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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Mother Teresa, Called to Love
by Maryanne Raphael

Mother Teresa, Called to Love is an easy to read biography of a modern day saint who proved that one person with enough love, compassion, courage and persistence can chan..  
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Featured Book
Tarzan, My Father
by W. Craig Reed

An authoritative insight into the life of the man most film fans consider the "one and only" Tarzan - Olympic swimming champion Johnny Weissmuller -- this book offers an ..  
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Featured Book
River Rough, River Smooth
by Anthony Dalton

This is the story of the author's two adventures on Manitoba's historic Hayes River by York boat and by canoe, combined with elements of Hudson's Bay Company history.  
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25 Most Recent Biography Short Stories

Mom by Maria Cristina Azcona
Momma's In The Well! by Carolyn Matherne
Growing up on a Texas farm in the 50's, the Burns kids found everything there was to get into and survived!..
Motherly Advice by R Kelly
A fractured tale about the start of my writing career..
MS and Me by River Urke
This is my story with Multiple Sclerosis. ..
Music To Think By by Pfire Duffys Closet
Memories are to be captured, treasured and shared. Some are gifts of rare beauty indeed...
My First Sheep by Louisa Dobbins
Year 2006 - Dealing with drug addicts. I had no clue what I was in for... I find today in year 2014 that God has many gifts when you are willing to follow instructions. ..
My 130th Story: Quite An Accomplishment!! by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
I can't believe it: This is my 130th STORY I've done on Authorsden! I have NEVER written THIS much, even when I took Creative Writing (or other writing classes) in school over 20 years back!! (I graduated over 20 years ago from high school, back in June of 1979.) I am surprised I have ha..
My Angles Said Hello by Vicky Jeter
This story is companion to my poem by the same name...
My Apologies to All by Carin Spirit
I have been rude to some here and have posted some pretty bad rants......
My Brother My Best Friend by James Alonzo
My Career as a Manhattan Liquor Inspector by David Arthur Walters
I always wonder what gifts were acceptible..
Read excerpt from My Den My Den by Sussie Due
This one is short. So I will just add it here. Here I sit in my den. With my computer system (affectionately named Hal), my phone/fax, two filing cabinets, a wall full of books, flags hanging on the wall (St. Andrews Cross, Rampant Lion, and the USA), accompanied by various oils p..
My Dog Sandy by J Robert Whittle
A story about my favourite dog and my early life in Yorkshire, England...
My Birthday... by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
I hardly believe it, but tomorrow is my 43rd birthday. Not just mine, mind you, but also Karla's, my twin sister's. The reason I say this is because when we were born nearly 43 years ago, on June 26, 1959, we weren't expected to survive. See, we were born 3 months premature, and back then..
My Dream by Prabhakar palaka
For ages the Dalits have been suppressed, oppressed. Thier intellect had been benumbed. Knowledge had been hegemonised. But now I know the truth. Now I must assert. I must write about it. I must dream for a better world, an egalitarian society. ..
My First Christmas Without Daddy. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Am trying to get through this Christmas season without falling apart. Don't feel very Christmas-y; you'll see why as you read. Pray for me...
My First Job...(Part 5) by Sandie Angel
A fictional biography novel in progress... ..
My First Job...(Part 6) by Sandie Angel
A fictional biography novel in progress...
My First Job....(Part 4) by Sandie Angel
A fictional biography novel in progress about my first job...(I have decided to move this into the "Stories" section)..
My first shooting lesson... by David Michael
Some stories can't be made up...
my friend by Deborah Richards
My Hostel Life-Chapter 1 by YADUVANSHI NEHA
This is my story of staying in a working women hostel where i have learned thousand of things from my amazing roommates..
My Hostel Life-Chapter 2 by YADUVANSHI NEHA
This is story of my Hostel Life.A story about different girls having different aims & vision...
MY Humber-Humbert by Christelle Harris
He inspires me, even now. He is a beautiful, inspiring, wounderful man!..
My Journey Through Aloneness by Vicky Jeter
Aloneness for me began with my earliest memories and has had far-reaching effects on my life. Two conditions powerfully influenced my experiences. First, my mother was an alcoholic. She was in and out of hospitals for recovery numerous times while I was growing up, and I learned quickly th..
My Life by Earth by John Townsend
Short biography of planet Earth..
My Life story by Luz Bella Daughton
my story when i was a childhood..
My Pet - Wisky - The Book by Herman Yenwo
Wisky was a German Shepherd. He was my pet when I was about six years old...
My Philmont Scout Ranch Experience 1950 by Dixon C
Philmont was great. It was really well done...
My Reviews for The Story Never Told by Linda Grover
Please write your review below. Honest feedback always welcomed..
My Story by Dr. Grace Henderson
Inspiring others through my testimony..
My Story - A Journey to America by Toris Okotie
This is my story, the realization of my childhood dreams...a dream, dreamt by all...
My Story by R. Region Arrington by Richard Arrington
Maybe we share the same opinions, maybe we worry about the same things, maybe we’ve had some of the same victories or griefs, and maybe we laugh about the same things...
My Testimony by Minister Susan (Bimes)Moll
How God changed my life..
Near Death Experience by * Twilah
This took place one night when I was on duty at the hospital, shortly after receiving my RN. ..
Never a Warrior by David Thompson
Some remembrances, some explanations...
Never in a million years by Carissa Walker
Never in a million years could I have imagine myself writing books. Born May 1, 1982. Raised with three brothers and 6 sisters. First one of all to accomplish a great achievement like this one. I am very proud of myself and really looking forward to writing more books, including one of myself...HUH,..
New Start by Mary Verdick
September as a new start with lots of new opportunities and I intend to enjoy it. And of course I'm looking forward to the publication of my new book, "That Certain Summer," in a few months. ..
No Pain, No Gain by Louisa Dobbins
One-Two-Three-Four, Your Left-Right..
Norm DePlume: The Lost Conversation by Jeremy Vaeni
This is not a chapter from my book but looks strikingly similar to something one might read there. It's a piece of dialogue between my now deceased college pal and I. Or is it me? Me or I?--I'm a writer, I don't need to know how to write...good?..
North Narrabeen 1972 6of7 by Malcolm Croan
A Glimpse At The Past A mainly humorous, but sometimes sad autobiographical account of my informative years...
Nostalgia ! by Michael Kersting
An old man reflects on his boyhood in Georgetown British Guiana in the Fifties..
Nostalgia ! by Michael Kersting
An old man's reflection on his boyhood days in Georgetown, British Guiana i the 1950's..
Nostalgia ( A Guyanese Tale ) by Michael Kersting
My early years spent in Georgetown, British Guiana in the fifties...
Not Just Another Teen Mom... by Carla Barnes
The Carla Barnes' Story..
Russian Roulette: or Doing Business in Eastern Bloc Countries by Yvonne Bornstein
Business People Beware!..
Salvation II by Monika Arnett-Cochran
This is a dedication to Salvation from my father, Thomas Franklin Cochran. I add his poetry and our story. My father, mother, and I are reunited after many years of separation...
Samsonite Luggage and a Watermelon Tied on a Rope by Louisa Dobbins
Mama, I will carry the luggage, but I refuse to carry that watermelon on the train...
Santa Klause by Walt Hardester
Secret's A Little Girl Kept. (my true story) by Bennett
It still saddens me to know that my natural parents gave My siblings and I up. They left us all abandoned-alone. For 37 years we're still separated just uknown to each other...
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Biography Stories
1. Fever: Little Willie John's Fast Life, Mys
2. My Career as a Manhattan Liquor Inspector
3. 4.7 - Tantalizing Travels - Part 2
4. 2.6 - TDY's to Saudi Arabia - Part 1
5. The First Time I Ran Away From Home
6. I Was A Crack Adding Machine Operator
7. 7.8 - Have a Good Day!
8. 4.7 - Tantalizing Travels - Part 1
9. 6.5 - Beyond the Envelope
10. My First Job...(Part 6)
11. A true love story
12. I'm Scared
13. 7.4 - The Quickest Way Down
14. I Was A Frustrated Newspaper Columnist
15. Whom God Hears
16. 7.7 - Cruisin' Skipper's Dream
17. 2.6 - TDY's to Saudi Arabia - Part 2
18. My First Job...(Part 5)
19. To the Candy Shop
20. 9.3 - Happy Giver

Featured Book
Poet's Progeny
by Miller Caldwell

Why was Robert Burns' songs, poems and music loved by all? Russians honour Burns and he was the talk of the Enlightenment of Europe. He spoke for the orindary man to thos..  
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Featured Book
The Little Engine That Did It
by Richard Tscherne

"The Thing About Trains Is It Doesn't Matter Where They Are Going What Matters Is to get On" The Polar Express..  
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