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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Healing Crystal, Book Two, Fall of Eden
by Michele Poague

What is the Healing Crystal and who is the rightful heir? Is it a religious object or a powerful weapon? Does it belong to a fallen line of kings or to the colonists of S..  
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Featured Book
The Palomar Paradox: A SETI Mystery (Digest)
by Richard Rydon

‘The Palomar Paradox’ sees Luper back in an astronomical observatory searching for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. He finds himself working with Leila, a young gi..  
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Featured Book
Sci-Fi Series 1
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

Anthology: Thirsty Work, The Acorn, Dare, Black Hole ..  
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All Science Fiction Short Stories

25 Most Recent Science Fiction Short Stories

Fast Friends-A Starhawk tale by Joseph Madden
Jesse Forster stopped in at the bar for a drink and some information. He got something more...
Read excerpt from Feeling Crabby Feeling Crabby by Cecil Washington
A weird tale about the sexual hangups of an alien jelly-crab..
First Encounter (4,810 words) by Mike Thornton
A short story..
First Truth by Lee Garrett
Coming of age in an alien society can be murder.....
Flash fiction - Kal Eldron's Folly by Gary Baker
Life on a spinning space station can get dull. No excuse for not learning from the previous dead occupant though...
Flashback by Richard Kallao
Flight of KK …. by Srian Good
A scientist takes flight in a craft he built and reaches the heights he never targeted. ..
Fly Me to the Moon by Marianne Dyson
A high school boy helps an Alzheimer's patient with a secret identity recall memories that may save the life of a historian on the Moon...
Follow Me Down by Terry Hickman
Growing up is tough when the whole Galaxy's attention is rivetted on the status of your virginity. Even when they're concerned with saving the human species, it's hard to accept the rules...
Forget Me Not by Michael Gibbs
Simply a view from Earth that gives rise to speculations about what humankind is looking at...
View Photo of Frick, Walker Joe, and the Minihunis! Read excerpt from Frick, Walker Joe, and the Minihunis! Frick, Walker Joe, and the Minihunis! by Bradley Fralick
P>The next in the Walker Joe, & Frick adventures/P>..
Friends. by Jack Kuperman
They are different, but they are my friends...
Friendship At Its Best by Amelia Ravenbrook
Brigit has discovered the truth at the heart of her government. Now, she waits to see who will come for her..
Frolics On The Sea Of Tranquility (Pt 2) by Felix Perry
The second installment..
From eternity with Love by Richard Kallao
original i hope ..
Fugitives (Chapters 1-12) by Eris Lebeau
A Farscape fan fiction novella in progress. ..
Funny Money by Paula Stiles
A disgruntled, laid-off historian uses the artificial-intelligence-endowed money she was hired to produce to create merry havoc...
Gamma Strike: The Dawning of a New Age Chapter 1 by Rick Bentsen
This is the first draft of the brandy new version of Gamma Strike: The Dawning of a New Age. It has NOT been edited and this is not the final version that will appear in the book...
Gammon Warp II by Ruth Willerth
Creatures from a distant galaxy test out their prototype virtual reality device on a human boy...
Gen-Eg by Tony Bourne
Heavy military sci-fi..
Gen-Eg 2.0: Lucky #13 by Tony Bourne
The story of 66 and the other Gen-Eg super soldiers continues in Lucky#13. The massive global war threatens Westfor, the repressive dictatorship which created 66 and the Gen-Egs as weapons and assassins. Gen-Eg: Lucky #13 is a B&W, military/sci-fi, illustrated, graphic novel...
GENESIS: Arrival by Doug Davis
What if Earth's history were not as it seemed? What if, GOD were simply a scientist from another world, genetically recreating his species here on earth, because his race of people on his homeworld was doomed to extinction? What if we WERE created in his own image?..
Germ Warfare part 1:Space is not So Big After All by Richard Kallao
Germ Warfare part 2:Underwater Manuvers by Richard Kallao
Get Your Foot Off My Neck by Brian Gordon
The Way of the Bodhisattva is shown as the only way to Enlightenment. If we do not show compassion with mindfulness we will never awaken completely. ..
Ghastly Beyond Belief! by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A woman encounters a space alien, much to her horror...
Gilgamesh by Valerie Frankel
A modern man finds the secret to beating cancer and living forever. But what is the cost?..
View Photo of Give It Up Already! Read excerpt from Give It Up Already! Give It Up Already! by Bradley Fralick
This is a silly story I just made up to go with the silly title!..
Glass Mind by Mark Chapman
What if in all your creative endeavours you were piped to the post - same idea different people. This would surely challenge your sense of reality. For one person it did…..
GLIMPSE from my book of shorties Flash Fiction Menagerie by Randolph Giles
This story is homage to one of my favor writers Rod Serling and is just on of stories in my short story book...
GODS - The Second Coming by Joey Lawsin
This is a futuristic storyline that showcases the power of a simple unknown theory that reinvented the meaning of life and revolutionized the historical transitions of the world: from Stone Age to Industrial Age to Information Age and to what now hailed as the Family Age. In this new era, a unique b..
Going for a walk in the sun. by TONY NERONE
Taking a walk in the sun. ------------------------------------..
Going Native by Paula Stiles
A hot, muddy, crowded African bus ride into town in the rainy season is not Jane's idea of adventure. And George is not her idea of the perfect guy. But she is still a little surprised to find out that he isn't from around here...
Gone Tomorrow by Deborah Cannon
Did life exist on Mars before it was destroyed, and can it exist again? Jordan Pleiedes arrives on the planet hoping to right a wrong she committed years ago only to discover that it isn't Mars that needs to be saved...
Grave of the Devil by S Cardin
In 1991, an unidentified spacecraft crashed in the Russian mountains at Tien Shan.....
Green Gem by James Taylor
Green Gem Sparks must be launched to save humanity. Bryon Diamond battles flesh eating Shark Runners, and Solar Earth Storms, in his fight to deliver the Green Gem. Spiritual mentors reveal inner visions on Diamond’s quest. Green Gem soars into, the heart and soul, fragile balance of all life on our..
Green People Are Good by Carol Boshears
Huddled in a house full of everything our heroine, an eco-biologist, investigates a scientific, (maybe) phenomena and the rest is "history" for her...
Greener Pastures by James Anderson
An old prospector's seach for gold on Mars leads him to an incredible discovery...
Next time you go shopping take a long look through the shop windows...
Growing Young by Jay Dubya
Growing Young is a Jay Dubya science fiction story that appears in the Kindle, Nook and Smashwords e-book First Person Stories...
View Photo of Guidestones Destiny Read excerpt from Guidestones Destiny Guidestones Destiny by Michael Ault
A photographer visits a new age site...or so he thinks..
Read excerpt from Gypsy Gypsy by Gary Smith
Gypsy “Solar wind, a stream of ionized hydrogen and helium radiating outward from the sun, carrying away 1 million tons of gas per sec. Near the earth the solar wind normally has a velocity of 700 km/sec.” D’accord Ford squeezed the knuckle of his left t..
Happiness, USA by Matt Thomas
Nothing goes wrong in Happiness, USA, but if it does… they have ways of dealing with trouble. David and his wife have to decide, is life better inside the walls of Happiness, or should they take their chances with what waits for them on the outside?..
View Photo of Happy Christmas Charles Read excerpt from Happy Christmas Charles Happy Christmas Charles by Martyn Kinsella-Jones
A tale of not so happy holidays in the depths of interstellar space..
Harper's World by Richard Kallao
Harvest Moon by Gary Tenuta
The more things change the more they stay the same. Harvest Moon is a vignette of a conversation between a man and his wife on a lunar farm sometime in the future...
Hazardous Duty by Michael Ault
Sometimes it is all a matter of perspective..
Hearts and Flowers by Trevor Hopkins
A romantic science-fiction story: future history, love and technology - all in 500 words..
Hellfire and Limestone by Richard Kallao
Hellfire and Smoke sequel to Hellfire and Limestone by Richard Kallao
original by the way I love the short story thats why I have so many here I think a story written to long doesnt get a chance to develop better ...
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Science Fiction Stories
1. It's in the Cards
2. Part 3: Poison Earth
3. Honor killing -NOT DONE
4. Doing Bristol
5. Don’t Mess with God
6. Part 1: Poison Earth
7. Rich Man, Poor Soul
8. Growing Young
9. Winter Solstice, 2012
10. Children of Mars
11. The Music Portal
12. Happy Christmas Charles
13. Lost Identity
14. An Amber Storm From Hell
15. Transitions
16. the golden dragon boy
17. Spring Heeled Jack
18. It's in the Water
19. Destiny
20. The Table Drawer

Featured Book
Tales From The Universe
by Peter Jessop

An anthology of short stories...  
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Featured Book
The Allegiance
by Russell Williams

A race against time...  
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