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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Just One Kiss Book Two of the Drea Catcher series
by Rita Hestand

Lee Nelson didn't realize until much later that when he stopped to help two suddenly orphaned children that it would change his life. Hattie Tanner challenged him in ever..  
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Featured Book
Zack and the Dark Shaft: Zara's Bois 1
by Gracie McKeever

Zara’s Bois: When the powers-that-be make the decision to return a selfish party-girl to Earth on three missions of redemption, can romance and mayhem be far beh..  
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Featured Book
New Life Incognita
by Gracie McKeever

What happens when a young black thug from the 'hood is murdered and sent back to earth in the body of a comatose white woman married to a hot-looking narc cop? Find out i..  
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All Romance Short Stories

25 Most Recent Romance Short Stories

E: Planchette by Lalita Vasu
He had her in mind and spirit, but he yearned for her in flesh and bones ... and he lived his fantasy...
Earthbound part l by Richard Kallao
original ..
East meets East by Lalita Vasu
He had never been there before, yet he knew he had been there .........
Egyptian Moon by Max Miller
The perfect boyfriend with a bright future The haunting from a demi-god from a past life The stalking by a mystery guy having his own purpose ..
Eighteen Days by CA Copeland
Best friends have grown into something deeper - something special. Now, he has disappeared. What happened? Where is he? It has been eighteen days...
Enchanted by a Spirit by Lalita Vasu
I am a part of you, you are a part of me. The universe will never be complete, unless we meet...
Encounterings by Lonnie Hicks
First Meetings..
enough by Deborah Richards
when is enough hunger..
Ensouled! by Luisa Green
Ensouled! relates a life experience to a high truth – we have to grow in self love. ..
Entwined Destinies by Lalita Vasu
*Based on a true life incident* The email said, Anurag had banged the laptop on Tanushri’s head in a fit of anger...
Equilibrium by Lonnie Hicks
Equilibrium Too by Lonnie Hicks
Facing Too..
Erato's Voice by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
within mindful song.....
Eric's Saving Grace by Rosally Saltsman
Eric Mittleman was an ordinary man living a solitary, unremarkable life until one day he gave hope to a little dog and got more than could have ever imagined. A book about friendship, love and a helping paw. ..
Read excerpt from Erin Go Brach .... A New Friend Erin Go Brach .... A New Friend by Charlotte Mair
Will Erin find her mother and will romance enter two lives .....
Eternal Love by Raymond Walker
A little story of; too short a life together.... or maybe not...
Evan and Jennifer by Nylale Omris
a story i wrote in stat class. the first hetero i have written..
Excerpt - Till Death and Beyond by Angie Skelhorn
The bond of love can bring two forbidden opposites together...
Excerpt from Magic's Reflection by Shiloh Darke
Sneak peak at my latest book (novella) to be released March 21st...
Excerpt from Memoir by .. NeNe
An expert from my romantic memoir...
Excerpt from my Novel Marcella's Sexxual Lava by Tanesha Hampton
Erotic But Tasteful Pleasure......
Excerpt from Samhain's Call by Jodi Lee
Samhain's Call is expected to be released in spring/summer of 2005. It began as another project - however I've lost touch with that project manager. I'm continuing with the novel...
Excerpt from The Eternal by Shiloh Darke
This gives you a little peak at my novel, which just became avilable in print. ..
Excerpt from We Can Love Again by Donna Marie
A tear may surface your eye or a smile may brighten your face while reading WE CAN LOVE AGAIN, a story about overcoming grief, rediscovering love and passion, and the importance of family...
Father Knows Best by Melanie Carter Winkler
Short Story Challenge..
Excerpt from When I'm Loving You, Chapter 1 by K. Lowery Moore
Have you ever met someone and you instantly hit it off? Things between the two of you are going great and then here comes the drama from his or her past? Well meet Natasha Inglewood, Dianne Marshall, and Lynda Davis. Despite their personal struggles, these three best friends find the love they hav..
Excerpt of Contract Bride by Ayn Amorelli by Ayn Hunt
Contract Bride is about a confirmed bachelor who'll inherit a cool $20 million if he gets married and has a child within the year. Since its April, that doesn't give him much time. Desperate for the money, he seeks help from his friend who owns a topless maid agency, who recommends innoce..
Executive Wife - Romance Short Story by John Marion Francis
Her name is Karen Watson a high level executive’s wife who is bored with the grinding charity events, dinner parties, and the list goes on. One afternoon while meeting with her girlfriends at the Capital Hill Country club she noticed a hot young man that kept checking her out. She has see..
Exhibitions -- Landings, Part VII by Cynth'ya
EM>Eyes keenly watch when we least suspect/em>..
Exhibitions -- Up Up and Away- Part VI by Cynth'ya
EM>Seems like "The Last Episode" was only the beginning/em>..
Exhibitions--AlteredStates, Part VIII by Cynth'ya
EM>Curiosity creates adversity/em> ..
Exhibitions--Part I: Opening Night by Cynth'ya
Part I of V..
Exhibitions--Part II: The Afterset by Cynth'ya
Caught in the moment..
Exhibitions--Part III: Showdown by Cynth'ya
EM>It's him. . . and he's not alone/em>...
Exhibitions--Part IV: The Inquisition by Cynth'ya
EM>Oh no. . .Not her!/em>..
Exhibitions-The Choice (Part V - Final Episode?) by Cynth'ya
EM>Past meets past/EM>..
Exhibitions: The Prequel by Cynth'ya
EM>Mixed feeling run deep/em>...
Exhibitions: Time Will Tell; Episode X by Cynth'ya
EM>Picking up the pace. . . six weeks later./em> ..
Exhibitions: Unveilings, Episode IX by Cynth'ya
Update on Unveilings, Episode 9: On Wednesday, Dec. 14, one of my dear friends I've known for almost 35 years called from Minnesota around 12:35 p.m. EST. Her mother just died. I can't write the rest of this sequel at this time. Instead, a poem just hit me, and the title just hit me too. I gotta..
Expatriate by Marie Wadsworth
This romantic tale told from the hero's point of view takes place outside Paris in 1999. Well-known American actor Renine Feraday is hired to play the lead role in a movie about one of well-known American writer Alestra Narcona's books. What Renine doesn't anticipate is falling head over heels in..
Read excerpt from Expensive flowers in Starkville... Expensive flowers in Starkville... by Bianca Boonstra
Picking flowers in Starkville can be expensive.....
Eye Catching by Ton'e Brown
Bring unexpected love together..
Face to Face with the Past by Myne Whitman
Kevwe and Efe meet for the first time after seven years of bitter break-up...
Facebooked! by Lalita Vasu
They chatted every other day, but it was very formal, each trying hard to hide their feelings for the other. After all, they hardly knew each other and had never met...
Fake feelings - worst date by Lily Alex
When the young athletic orphan meets the successful businessman, she can't even imagine him being the son of the devil, and that he murdered her parents Martha and Robert fall in love with each other almost instantly. One of Noirson's guards, Jerry, finds himself under her charm too. This..
Fallen Angel by Clara Traylor
This is the story of a young woman's journey through life and love. Angel Collins is a chemist and military wife who learns the true meaing of love..
Famine At 1412 by Loretta Murphy
Love is a song onboard a plane bound for Ireland.....
Fancy's Tale by P. G. Shriver
I swore I would never do it again. I swore before all the powers of Earth, but swearing didn't matter. Swearing was useless. My heart had its own designs...
Fantasies Part 5 by Debra Stiles, The Original Mister
Excerpt from "Fantasies of a Married Woman"..
Fantasies Part 6 by Debra Stiles, The Original Mister
The beginning of betrayal! Excerpt from "Fantasies of a Married Woman" This is the last peek I will give you...Let me know what you think.. as I get busy finishing the story..
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Romance Stories
1. Poetry Recitation: Dried Rose Petals
2. Entwined Destinies
3. The Sapphire Ring
4. The Language of Love
5. The Newlyweds Chapter 2
6. All the world is a stage
7. Morning Reflections
8. The Newlyweds Chapter 1
9. In Defence of Love
10. The Newlyweds Chapter 4
11. Unfinished Masterpiece
12. East meets East
13. Valentine Hearts' & Kisses' Memories
14. Love Letters in Flower
15. God's Hand In This ( A Love Story)
16. no face
17. Intoxicated by coffee
18. Whispers
19. Trilling Dalliances

Featured Book
Hoodoo Money
by Sharon Pennington

Hoodoo Money was like ice cream. I just couldn't put it down!..  
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Featured Book
by Robin Leigh Miller

Climb aboard Marauder with Strafe, the legendary road pirate. Strap on your seatbelt and prepare for an erotic ride into the not so distant future as Strafe rediscovers a..  
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