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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Norway to Spitzberg - photobook -
by Albert Russo

the magnificence of the Norwegian fjords and the polar circle, a saga of the midnight sun...  
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Featured Book
ChinaForever - photos -
by Albert Russo

The China that never changes..  
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Featured Book
Chama, Durango, Grand Canyon, and Kansas City: Armchair Trav
by Pauline Hager

Pauline invites you to sit back and ride the trains, enjoying the wintery mountain scenery from the windows of the old steam engines as she narrates her trips, accompanie..  
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All Travel Short Stories

25 Most Recent Travel Short Stories

Swimming with Stingrays by Stacy Mantle
The fun story of a trip to the Cayman Islands...
Taking the Ultimate Plunge by Sharon Lockwood
Making that spit second decision.....
That Was Then, This Is Cow! by Vincent Yanez
Adventures in Cheese...or Cheese Makers in the Canary Islands..
The Buskers Crossing by Paul Mc Cann
Through raging waters there is a way .Let the busker play ...
The Crack on the Museum by Walani Ndhlovu
This story is about an adventurous school trip to a Museum...
The Divided Heart of Cyprus (Complete Text) by John Herlihy
This is a 3 part series of articles on my trip to Cyprus. I write in-depth travel articles about exotic places I have had the good fortune to visit over the years. My travel book, "Journeys With Soul" is also posted on Authors Den for interested readers. ..
The Elephant Bus by Dan Scheffler
Trying to understand the locals isn't always easy when you are far from home...
The Forgotten Volcano by Franz Kessler
An adventurous ride by boat, then on logging rails leads to a mysterious hill hidden in the middle of the jungle...
The Golden Roots by Tyler Wiseman
Precursor to my career as the hitchhiking poet...
The Golden Roots II by Tyler Wiseman
Continuation of the Chronicle..
The Golden State by David Arthur Walters
I love you, California!..
The Grayzone by Franz Kessler
Life consists of different worlds – some are passionate, some are full of suffering. We can play our roles with a degree of liberty and individual choices. Other situations see us as rather passive beings, following a pre-meditated stream of actions and procedures- we adopt these for the sake of the..
The Hungry Reef by Dan Scheffler
A close shave with a sharp reef in the tropics...
The Immigrant by Jennifer Lawson-Perez
Micro fiction flash..
The Magic of Maine by Niki Collins-Queen
Our three-week RV camping trip to Maine in 2014 was magical. ..
The Man on the Bike Told the Truth by Jeff Rasley
A philosophical adventure on the island of Caye Caulker and the rain forest in Belize...
View Photo of The Meeting Read excerpt from The Meeting The Meeting by Janet Lambert
An introduction to the start of a fascinating journey and a friendship like no other..
The Missing Peace of a Heritage Puzzle, Chapter 2 by Frank Koerner
is entitled "Talk of the Town". (Originally published in Heritage Quest magazine; January/February 1998) [This book uniquely blends discussions of Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic, Bohemia, Moravia, World War II, Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, Edward Benes (Benesch), Neville Cha..
The Missing Peace of a Heritage Puzzle, Chapter 8 by Frank Koerner
is entitled “An Educational Yardstick” (Original German version published in Das Fenster; Jan 2002, USA) [This book shows that Julia A. Traphagen (JAT) is much more than a Waldwick, New Jersey, elementary school. Traphagen is uniquely connected to the 1755 deportation of Longfellow's ..
The Most Litigious People in the World by Jeff Rasley
The island nation of Palau has three lawsuits filed for every citizen. It is the most suit happy country in the world...
The Pool by Franz Kessler
We are connected to the world more than we think..
The power and peace of the Grand Canyon by Niki Collins-Queen
Our five-day stay at the South Rim of the Canyon was the highlight of our month-long trip in 2011. Bud and I will never forget our first glimpse of the canyon. It took a few minutes to absorb. We gawked in silence. No picture can capture its grandeur. ..
View Photo of The Question! Read excerpt from The Question! The Question! by Bradley Fralick
P>This be another chapter of the story "The Ultimate Dive Trip"/P>..
The Road Dog Tour by Thomas Schueneman
This road dog rediscovers the joys of the open road and the beauty of the American West. A true life travelogue...
Read excerpt from The Scarlet Poppies of Kashkadarya The Scarlet Poppies of Kashkadarya by Leonie Campbell
Traveling within Uzbekistan is both facinating and culturally uplifting.The people welcome you into the lives and though poor by our standards, they are rich in family tradditions. Here the young women are married from fourteen years of age. Young men must leave their homes and travel to the cities ..
The Trans-Sumatran Highway Part Two by Dan Scheffler
You never know what to expect when you climb on a bus in Sumatra...
Tintagel Castle Cornwall England by Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem M.Ed.
Excerpt from Questing Marilyn on visiting the ruins of the castle where King Arthur is believed to have been born...
To Catch a Fish by Ian Middleton
Being self-sufficient is not as easy as it seems..
To The Land Where The Polar Bears Roam by Felix Perry
I wrote this for a travel writing contest only to find out it was only open to US residents but still a good story to share I think...
View Photo of Travel Diary USA - Canada. 1995. Read excerpt from Travel Diary USA - Canada. 1995. Travel Diary USA - Canada. 1995. by Peter Oszmann
Diary of a 3 week trip in the US and Canada...
Traveler's Mind by Adina Sara
The homebody writer follows her travel happy husband to Costa Rica, and finds herself lost in the jungle...
Traveling Allows Perspective by Patricia Behnke
Learning to Be a Small Part of the Whole, Not the Center..
Read excerpt from Timeless Sapa Timeless Sapa by Leonie Campbell
DURING LATE DECEMBER John and I traveled to Sapa, Bac Ha and Lai Chau in the far north of Vietnam. We arrived in the soft light of late afternoon, after traveling in a mini van for eleven hours through varying terrain. The scenery was spectacular as we drove across the flat plains, climbing slowly u..
Tuck children and luggage behind and go! by Jack Kuperman
Tuck children and luggage behind and go!..
Read excerpt from Turtle Conservation Project in Brazil Turtle Conservation Project in Brazil by Andrew Attias
A true diary of two weeks I spent on an Earthwatch turtle conservation project in Brazil. Including wading in a river with piranha, caiman crocs and stingrays..
Venezuela Diary by Andrew Attias
A detailed true diary of my trek to the 'Lost World' - Roraima Tepui in Venezuela and the jungle of the Orinoco Delta...
Viking Club Skinny Dippers by dennis batchelder
What our family stumbled upon during a trip to the scandinavian countries...
Waiting for Elephants (Complete Text) by John Herlihy
An adventurous trek with a tracker and a guide through uninhabited jungle in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka this past winter...
Welcome To Alaska, Or: The Sanduskys Have Landed! (By Louisiana) ~Part One~ by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
The Sanduskys are finally in Alaska, but things didn't go exactly as they had planned, for Bill suffers an asthma attack. The Sanduskys are now sitting in a hospital emergency room waiting area while the father, Bill, undergoes emergency treatment for an acute asthmatic attack...
Welcome To Alaska, Or: The Sanduskys Have Landed! (By Louisiana) ~Part Two~ (For Sarah Tagert With Love!) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
The Sanduskys (Louisiana, Bill, Ronee', and Johnny) are in Alaska now; but unfortunately their vacation starts off on the wrong foot when Bill has an asthma attack that requires him to be admitted into the hospital for overnight observation...
What I did on my summer vacation by Henry Stevens
Henry's report of being in the eye of Charley, last years Catagory 4 Hurricane that hit Charlotte County, FL. Originally published in "Summer of Storms" by the Peace River Center for Writers...
What I Remember About My Homeland (By Anh Kim) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A young Vietnamese boy adopted by an American family talks about what he remembers about his homeland...
What I Remember About My Homeland (By Jamie, aged 7) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A young girl born in India describes her birth country and what she remembers about it...
Where Are You Tommy Lad? by Tom Hyland
As a parent, have you ever been concerned about your child's welfare and safety when he or she was off on a trip, far away from home? How about a couple of thousands of miles, in another country? Did you WORRY just a "tad?" Although this story happened over ten years ago, it is fr..
WHERE Is the Road? by Marilyn Friesen
Traveling to a third world country is a truly amazing experience, although for me it was a serious culture shock. How can we help these people if we don't even know their language? ..
Wisdom of the Ages by dennis batchelder
On a trip to India, my driver brought me to all kinds of places, even to a Yogi who gave me "The Wisdom of the Ages"..
Yosemite by Mary Farivari
Hiking in Yosemite and a chance encounter with a bear...
You Can Climb On Again by susan larson
I take a trip to Iceland and re-discover the joys of horseback riding..
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Travel Stories
1. The Divided Heart of Cyprus (Complete Text
2. The Divided Heart of Cyprus Part II
3. Waiting for Elephants (Complete Text)
4. Waiting for Elephants: Jungle Trek Thru Sr
6. The Divided Heart of Cyprus: Part III
7. Russian Odyssey
8. WHERE Is the Road?
9. The Magic of Maine
10. Social Intelligence in South Beach

Featured Book
We The People: A Good News Odyssey
by John Rayburn

Touring the nation in a fifth-wheel trailer gathering positive aspects of our great country and its people...  
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Featured Book
Panama Canal, Russia, and the Danube River: Armchair Travel
by Pauline Hager

Armchair Travel Series around the Globe with Pauline: Cruise the Panama Canal, Russia and the Danube River by Pauline Hager. An 18 day cruise through the Panama Canal..  
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