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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Don't Ask and I Won't Have to Lie
by Beverly Mahone

We know LYING is wrong BUT—lying happens sometimes when it comes to what we will or will not reveal to other people—-or our own denial about who we really are…… ..  
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Featured Book
Mauled Maimed Mangled Mutilated Mythology
by Jay Dubya

Mauled Maimed Mangled Mutilated Mythology is a collection of 21 famous myths that have been given adult spins and presentations...  
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Featured Book
The Wholly Book of Genesis
by Jay Dubya

The Wholly Book of Genesis is a humorous satire on the first book of the Old Testament where the Story of Creation, the building of Noah's Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah and the..  
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All Humor Short Stories

25 Most Recent Humor Short Stories

Another puff by Alexandra Riera
Ante Up by Richard Kallao
humor as well as a message ...
Antibiotic Annie by Lainey Bancroft
An extreme hypochondriac finally gets the medical diagnosis she requires. ..
Any Children? (Here's Your Sign.) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
The dilemmas and situations that all larger-than-average families face on a day to day basis, as viewed by a father of a whopping sixty-three children...
Anyone have a Butterfly net ? by Richard Kallao
Appalachia Childhood by Judy Meeker
Childhood Memories Photo credits Judy Meeker..
Appalachia Childhood # 2 Head Lice by Judy Meeker
I was an ugly child. The cartoon photo of me in part #1 chasing the car looks more like me as a child than my real photos did. Photo credits Judy Meeker..
Appliance Abuse by Nan Loyd
What happens to someone who works from home?..
Read excerpt from ARCHIE TOOTHLESS ARCHIE TOOTHLESS by Robert Herbst
A giant squid is found at Creepon Beach near Mount Perry...
Are a Vampire's Pet worth More then Two and a Cents ? by Richard Kallao
bark, ................ original idea and story...
Apple Announces New Insufferable Technology by Kevin Nenstiel
CUPERTINO, CA (Reuters)—In the latest step of the long-running effort to make computers more interactive with humans, Apple Computer announced today that they have created a computer capable of blowing its user a raspberry. “We are supremely confident,” said raspberry research team leader J..
Armageddon Life by David Horn
A life insurance salesman meets Death...
Armina, the cat who invented canned dog-food by Douglas Skopp
Another in my series, "Little Known Cats Who Have Helped Humankind." I wrote these to relieve the darkness of writing my dark novel, Shadows Walking, about a Nazi doctor.....
Arnold's Rocket by Dave Field
Spud was fascinated by Arnold's Dad's shed. It was full of tools and boxes of nails and screws, and cans of paint and gas masks and queer-looking clamp things. Spud's Dad didn't have a shed at all, and Spud, eight years old and consumed with curiosity about most things, was peering through his smear..
Around To It by George Thompson
Never underestimated by Mom...
Arthur Itis by Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner
My name is Arthur. Arthur Itis. I have a story to tell about how I met this woman and how we've come to establish a permanent relationship. (It suits me fine, doesn't thrill her too much...too bad, I'm here to stay!!) I'd had a chance encounter with a young woman in 1985..
Artificial Insemination........ by Tanya Vincent
The young Technician approaches........
As a Pee in the Ocean (Humor) by Mark Lichterman
The elevator door opening, the seven people inside looked knowingly at the cumbersome wedding gown in Marsha’s arms and the bulky tuxedo bag slung over Mitchell’s shoulder and, knowing that the young couple were newlyweds and knowing, so they thought, what they had done last night, nodding, smiling,..
As Lost As an Alabamian in a Snowstorm by Macey Baggett Wuesthoff
Previously titled "As Lost As a Northwest Alabamian in a Snowstorm," a true humor story of the craziness that ensues in Alabama when the word "snow" is even hinted at. Based upon life experiences of the author during her years in Alabama...
As The Washer Turns by Sandra Novelly
What happens when an appliance rebels.....
View Photo of Ask Ester??? Read excerpt from Ask Ester??? Ask Ester??? by Victoria Murray
Ask Ester is a fun cartoon character I created a long time ago. People e-mail her for advice on numerous subjects. Need advice on a relationship Ask Ester? Having trouble deciding on what to give that special someone in your life for her Birthday, Ask Ester? Ester will answer most any question on..
Asseemed Mistress by Jerri Noble
Asseemed Mistress The solemn line filed quietly in. Old Bill lay in final view as his wife, only son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren sat in silent memory of their loved one. The number of attendees was such that this man was well known, though some wondered of his angelic past; in that..
At Least I Don't Wear "Mom Jeans" by shawn underwood
I can't cut a break with my kids. I drive a dorky car and I don't have the right dance moves......
Attack Of The (Mutant) Brother! by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A girl has problems with her little brother, who is always annoying her...
Attack of the Oil-Based Enamel Black Paint by Philip Hughes-Luing
An unexaggerated tale of my domestic partner's domestic creativity gone awry. ..
Attention! Your Contention . . . Please by Terry Sako
A short, short story for my granddaughter, Desiree..
Autobiography of boobs by Shilpa Edward
What if ur boobs could talk?? Ever wondered??..
Babalu I Love You Lucy by Richard Kallao
they don't make shows like I Love Lucy any more, this is a tribute .............
Baby Boomer Admits “Maybe Sixties Weren’t So Hot.” by Kevin Nenstiel
RAPID CITY, SD (Reuters)—In a stunning admission made before a live audience consisting of his fourteen-year-old son Timothy, local Baby Boomer Niles McCormack today declared, “Maybe the Sixties weren’t so damn hot after all.” This remarkable reversal of position represents the latest move ..
Baby Bully by Brenda Dobson
We've all had at least one bully in our lives; this is one of mine. -- bjd..
Baby's Day Out by shawn underwood
I am beginning to think that perhaps I should leave home a bit more......
Back Again-Without the Rocks in my Head by Richard Kallao
original science fiction tale . Gazoo is not my creation ...
Back Again-Without the Rocks inside My Head ll by Richard Kallao
original idea and story..
Background: Biblical Satires: Jay Dubya by Jay Dubya
Jay Dubya provides background to his humorous adult Biblical satires The Wholly Book of Genesis, The Wholly Book of Exodus and The Wholly Book of Doo-Doo-Rot-on-Me (Deuteronomy)...
Bad Acid At Woodstock by Beem Weeks
A trippy little story I wrote some time ago...
In the beginning we thought we were given a perfect, blonde haired, blue eyed baby girl. WOW, Were we in for a surprise!..
Bad Girls Get Spanked by Ken Kupstis
I'm sure you'll all find this..."WHACK!"..
Bad Joke Hour by Matthew Benoit
Story tributing bad game shows in the 70's...
Bali High and Dry by Norman Firth
A holiday in Bali is great but just try living there...
Ballooning Safari by Peter Hills
Two young children are caught in conversation, unawre that their dreams and lives are being listened to...
Bambiatta's Fabulous New Year by Cody SEA
Happy New Year, Dahling!..
Banana Dream by Lilia Lopez-Rahman
A story about an unconditional love of a mother towards her daughter as seen by a pastor...
Bang, Bang Maxwell's Silver Hammer... by Approximately Naive
The romantic awareness of a 17 year old..
Barbie Tales by Lisa Barker
There's no place safe for Barbie when it comes to boys. =================================..
Bargain sale. by Jack Kuperman
I succeeded to buy something on Sale day. ..
Barnyard Christmas Story by Annabel Sheila
Sometimes you just gotta have a laugh!!!..
Baseball Been Very Very Good to Me by Walt Hardester
pricey pitches..
Read excerpt from Batgirl Batgirl by Ray Sikorski
She's an evil batgirl genius and I want to have my way with her...
Bats Dilema by Gerald Tate
Vampire bats..
Be Careful What You Wish For by Richard Kallao
never wish what you can't handle . original idea and story ...
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13. Island Santa, by Owen Thomas (an excerpt)
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16. The Elephant
17. Duped Net: The Interrogation
18. The World of Aposiopesis
19. Byron Luckipaw, the cat who established th
20. Rose is dead

Featured Book
Stilettos No More
by Diana Estill

Wandering through the years between mini-skirts and Mee-maw panties with both eyes squinted, award-winning author Diana Estill laments she's "put up with this thong enoug..  
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Featured Book
Grandad Miller, Serial Killer
by Mark Sutton

You'll never feel safe on your allotment again.....  
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