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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Forms of Madness
by Aaron Cole

Forms of Madness tells the story of Jordan Bauer, an investigative reporter who unwittingly becomes a pawn in an international conspiracy. A deep emotional hook i..  
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Featured Book
Ricochet's Rogue
by Robin Leigh Miller

Third book in the Agents of Mercy series. Black Smoke Boomer's Fall..  
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Featured Book
Demons of Justice
by Regis Schilken

Humans don't just slide into non-being; yet, the disappearance of 4 people, including her own kin brother, tears at her sanity! ..  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

Omar Blue and the K9 Underground by O Warfield
My Doberman Omar Blue and his pack decided they want to do more for canines not as fortunate they are. I'm so proud of them..
On Poetry by Patricia Oplinger
Patricia A. Oplinger's examination of why she writes poetry..
ON THE BORDER by Azzam Almosallami
This story is a real story..
On The Bus by Paul Mc Cann
Being on board a bus is an experience ...
On the Bus to Town by Sam Vaknin
The announcer warns of imminent terrorist attacks on public transport. It recommends to err on the side of caution and to exhaustively inspect fellow commuters. ..
On The Edge by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
This is a true story. Only the names of the law enforcement officials have been changed to protect their positions...
Read excerpt from On the Edge of Reality On the Edge of Reality by Martine Daniel
When palaeontologist Nick Weston discovers T-Rex bones in England and accepts a job at the Museum of Prehistoric Life, he is terrified when the exhibits appear to be coming alive. Or are they??..
On The Immortal Story by David Arthur Walters
Preliminary from Accounts Payable - My Life Past Due..
Read excerpt from On the Road to Yass On the Road to Yass by Valdemar (Val) Wake
Road accidents and their aftermath...
On the Roof by Dibakar Barua
A coming of age story of a lonely young girl..
On the Wings of Love - The Story of St. Padraig and the Snakes by Darlene Newman
Whether truth or fiction who is to say? This is my story; therefore, it is!..
On World's Most Dangerous Road by Franz Kessler
These were moments I understood my life was little else than dust in the wind...
Once Upon A Time in LA Screenplay Excerpt by Phillip Hardy
This is the first 25 pages of Gold Medal Winning Script "Once Upon A Time In LA"..
once visited always dwell by TeeJay khan
a story with no end..
Once, Twice, Three Times a Deadman by short kid
A dead man comes to life and gets revenge from his pursuer...
One Little Speck: Book Extract by gaynor goodchild
Chapter 13 and Chapter 14..
One Moment by Heather Fuselier
One moment, one person can change another at any given moment...
One Last Favour by Sharon Lawson
Inspired by a true-life experience several years ago, this is the story of a young woman who felt she had lost everything. Never before had she experienced such burning anger and gut determination for the ultimate revenge. *Contains strong language and graphic detal* So unless ye be men o..
One Month Later by Debra Kraft
A post 9/11 essay..
One More Time by Sohan Koonar
Winner of the Short Story Contest in the Toronto Star in 1986. ..
Read excerpt from One on One One on One by Michael Park
A story of a Korean-American guy named June in a whole new different atmosphere...
One Small Act of Repentance by D. Kenneth Ross
A young teenage girl is the recipient of an act of repentance from a stranger. And an author's questions for open discussion of the subject. ..
One Smooth Stone by Marcia Laycock
Alex Donnelly's life is about to change. He doesn't want it to. He thinks he's safe at last, but God has a plan that includes pushing him out of his hiding place...
One Spring...I Think (a background story about Ratso by David Thompson
Another prequel to "Baker's Dozen: a Fantasy Novel", only from Ratso's memory this time...
One Story of Yule by Stephen Pearl
One of the Egyptian Myths pertinent to the themes of rebirth and renewal suited to the years shortest day and longest night Yule, solstice what have you...
One Thousand & One Shades of Gray <1st Draft> by David Carlberg
A story still in the making!..
One Way by Michael Poeltl
A trip to a cemetery offers symbolism to a weary soul...
One Wish by J. R. Corbin
Sometimes, things really do go bump in the night.....
Online Groups Close the Gap by Lea Schizas
How online groups connect writers...
Only One Solider by S Cardin
This is a 1st person excerpt taken from a larger work I am working on, a military action/adventure story called "Destination:Berlin."..
Only you by Shilpa Edward
Realising, she loves him..its only him for her..forver..
Onuris by Roy Edwards
The Egyptian ran like a poem in motion, all fluid grace and freedom, the body of him sweating lightly beneath the warmth of the sun. He ran for the sheer joy of running. It was, he admitted, sweet Isis to his seventh soul. He loved the feel of powerful leg muscles bunching one against the other, pus..
OPCA; a Death Sentence by Pinckney Rivers
about a disabled friend's life..
Open Your Minds: Aaron's Story, Or Living With The Effects Of A Premature Stroke by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
I'm not supposed to be here! I DON'T belong here! I am only 9 years old; I DON'T belong in a NURSING HOME with old people!! But the fact is, I AM here, but that DOESN'T mean I haveta like it! My name is Aaron. Aaron Moreaux Robichaud; I am 9 years old, and I am recovering from, of ..
Orcbane: In the Shade of the Moon by Andry Chang
Our Bedroom by Sara Cunningham
Our bedroom's a mess! That's all I can think about. I should be thinking about this meeting, supply and demand, or some shit. But our room is a mess, a huge one. This meeting is going right along without me. I'm stuck inside my head. All I can think about is our bedroom back at the house. ..
Our CD Cover Bio by Joe Davis
Who is the Aries? Who is the Scropio?..
Our Destiny under the Extremely Pathetic Rule of Man by Timesoftrouble
What is totally unknown within this human race regarding our coming destiny...
Our Hart, Episode 34 by Lloyd Lofthouse
Robert Hart arrived in China in 1854. By the time he left in 1908, he was the most powerful Westerner in China's history and the only foreigner the Emperor of China trusted. His love and dedication to China was born from the love for one woman—a love story Robert wanted to hide from the world. I sp..
Our Lady and the Leak in the Roof: A Mystic's Journal by Laurie Conrad
Our Lady and the Leak in the Roof: A Mystic's Journal Entry August 29,2006 by Laurie Conrad...
Our Unexpected Dinner Guest by Bonnie May
This memory will live in infamy.....
Out of Hand by Michel Massicotte
One possible reason for death and ascending. Some authorities view this story as a step closer to doing something criminal or suicidal. Where some people would seek relief by way of drugs, alcohol or the aforementioned criminal behaviour, I chose to write and meditate, and make movies. ..
Out Of The Ashes (part 2 of 3 of chapter 4) by Sarah Tagert
As Abby drove to work, she thought about how much she enjoyed waking up to Gary, and suddenly she wanted to be married to him more than ever before. ..
Out Of The Ashes (part 3) by Sarah Tagert
. Looking into his eyes, Abby could tell he had evil intent. She shivered as he began assaulting her...
Out Of The Ashes(Chapter 9) by Sarah Tagert
Abby sat on the couch holding Grace who was still asleep. Gary sat close beside her unwilling to leave her for any reason. “Are you sure you don’t need to go to the hospital?” A paramedic knelt in front of her checking her pulse...
Out Of The Ashes(Part 10) by Sarah Tagert
“Abby this can be easy or hard, it’s your choice..
Out Of The Ashes(Part 15) by Sarah Tagert
Gary was trying desperately not to let his own panic show, but Abby could hear it. ..
OUT THERE...Somewhere by George Simonis
Where are the origins of man? What do we know of our earliest existence? Where are we bound? Deep questions, not often answered with insight and clarity, until now... The answer may be out there, somewhere...Or it may be here on Earth...find out in this absorbing tale of science fiction and more...
Out-Take: Survival On The Side Of A Mountain by Sam Penny
Even novels have out-takes, scenes that do not make it into the final version. I had to shorten my novel, Memphis 7.9, but I had too much fun with this scene to discard it. ..
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Featured Book
The Dance of a Lifetime
by Karin Fleischhaker-Griffin

A Woman must use her psychic powers in order to protect herself from the evils of the world...  
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Featured Book
Starlight On Stone SOUTH (ebook)
by Jansen Estrup

The boy-king, Shi-shi, can defeat his enemies if the generals will follow him. He will survive plots by ambitious priesthoods, if the gods smile upon him and if he can fi..  
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