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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Women, War & Hypocrites
by Robert Campbell

This book demonstrates an approach for those trying to understand whether and to what extent the practices and ideas that we now associate with Islam have a firm foundati..  
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Featured Book
The Holy Bible: True or False?
by John Rayburn

An unbiased view of religious belief and faith, with discussions of whether some content may be inventions of theological ideas based on wide interpretations...  
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Like A Flood
by Elizabeth Proske

Young missionaries cross paths with Colombian drug traffickers. Kindle Edition only $2.99!..  
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All Religion Short Stories

25 Most Recent Religion Short Stories

Supply and Demand by Morgan McFinn
This is a parody inspired by an article in the Bangkok Post 15 years ago. How would the world react if God was kidnapped for ransom?..
Temptation of Jesus by Katherine Harms
Jesus joined most fully in our humanity when he was tempted. His baptism marked him as fully human, and the tempter appealed to the fully human SELF of Jesus in an attempt to prevent him from achieving his purpose of rescuing humanity from the clutches of Satan...
The Cathedral by Lilly H
Just a story inspired by a short film that was inspired by a short story..
The Crazy Old White Man and the Preacher by Lee Gaylord
The crazy old white man and the preacher talk about preaching...
The Angel Asked... by Dawn Spillane
The Angel Asked…. As I was walking in the park at midnight, an angel came to me and said, “Come follow me.” Since I wasn’t a firm believer in angels and God, I hesitated and asked the angel what he wanted me for, thinking that it was just one of my lame friends getting someone to dress up..
The anniversary by Chriss Hill
A mother's foreboding of danger during a trip in the mountains comes true. ..
The Awesome Holiness of God by Jerry Hulse
If sin in its fullness caused the judgment of God to fall on a nation in one day then the question for us today in this generation should be; “with all the violence and disregard for all that is holy, how close are we in reaping the same or worse”? ..
The Bible as the Oldest Egalitarian Document in History by Lonnie Hicks
The Bible as a egalitarian document. (Newly Edited) Updated: 5/24/14 What Did Jesus actually say in the bible? Updated: 4/8/14 God Had a Wife Updated: 12/7/13 The History Channel Series on "The Real Jesus" Updated: 11/30/13 Was Jesus an Essene? 27 new videos added ..
The Big Fish by J Strunk
Lesson in How to accomplish a dream and how to recieve what you pray for...
The Blessed Virgin Mary: A Mystic's Journal Entry February 10, 2005 by Laurie Conrad
Saints and Our Lady: A Mystic's Journal Entry February 10, 2005 by Laurie Conrad...
The Boot by Donald Cobbs
Never give up...God will send you counsel and strength...
THE CALLING by Yenan Silen
A testimony of healing, restoration and transformation. ..
The Cloud Roles In by Robert Hale
Revival In Boneau, SC..
The Creche, A Story from ' Visits With Angels'. by Laurie Conrad
A Christmas story from the new book, Visits With Angels by Laurie Conrad...
My hope for you in reading this book, you will smile and be inspired.......
The DaVinci Code Commentaires de Roman by Harold Hester
The Da Vinci Code novel raised many questions for me. I am sharing some as I sort others...
the drive home by seriously dave
one day I was driving home in my car, just bummed out. I had the downs and then.....
The Final Chapter: Raindrops and Good Fortunes by Myles Saulibio
"How often we fail to realize our good fortune in living in a country where happiness is more than a lack of tragedy." - Paul Sweeney..
The Forgotten Church by Jerry Hulse
We are living in the age where we desperately need a spiritual house cleaning to get rid of the confessed sin and ungodliness in Christian leaders. ..
The Garden of Eden by Crissy Foster
I figured I would toss up a theory that I had when I was 12 years old. This is obviously not a testiment of fact but it's a different theory that is interesting. Ignore all the grammer errors for those who actually read this. I have never written a short story before. This is just one of many th..
The Guest of Honor is Missing by Anze Mofor
Why do we Celebrate Christmas? ..
The Hallelujah Network by Patricia Backora
What would it be like if unscrupulous Bible experts admitted that they were unfairly fleecing the sheep?..
The Infant of Prague and Self Worth: A Mystic's Journal December 7-11,2005. by Laurie Conrad
Novena to the Infant of Prague: A Mystic's Journal Entry December 7-11, 2005 by Laurie Conrad...
The Kingdom Hall No More by Daniel Chamberlayne
Excerpt from Chapter 16 - Disfellowshipped the upcoming book...The Kingdom Hall No More..
The Last House by J Strunk
Story of the last house on a street where the traffic goes one way and one way only. Curious about it the man whom owns the last house finally walks down to the end of the stree to find; ..
The Lost Tomb of Jesus / Family Tomb: Fact or Fiction? by Don Sausa
A New Book Says the Lost Tomb of Jesus Documentary Was Deceptive to Its Viewers and Illusory to the Scholars That Worked on the Production..
The Meek Shall Inherit by E Detetcheverrie
An eleventh Commandment arises, the only one surviving after the original tablets are discovered, but damaged. ..
View Photo of The Messenger Read excerpt from The Messenger The Messenger by Jim Garrison
What if you knew the exact time the rapture was going to take place and no one would believe you? Follow this couple as they try to convince friends and relatives to accept Jesus before it's too late. This New Year is going to be like no other in history!..
The Mind of Alonzo Jons by Sam Dronebarger
Alonzo was born blind, but with a remarkable brain and a driving obsession to know God in a special way. This is a fictional short story about skills, abilities and handicaps and the application of each to fulfill a strong desire...
The Nazarene Commentary by Mark Heber Miller
A new non-sectarian translation of the New Testament with 12,000 commentary footnotes...
The Originemological Argument by Joey Lawsin
The final argument that proves God doesn't exist...
The Perfect Story by Roberto Roche
Roberto Ornan Roche, a Christian writer from Cuba, is an internationally recognized author with stories published in English and Spanish. His book, A Lighthouse of Asaph, is a story collection capturing the emotions and longings of a Cuban heart. The stories were written in an attempt to reconcile t..
The Rapture (Conclusion, Or Part Two) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
The boy finds himself at the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ, who now stands before him. He is terrified more now than he's ever been in his entire life...
The Rapture (Part One) Inspired by Evelyn Simon's Poem, The Rapture by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
"For God so loved the world, that He gave His Only Begotten Son; and whoever so believeth in Him should not perish; but have Everlasting Life." --John 3:16. Are YOU ready?? have YOU made the decision to ask Jesus into your heart today?? It's the only way to Heaven, the ONLY way!! (I ha..
The Return of the Crusader by Peter Paton
Dark and Sombre Tale..
The Rose of God by Rick Yarbrough
A friends Aunt died and I wrote this to comfort her memory of her, She said it did, I'd hope it would give others Peace and hope of Our loving God,know he is there when you burdened,..
The Satanic Verses of Bhagavad-gita by Kedar Joshi
A hardcore moral criticism of the Bhagavad-gita, the most famous Hindu scripture...
"An exciting and contemporary interpretation of symbolism in Christianity.The Secret Behind the Cross and the Crucifix by Nwaocha Ogechukwu is a fascinating and historical narration about the use of symbolism in organized religion. What do you think of when you look at the ..
The Seed of Heaven by christopher lamell
This is a representation of Jesus coming to earth...
The Tommie Scott Story From Gangs To Soldier For Christ by Tommie Scott
About the Author: Tommie Scott is former gang member and now born-again believer in Jesus Christ. He is an author, advocate for at-risk youth, a chaplain for the Las Vegas Community Gang Task Force, and a dedicated witness and soldier for Christ. Tommie is a native of Southern California. He grew up..
The Tornado by D. Kelly
Miracles come in all sizes...
The Truth about Temptation, Problems, Sin and the Church by Antoine Roston
We are taught even in church to live in fantasy. We are taught that we are getting ready to come out of something, that our season is changing, but we hardly ever really deal with the issues we have. We can never experience the power of Gods healing when we don't deal with ourselves and our weakness..
The Unapproachable God by Jerry Hulse
This is a short story I wrote about christ in His offices and how they relate to me...
The Web by Charlina Smith
The dilemma of immorality..
The Woman at the Well by John Howard Reid
Many books have been written about the sorry condition of John's Gospel. The manuscript that left the Beloved Disciple's hand was considerably augmented and re-arranged by his editor, John the Elder. But John's disciples were not happy with the Elder's work, so the Gospel was cut up and again re-arr..
This World's Spiritual Weather Report on Coming Destruction by jeff callarman
Where this world stands according to God and not man...
Time of Restoration by Shearon Hurst
A word of encouragement to strengthen your faith in the Lord..
Today's Human Race by jeff callarman
God is my heartbeat with His words as my only blood-flow that without I would surly die...
Todd in the Dark by Steve Groll
A boy who has all the answers is put to the test, and finds himself in the dark...
Torturer by The Grim Reverend Steven Rage
1253 anno excerpt from "PILATE: A Brutal Bible Tale" Hardcore Horror from The Grim Reverend Steven Rage..
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2. Biblical Barbaric Romans were Pagan Master
4. Supply and Demand
5. Truth And The Gospel Of John--the resurrec
6. 'No One Knew It Was Coming. ...': The Rapt
7. My Testimony
8. My Contra-cultural Marriage and Religious
9. He Did It For Me. He Did It For You. He

Featured Book
Exploring Re-Visioned Kabbalah: A Study Guide...
by Judith Laura

An e-book study guide to the 4 chapters on Jewish Kabbalah and Hermetic Qabalah, and a more egalitarian visioning,in the print book, Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Cen..  
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Featured Book
Who is the Antichrist
by Will Clark

One of the great mysteries of our time is the question regarding the Antichrist. Is there one; has there already been one; is he to appear at some future date? This bookl..  
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