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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Heretic
by Andrew Feder

Sequel to “When The Angels Have Risen” After questioning his bizarre dreams and unexplained sudden knowledge of ancient Greek, Jerry Fletcher is regressed to his past l..  
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Featured Book
Theo's Ghost
by Regina Pounds

In the idyllic Prussia of 1820, a Countess and an Englishman must uncover secrets from the past to win happiness. Mysteries and dangers lurk in this charming love story...  
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Featured Book
Leonora: Tulips in Winter
by Regina Pounds

In 1788, a Russian count and a Polish Prince rescue an English damsel in distress...the beginning of a passionate tale that revolves around two headstrong lovers and an a..  
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All Historical Fiction Short Stories

25 Most Recent Historical Fiction Short Stories

Ignacio rode by Jerry Engler
Who was Ignacio? That is for you to decide for yourself...
Read excerpt from Incident at Yreka Flats Incident at Yreka Flats by Paxton Riddle
Big Hand and Slow Eyes, young Shasta teens, learn to late the horrible truth about the white miners...
Indigestible Potato? by Mark Lichterman
Even to this day, upon seeing a chimney sweep, some people will come to touch him, hoping that a bit of luck might rub off on them. ..
Intermezzo - Porfirio and Johann by Celia Hayes
Rememberances of the Alamo..
Isabella is a vampire, she is sometimes compassionate but she is always a killer. This is a story that takes place during the Spanish Civil War. ..
It Happened One Day in Laur by Lilia Lopez-Rahman
This story is a little girl's reminiscence of a Japanese massacre in the small town of Laur, Nueva Ecija, Philippines...
View Photo of It's A Small world After All! Read excerpt from It's A Small world After All! It's A Small world After All! by Bradley Fralick
P>This be yet another adventure, long ago, of Walker Joe, & Frick!/P>..
It's Obama's Fault by Edward Phillips
A conversation of John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives...
Jerusalem's Welcome by Paul Mc Cann
This story is a behind the scene look at the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem . ..
Jewish Mother by Randall Barfield
Just A . by Richard Kallao
just some thoughts I had because I couldn't sleep a comet be real ......
Just Well Loved by Rebecca Brae
A chance meeting brings new hope to a beloved character trapped in a literary classic...
Kabul Dreams; Buddha Weeps by Burgess Needle
Adventures, excitement, romance and the Buddhas of Bamiya all come together in this fast-moving tale where all the characters fall into the social maelstrom that is Kabul circa 1969...
Read excerpt from Kisera Kisera by Laura Coleman
This is a story about a Half Cherokee Indian girl and her life...
Kristallnacht! (November 8/9/10, 1938) (Part Two) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A family continues to run for their very lives in the midst of anti-Jewish attacks on their homes and businesses during the Second World War...
Kristallnacht!! (November 9/10, 1938). (Part One) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A Jewish family is forced to flee for their very lives when their home (and the homes and businesses of other Jewish families) are ransacked and destroyed by German SA stormtroopers and non-Jewish civilians...
Kueidu'ifr gone a viking by Budd Nelson
it is the mid 800's on the Jutland penninsula of Daneland may 24, 2013..
Kueidu'ifr Paris on the Seine by Budd Nelson
The second in series of stories about the Dane Bjorn and Gael Blanaid in the middle 800's June 8, 2013..
Kueidu'ifr Vielse by Budd Nelson
the third chapter in the story of Bjorn and Blanaid of Jutland 30 June 2013..
Lady with a Sword by Ted Roberts
A Swashbuckling, Romantic Tale of the French Revolution!..
Le mendiant aveugle by Emile Tubiana
French - A life lesson...
Le professeur qui enseigne aux chiens à parler by Emile Tubiana
Le professeur qui enseigne aux chiens à parler ..
Leave Me Alone by Joe McCarthy
"I Get Buy With a Little Help From My Friends"..
Legend of the Last Vikings - Alternate Ending - Chapter 34 Old Friends by John Halsted
The crew have beaten the Black Scorpions at their own game and help the Lang Ren find a new home. Now they dash for home across the Karakum desert and around the northern tip of the Aral Sea. But what will they find waiting for them in Astrakhan? ..
Legend of the Last Vikings - Alternate Ending - Chapter 35 by John Halsted
Chapter 35 - Leaving the Past Behind Reacquaited with their old friends the crew depart Astrakhan for Kiev. But first they must deal with their old enemies, the Black Scorpions. This done they make haste for Sarkel enroute to Kiev. But what adventure awaits........?..
Leif Ericson and the Peanut Bird by Mick Zerr
Story of how Leif Ericson came to North America,and the legend of his meeting with the people of the Great Lakes and how they helped the Vikings find a place of fantastic legends...
Let the Children Come Unto Me ( Notes On A New Project) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
In the year 1212, it is said two boys had a similiar vision, one in Germany and one in France, in the vision the Children of Christendom walking through the gates of Jerusalem......
Let The Children Come Unto Me ( Notes on A New Project Part Two by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Many in the year 1212 believed that Latin was the only tongue God spoke or understood......
Little Vietnamese Girl. (Part One) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A soldier serving in the Marines during the Vietnam War finds an abandoned little girl...
Little Vietnamese Girl. (Part Two) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
The soldier who found the abandoned little waif decides to take her to an orphanage not far from where he'd discovered her...
Whats going on in africa..
Mozart's Skull by Juliet Waldron
Excerpted from the recently discovered Diary of an Anonymous Lady, who was said to have been "die Geliebte" of the ever to be lamented composer, W.A. Mozart. The disturbing account which follows may prove difficult for some readers, especially those of the gentler sex, but "de mortuis nil nisi bo..
Mozart's Wife by Juliet Waldron
Constanze reaches the end of her tether with her mother, but it's the Baroness W. to the rescue! ..
Mozart's Wife - 8 by Juliet Waldron
Constanze falls in love and more about the mittens...
Mozart's Wife 10 by Juliet Waldron
Aloysia finds a new lover, and the Weber's get a new boarder...
Mozart's Wife 11 by Juliet Waldron
The Webers acquire a new boarder, and Mama Weber sees possibilities...
Mozart's Wife 12 by Juliet Waldron
Wolfgang begins to make waves -- and romance -- in Vienna...
Mozart's Wife 13 by Juliet Waldron
Hide and seek leads to trouble...
Mozart's Wife 14 by Juliet Waldron
An accusation and a contract...
Mozart's Wife 15 by Juliet Waldron
The marriage contract...
Mozart's Wife 16 by Juliet Waldron
Life at the Baronesses' is exciting for the sheltered 'Stanzi...
Mozart's Wife 17 by Juliet Waldron
Konstanze very nearly loses her chance to be respectable married woman...
Mozart's Wife 18 by Juliet Waldron
The long awaited wedding!..
Mozart's Wife 19 by Juliet Waldron
Married life for the new couple includes an adorable puppy...
Mozart's Wife 20 by Juliet Waldron
Aloysia comes to visit Konstanze...
Mozart's Wife 21 by Juliet Waldron
The Mozarts and Langes have supper and plan to attend the opera. ..
Mozart's Wife 23 by Juliet Waldron
The consequences of all that sex--..
Mozart's Wife 24 by Juliet Waldron
A blessed event.....
Mozart's Wife 4 by Juliet Waldron
Continuation from Chapters One - Two, posted in "Articles" section. More of Constanze's girlhood. ..
Mozart's Wife 6 by Juliet Waldron
The Christmas party at the Weber's new house, and Mozart returns from Paris in a new jacket...
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Historical Fiction Stories
1. Pax Semper
2. Paul Goes Postal
3. Paul Goes Postal
4. PAX
5. Abused Child
6. No Warning Whatsoever. ... : Joplin, Misso
7. Christina: Cabin Fever
8. Kueidu'ifr Paris on the Seine
9. Kueidu'ifr gone a viking
10. Pax Fides
11. Our Human Trek and the Eternal Questions
12. The Golden Words
13. The Unforgiving Storm. (Hurricane Katrina,
14. Kueidu'ifr Vielse
15. Pax Quater
16. The Boat: A Refugee's Story. (Part Five)
17. Pax Trimuverate
18. Nazi POW #6217. (Part Three)

Featured Book
Take My Child
by Gwen Madoc

Swansea, 1915. Ruth's fiercely religious father forbids her to marry her sweetheart David which breaks her heart...  
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Featured Book
Galveston, 1900 Indignities, The Affirmation
by N Brown

Fleeing from a scorned past,Catherine Merit struggles with her failing medical practice and a rich man's obsession of her.Book Four in the Indignities Series..  
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