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by Mark Lichterman

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Featured Book
by Amy Zajac

A story about destruction of the earth and the pockets of survivors who are part of the long term recovery...  
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Featured Book
A Brownstone in Brookyn
by JE Thompson

A Brownstone In Brooklyn chronicles the life-altering events that shape the future of Andy Michael Pilgrim, a young man growing up in the turbulent sixties...  
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25 Most Recent Mainstream Short Stories

B.O.W. 26: Chicago by Mark Lichterman
If Mitchell appeared sallow beneath his tan, then Marsha was positively green because, besides a badly upset stomach due to a combination of air sickness and the early months of pregnancy, the kidney infection had caused severe back pain. Also, worked into a state of depression because of the way..
B.O.W. 27: Blonde Hairs by Mark Lichterman
Her blue eyes and his green eyes locked for a long moment, then he and she both looked to the ocean… But his eyes, magnetically drawn back; darting back and forth from her face to her breasts to—most especially—the fissure of her crotch and the flaxen strands of hair that appeared to sparkle in the ..
B.O.W. 30: Found by Mark Lichterman
Having been best friends since they were children, Marsha knew most of Rosalie’s family and, holding Mitchell’s hand, smiling, nodding to everyone she knew, she, too, felt all eyes on them. But, rather than shyness, Marsha felt pride… and more than a bit decadent because, obviously pregnant, holding..
B.O.W. 31: Skokie by Mark Lichterman
Feeling a hand grab a breast over her pajamas, “Mitchie,” Marsha said playfully, “stop!” “Huh? Stop what? I ain’t doin’ nothin’!” “Yeah, sure!” But looking, discovering it wasn’t her husband’s and, “Mortie!” Laughing so hard she could barely get the words out, “Mitchie, your baby b..
Chapter 1: Darkness Descending by Bethann Korsmit
Chapter One of my novel, Darkness Descending...
Contact High 5 by Mark Lichterman
Somehow getting through the next forty-two days — without taking another bite of Alan’s remaining four and a half cookies that remained in their baggie at the far end of the second shelf of our refrigerator... Copntact High5 can be found following "High 4"..
Contact High1 through 5 by Mark Lichterman
Sitting on my recliner with my leg elevated with an ice pack on my knee, “Thanks’,” I said. “But why cookies?” “Oh,” my friend said, with kind of a sly smile, “these are ‘special cookies’.” ..
Cormac McCarthy is a Writer by Dennis McKay
Man meets Cormac McCarthy on elevator at writer's conference and questions his writing style. ..
B.O.W. 32: Old McDonald by Mark Lichterman
“He wanted to know if we’d like to go into a third ­share partnership with him and his brother-­in-­law in some kind of a new kind of a restaurant.” “Some kind of a new kind of a restaurant? Why would we, all of a sudden, want to go into business with Sam Katz and his brother-­in-­law, no ..
B.O.W. 33: Discharge by Mark Lichterman
Although the people of New York City and its boroughs were as liberal, even more so than most in the United States of America, in 1956, the sight of four very friendly people, three of whom were white, or, in Ruby’s case, at least appeared to be white, and Sherry, caused heads to turn and a few of t..
B.O.W. 34: New Home by Mark Lichterman
“Mother, this place is really, uh, kind of…” turning to her husband, “shitty, Mitchell! It’s really shitty!” “I don’t like you talking like that, Marsha! And I ask again: What did you expect in this neighborhood, in this building for the kind of money you kids can afford for rent?” ____..
B.O.W. 35: Three Stooges by Mark Lichterman
Mitchell Lipensky had the absolutely juvenile, impossibly naïve belief that, usually, mostly, ugly people were bad and that beautiful people, if not always good were usually good—even though he remembered, if not all, then at least most of what Marsha had told him about her mother: how badly Rhea ha..
B.O.W. 36: Real World by Mark Lichterman
A “Nisei”—a first generation Japanese­ American—Tats had served in the U.S. Army and, even as his family spent the years of the war behind barbed wire in an internment camp in southern California, Ralph Tatayma had seen combat with the 442nd Nisei Infantry Division throughout Europe. ..
B.O.W. 37: In A Name by Mark Lichterman
Remembering Myra’s irrational fit of anger as, missing Marsha by inches, Walter could still see the coffee cup—as if in slow motion—as it flew across the table spraying Marsha with hot coffee then shattering on the wall behind her. ..
B.O.W. 4: Marsha's Roots by Mark Lichterman
The youngest of three sisters and one brother, coddled and spoiled, best described Rhea Goldman is exquisite and beautiful… and selfish, narcissistic and, oh, yeah, just slightly materialistic...
B.O.W. 40: A Come-on? by Mark Lichterman
Even though her outward demeanor had seemingly matured, Mitchell could not relate this woman to the girl whom, the last time he had seen her, had his penis in her mouth. ..
B.O.W. 41: Marshall Field by Mark Lichterman
Going to the corner, waiting for the light to change he felt… actually felt, actually saw this now as though it were actually happening now rather than…? Hell, he thought incredulously, it is… actually, just two weeks short of five years ago! When… ..
B.O.W. 42: The Pregnancy by Mark Lichterman
Looking over the hill of her stomach, Mitchell gazed at her sloping breasts. Through the eight months of pregnancy, Marsha’s breasts had grown from a size 34C to a 36D cup. The areolae, as though bursting through their rounded, dusky pink domes, had enlarged and flattened. ..
B.O.W. 43: Accident by Mark Lichterman
Two car lengths ahead, glancing in the rear view mirror, Mitchell saw the in­ and ­out swerving motion of the cream ­colored pickup, but did not notice that the light on Howard Street had changed from green to red until he was almost into the pedestrian lane. ..
B.O.W. 44: Nursing by Mark Lichterman
Considering himself an aficionado of breasts—well, really, his wife’s breasts—he saw that the appearance of her breasts had changed once again, because lines of crooked, dark ­blue veins now ran beneath the translucent, tautly stretched flesh that appeared to emanate from, or end at the, now, dark ­..
B.O.W. 45: Surgery by Mark Lichterman
“What do you mean, if anything happens to me, Mother?” the gurney was pushed through. “I’m coming back! I am coming back, aren’t I?” As she was wheeled into the brightly lit operating room, Marsha’s last coherent thought was: Who’ll take care of my baby?..
B.O.W. 46: Holes by Mark Lichterman
Finally stopping, ripping the long ribbon of paper from the machine, folding it in thirds, putting it on the file jacket, opening the second file, click­click­click­click, the woman began calculating those costs also as, all the while, sitting, biting his lower lip in horrific anticipation, Mitchell..
B.O.W. 47: Deeper by Mark Lichterman
Rhea had worn a mink coat—a much finer mink coat than her own. And as if being more sexy and more beautiful and wearing a much finer mink coat than hers wasn’t enough, Rhea Goldman had, in Eunice Greenblatt’s opinion, a “holier than thou” attitude. And, as if all that wasn’t enough, she’d flirted wi..
B.O.W. 48: Big $$$ by Mark Lichterman
Rhea had no intention of ever being physical with her son-in-law, whom she, so she told herself, disliked… hated? Because, after all, she was the mother of his wife and he has no business looking at her as he did—on those occasions when she induced ‘those’ looks—though, actually, if Mitchell or othe..
B.O.W. 49:Pressure Cooker by Mark Lichterman
Dressed in slacks, jacket and tie, sweating from the heat of the kitchen, fighting nausea, Mitchell—illogically? Logically?—prayed the person he was there to pitch wasn’t home, because if she wasn’t there it’ll give him a courteous excuse to…Jesus Christ, he thought. I want to get the hell out of he..
B.O.W. 5:Mitchell's Roots by Mark Lichterman
Of all the wonders in the world, certainly one of the most wondrous, and frightening, is that at any moment a step in one direction or the other, or a cup of coffee, might change your life forever...
B.O.W. 50: Boiling by Mark Lichterman
On his knees before her, “Honey, look…” Attempting to put his arms about her, Marsha brushed them away and, as though he were not in the room, not on his knees before her, cocking her head to the side to see beyond his head, she continued to stare at the television. ..
B.O.W. 54: Masturbation by Mark Lichterman
Knowing where he wanted to go, driving faster than he knew he should, the balmy air ruffled his hair… and dried his tears...
B.O.W. 55: Lawyers by Mark Lichterman
Recognizing the indecisiveness of their respective young clients, during one of their conversations both attorneys agreed that it was the influence of the mothers that had orchestrated the events that led to the separation of these two “likable kids.”..
B.O.W. 51: Bad Day by Mark Lichterman
“Marsha…” Pulling from her hand, her nails leaving bloody scratches. “what the hell’s the matter with you? You crazy?” “Yeah, I am! I am crazy… for marrying you!” Glancing at his arm, her words cutting deeper than the blood oozing scratches. “What the hell’s wrong with you?” he rep..
B.O.W. 52: Rosenberg by Mark Lichterman
Because the five mugs of trucker strong coffee were stimulating his mind and kidneys and, adding to his discomfort, his bowels, too, and… Because he was wet and cold and, most of all, because he did love Marsha, Mitchell Lipensky was all but catatonic and on this day had no patience… no pa..
B.O.W. 56: As One by Mark Lichterman
It was here, also on that day, that she instinctively masturbated her new husband to ejaculation, and, it was here, then, for the first time in her nineteen years that she witnessed, to her amazement, the explosive expulsion of her new husband’s wondrous fluid that eight months later fertilized her ..
B.O.W. 58: Vicarious Sex by Mark Lichterman
“I love you!” Scarcely hearing her son-in-law’s whispered words, hesitating… Voyeurism and masturbation had never been among Rhea’s shortcomings because there had always been men—at times too many men. ..
B.O.W. 6: CGC Halfmoon by Mark Lichterman
United States Coast Guard Cutter Halfmoon (W325) was permanently berthed in the huge Coast Guard facility on Staten Island. The sprawling base is located directly adjacent the New York City Staten Island Ferry Terminal...
B.O.W. 61: Little Rock by Mark Lichterman
“As you know by now,” a different well known newscaster said, “Governor Faubus said he activated the Arkansas National Guard in order to keep the nine Negro children from attending school here. ..
B.O.W. 62: Ballectomy by Mark Lichterman
On that day, repair men the world over were handed a windfall as a mysterious, electronic beep emanated from television sets and radios throughout the world created bewilderment… and many calls to local repair men...
B.O.W. 63:Female Emotions by Mark Lichterman
Turning onto her side also, she was unable to see his features, but did feel his closeness and the warm touch of his breath on her face. “No, Mitchell, I don’t hate you. But I’d like you to, if only once in a while,”—equating her emotions, a woman’s emotions and motivations to his, a man’s emotions ..
B.O.W. 65: Never! by Mark Lichterman
Though there was a definite absence of tension in his life due to the lack of contact between these two strong willed women, stupidly not realizing how much better his life would be if his wife and mother did remain apart, the thought of a truce between these two was never far from Mitchell’s mind ..
B.O.W. 66:Whisky & Guns by Mark Lichterman
Arriving sooner than she’d expected, looking the complete opposite of what a man in his profession typically might look like, the man was thin and short: about 5' 6". He wore khaki slacks and a black T-shirt that accentuated the bulging muscles of his chest and arms. The second man, more typically ..
B.O.W. 67: Gone by Mark Lichterman
Thinking, My God, he slumped to the floor in the corner of the bedroom. What did I do? Still holding the cello wrapped rose, Why? His chin dropped onto his chest, his throat constricted, tears stinging his eyes. “Why?” he cried aloud. “How can you do this to me again?”..
B.O.W. 68: Roger by Mark Lichterman
For some perverse reason actually enjoying the drama. Also, a lifetime of cheating and telling her own husband nothing made it easy to say: “You don’t tell him anything!” Rhea said—for the third time. “You don’t know anything! All you know is that your sister went someplace and you don’t know where!..
B.O.W. 69: Blisters by Mark Lichterman
The sluice opened and a gray glacier of chunky glop sledged down the shoot into his smaller… smaller? wheelbarrow. When the concrete hit, the three cubic feet of splashing semi liquid rocked the steel carrier almost jerking the two wooden handles out of his hands. ..
B.O.W. 7: Pregnant? by Mark Lichterman
Yes, she did look the same as she’d looked yesterday and the day before yesterday… But yet she knew something was different! Oh, there wasn’t a hint, or even the hint of a hint, but, be it wishful thinking, she was sure she’d actually felt the force of Mitchell’s ejaculation last nigh..
B.O.W. 70: Old Road by Mark Lichterman
As headlights approached from behind and their shadows became visible and lengthened, they would move further onto the soft shoulder till the car sped by, then angle back to the asphalt lip of the road...
B.O.W. 73: Abomination by Mark Lichterman
Sitting as he was sitting—about forty feet to the right of her blanket—he had a sharp view of the woman’s small, tightly encased buttocks. “Ummm!”—unaware he had moaned aloud—Gordon Nathanson was aware, though, that he did have an erection… and an all but uncontrollable urge to do it now!..
B.O.W. 74: Daisy Mae by Mark Lichterman
Leaning over a table, the three of them were going over some papers when a friend of the woman came in. She was tall and thin, had shoulder length black hair and wore a yellow slack suit. When he turned he saw it was Marsha and his heart dropped because she acted as though she didn’t know him. ..
B.O.W. 75: Letters by Mark Lichterman
There was additional postage on the thick envelope. Addressed to him in Marsha’s neat, small handwriting, the return address on the corner read: Michael Lipensky, c/o Red Dot Grocery, R.R. 2, Lakeside, Michigan...
B.O.W. 77: Old Whore by Mark Lichterman
As always, buoyed by the startled look on the person’s face and her shocked reaction, Gordon’s reedy penis instantly inflated… but didn’t stay that way very long because…..
B.O.W. 78:Marsha&Mitchell by Mark Lichterman
Having something akin to a hormonal epiphany, sensing a moistening in her vagina and the tightening of her nipples, and, Oh, yeah! Marsha Lipensky liked the way her husband looked… A whole lot! As for Mitchell… ..
B.O.W.102: Elizabeth by Mark Lichterman
Fearful the slightest touch might begin a process that would lead to infidelity and matrimonial disaster. Sitting stiffly, legs sharply bent at their knees, the balls of their feet planted firmly beneath their chairs. Both sets of hands held primly within their laps. ..
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We Are Strong, But We Are Fragile
by Bob Mustin

A dystopian story of a world in decay, the U.S. at war with itself. But there's hope if its warring factions can talk and trust...  
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