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Sept 11, 2001
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At Eagle's Edge: A Novel About Our Choices, Our Future And
by Rosemary Patterson

Romance, Environmental novel about a Surfer Dude rescue of a sea lion from a massive Dilbit (Tar Sands Oil & Condensate) spill after huge tankers are allowed to travel th..  
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Lyin' Like a Dog
by Richard Mason

Lyin' Like a Dog is the sequel to The Red Scarf...  
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Obama's World: Secrets and Deceptions
by Will Clark

America may be at a Biblical turning point in our history. We must be very careful, and have full knowledge of the person we choose to lead America in the next years...  
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All Mainstream Short Stories

25 Most Recent Mainstream Short Stories

B.O.W. 81: Sunbeam by Mark Lichterman
So then did Marsha wonder of the cylinder of flesh she held within her hand: it was hard, yet soft; it was…? Hot? Cold? Actually cool, yet the cool heat that emanated from the penis of her husband erotically seared the epidermis of Marsha’s flesh to spiritually enter her blood, causing it to flow th..
B.O.W. 82: Home Again by Mark Lichterman
Feeling her touch, sensing her touch to his core, parting the pedals—as he’d done dozens of times in the past—he looked at his wife’s genitalia that, in Mitchell’s eyes, appeared as burnished pink silk. Bringing his lips to her, he kissed her. ..
B.O.W. 83: Paradise Found by Mark Lichterman
On the one hand his wife was telling him she believed in him and had faith in him, which is what Mitchell wanted to hear. But on the other hand her words told him that success was wholly in his hands because if he truly wanted to do something he could… And this frightened him because, what if, reall..
B.O.W. 84: Fat Girl by Mark Lichterman
Being Transco Envelope Company’s first female salesman—saleswoman?—considered an experiment, at age twenty-one, Elizabeth Herzon had long, dark blonde, honey colored streaked hair, a beautiful round face with large, green eyes and a crooked smile that warmed everyone it came in contact with...
B.O.W. 86: CattyTalk by Mark Lichterman
Uncomfortably catching the catty back and forth undertone of the two women, looking at Marsha, having some idea why she was suggesting he dance with Elizabeth, and knowing what would most likely happen if he did dance with her, “No,” he said, “I don’t think so.” “Mitchie, go on! She’s dying..
B.O.W. 87: Hillbilly by Mark Lichterman
On the outskirts of Pontiac, Illinois, the Chicago station fading, he switched to Peoria’s, WHIP. “This is J. Stanley, the ‘old Jay bird,’” the announcer said. “And for those of you driving the central plain today, better keep an eye out for snow flurries.” “Yeah, pal,” Mitchell said. “I am..
B.O.W. 88: Moonshine by Mark Lichterman
In his best American Indian brave’s voice, Mitchell Lipensky had proclaimed, “Me go catch’em dinner!” However, never a fish eater, Marsha Lipensky, in her best Jewish American wife’s voice proclaimed, “I ain’t eating nothing you catch, unless it’s a cow!” ..
B.O.W. 89: Derelict by Mark Lichterman
Being a good humored, generous man he had done it on hundreds of occasions and normally would have poured coffee into a takeout cup, handed it through the gate and given it to the bum...
B.O.W. 90: A Death by Mark Lichterman
“We didn’t want to tell you over the phone, but thinking about it we thought it best to let you know because…” In panic, “Let me know what?” “We didn’t want the three of you rushing home and getting into an accident yourselves, but…” my apologies for the use of a..
B.O.W. 91:Wrong Funeral by Mark Lichterman
What usually occurred on frigid days was the metallic humming of the starter, a moment’s hesitation, then, until he eased up on the pedal, the simultaneous roar of the V6 motor along with a fart of noxious, blue gray exhaust that emitted from the tail pipe. ..
B.O.W. 92: Missing J.F.K. by Mark Lichterman
Bong! Bong! Bong! Mercy’s tail striking the metal cabinet door making a hollow Bong! Bong! Bong! that reverberated throughout the small house signaling the fact that near three ­and­ a­ half­ year old Michael had awoken, had gone into the living room and turned the television on...
B.O.W. 94: Radio Peoria by Mark Lichterman
Looking intently at Mitchell—causing him to blush—tapping the eraser end of a pencil on the mahogany desktop. Liking this young man’s appearance, mannerisms and qualifications. “Okay, we’ll start you off at $125 a week till your commissions are equal to your salary—and I have a hunch that won’t take..
B.O.W. 95:Buying Time by Mark Lichterman
Knowing he had him then, “Jim, those two prime time spots will hit, minimally, two­ to three hundred thousand people each time it’s played! And those are adult people driving to and from work. So that’s five­ to six hundred thousand, mostly adults, that will be hearing your commercials...
B.O.W. 97:Chicago Bound? by Mark Lichterman
On the scorching, extremely humid day of the fifteenth of August, immediately following a one minute spot for, coincidentally, one of Mitchell’s new clients: a concern selling above­ ground swimming pools; going beyond caustic, entering the realm of the macabre and most definitely categorized under ..
B.O.W. 98: Swatches by Mark Lichterman
Taking a mental toll, hating being in the same place his father had been killed day after day, seeing the spot he’d seen his father laying dead, day after day, within two months, threatening to find another job, Roger was able to pressure his mother into looking for a buyer for the hot dog stand...
B.O.W. 99:Dog Training by Mark Lichterman
Seeing it closer, “Shit?” Smelling it now, “Shit?” Realizing, thinking, that oozy stuff’s not his brains. “That’s shit, Mitchie?” Marsha said. “I thought it was your brains.”..
B.O.W.10: A Father! Me? by Mark Lichterman
Do I want a baby? he thought. Do I want to be—the thought incomprehensible, the thought actually inconceivable—a father? Do I want a part of Marsha and me to love? To always, no matter what, to always love! Do I want, oh, God, to be a daddy? “Oh, God!”..
B.O.W.100: Atomic War by Mark Lichterman
“It shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear missile launched from Cuba against any nation in the Western Hemisphere as an attack by the Soviet Union on the United States, requiring a full retaliatory response upon the Soviet Union.…”..
B.O.W.101:Russia Blinked by Mark Lichterman
In response to the American naval blockade, Premier Khrushchev authorized his Soviet field commanders in Cuba to launch their tactical nuclear weapons if invaded by U.S. forces. ..
B.O.W.102: Elizabeth by Mark Lichterman
Fearful the slightest touch might begin a process that would lead to infidelity and matrimonial disaster. Sitting stiffly, legs sharply bent at their knees, the balls of their feet planted firmly beneath their chairs. Both sets of hands held primly within their laps. ..
B.O.W.104: Birth Control by Mark Lichterman
Never having completed intercourse with a woman other than Marsha, the thought of being with another woman, a different woman… The thought of the possibility of actually being intimate with a different woman, to be “with” a woman other than Marsha? To kiss a different woman? To hold a different woma..
B.O.W.108:Three Times XXX by Mark Lichterman
Knowing where he was going. Wanting him to do what she knew he was about to do. Wanting him to, wanting him do that which her husband would never do, moving downward on the mattress, making room for Mitchell to lay lengthwise alongside of her… Spreading her legs from side to side, opening her thighs..
B.O.W.109: Go Figure! by Mark Lichterman
Opening the door, walking into his home, looking into the kitchen, expecting nothing in return but silence, “Hi,” said with minimal enthusiasm. But, go figure, the one time in his life when Mitchell wanted Marsha’s anger… ..
B.O.W.115: Justification by Mark Lichterman
“Elizabeth and me, our territories kind of butt up to each others and we went to lunch together last February and one…” Interrupting, “You and her,” Myra asked, “you and this Elizabeth have been seeing each other,” thinking a moment, ticking months off on her fingers… “for nine months? She’..
B.O.W.119:Mr. Leonard by Mark Lichterman
His mind in turmoil. Away from his children for five days now. Missing his children, I love Liz, he thought, but the thought of divorce, the actual thought of divorce and the thought that he would not be living with his children. And yes! But I love Liz! But the thought of Marsha in the arms of anot..
B.O.W.12: Reaction by Mark Lichterman
What could she say? How could she tell Mitchell that… …Due to the threat of physical pain—not from her mother, because her mother rarely struck her—but from her brother whom had threatened then­ seven ­year ­old Marsha with, “If you tell daddy, he and mom’ll get a divorce and if that happe..
B.O.W.120: A Sunny Day by Mark Lichterman
Unable to sleep more than a few minutes at a time, her attitude constantly swaying from anger to sadness to loneliness to fear of the future—to mostly loneliness and fear of the future—unable to eat more than a few mouthfuls at a time since that morning five days ago...
B.O.W.14: Michigan 1944 by Mark Lichterman
Later, consciously, Roger had tried to block the scene from his mind, but subconsciously couldn’t and after a nocturnal emission with his mother as, literally, “the girl of his dreams”—and a few emissions that were not nocturnal—which caused him a great amount of guilt that he juxtaposed as anger at..
B.O.W.15:Terrified! by Mark Lichterman
Five months from her eighth birthday, Marsha Goldman was tall for her age; tall and thin. Showing little muscle tone, Marsha’s calves, thighs, buttocks and stomach were straight, starting and ending with only the slightest protuberance. Marsha had short­-cut, tightly curled black hair and dark ­brow..
B.O.W.16:Boobies’n’Bums by Mark Lichterman
Careful, some explicit language here. _______________________________________ Hoisting the sea bag onto his shoulder, feeling—rather than the happiness he thought he would feel—hollow and depressed, turning to the stern, saluting the flag, nodding at the O.D., Mitchell Lipensky walked down ..
B.O.W.38: Michigan Avenue by Mark Lichterman
“Holy shit!” Walking south on Michigan Avenue, Mitchell Lipensky’s body was bent so far forward that were the wind to suddenly stop blowing he would surely fall flat on his face. ..
B.O.W.39:1st piece'a ass by Mark Lichterman
For the first time on his life, Mitchell Lipensky felt the marvellously warm, wonderfully soft flesh of a girl’s buttock, and with this realization the phenomena that affects the male of the species—while in this position—took place and, leaving him a blathering idiot, the blood drained from the cel..
B.O.W.53: The Chasm by Mark Lichterman
Remembering the maternal indifference shown to her for her entire life. Wondering, Why now? Why does mother want me around now, with my own child yet? To make up for the past? To show the world what a good mother she really is?..
B.O.W.57:Vividly Sexual 3 by Mark Lichterman
Her fingers instantly finding and tightening about the hard, cylindrical shape. Both sure they would never again be as this with the other, at this time each touch was as though it were the first touch. The excitement of now as it was then, when each touch truly was the first touch. b..
B.O.W.59: New Home by Mark Lichterman
Parking directly in front of a small, newly remodelled two story, two apartment building, going to the entry they heard the crying of a baby. Glancing at Marsha, he rang the bell… “Hi! If it’s not too late,” he said when the door was opened, “we’re here about the rental you advertised.” Holding his ..
B.O.W.64:Defending Marsha by Mark Lichterman
Jealous of each actual, or imagined second she thought Marsha, Mitchell and especially her grandson spent with Rhea, slamming the handle of the single control faucet down, turning from the sink, glaring at Marsha, “Don’t give me any of your bull­shit! I know that…” hesitating, knowing she shouldn’t,..
B.O.W.71: Lippy by Mark Lichterman
Stuffing “it” between his thighs, with his calves at outer angles Mitchell hopped as he pulled the cut offs over one foot than the other, then tried to pull them up and over his buttocks, and… Just as his baby brother came into the room. “Uh, hi, Mortie.” he succeeded. ..
B.O.W80: Laying Blame by Mark Lichterman
Knowing Mitchell, Marsha knew that once they touched, once he so much as touched her they would make love and the past would become the past and their lives, good or bad, For Better or Worse, would go forward. ..
B.O.W93: Homosexual XX by Mark Lichterman
Careful here for language and a sexual situation!!! Although leaning more towards the degradation part of his sexual deviation, in truth, what Irving Glassman had in mind was something altogether different from what Rhea Goldman had in mind, or could even imagine...
Baggage by Byron Edgington
The annoying TSA woman..
B.O.W.72: Invisible Woman by Mark Lichterman
“Nu, Mitchell? So if you know where your Marsha is, why don’t you go get her and your son?” “Pa, Marsha left me for no god­damned reason! So I got drunk one time! So we argue! So everyone has arguments and their wives don’t pack up all their stuff and leave and not let their husbands know ..
B.O.W.76: Vividly Sexual 4 by Mark Lichterman
Note: Authors Den, for some unknown reason -- though it's okay to use in an article -- Authors Den will not allow the word clitoris within the body of a story, so they change the word to "oris." All the guttural derivatives for male and female genitalia and intercourse are okay, but someone does no..
B.O.W.9: Political Pull by Mark Lichterman
Careful, a bit of language and a bit of sex, of sorts, here. ______________________________________ Rhea was almost 45, and the image her mirror reflected was no longer that of the young woman she’d been. What Rhea saw in the mirror then—what she found hard to accept—was the image ..
Bali by Jantar Zazvor
A short sketch about settling down on the island of the Gods..
Bathroom Memorial by T Rintoull
Another moment in the life of a depressive semi-suicidal...
Beautiful Day For Dying by Jerelyn Craden
A piece from a play in progress...
BECOMING 2: Winter, 1940: by Mark Lichterman
“Hi, Mitchie!” Nick yelled from the high seat of the wagon. “Whoa, Erma!” Thick plumes of vapor streaming from her wide nostrils, the horse stopped on command, lifted her tail, and with a “fart” that he could hear, though Mitchell was about fifteen yards away, Erma deposited a huge plop of steaming ..
BECOMING 23: 1946 by Mark Lichterman
When in the presence of an unknown girl, or girls, he’d taught himself, even at that age, to hide his shyness by appearing to be aloof, and to those that did not know him, this sham, combined with his good looks, became the image of conceit. But Mitchell’s vanity was truly focused inward. ..
BECOMING 1: Winter, 1940 by Mark Lichterman
“No!” Awakened with a start, realizing where he was. I’m in bed! he thought. I almost made siss in bed! And though he did not want to leave the warmth, he knew, Gotta go, that if he didn’t get up then, right then, he’d have an accident, and Mitchell knew he was too big and too old to have an acciden..
BECOMING 10: Boy Talk by Mark Lichterman
“Like Sal, when I saw him naked…” He didn’t quite know how to ask the question. “When I see some’a you guys in the shower, uh,” he didn’t want to hurt Frank’s feelings, but it had been on his mind and so long as they were talking about it, “how’s come you got such ugly pissers?” he asked. ..
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A Brownstone in Brookyn
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A Brownstone In Brooklyn chronicles the life-altering events that shape the future of Andy Michael Pilgrim, a young man growing up in the turbulent sixties...  
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