having had a crush on twelve-year-old Amy Pearlman since the first time he’d seen her, sitting two seats behind and two aisles to the left, staring at her, Mitchell often daydreamed… trying to imagine Amy Pearlman naked. Becoming can now also be purchased as a kindle Ebook @ $4.95 ..
An Absolute Loser. by Jack Kuperman
672 words..
An E-Mail I Got Today by Ann Scarborough
I am not the author. The original author is unknown to me or any of the 45 others who got this e-mail. How to Give a Cat a Pill Please forgive me Mr. Ed, it's just too funny...
An experience at one of Fifi's auditions by Marcus Dino
I might as well tell you what one of my auditions are like since I'm always talking about them. I mean its so hot this Labor Day weekend you probably want to stay in your air conditoned home and besides the movies and TV shows are so bad today that I'm sure you'd rather read some of my stories...
An Infernal Womans Imaging by Amy Feemster
Whence does leadeth the war?..
An unwanted man, Charley, sneaks aboard a sailing ketch in the Caribbean. Later he claims to have been beaten, starved, thrown overboard and otherwise mistreated...
Read excerpt from An Unfortunate Gesture An Unfortunate Gesture by Bayden Hammond
A couple are confronted with bemusing news in the office of their child's school principal...
And Now, of Course, I'm Famous! by H. Lena Jones
A long time dream to perform in a hit musical becomes a reality...but in the mind of 80-year-old Melvina Alexandra Dudley! Hope you enjoy this bit of fiction! Please leave a review. I'd love to hear from you! ..
And The Oscar Goes To... by Thomas Firth
It was a simpler time in America, slower paced and certainly less stressful. And in nearly every small town throughout the country one of the highlights of the year was the annual school play. As for me, the 1960 school play brought out something extra, an unforeseen occurrence that haunt..
And There Was Light by George Warholak
Excerpts from my free-spirited adolescent years. ..
And They Thought That I Was Actually Hypnotized! by Tyrone Banks
An exciting night on the town!..
Read excerpt from AND They're Off! AND They're Off! by Ginger Simpson
Grace had gained weight since the birth of her child. She tried everything she could to shed the unwanted pounds to try to get the romance back into her marriage. Dr. Fredrick was her last chance...
Andy's Last Words by Miller Caldwell
Morphine plays tricks on our minds. Just as well. Sometimes the occasion is so solemn, we need a laugh!..
ANECDOTES by Aleksandar Krzavac
Funny and bitter anecdotes..
Angel Baby by David Schwinghammer
A young man is manipulated by a con woman. ..
animal experiments and heroin by Oshinn Cerra
an interaction between clashing neighbours...
Animal Welfare by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
A strange thought happened to me on the way to work last night .....
Another Alternate Ending to Star Trek 5: The Final Fontier by Richard Kallao
sorry Drew Carey and Elvis being the greatest naturally people will use you as examples ...
Another Day - Another Cause by Edwin Larson
Again, please pardon the format..clipped from poetry section>..
Another Day - Another Miracle by Edwin Larson
Pardon the format...copied from Poetry section. :)>..
Another fractured fable...Cinderella the real story by Graham whittaker
It’s wrong what they’ve written about us. I don’t have a cruel bone in my body, and neither does my sister...and I wouldn't exactly say we were ugly... ..
Another Lonely Friday Night With Hockersmith by Melody Whitaker
Mr. Hockersmith was born with a rare birth defect known as Rexisim, which limits the use of his arms. Suffering from years of torment from childhood bullies has transformed Hockersmith into a lonely, bitter, middle-aged, loser. Rexisim is a rare medical condition that pins the afflicted persons' e..
Another puff by Alexandra Riera
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Humor Stories
1. Better Late Than Never. ...
2. Shoes
3. A Reluctant Father Christmas
4. Big Bird & the fish pond
5. A Man and His Dog
6. Drill Sergeant
7. Pride
8. The Seer
9. She Told Me To Do It
10. Island Santa, by Owen Thomas (an excerpt)
11. Got Another Based On Truth Story for you
12. Duped Net: The Interrogation
13. Please Don't
14. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the C
15. Celestine, the cat who helped Galileo...
16. Looking For Mr. Golfball
17. Gone Fishin?
18. Indigo, the cat who encouraged Christopher
19. Ludmilla and William the Conqueror
20. Gussie, the cat who domesticated lettuce

Featured Book
The Return of Grandad Miller, Serial Killer
by Mark Sutton

This time, the hunter becomes the hunted.....  
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Featured Book
Grandad Miller, Serial Killer
by Mark Sutton

You'll never feel safe on your allotment again.....  
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