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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Oh Zaperetta! the hilarious trilogy
by Albert Russo

THE LITERARY REVIEW “... Be warned, Zapinette's gems of insouciant wit tend to become infectious. This wise-child's deceptively worldly innocence takes the ent..  
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Featured Book
Stilettos No More
by Diana Estill

Wandering through the years between mini-skirts and Mee-maw panties with both eyes squinted, award-winning author Diana Estill laments she's "put up with this thong enoug..  
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Featured Book
The Miracle Man
by James Skivington

Miraculous events in a tiny Irish village bring out the best - and worst - in everyone...  
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All Humor Short Stories

25 Most Recent Humor Short Stories

Boobies, Rubber-bands'n'paperclips by Mark Lichterman
"‘Boobies’?” Pretending to look deranged, “What about ‘boobies’?” “Guess I said the magic word.” Marsha laughed. “If I ever want my idiot husband’s complete attention, all I gotta say is booobies! Eh?” “Booobie!” Grinning moronically, “Me want booobie!” standing behind Marsha, his han..
Booty Fades; Bum is Forever! by Pearl Barley C M Donaldson
Another chapter from the upcoming sequel to The Fat Bag. Same humour, same never-ending story but always with that witty twist!..
Boss by Jack Kuperman
Who's the boss?..
Bouncing Balls # 4 by Georg Mateos
The neighborhood ain't that big but is fully of entertaiment, if you are old enough you can even call on your own terms, you only need a little Manuelito...
Bouncing BBQ weenies # 10 by Georg Mateos
Long time no see our old Americana, friends, but this time teuinited for a peaceful BBQ after that disastrous Marty's daughter weeding, things "seemed" to go normal again.....
Bouncing Brides # 8 by Georg Mateos
Theres a man in Authorsden married to a Mean Warrior Woman, he deserve anything bad he got by saying..."I do" Ain't that right my bad cheese cave smelling brother?..
Bouncing Casanova Lover # 9 by Georg Mateos
Take a bottle of Coors, relax and read this little story about a Norman Rockwell kind of town...and its pets...
BUYING A LAPTOP by Donna Chandler
As a senior citizen, I try to keep up with the times, I truly do. I'm finally learning to use my cell phone for more than just conversations...
Buzzards, Ding-Chow and Mama by D. Kelly
Drunks. You gotta love 'em...
By My Own Admission by Miller Caldwell
When anything in the hospital ward can go wrong, I'm there!..
Byron Luckipaw, the cat who established the first Scenic Over-look by Douglas Skopp
Another in my series, "Little Known Cats Who Have Helped Humankind." I wrote these to relieve the darkness of writing my dark novel, Shadows Walking, about a Nazi doctor.....
Read excerpt from C'est La Vie De Nosferatu C'est La Vie De Nosferatu by Dan Shaurette
This was the first short story I ever wrote. It bears a copyright notice of 1995, but I believe this one goes back as far as 1990. I had entered it into a short story contest after graduating from High School. It didn't win. No surprise. But I still enjoy reading it to this day...
Bouncing Cats & Dogs # 6 by Georg Mateos
This is another one from the little town living the American life that Norman Rockwell inmotalized on his paintings. When one talks about the "good old days" we are talking about those days when a homerun was commented for weeks and weeks and a basketball player didn't ever dream on millions. ..
Bouncing Fish # 7 by Georg Mateos
We are back on the little town the very day four friends decided can I say it?...well, fishing, because they had fishing rods and a boat and........
Bouncing Funeral # 12 by Georg Mateos
For those that read "Bouncing Moonshine" here are a explanation about the perils of uncontrollable boozing and it will a lesson so you wouldn't indulge and wander into the realms of inebriated stupor and stupid smiles.....
Bouncing Lilies # 1 by Georg Mateos
This short story is dedicated to Mr.Ed a champion for enviromental awareness but not less the guardian of all creatures that we, off hand, see disappearing around us. This story is of the good humor kind, because Nature's Fauna has its moments only for us to be amused with.....
Bouncing Love # 2 by Georg Mateos
Dinking Coors in my back porch and sitting in his rocking chair our storyteller gives another picture of the uncomplicated rural America that we love so much... ..
Bouncing Moonshine # 11 by Georg Mateos
It is extraordinary what after a messed up BBQ morning will bring when you rock your chair nursing the last BBQ Coors or the first morning Coors and see your neigbors go fetching from the woods a couple of jugs of moonshine.....
Bouncing Neighbors # 5 by Georg Mateos
Only dogs like bones, tiny tiny skinny people are only good for them trying to sell very expensive little pieces of clothing. Fat have come to stay, don't fight it, enjoy the view of plenty, you don't want the likes of Twiggy poking your ribs with her bones when making love. Ouch!..
Bouncing Raccoons # 13 by Georg Mateos
If you know what is good for you never try to outsmart any wild creature, but if you are dumb enough you will try your hand pulling one over that snicky doublecrossers but so lovely raccoons that deserve the prison stripes they wear for being the thieves they are! ! !..
Bouncing Weed...# 3 by Georg Mateos
The old geezer Coors drinker tell us another one from the little weird town where all is mixed up like it is in a Salvation Army holding soup potbelly...
Box of Animal cookies - by: Linda Law by Linda Law
Okay, this is not a Moses and the burning bush type of story...but it is about "divine intervention of the mini-mini-type.......
Boys and Their Toys by Nan Loyd
Hummer - A Heart's Desire of Alpha Men!..
BOYS NIGHT OUT.... by: Linda Law by Linda Law
Most women know that Boys begin with a night out early in marriage...then...well, so much for that!..
Branding Day by Randy Stensaas
Max and me again. We just never go away. Anyway it that time of year when we get all the calves rounded up for branding. Anything involving Max and me can't go good. ..
Bread and Butter by Richard Kallao
Breakout by Roger Wehage
Theives find an easy way to break into a store but have one hell of a time finding a way to break out. Lots of action! Some adult language...
Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival Diary: 2002 Edition by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Day One: We are just getting ready to go to bed; we just got in to Breaux Bridge, Louisiana about 2 hours ago, and we are all settled in our rooms, ready to call it a night. We drove about 12 hours from our home back in Nashville, Tennessee, meaning me, my husband, and our children (all 46..
Brew-Pop Squab by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
proper sittin' techniques and grill mate conversing.....
Bringing in the Sheaves by Carol Rzadkiewicz
Lydia's mama wants her to "get right with the Lord," but Lydia thinks her mama's a "bit touched in the head." ..
Broken by George Thompson
It hurt so bad I couldn't think straight...
Broken Bones and a Killer Lizard by Kathy J Marsh
A lizard, a can of Raid and a broken foot!..
Bubble Butt Bimbo by Frank Bosworth
Excerpt of the novel 'Staged Affair'...
View Photo of BULLY FOR BILLY Read excerpt from BULLY FOR BILLY BULLY FOR BILLY by Bradley Fralick
I also wrote this a long time ago. It was one of my first attempts at humor...
Bungee Buck by Sandra Corona
Imagine a buck and a bungee cord. One trip across the lawn was NOT enough!..
Bunny Hop This by Richard Kallao
Don't ask me why I wrote this probably because I had nothing else to do and bored really . original..
Bunny Money by John Howard Reid
From my anthology, "A Mountain of Many Treasures", comes this timely, if humorous story of a united church advertising campaign aimed at changing public perceptions of Easter...
Burned Hand Blues by J.C. Tabler
A poor deckhand just can't catch a break. (Short and Sweet, Freewrite Product)..
Burrowing Giraffes by j Cahill
Burrowing Giraffes..
Business Man by Walt Hardester
one day..
Butteloaf: (the e is silent) by Michael Curry
A mostly true story about a trip to Yellowstone. On our way, we stopped in Butte, MT and ate at a diner. Big mistake! Read on.....
Buttercups! We're up! by Mark Lichterman
As always, it was Norman, Marlene and, for fourteen-year-old girls, the hard-hitting, fast-running Gogulski twins against Mitchell, Sharon, Phyllis and lumbering, Big Rosalind. Norman and Mitchell were the power hitters and by then actually had a team rivalry… of sorts. ..
Buyer Beware by Richard Kallao
original idea and story. I doubt anyone else would claim this story..................................
Bush Declares: “We Are Now At War With Somebody” by Kevin Nenstiel
WASHINGTON, DC (Reuters)—In a heated press interview late last night, President Bush told assembled reporters, “I intend to defend our rights against intruders, and to that end we are now at war with somebody.” “Because somebody is trying to interfere with the sovereign rights of Americans,..
Caddyshacked Me by Richard Kallao
this is for the golf balls that are being hit in Loch Ness saw the video on youtube ,poor Nessie ...............
Cafe' by Ian Gilmour
A piece that explores the comic possiblities of diversity in a cafe' one night...
Caged: Where Most Husbands Should Be...for a While! Excerpt by H. Lena Jones
Here is an excerpt from Chapter 8 of Caged! Chapter Eight begins with Eva returning home from her day of voluntary work, apprehensive to face the rabbit which she has been asked to care for. She doesn't like the rabbit mainly because of its eyes. At back of her mind, she has already decid..
Calling all Birds! by JASMIN HORST SEILER
would you believe it!..
CALLING FORT KNOX by Donna Chandler
This story took place in the days BEFORE the Automated Phone Systems. My wedding would most likely never have taken place if phones were answered by a recording...
Camp Boring. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A kid is bored at camp...
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Featured Book
Lucifer's Dictionary of the American Language
by Burton Wolfe

Lucifer's Dictionary presents, with nasty satire, the true meanings of words as butchered by Americans of all kinds...  
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Featured Book
Grandad Miller, Serial Killer
by Mark Sutton

You'll never feel safe on your allotment again.....  
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