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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Black October (hard cover)
by Ralph Cates

BLACK OCTOBER is a fast-paced thriller that reveals how dependency on oil from the Middle East has caused the Western world to compromise its historical culture, democrac..  
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Featured Book
Day of Retribution
by Terry McAnally

A terrifying, riveting, sexy book that has everything you love about a thriller...  
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Featured Book
Relentless Pursuit
by Anthony Dalton

A Canadian zoologist in a head-on clash with a man-eating Royal Bengal tiger in the jungles of Bangladesh. This book is a land-based Jaws!..  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

The Knife by Greg Gumkowski
Set in the old west, a young bank robber falls prey to a diabolical weapon of death. ..
The Knob Goblin by Joseph DeMarco
Modern day urban myth and fairy tale..
The Lady In The White Dress by (Gigi) Adams-Evans
Memoris of stories from my native AMerican mother and grandparents, ..
The Language Experts - A True Story from my Childhood by L C Evans
My sister and I learn that our Portuguese vocabularies are not nearly so extensive as we had thought them to be...
The Last August by Brian Goodson
A diving experience that may have been the final opportunity. ..
The Last Flight of the New Yorker by John Desranleau
This is a true story about America 1967 – The Music was at its peak – Top 40 – each record played would be a Gold record today (Forget today’s music – it’s not music!) Almost all of the products sold here were then made by an American – We were going to the moon. Yes! It was n..
THE LAST LASH by dorothy jones
The Last Laugh by Charles Francis
A happy moment during the worst of times ..
The Last Ride by Harlan Goldberg
A man hails a taxi and learns more about its peculiar driver...
The Last Shepherd by Miller Caldwell
A Two sentence Premise and a four page Outline...
The Last Showdown by Gary Curto
A Western Story...
The Last Solution by Mateso Kazembe
A pastor impregnates a sister in the church and is troubled..
Read excerpt from THE LAST SURVIVOR THE LAST SURVIVOR by George Liebermann, M.D.
Three thousand prisoners get loaded in a hostage train. Peter escapes. ..
The last symphony by Les Bill Gates
It's the music teacher's final day at school...
The Law's on Bigfoot's Side by Linda Newton Perry
Linda's Newspaper Column..
The Law, The Light and Jadakankar by Roy Edwards
“You can’t win boy,” the Impaler hissed, “don’t know why you even thought you could?” Dark light flared...
All these differences inside the heads of men and women...
The Leaf Green Cabin by Genie Waldo
The summer I met my grandparents for the first and last time...
The Legacy by Jane Finch
Who knows what you will find when you delve into your family history..
The Legacy Solution by Ronald Couch
Excerpts from "The Legacy Solution"..
The Legend of Bucksnort by Tom Reed
How a small Texas town got its name...
The Legend of Wild Willie by Robert Apold
This is a story told around the campfire of Scouts, and it is intended to be a scary tale however far-fetched it may be. Young Scouts are very impressionable and as a Scoutmaster, I often had to tone down the frightening aspects of the story to keep them from panicking. ..
The Lesson by Matt Cole
Literary short story about life and death...
THE LETTER by Janice Rawlins
A letter to an old friend from child's past. Letter to a long gone friend...
The Letter by B.P.Smythe by B. P. SMYTHE
A killer will stop at nothing to find his victims diary - but revenge is sweet when it eventually comes.....
The Librarian-Chapters One and Two by Lonnie Hicks
Love among the stacks..
The Life and Death of My Mom’s Bicycle by Blake Elford
this was a trip I went on a few years ago, that really happened, and i cant believe i am still alive...
THE LIFE AND THE WORD PRAYER CALL by Shawntrell Graced ReadyWriter
A daily prayer call to lift up the name of Jesus and touch and agree in prayer. Callers from all over the country perticipate!..
The Light of Ki' Shara by Everest Alexander
A Christian allegorical piece in the tradition of Tolkien and Lewis but with it's own unique style and elements. It tells the story of a aged Mystic and his young Protege on a perilous trek being hunted by dark forces bent on bringing about their destruction! It grips you from the..
The Light of Ki' Shara Pt 2 by Everest Alexander
Part two of a Christian allegorical piece in the tradition of Tolkien and Lewis but with it's own unique style and elements. It continues the story of a aged Mystic and his young Protege on a perilous trek being hunted by dark forces bent on bringing about their destruction!..
The Little Heroine.. A Survivor Emerges by Miriam L. Jacobs by Miriam Jacobs
All seemed lost to her. Her father had left her at a time when she felt that all young women demanded the guidance of their dads.... ..
The Little Man in the Red Coat by Greg Jackson
The Little Man in the Red Coat is a flash fiction story celebrating St. Patrick's Day...
The Lonely One by Lee Garrett
O Scorpion returns, taking on a punk with delusions of vampirehood!..
The Long Ride by Jessica Stanfield
A short story about a bus ride into the city that does not turn out the way normal bus rides are supposed to...
The Long Walk Home by Amy Potts
This is a story about a girl that has a awakening!..
The Lost Boy: Chapte 2 (FREE Sample) by Mark Sheldon
Chapter 2 of Mark Sheldon's "The Lost Boy" - the first installment in the twelve-part series, "The Noricin Chronicles"..
The Lost Boy: Chapter 1 (FREE Sample) by Mark Sheldon
The first chapter, a free sample, of Mark Sheldon's upcoming 12-part series, "The Noricin Chronicles." For more information, visit
The Lost Dream - When the Denial of a US Visa becomes the nightmare of a... by Shah Peerally Esq
A movie Based on Immigration law and those stuck on INA 221g administrative processing...
The Lost Estate by E. Franklin Evans
Detective Mark Saunders has lost nearly all the things he loved: his wife, his parents, his Navy SEAL brother. And now, he seems to be losing his mind. His return to his hometown doesn't bring the rest he dearly desired and needed...
The Lost Found (A Conversation Between Audrey and Louisa) W/S Tagert by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Bill smuggled Louisa on bored and Audrey and the gang help to find her when she contacts them via instant messenger.....
the lost kid by William Haynes
a rock concert..
The Love Express by Kathleen McDonald
Two people meet on a train and magick happens. ..
The Love of Death by Starr Gardinier
Paranormal short story...
The Luckiest Man by Michael Ault
Diving can have its hazards.....
Read excerpt from The Lucky Classroom [Work In Progress] The Lucky Classroom [Work In Progress] by Marcos Cuevas
"A first grade classroom celebrates St. Patrick's Day, and they try to catch a Leprechaun..."..
The Lucky Coin by Kitty Allwood
Kitty finds that taking a chance brings positive results in love...
THE M&M COUPLE by Esteban Pina
It's not about candy. The tale includes a mysterious feline and its effect on a young couple...
The Madness of Creation by Greg Jackson
Creating stories takes a lot, from characters to plot. But the madness is where it all takes shape...
The Maestro and Margherita (Excerpt) by Rosa Arlotto
The Maestro and Margherita is a romantic trilogy about people desperately seeking love. ..
The Magic of the Turtle Brain Freeze by George Hutton
How two simple turtles changed the course of history. And then played video games...
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Action/Thriller Stories
1. Hooey, the Cat Who Helped Johnny Appleseed
2. Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda
3. It Hits the Fan
4. Midas
5. Tess
6. Stranger Lurking In the Shadows
7. The Wreck
8. high desert winds...
9. The Solo Oboe Chapter 4
10. A Bane Returns
11. Einstein: How do Galaxies Work? Updated 5/
12. Frozen Buds
13. Evil Is In The Doing
14. Chapter 6
15. The Spotless Dalmatian
16. Justifiable Homicide - Beginning
17. New Year's Eve
18. The Joy of Buying Your First Home
19. Robin Olds: Combat Ace, Leader, Warrior, W
20. Chapter 8 The story Continues

Featured Book
The Road to the Third World; Conspiring to Destroy America
by Stephen Cafaro

If you are bewildered by the capability of 19 men who destroyed the World Trade Buildings in a plan seemingly too simple to succeed, then you will be completely intrigued..  
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Featured Book
Rock Star Rising
by Paul Kyriazi

Rod Taylor, Robert Culp, George Chakiris, Russ Tamblyn, Barbara Leigh, Kevin McCarthy...  
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