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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Prisoner's Dilemma
by Mel Hathorn

Ordinary Americans take on a powerful corporation and change everything...  
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Featured Book
#2 After Whorl: Bran Reborn
by Nancy Jardine

Book 2 of The Celtic Fervour Series set in northern Celtic Roman Britain AD 71-73, when Rome expands the boundaries of its Western Empire...  
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Featured Book
Daughter of Shame
by Gwen Madoc

Jenni, a young innocent girl, must escape her dreadful past but when she thinks she has finally found happiness the past catches up with her...  
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All Historical Fiction Short Stories

25 Most Recent Historical Fiction Short Stories

Our Hart, Episode 9 by Lloyd Lofthouse
Robert Hart arrived in China in 1854. By the time he left in 1908, he was the most powerful Westerner in China's history and the only foreigner the Emperor of China trusted. His love and dedication to China was born from the love for one woman—a love story Robert wanted to hide from the world. I sp..
Prep A'Lau And The People of The Clouds by Gary Brosch
Long before an unemployed Italian navigator sold his story and his services to an expansive Spanish queen, and rewarded her with the riches of a continent he claimed but never saw; long before a lone Portuguese priest stepped ashore in the flatlands and began the Europeanization of the Vietnamese; l..
Pvt. Jung by Josh Schwartzkopf
Jasper Jung loved two things in life: smoking cigarettes and his girl, Marne; but, his abhorrence of living under his brother's shadow takes him across the ocean and onto foreign soil. There he fights in a war that he knows little about and while Jasper longs to return to the things he loves, his ..
Rabbit Moon, Tiger Moon by Kalikiano Kalei
Long before the wealthy discovered the lovely coastal enclave of the Pebble Beach Golf & Country Club on California's Carmel coast, the early Chinese pioneers of the 1850s Gold Rush era settled there and fished the waters of Monterey Bay for its plentiful squid. Eventually, the original Chinese inh..
Restless Spirit by Jackie Brooks
This is a story that I have written, loosely based on a local legend and ghost story from a Historical House where I used to work as a Room Steward...
Retrieving Her Heart by Lana Mowdy
Upon the death of his mother, Johnny finds her heart. It had been taken to the battlefield long ago...
Return To Misselthwaite Manor Part Two by Lady The Lake55
Return To Misselthwaite Manor is the sequel to The Secret Garden Part: Chapter 5-9..
Review: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by Edward Phillips
(2008: A British-Irish historical/drama Miramax film) ..
River's Edge by Barbara Baldwin
River's Edge is a short historical piece I wrote while visiting Boston. This beautiful city and the river flowing through it were truly inspiring!..
Roseanna And Johnse by Phillip Hardy
Before you watch the upcoming miniseries about the Hatfields and McCoys on the History Channel, read about what fanned the flames of the legendary feud. This is an excerpt from Kingdom Of The Hollow, The Story Of The Hatfields And McCoys..
Rubidoux Meyers by Mark Lichterman
While local authorities stood by, many ‘Riders’ were beaten senseless by irate mobs and their buses set afire. Finally, U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy sent in 400 federal marshals to protect the Freedom Riders right to travel. ..
Read excerpt from Rwandan Deep Throating Rwandan Deep Throating by Gabriel Orgrease
A brief (500 word) fictional sketch, somewhat gruesome, based loosely on a true incident related in the book, "We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with out families, Stories from Rwanda," by Philip Gourevitch...
Saad the Storyteller by Emile Tubiana
To cheer-up the ailing King, his minister invited Saad, the storyteller. Excerpt from the Book The King and the Widow by Emile Tubiana..
Sample Chapter by John Lindermuth
This is the first chapter of Watch The Hour,a historical novel to be published in April by Whiskey Creek Press,
Sebastian's Story by Barry Clemson
Based on the true story of the conflict between General Pinochet "President for Life" and Sebastian Acevedo, an unemployed coal miner. ..
Set Your Hearts Strong A battle excerpt from Forced Blood The Norseman by Linda Newton Perry
Part of battle scene...
Seven Lives to Repay Our Country (Historical Fiction) by Edward Carpenter
In this short story written by a US Marine, a pair of Japanese soldiers on Saipan confront the inevitability of defeat in different ways...
Shadow of the Maiden by Katie Gabrielle
It is 1789 and the French Reign of Terror is at the peak of its indifferent cruelty. A young and unworldly aristocrat is seized... and she has only one brief dawn in THE SHADOW OF THE MAIDEN to wrestle with her conscience and discover why she must die.....
SHAKE A LEG FIFI by Marcus Dino
Shattered by Marilyn Friesen
Ok, okay, I know some of you will think I'm spinning tires instead of moving ahead, but I got inspired to flesh out Two Mothers, Twin Daughters a bit. What do you think of this new beginning? And what do you think of the cryptic title Shattered?..
Sincerely, 50's Rock and Roll Novel by Lynda Appell
Three teenagers from the Ghetto desperately compete at the Apollo to try to win their share of fame and fortune...
Smoke Chains by J Howard
Climbing the ancient pyramids of Egypt-Is life designed for us or do we make choices that take us down life's path? ..
View Photo of Spittoons and Speeding Trains Read excerpt from Spittoons and Speeding Trains Spittoons and Speeding Trains by Michelle Mills
Everyone has a few nuts hanging on the family tree. But it's a sure bet that no one's nut is nuttier than "Stinky" Fritz Heissenhuber!..
Stained By Sin by Liz Munoz
The Lies an Earl Promised To Tell, The Truth a Charlatan promised in return. ..
Strength In Gratitude by Ian Ace
I pondered on the evolution of us all and where we came to land...
The Sea Journal - A Tale of Piracy by Ted Roberts
Here's a story that will eventually end up in a novel. This is a sneak peek into the glorious days of Swashbuckling, and of what it was like to be overtaken by Pirates!..
The Search For Papa. (Part One) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A young boy is scared for his father, who has been taking to parts unknown by Nazi soldiers during World War II, and he fears for his life and the lives of his family as well...
View Photo of Sword Against the Robe Read excerpt from Sword Against the Robe Sword Against the Robe by Ted Roberts
This is actually a new book that I have started, and the newest of all my writings. Set in the glorious days of the mousquetaires du roy (the king's elite Musketeers), Monsieur d'Avaloy finds himself in more trouble than he has bargained for! Face it, this is a tale of intrigue, mystery, and so mu..
Tales Along the Way Home - Prologue by Virginia Tolles
Here is the first chapter of my debut novel, Tales Along the Way Home: A Story of Growing Faith...
That Bittersweet Escape by Rycke Foreman
A paranoid Vietnam soldier searches for sweet escape... A creative fiction assignment from my college days, based on The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien..
The Accident--5/30/75 by Michael Eads
Pre’s people clapped in rhythmic unison for six years and 25 straight races without a defeat...
The accidental marriage of a religious scholar to Sheikha Whoosh by Muhammad Al Mahdi
In response to Regis Auffray's story about a similarly named person I have pointed out that there needs to be an Islamic, Shari'a-based version of "Whoosh". This is it. It needs to be pointed out as well that this is in no way autobiographical though the breakfast is truly a problem...
The Accidental Spy by John Lindermuth
This is an excerpt from my novel, The Accidental Spy..
The Altar Boy - Historical Flash Fiction by Donald Schneider
The story is loosely based on a true story. It is set against the background of the Irish War for Independence, circa 1919. Michael Collins, referred to in the story, was one of the towering figures of the struggle for independence. Some (quite incorrectly) refer to him as the father of terrorism..
The Battle Of Big Lick by Wade Cox
A soldier from the US Civil War has been knocked out and left behind by his company. Now he has to catch up to them and rejoin them, but things are somehow...different...
The Birth of the Israelite Kingdom and the End of Their Democracy by Emile Tubiana
People always need someone who decides their destiny. This is why we have the elections and the super delegates..
THE BLESSING by Emile Tubiana
The story of the Blessing was related to me in Tunisian by my friend Said Abbas, son of Col. Abbas who served the last Bey of Tunisia. My friend’s father, Col. Abbas was the one who formed the first core of the Tunisian army. Said Abbas, also known as Hedi Ben Salem was a graduate of Saint Cyr, a ca..
The Blind Beggar by Emile Tubiana
This story I heard from my father, takes place centuries ago, in what is Irak today...
The Blitz by S Robinson
Black screen. An air raid siren is heard. White letters say “For 57 consecutive nights” Edward R. Murrow standS on a rooftop broadcasting from a blacked out city, flames all around the adjacent buildings, searchlights scanning the skies. He is speaking into a silver microphone. "This....
The Boat: A Refugee's Story. (Part One) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A Vietnamese family decides to go to America to escape the war that their country is embroiled in...
The Boat: A Refugee's Story. (Part Two) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A family is desperate to escape the situation in their home country of Vietnam, and fearful for what may happen to them...
The Boat: A Refugee's Story. (Part Five) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Hinh and family have gone to the United States, where they are starting to adjust to their new lives. They were previously in Australia...
The Boat: A Refugee's Story. (Part Four) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Hinh and his family have arrived in Australia and now struggle to make a new life for themselves...
The Boat: A Refugee's Story. (Part Three) (Story #5,300) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Hinh updates us on their journey to parts unknown to get away from the war that's currently raging back home in their native Vietnam. Image (c) 2010, by Karla Dorman...
The Breakfast Nook by Randall Barfield
The Bubble: an excerpt from my novel, The Devil's Ruse by Ruth Welburn
Set just outside New York City in the fall of 1918, Dr. Nicholas Wareing leaves his laboratory to bike home late one afternoon. He encounters a bizarre situation when a couple try to cope with the horror of the pandemic and the loss of their only son to the Great War. Gripping. ..
The Carriage Wheels Go Round and Round by Valerie Ciolek
The cats out of the bag - historical fiction...
The Children of Abraham by David Grebow
They knew death was coming, much sooner than any of them had expected. Huddled in their shaking tents, listening to the wind howl, understanding what the nomads called “Kitab Al Azif “, as the wall of sand, deeper and darker than anything you could call a storm, descended upon them… And wh..
The Chimney Sweeps: A Climbing Boy Extract by Mark Lichterman
Weighed down by the load he carried, his harsh breath coming in white plumes, panting, struggling to keep up with Johnson, Zachariah didn’t notice as a single coil of rope slipped off his shoulder, trailed behind, then tangled in his feet. Tripping, he fell at the place the dirt road ended and the c..
The Closet by D. Kenneth Ross
An ex-President must find a theme for his Presidential Library...
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Historical Fiction Stories
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7. Kueidu'ifr gone a viking
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9. Nazi POW #6217. (Part Two)
10. The Unforgiving Storm. (Hurricane Katrina,
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12. Paul Goes Postal
13. Paul Goes Postal
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15. Haida Gwaii
16. The Search For Papa. (Part Five)
17. The Golden Words
18. Pax Semper
19. Dirty Jew!: A Story About World War II. (P
20. Treblinka.

Featured Book
Giorgi's Greek Tragedy
by Pauline Hager

Set in the high, craggy mountains of the Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece, a tale of young Giorgi's quest for revenge ensues when secret agents of the Turkish Ott..  
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Featured Book
Altar and Throne
by Ed Zaruk

GOLD MEDALIST- Best Canadian fiction- western region (IPPY Awards) Abe Williston- the bush pilot Ted Corrigan and Jack Redsky- childhood friends  
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