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Sept 11, 2001
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Coin For A Killer
by David Snowdon

This thriller set in London, Chicago, Australia, Hong Kong, Paris, the Netherlands and Tenerife, itís espionage through and through!..  
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Featured Book
by Joan Hovey

A blind woman is stalked by a killer who targets women with intellectual or physical disabilities...  
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Parody of a Screenplay
by Morgan McFinn

A humorous satire with regard to the far too many people who write books that are meant to be movies...  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

The Object Of My Desire by Cindy Oldham
Cherries picked from a neighbor's tree become the object of desire for a young girl...
The Old Hyena by Jibril Mohamed
Life is a teacher. Please read this translated Somali story and review the lessons...
The Old Stag and the Boom-stick by Felix Perry
Some times when the young refuse to listen to their elders bad things happen......
The one date by Sundra Dark
The one date...
The One Who Let Him Get Away by Angela Nichols
This is a James Bond story...
The open doors of the church by Michalyn Autry
This is about a girl who had doubts about Gods will and how a dream made her realize she is never alone that God is always on her side...
The Orchard by Michael Heitkemper
A woman's murder defence depends on a bizarre story about her father and his blood like connection to an orchard...
The Origin of Payday by Adam Graham
The following tells the origin of Payday, a gun-toting psychopathic vigilante, and a member of the Order of the Sword, a series in Laser and Sword Magazine...
The Original Teflon Man by Celia Hayes
The modern 'Sergeants Three" return with another tale of military doings..
The other side of water by Wesley Mack
If only water spoke in a language we could understand...
The Other Winfrey by Shakeeta Winfrey
The institute of family is defined as the oldest societal entity, generally consisting of blood relatives such as parents and their children. In the American tradition, the extended family can be defined as the relatives of an individual, both by blood and by marriage, other than its immediate famil..
The Outcasts by Lonnie Hicks
Outcasts Change The World..
The Outing of Emily by Anne Marie La Porte
After experiencing what seems to be the worst day of her life, a friend offers Emily his shoulder to lean on. ..
The Parable of the Tree and The Rock by George Hutton
A story about two friends who figured out how to survive through troubling times...
The Passion of A Teenage Thug! For Christ! by tom hisnon
a thugs life..
The Penny Lunch by Paul Mc Cann
Story about a man who lost his life and found it and how he gave and received help to many in need ..
The Penny Story by Fenny West
God can speak to us in various ways. The question is:Are we listening? ..
The Perfect Escape by Tony Cowger
An individual is trapped in an abusive relationship. If that individual leaves, the trouble will follow so how does one find freedom?..
The Perfect Part by Erin Collins
A Prompt Story..
THE PERM by Anne Storey
1951 I am off the hairdresser for my first permament. A very unhappy day...
The Pigs Are Out by nancy petersen
The education of mother earth nurses on the intracies of raising pigs...probably not suitable for young children as it contains discussion of butchering, and castration of animals..
The Pit by William Butler
This may well be the sickest, most tasteless thing I've every written. But before you condemn me, let me tell you how it came to be. One Saturday morning I was in a particularly silly mood. When I went to wake my wife, rather than simply nudging her, I leaned over and whispered in her ear,..
The Plan by J. Allen Wilson
I was asked last week to write a short on date rape and was given only 500 words to work with...that seems like such a few in which to build on. What I have below is 500 words...does this work? I have to post tomorrow night...Thanks for any opinions on this...
The Planet of Rose-Colored Birds by Liana Margiva
Short Story by Liana Margiv..
Read excerpt from The Point Man The Point Man by George Anderson
The secret to survival lies in being more cunning than your enemy...
The Pond & The Kitten by Najib Altawell
Just as he was going back to play again, he saw two small shinning eyes watching him from a dark hole at the corner of the wall. Pepin moved backwards one step. He was a bit worried because he did not know what was hiding there. Then said quickly "I do not know who you are, but if you want my help, ..
The Potter's House by Carol Jackson
Everything that God makes and has made is good...including us...
The Power of Words by Barbara Silkstone
Do you know the power of your words?..
The Power's of Evil Money by the unlearned Masses by ricky key's-(romero)
Programmers' money rules morality to the un- enlightened sophisticated individual herd, as do the possessions of such possessors increase the Programmers' abilities to achieve thru the masses the gain of the true cause of the Mosaic laws embedded in the slavery of the unenlightened ones of the mas..
The Prince of Belmont Avenue by Robert Amoroso
My third novel The Prince of Belmont Avenue is currently in production and hopefully it should be completed by summerís end. Below is a prologue of my novel, your comments are always welcome. ..
The Prison Guard by Joseph Langen
A prison guard plots his revenge for having an inmate stare at him...
The Prisoner's Dilemma (Authors note) by Mel Hathorn
My new novel, The prisoner's Dilemma is finished. I have written the Author's note below which describes some of the story...
The Prodigal Ring by Miller Caldwell
Ulsterís beautiful coastline and countryside should be regularly visited now that Northern Ireland relies on democracy rather than guns. Early days of course, I donít disagree, but on the right road at last surely? Itís a wonderful country, with very friendly people. It has unsp..
The Proof by Koty Lapid
Copyright © 2004 By Koty Lapid-- Another short story about a full figured woman. The story is also about a great concept... that is about 'Paying It Forward'. ..
The Prophecy. by Daniel Kemp
A commissioned article...
The Proud. by jared perry
What goes on behind the scenes..
The Prowler - Part 1 by Barbara Sue
The Prowler Part 2 by Barbara Sue
48 years ago today, January 25th, our Prowler came to visit..This is Part 2 of my story...
The Psychology of Success by Gary Gordon
A quick and easy way to be more effective in whatever task you undertake...
The Publisherís Adventure on the Silver Spur by Shelley Costello
As magazine publishers we are invited to participate in amy adventures as guests. This was one of those great experiences...
The Pulling Of Building 7 by C. Edgar Nolan
Beyond the propaganda fantasy, what do we really know?..
The Pyramid Finders part 1 by Richard Kallao
original a tribute to George Lucas,Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford for creating one of the greatest film icons they had ever,Indiana Jones,thankyou . ..
The Quest by Southern Justice
The Tour..
THE QUEST OF ONE by author Luke Romyn by Luke Romyn
Alex must face down his owns fears if he is to survive the terrifying beasts that await him each night...
The Question Gnawing at the Police, Wear Is James Pelton? by R.K Finnell
Sometimes justice is a cruel thing...
The Quickest Way Down by Scott Zachary
I enjoyed writing this post to the Forum so much so that I thought I would post it as a short story also...
The Race by J Paul
This is a 6800 word short story featuring the main character, Gladius Oldmont, from the fantasy adventure novel Gladius and the Bartlett Trial, by J. A. Paul...
The Rats That Ran Away by Paul Mc Cann
This is a story one of survival on the streets of a cold city ...
The Real Gift by John Hallock
Wife gifts are never easy. Try, try again...
The reason I write about choices. by Linda Ann
This is why I try to reach young parents and why I share my stories. Choices can and do change lives...
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by Richard Turner

The latest Ryan Mitchell Thriller..  
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Featured Book
2031: The Singularity Pogrom
by Dan Ronco

No one really has the guts to say it, but if we could make better human beings by knowing how to add genes, why shouldnít we? ó-- James Watson, Co-disc..  
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