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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Buried Threads
by Kaylin

The Trident Venture crew travels to Japan for a new adventure...with frightening results...  
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Featured Book
A Monumental Journey - first edition cover
by richard cederberg

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Featured Book
Rock Star Rising
by Paul Kyriazi

Rod Taylor, Robert Culp, George Chakiris, Russ Tamblyn, Barbara Leigh, Kevin McCarthy...  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

Starving, America by Gabe Gott
"Starving, America" is an attempt at social satire. I was reading a lot of Melville at the time I wrote this...
Static by william cody
The mystery of the disappearance of a boy's father and how he found the truth. ..
Staying Well, Fishing Story by Steve Robertson
It is my philosophy that in order to stay well, you must go fishing often. I take my own advice here with a fishing trip about 70 miles off shore in the Atlantic Ocean...
Sticking My Neck Out by D Johnson
More flash fiction..
Stolen innocence, Wounded Man by Stone Love
Speaks about the sexual confusion brought on by childhood sexual abuse...
Stolen innocence, Wounded Woman by Stone Love
A dramatic story of a woman who was sexually abused as a child..
The story was written while travelling from Charlotte NC, USA to Windsor, ONT,Canada..
View Photo of Stories about my childhood, my Mother and her family. Read excerpt from Stories about my childhood, my Mother and her family. Stories about my childhood, my Mother and her family. by Peter Oszmann
The core of this story is part of Chapter 2 of my autobiographical novel Jew Be Or Not Jew Be, The Story of a Perpetual Alien. Book 1, Under Hitler’s Shadow. ..
Stories From Nowhere Town by Moises Salinas
A collection of some of my short stories in English..
Stories of Speed (1) by John Dempsey
Part 1..
Stories of Speed (2) by John Dempsey
Part 2..
Stories of Speed (3) by John Dempsey
more speed..
Stories of Speed (4) by John Dempsey
The chemical revolution continues.....
Stories of Speed (5) by John Dempsey
a few more bumps..
Stories of Speed (6) by John Dempsey
someone keeps breaking up lines, someone keeps handing me a rolled dollar bill, I inhale, and what I breathe out winds up in these pages- john ..
Storm Blazer by Leslie Bond
I always dreamed of sailing on an old 1800 century clipper ship, so I love to write nautical short, short, stories on occasion...
Storm Dreams by Retta (Reindeer) Mckenzie
Storm Surge Part2 (C)2006 by Michael True
“Storm Surge” is a novella of fiction based loosely on eye-witness accounts and actual facts related to the 2005 flooding of the city of New Orleans, Louisiana and subsequent efforts to rebuild the city...
Story Hour by Jill-Elizabeth
On the desperation of writers, the nature of reality, and the power of stories.....
Story of M by John Coppolella
"The wind howled, and as my eyes adjusted to the scene, what I saw there was worse than my ten worst nightmares come true..."..
Story Poem Quartets #2 by Lonnie Hicks
Some stories are poetical..
Story-Poem Quartets by Lonnie Hicks
Four is a good number..
Stranded In Space by Rachel Sparks
Girl gets stranded in Space but hopes to find her way out will she?..
Stranded in the Desert by Shannon Rouchelle
When two hikers get lost in the desert, they learn the meaning of endurance and faith. ..
STRANGE WOMAN by Liana Margiva
Short story by Liana Margiva..
Strange neighbors by Tamera Lawrence
You just moved in to your new house and its time to meet the neighbors. ..
Stranger Lurking In the Shadows by Stacey Chillemi
"Where there is mystery, it is generally suspected there must also be evil." Who said someone’s worst dream could become reality? ..
Strangers In An Alleyway by Kris Carter
Short story submitted for Creative Writing class, Spring 2004..
Street trick by Klaus Muller
Travel tip..
Strong Family Support - or not by bob Smith
I would love to have what Jonah has which is 'strong family support' I'm not a schizophrenia for I'm bipolar instead. ..
Struggles of the Women Folk by TM Brown
This is an excerpt of my next book, still in progress. I haven't quite decided on the final name of the book yet...
Stuck in a Dream part 2 by Sumit Pal Singh Monga
Stuck in a Dream Continues..
Stuck in a Dream part 3 by Sumit Pal Singh Monga
Finally the boy gets out... but where..
Stumbling Intention by J.S. Farnsworth
This is a first draft I am currently working on. Just the first ten pages, as I am still unsure of the validity of this account. Please let me know if you enjoy...
Stumbling Toward Serenity by Laurel-Rain Snow
A woman, looking forward to retirement, is blindsided by her daughter's reappearance in her home...
Sub Arctic Trial by Ronald Hull
This is most of Chapter 10 of my novel, American Mole. My hero, JJ Nelson, has to do a sub arctic trial as part of his Special Forces training. A grizzly turns his ordeal into a nightmare. ..
Sub part l: Blue by Richard Kallao
Submarine Memories by Donald Meadows
A submariner's recollection of his craft and trade...
SubMarine Pop by Richard Kallao
Submarine Pop ll :Rise Above Us All by Richard Kallao
success stories by Mary Muhammad
Hugs and Kisses is a tool to be used by parents to help them speak about sexual abuse with their children, or any child it can help to save...
Suddenly by Lisa Arnold
short story..
Suicide by Writing by David Arthur Walters
About the man who wrote himself to death..
Suicide/Fall/Grief by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
Fall, Grief, Counseling, Support, Volunteer Work, Suicide..
Sulphur and Wine by David Pyle
This is a preview of a favored part time work entitled: Sulphur and Wine - Chapters One thru Five. Lynde O'Tole has finally met the fate she skirted during her entire childhood. Father non-existent, Mother died giving birth to her and only her Grandmother left to try and give her a meaning..
Summer Mystery by Earl Williams
A single lie can hurt both parties when the truth is disguised..
Summer's Season by Lonnie Hicks
Summer Meanings..
Summer's Yearnings And I by Lonnie Hicks
Summer's Yearnings..
Sunday Morning Incident by Thomasena Martin-Johnson
Duel in the street...
Sunday School Blues by Linda Brooks
How life can go wrong at four years of age when memory lapses mean you keep losing your purse and your mother pins you freewill offering to the front of your dress in a handkerchief with a safety pin...
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16. The Wreck
17. Enjoy a chapter from Phantoms of Rockwood!
18. 17 two dollar books for self-publishing In
19. What kind of writer are you...your writing
20. The Ferguson Chronicles-Updated 9/5/14

Featured Book
Return To Atlantis
by Will Clark

While Digger and Jeannie try to find a way to help Therena, the sleeping Atlantis princess, they also try to escape from unknown people trying to kill them...  
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Featured Book
Buried Threads
by Kaylin

The Trident Venture crew travels to Japan for a new adventure...with frightening results...  
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