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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics, Part IV
by Jay Dubya

Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics, Part IV is adult literature featuring adult content and language that satirizes thirteen famous short fiction works...  
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Featured Book
Quirks / Eclats - photography & texts by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

the world upside down..  
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Featured Book
Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics
by Jay Dubya

Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics satirizes and lampoons thirteen famous short fiction works that are given new adult spins...  
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25 Most Recent Humor Short Stories

The Most Unusual Tropical Heist by Rodd Jokre
Thought up: 5.6.02 – 7:23pm Written: 5.13.02 – 5:27pm #10..
The MOTHER Of All Days (A Golden Corral Mother's Day) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
My older sister, Stephanie ("Steffi"--she's 16), HATES Mother's Day with a purple passion because she has to work. She works at a local restaurant. She works at Golden Corral, where she is a line person/cashier. And every Sunday she has to miss church. You know how CRAZY it can..
Read excerpt from The Mount Perry Peanut Tree The Mount Perry Peanut Tree by Robert Herbst
The Mount Perry Peanut Tree about says it all. Enjoy the story..
The Muse. by Jack Kuperman
Knock knock. ..
The Mutt Race by Steve Robertson
THE MUTT RACE I was about eight years old when it was advertised in the paper that a dog track in Sarasota, Florida was hosting a “Mutt Race.” What it meant was that we could bring our family pets to race on the track for a prize. I was certain my wonderful pure-bread Doberman pinscher..
The Myth about Chinese Foot Massages by Sharon Lockwood
The following story may shed some light on a myth surrounding a traditional Chinese foot massage and you may want to think twice before surrendering those tender tootsies...
The Name is Brady-A Mix Up Story by Richard Kallao
hope Flourence Henderson or Stephanie Meyers don't mind.original idea........ camoes by Edward and Bella...
The New Doctor by Olithor Eiriksson
A severly handicapped man visits a fabulous miracle doctor who is unlike anyone else!..
The night Chicago died by Marcus Dino
It's Chicago my favorite city in 1928 and I truly don't understand why they ended Prohibition...
The Night I Met Papa Bois by Allyson Campbell
A short story taken from my novel, In Good Company. Written in Patois...
The North Fork by Ron Karcz
This could be classified in a number of genres. I picked humor because I can laugh at it. It's also one of my collection of stories about raising my son, Jonathan...
The Novice Diver Assistant by Thomas Ault
As usual, I watched, he dived; I worried, he had fun; the world went on while mine was crashing but I wrote anyway...
The object of my desire by Alexandra Riera
The Odd Couple:Walk a Mile by Richard Kallao
original characters not mine but with the recent passing of Jack Klugman I wanted to pay a little tribute ...
the odd hat by Katie Gabrielle
this is just plain silly.....
The Once in a Lifetime, Guaranteed, Sure Fire, Can’t Miss Ticket to Wealth: by Brian Greenleaf
Have you ever considered falling for one of those "Once in a lifetime, guaranteed to make you rich," offers? You might want to read this first........
The Pact ! by Michael Kersting
What will some people give for Fame and fortune..
View Photo of The Pain in Sprain Is Mainly in the Plane Read excerpt from The Pain in Sprain Is Mainly in the Plane The Pain in Sprain Is Mainly in the Plane by Jay Dubya
Author Jay Dubya describes how he had twice accidentally double-sprained his left ankle prior to departing on tropical vacations in this amusing story that features irony. The article has been written for the Hammonton (New Jersey)Gazette, the author's hometown newspaper and it is also posted at th..
The Pastor by Amy Potts
Just a little sweet story...
The Patio by Carole Piller
A humorous story about a man trying to enjoy his patio in his yard...
The Pear Tree by Ron Karcz
Another story from my memoirs...
The Penguin and the Astronaut by Richard Kallao
The character of Anthony Nelson was not created by me but since the death of Larry Hagman I figure no one would mine if I use the character to pay tribute to Mr Hagman..
The Penguin Salute by Richard Kallao
original idea story.I saw Happy Feet and now I'm hooked on Penguins:)..............
The People inside the Mirror by Jacob Taylor
This conversation is part of a group of humorous short stories that are meant to make the reader smile. They are ironic in nature and perhaps a bit sarcastic, but definitely well intended and some are very apropos to our times. Some of the illustrations accompanying the stories will be included in t..
The Perfect Thieves by Jackie (Micke) Jinks
..aka: The Great Solvable Mystery ...
The Perils of Drink by Sara Russell
i>This is a mildly-erotic short story with women readers in mind, from my Quickies CD (2 collections of stories, the other author is Patricia di Miere)/i>..
The Pet Bobcat by Randy Stensaas
Max and me are at it again. this time trying to make a pet out of a wild cat. ..
The Secret Life of Willie Character by Barb McClatchy
Be true to yourself, and all else will fall into place.....
The Seer by Bob Mitchley
Sometimes life gets in the way of church... or vice versa.. ..
The Seer of the Past by Frank Leinbach
Third Place winning entry in Elizabeth Haydon's In the Style of Contest on The Cauldron (accessible from her web site) This story is a scene from the third book in the Symphony of Ages, "Destiny", as told from Grunthor’s perspective in the style of Dr. Seuss...
The Pickpocket, the Rat and the $100 bill by AHMED ALIYU
The story is about a greedy pickpocket who was lucky to have picked an innocent tourist, stole his wallet ,found among his catch a hundred doller bill which he wisely hideaway for the rainy days, only to come for it and realised that another thief, a Rat in his house had stolen the doller bill. Welc..
The Pie-Eyed Piper by S. Joan Popek
A twisted Fairy Tale..
The Pig Man by b Torris
Life in a small town holds surprises that we never dream about. ..
Read excerpt from The Place The Place by Adam Archer
When an unlikely trio (one's unemployed, one's a door to door salesman and one's a drunk) are assembled to search for and rescue the mysterious Mr. Jenkins, nothing will ever be the same again. Well, apart from toast. Toast'll probably stay the same. *INCOMPLETE FIRST TRIAL*..
The Plot by Chanti Niven
A really rather unfunny, funny story involving a conspiracy theory about appliances. (Written after my telephone went dead in my hands while I was on a call)..
The Plums of Childhood - Chapter Four by Julianza (Julie) Shavin
New readers: the chapters of this memoir begin with The Plums of Childhood, no chapter notation; then you go up, up and up. To those of you who are reading this ridiculous romp, I thank you. I had no idea I was this happy and giddy. One thing I like (I may have said this) about writing this memoir..
The Plums of Childhood - Chapter Eight by Julianza (Julie) Shavin
Ok, I know this is my memoir and all, but can I be blamed for having a few junior moments? ..
The Plums of Childhood - Chapter Seven by Julianza (Julie) Shavin
Toilet or no, life goes on...
The Plums of Childhood memoir - Chapter Five by Julianza (Julie) Shavin
The usual statement to any new readers. Scroll down. First Chapter is called The Plums of Childhood. Chapters added as they come to me (scroll up). Anyway, enjoy (if you can). (If you can't, read my poetry instead). (If that doesn't work, maybe go to the gym or something.) All feedback, including..
The Pokey Scissors by P. Gordon Kennedy
A humorous work of micro-fiction concerning a dragon, a boy, and some pokey scissors...
The Pookman Diaries by BG Dellamarie
An excerpt from my dog's blog...
The Pot-bellied Pig and the Preacher's wife (A True story) by David Taub
No, Seriously! – The Pot-bellied pig and the Preacher's wife My wife burst through the door, from the front-yard, her arms waving wildly, "Quick give me the dog leashes…" Few things startle me anymore, when it comes to my wife and her rescuing animals. Even a local veterinarian ha..
The Preacher's Son by Paul Berube
I received this as an email and I thought you might like a laugh today. Enjoy and God bless...
The President's Parasite by James Musgrave
Move over, Franz Kafka! What if you were a "bug" and woke up inside the President of the United States? A "shaggy Bush" story, of a sort...
The Price of Humiliation by Dave Moyer
Frugal parents are forced to examine their practices when a child recounts an event from school. ..
The Princess of Chaos Strikes Back, or Is It Again? by R Pope
Story 2 of 3 in the Princess of Chaos Series..
The Purse by Jim Harrington
Curiosity might kill more than the cat...
The quavering by Leopoldo Barge Álvarez
Emotional quavering...
The Quick and Mentally Challenged by Chuckie Finn
Apartment Living at its Finest..
The Racing Finn by Lyz Russo
Finnegan o'Flannagan is no jockey. He is a musician. A hung-over one. So when the pretty young Lady Millennia demands he race her horse, and stomps her foot - "break a leg" acquires a new meaning...
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Humor Stories
1. Better Late Than Never. ...
2. Nude-Night-Naughty 6
3. Looking For Mr. Golfball
4. The DMV Funnies
5. Fresh Milk 1968
6. Rose is dead
7. She Told Me To Do It
8. The Zip
9. The Unhappiest Place On Earth, Or: Our Dis
10. Howling Wolf Prosperity
11. Duped Net: The Interrogation
12. Nude-Night-Naughty 7
13. Island Santa, by Owen Thomas (an excerpt)
14. Squirrels
15. A Sign of the Times
16. Oh, Waiter
17. Spare Tires
18. Duped-Net: Undercover Blues
19. Gone Fishin?
20. Drill Sergeant

Featured Book
Quirks / Eclats - photography & texts by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

the world upside down..  
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Featured Book
The Miracle Man
by James Skivington

Miraculous events in a tiny Irish village bring out the best - and worst - in everyone...  
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