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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Princes and Gods
by Albert Russo

Damiana, the enticing wife of Tobias Antoniades, a wealthy Greek merchant twenty years younger than him, has the reputation of being a hot ticket in town. Among Damiana’..  
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Featured Book
The Overcoat
by conrad larson

Historical fiction mystery novel about a Minnesota WW1 veteran and his family for years after the war. Revisionist history and great American character, survival and cour..  
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Featured Book
Nine Years to Freedom
by Armineh Ohanian

Farhad Shirazi, a three star general of the ex-Shah's army who has been hiding in Iran for nine years,needs to escape From Ayatollah Khomeini's Iran or face capture and e..  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

The Hawks Nest Tunnel: An Unabridged History--excerpt from introduction by patricia spangler
Excerpt from forward to the history of the Hawks Nest tunnel construction, disaster...incident...
The Heart of an Assassin by Tony Bertot
Follow the rise of a crime family and an assassin hired to kill a crime boss. An assassin who has never missed. An assassin they mistakenly begin to investigate...
The Heavens by Kevan Manwaring
Jim Fletcher is fed up. He goes for a walk and stumbles upon a magical place that makes he reappraise his life...
The Heckler by Matthew Haynes
A story about an obsessed fan...
The heckler by Teddy Horse
The first story of a serial entitled "The heckler", first published in AEA zine, which introduces the heckler character..
The Heist by William Haynes
entry in fiction contest..
View Photo of The Heresy Hunt Read excerpt from The Heresy Hunt The Heresy Hunt by Valdemar (Val) Wake
This story is written as a play about spies spying on spies..
The Hidden Casino by Mr. Shannon Clements
a man avenges himself after he is beaten half to death for being in debt to bookies...
The Hideout by Bob Mitchley
This author recalls one of his favorite childhood haunts in the old farm house...
The High Price of Gas by Sue Nuckles
A look at how much can change during a lifetime...
The Hike (Warning, Erotic) by Ronald Hull
An excerpt from Chapter 7 of my novel, American Mole. An older woman helps Jason come of age. ..
The Hillbilly Take-down by larryfugett Fugett
Bounty hunters capture a felon...
The History of the Renaissance Community: 1968-1988 by Daniel Brown
The History of the Renaissance Community, the largest and most controversial commune in the northeastern United States. ..
The Hit Man by David Rains
A story about a boy who becomes a hit man in the mountains of Kentucky...
The Homeless Heart-Chapters one and two-6-14-11 by Lonnie Hicks
The Stranger Chapters One and Two..
The Horned Skull by Lee Garrett
A lion and his boy fight monsters in a dark dimension...
The Horrid Yellow Boots by Armineh Ohanian
I threw away my husband's yeloow boots, which I vehemently hated and... ..
The History of Human Societies: What Are The Facts? Updated: 6/12/14 by Lonnie Hicks
Let's Look At How The Human Societies Have Turned Out and Why. Updated: 6/12/14 Rome: Great Video on how Rome ran on constant wars and plunder to sustain the empire. Updated: 6/11/14 The Longest War In Human History Updated: 6/11/14 More On How It Really Was For Peasants Durin..
the hot tub by Eric Langley
funny things with a friend..
The Hounds of Perdition by J.A. Aarntzen
Something was not quite right. Something fundamentally changed during the night but nobody could quite place a finger on what it was. The world was a different place. It was colder and emptier. Joshua recognized it but he did not let it take him away from his bottle. As long as his fingers coul..
The House of my Childhood by Nolene Dougan
A young woman returns to her childhood home with chilling consequences..
The House that Silence Bought by Shelby Anderson
Nothing can prepare single mom Lindy Ames for the nightmare that would plague her in April of 1999. What Lindy first mistakes as signs of pneumonia in her six-month-old son, Jake, turn out to be something much worse, something potentially fatal. Doctors determine that Jake has been severely abus..
The Human Farm by Joseph DeMarco
Sample from Vegans Are Tastier (Rated R - For animal violence and sexual discussion)..
The Hunger by LaMonte Henderson
Can you sense her intense yearning? Her growing passion? Are you man enough? Can you fulfill her hunger? ..
The Hunt Club by Joe Prentis
Nothing like a hunt with a group of your best friends, but things don't always turn out like you want...
The Hunt is On by Robert Hadland
Two men going hunting in a Californian forest, and strange things start happening.....
the hunted by js yu
a short story of nature's cruelty..
Read excerpt from The Hunted The Hunted by Josh Jenks
A man is sent into the remote village of Tukawanta to exterminate a primate who is accused to be causing bad luck to the village. Read quickly as the action is fast and furious and quite suprising as you may learn to despise this interesting "hero"...
The Hunter by Michael Lewis
A hunter stalks his unsuspecting prey in the dark of night. He brings it down with a bolt of lightning...
The Hunters Tale by Brandon Duswalt
James, a hunter, falls in love with Jasel, a city girl. He is forced to choose between the two greatest loves in his life...
The Ice Buck by John Hallock
Big buck that will live forever over countless campfires and a good lesson learned. Big woods adventure. Great ending!..
The Ice Storm by Jeanpaul Ferro
Harrowing fictional account of the Station Nightclub Fire that killed 100 people in Rhode Island...
The Icecream wala by Shilpa Edward
memories of childhood transports me in another world..
The Ick Files I by Jeanne Owens
Special Agents Kenneth Aida and Rebecca Rogers investigate stolen nukes and "Booger Men" in this somewhat of an X-Files spoof ..
The Ick Files II by Jeanne Owens
Special Agent Rebecca Rogers gets kidnapped by Special Agent Kenneth Aida's old nemesis...
The Ick Files III by Jeanne Owens
Special Agent Kenneth Aida goes missing, and Special Agent Rebecca Rogers must find him...
The Ignoble Nobel Prize Winner by M. K. Theodoratus
When Grant Highgrim, a down and out reporter, has a chance to become a real reporter again if he can interview the oldest man alive, bit first, he must first save the geezer from a legion of beetle-demons...
The Image by Samuel Connelly
Do you ever stop and pay attention to the person in the mirror?..
The Inconvenience Store by Steve Groll
A harrowing adventure for two so young, yet it is not the first nor the last one they will face. ..
The inner self by Riley :)
^^ im probably gonna end up changing the title. But this was a story i came up with. I got writers block a few times with it, but it still isnt finished. Let me know what you think.. ..
The Inscrutable by Thomas Hay
The mystery of all mysteries. ..
Read excerpt from The Intriguing Emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman The Intriguing Emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman by Sharon Briscoe
I had no intention of going to the Middle East, but I met a couple by chance on one of my romps to British Columbia. They were from India but ex-pats living in Dubai. While asking questions about my "exotic" hair, they told me to visit the United Arab Emirates. In my head, I was saying, “Yeah I do..
The Invigilator by Nicky Goodman
filing, another old proseypoem. Ref. to a poem, an older lost version of Fossil, newer one here i think. An Invigilator is the person who strolls around an exam room... Fossil (impaired vision) Locked under the weight of ages time seals complete a memory o..
THE INVISIBLE DOG by Unnur Bragadóttir
"Reality is what seems to be reality"...
The Invitation by Fullissa Campbell
There comes a time when self evaluation is pat due and you have too be accountable for who and what you are...
The Itch by The Verse
My Awakening...
The Letter by B.P.Smythe by B. P. SMYTHE
A killer will stop at nothing to find his victims diary - but revenge is sweet when it eventually comes.....
The Librarian-Chapters One and Two by Lonnie Hicks
Love among the stacks..
The Life and Death of My Mom’s Bicycle by Blake Elford
this was a trip I went on a few years ago, that really happened, and i cant believe i am still alive...
THE LIFE AND THE WORD PRAYER CALL by Shawntrell Graced ReadyWriter
A daily prayer call to lift up the name of Jesus and touch and agree in prayer. Callers from all over the country perticipate!..
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Action/Thriller Stories
1. Nether Time's Gloaming: Chapters One, Two
2. Love Has Many Styles
3. Psychopaths and Institutions- Updated: 10/
4. If Inanimate Objects Could Talk
5. If Animals Could Talk-Volume Two
6. Einstein: How do Galaxies Work?
7. The National Security State: Have We Lost
8. A Volcano's Wrath
9. Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda
10. Yesterday's Gone To Pages
11. America's Health Care System: What are the
12. Midas
13. What Will the World Look Like in 20 Years?
14. The Kiss
15. Enjoy a chapter from Phantoms of Rockwood!
16. Frozen Buds
17. Movies I Love
18. The History of Human Societies: What Are T
19. The Ferguson Chronicles-Updated 9/5/14
20. America's Health Care System: What are the

Featured Book
Necessary Evil
by Aaron Cole

A lesson to the Catholic Church..  
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Featured Book
Concern, the sources of values under fire in Cows Island
by Antoine Raphael

This book is a dramatization of an Philosophical essay that will be published soon. It serves as the backdrop for the clashing of ideas concerning the sources of values a..  
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