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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
HORIZONS: The 2005 Speculative Fiction Centre Anthology
by Terry Vinson

The Speculative Fiction Centre presents the best Sci-Fi/Horror Collection of 2005..'HORIZONS'......  
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Featured Book
BLOODLINES: Legacies of Madness
by Terry Vinson

Witness terrifying proof that the ancestral 'gene pool' is horribly contaminated......  
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Featured Book
Bone Chills
by Terry Vinson

A cordial invitation to be CHILLED to the BONE by this terrifying collection of horror/suspense/mystery tales...  
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All Horror Short Stories

25 Most Recent Horror Short Stories

Blood Red Autumn by April Smith
He blinks again and Fear chokes the very breath from his throat with Its long, bony fingers...
Read excerpt from Blood Seeker Blood Seeker by J. Quantaman
Confessions of Vampire..
Blood Tide by Lee Garrett
Justice from beyond a watery grave.....
Blood Work by Richard Kallao
Blood Work 2:Home by Richard Kallao
original a tribute to Norman Bates,'Mother please.'..
Bloodaxe Corner by Ian Thorpe
A spooky story for a dark night when spooky stories are needed to help people relax. Travellers on a lonely, remote road through the hills and moors of northern England report many strange events. Could it be an ancient story of a ghost protecting the grave of an ancient warrior contains more truth ..
Bloodletting by Nickolaus Pacione
font face="verdana" size="1">writing as Theo Wolfe:/font>h4>font face="Courier New" color="303030">October 21, 1994:/font>/h4> div align="justify">font face="franklin gothic book" size=2>It had been since I found myself in a mental health unit. The thing I had seen would not be written in t..
Bloodline - The Legend of Daniel Payne by LaMonte Henderson
Lazarus, a half vampire and one of the first generation of vampires to roam the earth, introduces Daniel Payne to his strange lineage. However, to understand the predicament that fate has bestowed upon him, he must first understand the origins of his bloodline. With the help of Lazarus, his men..
View Photo of Bloodsucker Read excerpt from Bloodsucker Bloodsucker by Ken Kupstis
(NEW!) Vampires DON'T exist...unless you've got an Organ Donor's card.....
Bloody Banking is Published by Nancy Cavanaugh
A short story published in Apollos Lyre vampire tries to make a withdrawal at the blood bank...
Bloody Bones Behind the Barn by Shannon Rouchelle
A spooky halloween story. ..
Bloody Murder by Louise Bannerman, CC
100-Word Story..
Bluebells For My Baby...An Excerpt by Charlotte Gledson
The Opening to my Novel, Bluebells For My Baby...
Bluetick by Tony Burton
A young black farmhand is desperate for money - and willing to weather a white farmer's disdain and hard labor for it. But as the reward is pushed further and further in to the future, he begins to have his suspicions about the person-sized mounds that surround the farm. A story of southern racism a..
Bone Fracture by Richard Kallao
Bone Fracture lll: Shocking,isn't it ? by Richard Kallao
Bone Gap by Kevin Yarbrough
In the town of Bone Gap, an evil lives under the ground, a demonic preacher terrorizes the population, and once you enter you can never leave. Church starts at 9 P.M. sharp and just pray that it isn't your time to pay the tithe...
View Photo of Bonecrusher Read excerpt from Bonecrusher Bonecrusher by Ken Kupstis
If you ever go back into Woolly Swamp...change your mind and don't.....
Bony Fingers. (Part One) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Keeping up with the Hallowe'en spirit, here's another horror story. In this one, a man keeps dreaming he is being touched by bony fingers. ..
Boo its That time Again by Richard Kallao
original guess whats around the corner people, Halloween,boo ...
Border War by David Donaghe
Mike Monroe, paranormal investagator, and his sexy partner, Roxy fight a pack of werewolves down by the California Mexico border...
Brain Food by Guy Belleranti
This horror story was published online on May 30, 2012 by Liquid Imagination...
Brandy Station by Robert Greaker
Halloween experience..
Breaking Face What Then of Horror? by Barry Eysman
on seeing an animated horror film on The Ed Sullivan Show when I was a young child..
Read excerpt from British Psycho British Psycho by Ed Clayton
Fun with blood. An 'extract' (intended) in the style of American Psycho...
Broken Doll by Theresa curnow
The men were stalking her, chasing her through the house. She had to find sanctuary......
Bubonic ! by Michael Kersting
Strange things happen after dark !..
Bugs. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A woman swears she has bugs crawling on her skin, but people refuse to believe her. Image of bug (c) 2011, by Karla Dorman...
Bugs. (Part Three) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A person continues to be "bugged" by the severe itching problem he has had for over a year and a half now. He is growing increasingly frustrated...
Bugs. (Part Two) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A person continues to be plagued by the uncomfortable feeling of bugs crawling on their skin...
Bundle of Joy by Chuckie Finn
Mission: A mother..
Buried in the Yard Out Back by Lady Westerfield
A haunting at a former state mental institution...
Business is Murder by Brian Barnett
A local sheriff drums up business in a slow economy. ..
Busy Gnomes by AJ Taylor
Flash Fiction. Ah, a nice little gathering at Papa's cabin......
But Wait! There's More! by K McAbee
Bernie Clump didn’t know what he as getting into when he answered that first email. But as his PayBuddy account grew—and grew—he forgot that everything has a price...
Read excerpt from By Light of the Moon By Light of the Moon by William Rand
Horrific first person account of a man's attempt to rid himself of a werewolf curse as told from the werewolf's point of view...
Cacophony of Hell by Michael Robinson
Steven moves in to his dream manor to start a quiet Bed and Breakfast. His first night becomes a nightmare as the home's unseen occupants reveal themselves...
Cafe of the Hungry Ghosts by Teri Dluznieski
Everyone has a bubble. Literally and metaphorically. Most times, they are reflections of each other. The one mirrors the other. The energy bubble encircles the body, like the glow around a softly lit candle. People go about their days, in their own little bubbles, interacting with other bubbles, som..
Cannibal ! ( Based on a true story ) by Michael Kersting
Some old men can be very dirty, indeed !..
Caressed. by David Cowdall
An erotic horror tale, in a new chapbook from Paul Fry...
Carmilla And The Undead - Part 1 by Lee Cushing
Having exposed a paedophile ring, journalist Jill Eltham heads down to the newspaper office car park to go home...
Carmilla And The Undead - Part 2 by Lee Cushing
The windows on each side of the door shattered as the flames from inside surged forward, the sudden blast lifting Jill off her feet and smashing her into the windscreen of one of the cars parked behind her...
Carmilla And The Undead - Part 3 by Lee Cushing
Her gaze falling on the torn flesh at the side of the woman’s neck, Jill took a few steps towards the telephone near the television. She stopped when she saw the tickets on the floor close to the woman’s outstretched fingers...
Carmilla And The Undead - Part 4 by Lee Cushing
Melissa was on her in an instant, grabbing Jill by the throat and lifting her, before slamming her down onto the bed. Pinning Jill on the bed, Melissa climbed astride her, laughing and displaying her fangs. “This is going to fun.” Jill screamed as she was held tight, watching those fangs ..
Carmilla And The Undead - Part 5 by Lee Cushing
“Miss Eltham.” The familiar voice made her freeze, her fingers holding the key halfway to the lock on the door as she began to turn. Steven returned her gaze as she turned to face him standing right behind her, “Is anything wrong?” ..
Carmilla And The Undead - Part 6 by Lee Cushing
Halfway towards the door, she heard them on the concrete steps and almost falling when she glanced back, the sight of three of them coming down into the basement encouraging her to continue running. Racing through the doorway, she started to push the metal door shut, using all her strength to t..
Carnival Nights PART 1 by Lori Maynard
Due to the length of this story, it is being posted in parts. I am unable to upload a new Word '97 document. i>Carousel horses were running rampant through the park. Perhaps, running from the fire-breathing dragon on the roof of the Funhouse. Clouds made of cotton candy were raining b..
Cave of Cruachan by Nolene Dougan
Celtic Mythology..
Caves. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A teen who is claustrophobic faces his ultimate nightmare when he gets lost while on a field trip to a cave with his classmates...
Cellar Shadows by Chuckie Finn
CELLAR SHADOWS My father and I descended the thirteen deteriorated and crumbling concrete stairs into the poorly lit basement of my grandfather’s house. A single bulb suspended by an electrical cord swung like a hangman’s noose at the bottom of the stairwell. With a trembl..
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Horror Stories
1. Surprise! Surprise!
2. Someone To Kill
3. Doobie Jack & The Hitchhiker
4. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 2 - Hansel & Gr
5. Blood Seeker
6. Something In the House
7. Day Of The Dead
8. Under The Soft Moss Covered Ground
9. Reign of Goblins
10. Revelations in Hell's Break room
11. The Clown At Midnight
12. Bitter Ingredients, Bitter Pizza
13. WHAT Goes There?
14. Passing the Torch
15. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 6 - Prince Char
16. Fractured Fairy Tales part 4 - the Three L
17. Something In the Attic
18. Blood Work
19. The Shredder
20. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 5 -Humpty Dumpt

Featured Book
Damned Grounds
by Terry Vinson

Craving a good, creepy scarefest that cuts straight to the the terrifying bone, so to speak? DAMNED GROUNDS is a masterpiece of unrelenting terror covering six deca..  
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Featured Book
Crestwood Lake
by Mark Vogel

Crestwood Lake is a secluded town in the woods of northern Vermont, plagued by mysterious deaths and rumors of witchcraft...  
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