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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Unholy Domain
by Dan Ronco

A deliberately staged IT catastrophe leaves the world sunk into depression and the US government ineffectual. The secretive and powerful Domain, using organized crime to ..  
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Featured Book
Too Young To Die
by David Snowdon

Private Investigator Mike Heaton is hired by multi-billionaire Ronald Patterson to find his daughter's killer four years after she was brutally murdered. In pursuit of th..  
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Featured Book
Ten Days
by G. Rynk

Here is my second Kindle book...  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

The Closet by Linda Batey
What happens when you have claustrophobia and have no choice but to give birth in a closet?..
The Coal Celler by Shannon Rouchelle
You never know what you'll find in a celler. ..
The Coliseum's Death by Kim Schuelke
Historical fiction based on the death of St. Telemachus..
The Common Sense Guide to Life & Love-Vol. II by Lonnie Hicks
More, Common, Common Sense..
The Common Sense Guide to Life and Love by Lonnie Hicks
Just a few suggestions and ideas..
The Common Sensibility of Flies by Jeffrey Allen
Am I so self Absorbed that I have become idiosyncratic and obsessed with the habits of others and their infringement on what I perceive as my personal space which I now regard as sacred ground? ABSOLUTELY!!!..
The Complete Story, The Hairy Men of the High Mountain Forests by Linda Newton Perry
The story of two young people, a young boy left to the Bigfoot to raise and the girl taken as mate for him...
The Compound by Tommy Thomas
An agent infiltrates a mercenary compound and wreaks havoc...
The Confession of Sandy Harris by The Tortoise
Sandy Harris is a young Catholic girl, who is in love with the up and coming talented young snooker player, Brett Johnson. When Sandy is sexually abused by her priest, he accuses her of enticing him into sexual sin. But he hides a dark secret. When the priest becomes the victim of a serial..
The Consultant by Mark Graham
That voice in your other ear.....
The Courage of One by m w
***** October 17, 2003 **** We interrupt this broadcast to bring you this late breaking story from O’Hare airport in Chicago: Jason: Good evening this is Jason Street and this is National World News. In a spectacular chain of events right out of a Hollywood script disaster was avoide..
The Crazy Psychologist Review 1 by Miller Caldwell
Review of The Crazy Psychologist..
The Crazy Psychologist Review 2 by Miller Caldwell
Second Review..
The Creek bed Footprints by Daniel Phillips
Two young first cousins - Danny and Ted spend weekends exploring a gigantic farm estate stumbling on unusual footprints in a neighboring creek bed. Problems ensue as a large man- beast grows outraged for the untimely death of it’s sibling while attempting to cross a ne..
The Crossroads by Suzanne Oliver
This one was written for a Halloween competition for a local paper. I was one of the winners. As the writer, I am taking literary license and updating it a bit...
the crowd vanished by William Haynes
a flash..
The Curious Case of the Missing Breakfast by Susan Phillips
Leicester has its mysteries.....
The Cut by Eleni Skarpari
‘Sea of Words’, International Short story Competition Winner, July 2008, Barcelona ..
The Dandelion by Paul Corman
The Dandelion..
The Dangers of Meditation by Simon Jackson
Not all forms of meditation are good for you.....
The Dark Secrets of Politicians- What Is The Story? by Lonnie Hicks
It's good to be a politician...
The Darkest Hour by Inspire Hope
Sometimes in your darkest hour you have to take action! Step out in faith and do something that you have never done before, like the husband in this story he knew that if he did not go outside during the brunt of the storm. Even though it was risky his whole family could perish.Please do not give up..
The DaVinci Novel now the Movie by Harold Hester
The movie gives us a two-dimension look to a novel but don't get excited, the message is the same.....
The Day I Died by TONY NERONE
A simple day at the supermarket...
The Day I Died by Samuel Connelly
This is a short, that I recently won a short story contest with. ..
The Day I Went Home - Part IV by Barbara Terry
The court hearing, school, and the weekend sleepover...
The day the internet died by anthony pellizzeri
the title says it all..
The Day Time Stood Still by Linda Murray
A young mother starts a new life with her child...
Read excerpt from The Deadly Adventures Of Franklin Raine The Deadly Adventures Of Franklin Raine by Garrett Diamond
The Encounter by Belle Ami
A desperate, near suicide woman, is saved by a stranger...
The Force - Part I by Scott Zachary
A primeval force or a guardian angel?..
The Forgotten Soldier by AJ Rodriguez
A tale of a lost soldier and his search for the meaning of life...
The Fortune Teller From Hell by George Hutton
A strange woman told my fortune, and I have never been the same since. ..
The Deadly Express Train by James Samdavid1
The Eight-Forty-Five Chicago Express The Eight-Forty-Five Chicago Express Frank had loaned his old Chevrolet beater to his son, Brad to take his girl friend out to a movie. Brad was just barely seventeen and had been driving but a short time. Brad was so excited and wante..
The Death of Newspapers by Dave Moyer
In this essay, the author laments the demise of newspapers in today's society. His father was a sports writer. ..
The Deaths of Gestas & Dysmas by Kurt Peterson
The two thieves crucified with Jesus die...
The deed of writing has always haunted my brain, my mind, even my body… by Claude COGNARD
The deed of writing has always haunted my brain, my mind, even my body… I spent most of my childhood, in a very tiny house, located on the banks of the river Loire. At this time, we had no television-set, no computer and my mother used to constrain us to writing whatever might cross..
The Deep Dark Place by zahid zaman
A young boy finds a small stone monstrosity in the highlands of Scotland and is haunted and possessed by the artifact, can he find a way out...
The Demons' of War are Persistent by Arthur Schade
Forty years have passed since my deployment as a combat Marine in Vietnam. Like many Veterans’ of war, the ‘Demons’ have persisted to haunt me over a lifetime of tears, altered persona, and secretive fears. The purpose of this story is to help Veterans of all eras recognize, there is no longer ..
The Denouement: Chapters Eight Through Eleven by Lonnie Hicks
The Denouement: Chapters Eight Through Eleven..
The Denouement: Chapters Fourteen Through Sixteen by Lonnie Hicks
The Denouement: Chapters Twelve And Thirteen by Lonnie Hicks
Body Memories..
The Denouement: Chapters-One to Seven by Lonnie Hicks
The Denouement. No names, lunch first...
The Detective by VicToria Freudiger
Chapter 10 of the serial killer novel "Thorns of a Rose;" please let me know if you want the scarier chapters first...
The Devil You KNow by D Cairns
Faced with a rogue world leader acting against the interests of his own country, the Australian president finds a dark but necessary solution...
The Devil's Candy (1st edit) by Jimmy Holder
A thriller that will definitely challenge your peace of mind! (PLEASE COMMENT OR CRITIQUE)..
The Devil's Punch Bowl by David Donaghe
Cave Man comes back from Biker Hevean to help his bros in the Road Dogs motorcycle club defend themselves against an evil Motorcycle club know as the Hell Raisers. The emps of hell are uleashed and Cave Man,not only has to fight with mere mortals, but also against the Hell Raiser's demonic friends...
The Devil's Ride by Lonzo Lucas II
This is an excerpt from a short story that I wrote about seven years ago converted into spoken word. ..
The Devil's Triangle by Mark Heber Miller
Life, love and death along southern California's Orange Coast. A lifeguard strugglesd to overcome his past while danger lurks around every corner...
The Diaconate: The Christianhood by DarkAngel Publishings
Spiritual warfare has evolved. Christians everywhere become anointed by the Holy Spirit with supernatural abilities. What does this mean and is this only for Christians? and united by the will of God, form a team to stand against a satanic coven of unimaginable power...
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19. A Reluctant Spy
20. The Sludge (Part 12)

Featured Book
Unholy Domain
by Dan Ronco

A deliberately staged IT catastrophe leaves the world sunk into depression and the US government ineffectual. The secretive and powerful Domain, using organized crime to ..  
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Featured Book
Against the Ropes
by Cindy McDonald

Punch McMinn finds himself out of options and against the ropes!..  
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