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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
L'harmonie et le contraste, l'atout féminin, Livre 2
by Antoine Raphael

C'est la version françaie de "Harmony and Contrast, the female impact, book2". Both, book 1 and 2 have been published recently by ..  
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Featured Book
The Atlantis Crystal
by Will Clark

Digger, a shady archaeologist, becomes involved with smugglers in his desperation to dig in dirt. An unusual find at the dig site starts a frantic episode that leads to m..  
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Featured Book
The Lighthouse at Montauk Point
by R David Fulcher

The stories in this collection were written over several decades, and changes in the author's life had a profound impact on the voices and themes utilized in the tales. I..  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

Alex by Gwen Eckel
I wrote this story when I was about 13 or 14. :)..
Alexander Fleming by onyedikachi okolo
The story goes that some time ago, a man punished his 3-year-old daughter for wasting a roll of gold wrapping paper. Money was tight and he became infuriated when the child tried to decorate a box to put under the Christmas tree. Nevertheless, the little girl brought the gift to her father the next ..
Alice in Wereland by E. J. Stevens
A short story piece written for the October Trix-n-Treatz celebration, at vvb32 Reads.
Alien Grey- a Place Inhospitable.. by Marek Benjamite
Dream of the End and the Unraveling of Mystery – The Illuminati- a Deep Connection to the “Alien Grey” I awoke- unable to sleep- and was brought to vision after vision of the Lord’s sending me- ......
alive again by tochukwu anyadike
an extra ordinary dream..
All Aglow in Te Anau by Karen Wilson
Experiencing the wonder of Te Anau's glow-worms during a bus tour in New Zealand...
All Americans by PC Marks
A question was posed on Helium asking "Can't African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, etc., just be called Americans?" Below was my response to the question. I ranked number 3 out of 76 writers. ..
All Consuming-The Permutations of Bob by Lonnie Hicks
Interior Roads..
All Hope! Part II by Carvin Wallson
I ruminate on what I'm about to be losing, creepily at times...
All Hope! Part IIIA by Carvin Wallson
The cycle of frustration leading to drinking leading to frustration, etc., really kicks into gear...
All Hope! Part IIIB by Carvin Wallson
Wherein I start to lose the middle-class comfort I once took in feeling superior to the barflies I was ashamed to love so dearly...
All Hope! Part IIIC by Carvin Wallson
Wherein I devise what I believe to be a foolproof system that will keep me separated from said barflies...
All Hope! Part IIID--Christmas by Carvin Wallson
Wherein I chalk up the damage I've been doing to cheerfulness for the holiday...
All Hope! Part IIIE--New Year's Eve and Beyond by Carvin Wallson
You'd think this would have been more of a celebration, but here you have it...
All Hope! Part IVA by Carvin Wallson
The first inkling that maybe things don't have to be so rough...
All Hope! Part One by Carvin Wallson
This is part one of a novella. I hope that you enjoy, or at least let me know why you didn't...
All Hope! Part VA by Carvin Wallson
A return to the olden times, and the dissapointment that must surely follow...
All Hope! Part VB by Carvin Wallson
Trying to find work, and realizing just how far I've fallen...
All In by Tom Crowley
Nok knew she was destined to be a big winner. It was just a matter of turning over the right cards. Only the right cards didn't seem to be coming. ..
All In The Name by Eduardo Soliz
‘Mad scientists’ aren’t quite as mad as you may think!..
All Saints Eve by Ronald Hull
Chapter 16 of American Mole I could have waited until Halloween, but there's never a good time to reveal the unthinkable.....
All Things Wise and Wonderful by Gill James
This is a story for the Christmas time of year, the time of telliagnd sharing stories. Please feel free to read to your chidlren or your class. You may even like to reproduce it in your publication and use it to help you with fund-raising. However, please do not use it for commercial gain or alter i..
Allegory by robby charters
Imagine waking up in a strange place. You have no memory of how you got there, nor who you are. ONe thing becomes increasing clear: this isn't the same world in which you went to sleep ... ..
Alone Again and Searching by TONY NERONE
From a chapter in a book I wrote in 2002. It has been changed slightly...
Alternate Ending to Star Trek 5 : The Final Fontier by Richard Kallao
even Vulcans must learn by doing ...
Amanda Berry Smith, God's Image in Ebony by Michael Edds
Many heroes and heroines of the Christian Faith have been forgotten by the church today. Amanda Berry Smith, one of those heroines, rose above slavery, poverty, prejudice, loss and impossibilities to mightily impact three continents for God. ..
Amanda's Watchful Eye by Gregory Christiano
Mr. Cosgrove has reached the point where he cannot tolerate his nagging wife. He takes steps to fix the problem!..
Ambrosio (Fiction) by William Bonilla
Based On My Grandfather..
America's Health Care System: What are the Facts? Updated: 10/3/14/14 by Lonnie Hicks
Why is our health care system twice as expensive as other countries with poorer outcomes? See also part two of this blog on this site. Updated: 2/8/14 The family doctor and drug companies have fueled an explosion in drug overdose deaths? CDC report. Updated: 2/6/14 What ar..
America's Health Care System: What are the Facts? Updated: 2/25/15/ Pt. 2 by Lonnie Hicks
See also part one on this site. 2/26/15 Doctors getting money from drug companies? 2/25/15 The Risks of Anesthesia to kids and babies 1/1/15 Health Care Testing in Florida Syndrome? 11/30/14 Microbes in ICU may be key to Sepsis? 10/21/14 Doctors Tell All About the ..
View Photo of Americas' Got Talent - My Audition Los Angeles, CA Read excerpt from Americas' Got Talent - My Audition Los Angeles, CA Americas' Got Talent - My Audition Los Angeles, CA by R.E.E.S Blogs Linda Smith, Publisher
Real Story of an actual person who will tell her story of how she auditioned...
Amin Resource Center by Jibril Mohamed
img src=""/> a href="">img src="" alt="free logo design" border="0"/>/a>..
An Abundance Of. by Rebecca Harris
A wonderful story of Everything That I could think of having an abundance of...
An African Story of Kompa Nanzi : Ananse and how he reached Curacoa by Peter Adotey Addo
A Folk Tale From Ghana Of How Ananse the Spider arrived on the Island of Curacao and the carebian islands..
AN AGONIZING GOODBY by dorothy jones
An Agreement Between Sisters by SUSAN
Two sisters, as unlike as night and day, are forced by circumstance to make an agreement that will bind them both for the rest of their lives...
An Autumn Weekend in Yellowstone by Sharon Edwards
An Autumn Weekend in Yellowstone..
An Endless Loop by Lonnie Hicks
Deep in the Night..
Read excerpt from An excerpt from a book by Bill Flynn, titled The Feathery An excerpt from a book by Bill Flynn, titled The Feathery by Bill Flynn
The Feathery is a novel with mystery and suspense that mingles around the game of golf and a valuable, much sought after, feathery golf ball used in a record round at St. Andrews in 1849. Some collector will even resort to murder to possess this artifact...
An excerpt fromThe Gods Of War by Peter Jessop
A small excerpt from the end of the First Chapter of my novel "The Gods Of War". ..
An Icicle Kiss-A Story by Lonnie Hicks
Winter's Love..
An Ick Files Christmas by Jeanne Owens
a short Christmas special of The Ick Files..
An Option is Never to Have One by Richard Kallao
Read excerpt from An Elementary School Ruled By Deamons An Elementary School Ruled By Deamons by Ana Nunez
The job offer was nothing but a note of deceit given to me by Satan. I had been praying for God to heal my body so that I could work in the fall as a teacher. This would be my first full time job as a teacher. I chose to teach elementary students since I had so many good experiences substi..
An Explosive Personality by Randy Gonzalez
Police drama, in which, two detectives track down domestic bombers. “I know ya’ll are familiar with salt peter,” Bomb Disposal Sergeant Floral Sage said. “I’m sure you guys in the class are.” She had a tantalizing Texas accent. Dark eyes flashed mischievousness. “You mix the salt peter..
An Unconditional Love by Dawn Anderson
This is a short story that I wrote which won an honorable mention in The Joyous Publishing Fiction Contest...
Analyzing Forex Data by Simon Janos
If you are into trading Forex, then you probably take analyzing Forex data very seriously. Most Forex investors choose their trades each day by going over lots of information, charts and opinions in order to analyze Forex data. Here are some great tips and resources for analyzing Forex data. ..
ANCESTRAL MOTHER And Twenty One Spiritually Gifted Women by Melissa Harris
Paying Homage To The Great Mother... ..
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Action/Thriller Stories
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14. Einstein: How do Galaxies Work?
15. The National Security State: Have We Lost
16. What Will the World Look Like in 20 Years?
17. Fractured Idioms-7/2/12
18. Einstein and the True Story of Relativity
19. Who Ever Controls the Money Supply Control
20. 17 two dollar books for self-publishing In

Featured Book
The Lion And The Young Boy
by Albert Megraw

Set in Africa in the late 1890's tribal law dictate boys of sixteen summers must kill a lion to become a man.With the tribe diminishing year by year as the youth of the n..  
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Featured Book
Two Down
by Paddy Bostock

Worry about your cellphone! Others may have spooky designs on it...  
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