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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Mind of a Genius
by David Snowdon

Set in London, Copenhagen, Hong Kong and Australia. Special Agent Jason Clay from the British MI4 is hired to find a secret formula that was invented by famous B..  
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Featured Book
One Baker's Dozen
by Jay Dubya

One Baker's Dozen is a collection of thirteen sci-fi/paranormal stories that complement the tales in its sister book, Two Baker's Dozen...  
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Featured Book
Against the Ropes
by Cindy McDonald

Punch McMinn finds himself out of options and against the ropes!..  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

A Matter of Time, May 3, 2010, week of by Linda Newton Perry
Newspaper Column..
A Meal at Red Robin, as told by your server, Oshinn by Oshinn Cerra
The title says it all...
A Measure of Worth by Norton Nowlin
Tim Harding has reached the end of his credit, and his attempt to elude his relentless creditor. He doesn't realize that his real worth is about to be painfully measured by the ounce...
A message from beyond the grave...... by Tonisha Gallien
My great-grandmother visited me in a dream last night.......
A Miracle Named Joshua by Carol Jackson
This is the year 2005 and in August of this year, Joshua turned 5 years old. Though he still battles health problems resulting from his birth situation, he is alive and well and is the most loving, smart, and wonderful little boy you could ever know. He also loves Jesus...
A Missed Love by James Alonzo
Viet Nam Veteran years later thinking about the Vietnamese lover that died...
A Moder Love Sory by Michael McCarron
this is an action story mixed in with a love story..
A Moment in Time by Helen Downey
A little taste of flash fiction!..
A Moment Of Truth by Franz Kessler
Have you ever been sitting in an airplane sensing that something is seriouly wrong? I experienced the below in Congo, Africa, about 1994.....
A Moment To Kill by Alice Donatelli
A lovely wife and a cheating husband tries to cope with a new baby in the house but can not find a way to love it. what he does he should have never got away with it...
A Mother's Day Mystery Murder by Thad Presley
T murder on the train test's a detectives wits...
A new book is coming for the Youth of America by Everett Beal
This book takes up where Fatal Addiction left off.It can begin in kindergarten to help open the eyes of America.Drugs are available to every family and most have given them a try...
A Neighbor In Need by Linda Meckler
A Neighbor In Need The Invitation: Rosy was eating lunch when the doorbell rang opening the door a woman stood on her porch, wearing a long loose fitting blue dress, sandals and blonde hair in a braid hung down to her waist. “Yes,” said Rosy to the young woman. “Hi my ..
A new book just released! by Gerald Crisman
I have just had published a new book called 'SO LONG, YOU'RE DEAD'. A detective mystery that is up-to-date and now on Amazon.Com Up and coming is yet a new book caled 'Naive In The Bush'..
A Night of Flames” by Moses Olufemi by Moses Olufemi
all in a night, a family disappeared..
A Novel Beginning by Frank Koerner
*************************************** deserves a running start..... ***************************************..
A Novel, chapter one, continued. by ROCK-Salt! Proctor
I see a that quite a few have read the beginng, so let's proceed, shall we?. ..
A novel. a few pages at a time. by ROCK-Salt! Proctor
A page or two here, a page or three there. Maybe you'll get hooked. Into reading the entire thing, and, I'll, finish my book...
A Paranormal Chase by Matt Smith
Officer Parkman is in pursuit of a suspect.....
A pathway out of darkness into light .. by Sandy Brewer
For over thirty years Sandy has helped and inspired thousands of people to move beyond their personal challenges in order to explore and embrace the possibilities in their own lives...
A Plan of Action by Dallas D'Angelo-Gary
A week ago, Sicilian tossed a medicine bag into the flames. Today the summons is answered...
A Plea for Leniency by Lew Duffey
How's your sense of humor? ..
A poetic Christmas story by JASMIN HORST SEILER
This was just too much, I had to write this tonight for you to enjoy, as much as I did...
A Poor Child's Birthday - A Day in a Life- Story 1 by susie harrison
Really see into the lives of those who are very poor. Get the details... the true story behind the 'damnation' of the well to do. 1st in a series of true stories...
A Possession by Thad Presley
This is about demon possessed twins..
A Potato Story in Bminor by SaPAth AnANd
Just going with the flow on a potato...
A Prison Of Darkness(part 1 of Chapter 1) by Sarah Tagert
This is a new story I am working on, Please let me know what you think of what I have so far.....
A PULSE' by Shirley Woods
A pulse can be more than a pulse. It can take your breath away...
A Quantum Trek to the Past and Back by Lilia Lopez-Rahman
One night, Melania met Fortunata, her grandmother. Together they travelled to the past and back to the present. This story is a thriller and a suspense...
A Rainy Night in Paris(Short Short) by Lyndsey Nelson
Paris liberation 1944..
A reading of: Masters of the Confluence by Nduka Onwuegbute
A reading from nduka Onwuegbute's soon to be published Masters of the Confluence"..
A real Bird Story Cockatoo by Linda Meckler
A favor for a friend of a friend A real bird story Your life can change with a phone call. This was mine. I received the call early in the evening. It was my friend and she sounded desperate on the phone. “Linda I need a favor a very big favor. “ “What’s the matter Judy?” I asked. Yo..
A Ring A Dance A Second Chance - Chapter One Part B by Jonell Cash
Chapter One Summary..
A Ring A Dance A Second Chance - Part 2 by Jonell Cash
A Ring A Dance A Second Chance - Chpater One Book Review..
A Romantic Tale by Lakshmi Sharma
The Story of a mysterious woman..
A Rose By Any Other Name Continues by Charlene Leatherman
Zna Menita's story continues. Lovac gives his thoughts...
A Rose By Any Other Name page 2 by Charlene Leatherman
Zna Menita is a lioness of Dyad who must run from a hunter. ..
A Rose By Any Other Name page 3 by Charlene Leatherman
Zna Menita of Dyad meets hunter Lovac...
A Rose Without a Thorn by B.P.Smythe by B. P. SMYTHE
The pains of growing up. Wanting to be liked - wanting to belong - and going to whatever lengths to achieve it.....
A Rough Day At Home by TONY NERONE
Some Graphic Wording -------------------------------..
A Satisfying Day by Micki Peluso
This is a first place winning story written with the first sentence as the prompt. It deals with sexuak, emotional abuse..
A Scream in the Night lll-Turnaround by Richard Kallao
original idea and story...
A second excerpt from The Gods Of War. by Peter Jessop
Another small excerpt from "The Gods Of War" novel...
A Shining Star by Janet Atwell
The birth of a local newspaper and the woman that gave it life. This story includes some contriversial content that is racially motivated...
A Short Ride Home by Connie Faust
In 1998 my story called "The Butcher Shop" was included in a special edition of the Shamokin News-Item. It was the 150th anniversary of Coal Township, which sort of surrounds the city of Shamokin. At one point, Shamokin is one side of the street and Coal Township is the other. I re-wrote and s..
A Short Story in Verse by Patricia Leonaitis
This is about a dog, a witness, and a killer. Let it speak for itself...
A Shot in the Dark by C. J. Stevens
A story of fear and consternation..
A Shot in the dark by Neal James
Patience was the key, and a steady hand. Weeks of preparation had gone into this night, and there he was, right in the telescopic sight.........
A Shot Too Far by Neal James
Sharpe knew that all the cards were against him, and he would rather not have played the hand that had now been dealt...
A Silk Rose by Lonnie Hicks
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Action/Thriller Stories
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2. The Kiss
3. America's Health Care System: What are the
4. What Will the World Look Like in 20 Years?
5. While we were away fighting wars in far of
6. America's Health Care System: What are the
7. The Wreck
8. Frozen Buds
9. Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda
10. Midas
11. The Spotless Dalmatian
12. A Volcano's Wrath
13. Nether Time's Gloaming: Chapters One-Seven
14. The Body Dropper
15. What kind of writer are you...your writing
16. Enjoy a chapter from Phantoms of Rockwood!
17. Sunrise At Eden
18. Stranger Lurking In the Shadows
19. New Year's Eve
20. Helene's Other-Other Gaslighting Racket

Featured Book
Living With The Dying
by Jennifer Miller

A touching, loving and spirtual insight of the dying process, filled with peace, smiles and starting on their journey, taking me with them as far as I could go, returning..  
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Featured Book
Conspiracy – Rick O’Shea Adventure #1
by John Rayburn

Hidden art in WWII...Nazi art thefts, prehistoric French caves, hijackers, kidnapping, yachet theft, drug dealers all elements of the adventure..  
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