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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
by Hank LeGrand

The Mystical Blueberry Bush is a story about being greedy--or is it--with its blueberries...  
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Featured Book
Destination: Berlin
by S Cardin

In this high-intensity military thriller, a female US Army Corporal evades Stasi assassins with the help of a Russian Junior Sergeant after their duty derails in Germany ..  
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Featured Book
by Mike Monahan

Barracuda is a fast-paced thriller which will be enjoyed by readers who appreciate the aquatic action of Jaws, the mob intrigue of The Godfather, and the police procedura..  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

A Shot Too Far by Neal James
Sharpe knew that all the cards were against him, and he would rather not have played the hand that had now been dealt...
A Silk Rose by Lonnie Hicks
A Simply Agnes Morning by Jerelyn Craden
Recollections of Agnes one year after her passing...
A Small Town Girl - Part Four by Karin Fleischhaker-Griffin
A small town girl finds success - Dedicated to the Dragon Ladies of Welding..
A Small Town Girl - Part Seven by Karin Fleischhaker-Griffin
A small town girl finds success - Dedicated to the Dragon Ladies of Welding..
A Smile and Laughter by Sandra Bouie
What are the two things you need each day? A smile and laughter. Both have awesome benefits to keep you healthy and happy...
A snatch Hatch Catch by donna bartley
horror comes in all shapes and sizes..
A Sniper's Promise by Marty Kay
This is from a 'flash fiction'competition where authors were challenged to write a story in less than 700 words...
View Photo of A Sort of Justice Read excerpt from A Sort of Justice A Sort of Justice by Albert Loren
When hate and fate team up, it's a good idea to run in the opposite direction..
A Spring Bud by Lonnie Hicks
Finger-Tip Hesitant..
A Star To Come Down-The Story by Lonnie Hicks
A STEP MAN AND A STEP WOMAN IN YOUR HOME……. After being raised up in a by Joe Davis
If your children's father is not in the home with you and your children, please don't bring some other man who is not the father of your children....It will not work!..
A story for BettyJo by Catherine Krause
The story of a bold young woman, who acted on impulse to find love at first sight can last a lifetime...
A Strange Brilliance by Jen Knox
“A STRANGE BRILLIANCE” BY JEN KNOX She plucked a light blue sundress from a hanger in a closet that housed only two other dresses, darker ones, and a man’s XL jersey. Henry was still, eager to get back to work after another long lunch, but unable to move.....
Read excerpt from A Strange Journey A Strange Journey by Nishnat Biswas
An adventurer decides to have a walk in nature and comes across a memorable awe inspiring experience. ..
A stranger from the future at my door by Elaine Smith
A strange woman appears at my door, she is from the future and has information which can save my life. Who is she? What does she have to say??..
A stranger in the city by Sunil Sharma
An upper-class executive faces the truth of modern metros when, robbed of his plastic ID, he finds himself as the typical underdog of the city...
A Stranger is Waiting by Melissa Kesead
About a writer being stalked by a killer..
A Stroke of Luck - Chapter 3 by Ian Thorpe
Go Back to: ..
A SUBCULTURE OF OUR YOUTH by Anita Ballard-Jones
There he goes, chronologically a man. Twenty-five years old, stuck in his brother-boy ways, neatly platted cornrow touched his shoulders and platinum, temporary cap cover his right eye tooth and distort his beautiful smile. Brother-boy has holes in both ears to hold his cubic zaconic studs. His a..
A Summer Day Field Trip by Thomas Ault
No where is as beautiful as your own back yard. It took a writing holiday with my friends to appreciate its solitude and wonder...
A Table Style Piano with Three Leaves, the whole story in lurid detail by Shirley Kirsten
A heart-warming account with many unpredictable twists and turns.. ..
A tale of revenge by Dean Fraser-Phillips
A short introduction into a mans tale of revenge on the wife whom left him for dead. ..
A TALE OF THE SEA by Raymond Mayotte
Out of the murky depths of the thick fog sailed an aberration that struck fear into the heart of every seaman watching. ..
a tangled web by William Haynes
a brief excerpt from a piece I am still working on..... and on..
View Photo of A Tanimbar Experience Read excerpt from A Tanimbar Experience A Tanimbar Experience by Russ Swan
The Tanimbar Islands are situated in the Arafura Sea roughly 300 km to the north of Darwin in northern Australia. It's topography is similar to northern Australia with low lying features in the southern parts, and gives a first impression of being barren. The Dutch were the first Eur..
A Taste of Heaven by Lee Garrett
O Scorpion, the most twisted hero of them, all returns in his latest adventure!!!!..
A Terrible Plague!: England, 1215 A.D. (The Middle Ages) (Part Two) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Our young friend continues to record events as they happen. A second wave of the plague has struck his city; he's terrified that he will come down with it...
A Time For Eating Wild Onions by L. A. Starks
The Cherokees' unique culture add a twist to the crucible that was San Francisco during the Vietnam War...
A Time For Me by Lonnie Hicks
Time Teaches Us..
A Time to Say Amen by Romunda s
This is a look into the life of a girl who was lost...
A Town Like Georgeanne by Alexander Nderitu
An excerpt from 'Kiss, Commander, Promise'..
A Tribute to J.D. Salinger by Robert Crane
In tribute to J. D. Salinger, it only seems fitting to tell this little true story in the voice of Holden Caulfield, that tortured teen from The Catcher in the Rye...
View Photo of A Tribute TO Robert L. Hamilton Read excerpt from A Tribute TO Robert L. Hamilton A Tribute TO Robert L. Hamilton by Bradley Fralick
This is a tribute to a great man who recently died..
A trip to Fentanville by Ruth Whiskie
This is not a fiction story. It is an actual account of an experience which I had a year ago. It is just more comfortable for me to write it from a detached point of view. I chose to keep my own name in the story, thought, to validate it as non-fiction...
A Troopers’ Christmas by Tom Brosman
The story of a veteran trooper faced with his greatest loss and of an old kindness that came back to him...on Christmas Day...
A True Love story by Ron Lemco
More of feelings then a story...
A Two of Hearts excerpt by Richard Jones
HE comes to a dramatic conclusion.....
A View of United States Energy Supplies in 2028 by Dan Ronco
Jeff Casale and Lisa Mitchell are security consultants engaging in a distressed conversation with the President and National Security Advisor in 2028. The subject is the country’s desperate energy situation. I fear something like this conversation may take place in the not too distant future. ..
A Violent Sort of Grace by K Rogers
There is a strange and mystic beauty in the horror of the Cross. In one moment God displays for all time His fathomless love in a tool of absolute torment, and on Calvary changes that ashes of pain into a balm of healing. ..
A visit to the Chicken Ranch in La Grange, TX by Lois Wauson
We decided to visit the site of the famous Chicken Ranch in La Grange Texas. It had been a well known brothel in the early 1900' was known as the "Chicken Ranch" to give it an alias, I think. ..
A VISITOR? by Marcus Dino
Now there's real proof but then....... perhaps.......... it's just my right cerebral cortex playing tricks on me again.............
A Volcano's Wrath by Ronald Hull
This is Chapter 7 of American Mole: The Cartel, the second novel in the trilogy that is a sequel to War’s End. The book should be available by mid summer...
A Walk By Faith by Stanley Alston
My trip to Paris, France an essay of a walk by Faith...
A walk by faith across america by Rich Huffstutler
My story...A walk by faith..
A Week End In New England by Helen Ide
A Week End In New England..
A Weird Night by Choco Munday
This short story was captured in one of those very rare moments when your brain is off on a tangent somewhere and you find yourself committing some very strange literary acts. Read on, if you dare. . . . ...
A Wild Goose Chase by Southern Justice
What in the name of God Almighty can POSSIBLY Happen?..
A Wild Ride by Gary Gordon
The wildest ride...
A Wolf and A Boy by Lloyd Kazama
A boy i lost and goes through a woods looking for his parents while accompined by a wolf cub. P.S. i wrote this when i was 9..
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Action/Thriller Stories
1. Hard Town Trucking
2. If Animals Could Talk-Volume Two
3. Einstein: How do Galaxies Work? Updated 6/
4. Fractured Idioms July 30
5. Fractured Idioms -Friday 4/27/12 (G Versio
6. Family Dynamics And War
7. Yesterday's Gone To Pages
8. I Am The Pretty Girl-Chapter Two
9. An Icicle Kiss-A Story
11. History: Psychopaths and Institutions
12. Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda
13. The National Security State: Have We Lost
14. What Will the World Look Like in 20 Years?
15. America's Health Care System: What are the
16. The History of Human Societies: What Are T
17. Abandoned Hearts
18. The Sludge (Part 12)
19. It Hits the Fan
20. A Silk Rose

Featured Book
The Four Series - The Beginning - Book I
by Margaret Millmore

A new twist on the battle between good and evil...  
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Featured Book
Flowers from the Grave - E-book print & audio download
by Wendy Laing

The first in the Inspector Jane Doe adult mystery/paranormal series. Inspector Jane Doe, head of Melbourne Homicide is staying in an isolated cliff top cottage. She's rec..  
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