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Sept 11, 2001
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Different Roads
by Joyce Scarbrough

New edition coming soon! This is my second novel. Chapter One is available as free download, and Chapter Two is posted in the Short Story section. How m..  
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Along the Watchtower
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I'll Paint a Sun
by Alfred Garrotto

Libby O'Neill discovers the healing power of love under the most unlikely circumstances, with a most unlikely partner. A moving Valentine's Day story set among San Franci..  
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All Mainstream Short Stories

25 Most Recent Mainstream Short Stories

BECOMING 59: Bonk! by Mark Lichterman
Thinking a cop was shining his flashlight through the window—as had happened oh, so many times in the past—Ina’s instantaneous reaction was to open her eyes and bring her head up, and… ..
BECOMING 6: The War Effort by Mark Lichterman
The Grand Manufacturing Company, the Lipensky business, named “Grand” for Grand Avenue where it was located rather than its grand size, which it wasn’t, went out of business because it produced a “non‑essential” product using “essential” material. ..
BECOMING 64:TheParting by Mark Lichterman
Blinking their eyes, biting their lower lips in concentration, the boys looked at each other for a long moment till, turning away, the smaller boy went to the car, opened the rear door, sat down and pulled the door shut. ..
BECOMING 57: Naked by Mark Lichterman
Carefuil, vividly sexual scene here. _______________________________________ The last time Ina went to the beach with a boy at night he’d gotten sand on the tip of his “Redi-wet” and it hurt like hell. “Nah, I don’t feel like goin’ to the beach,” she said, instantly deflating his carnally in..
BECOMING 58:Flashlight by Mark Lichterman
Careful, vividly sexual scene here _______________________________________ He wanted to savor this long-awaited, long-desired experience for as long as possible, and as much as, Oh, yeah! he sure did love the feeling of her fondling, he knew that if she didn’t stop now, right now, he wo..
BECOMING 60: Bottles One by Mark Lichterman
Catching, the girl’s and Mitchell’s eyes held until she passed. “And these,” continuing what he’d been saying, “junior girls don’t come too cheap.” Facing the opposite direction, Norman watched the movement of the girl’s well-rounded posterior under her black, calf-length skirt. “Yeah,” sig..
BECOMING 61:BottlesTwo by Mark Lichterman
Mentally calculating how much money he and Masako had put into their pockets each day, not counting school holidays and vacations, Jesus, almost $7,200 a year, each, times… Christ! Thinking of the years they’ve been partners in this, I sure as hell don’t want anyone from downtown coming here and doi..
BECOMING 62:Intoxicating by Mark Lichterman
Ina thought she remembered most of what had happened on the night of their tryst. She had given it a lot of thought and was sure that they did not have completed sex because he wasn’t wearing a rubber, leastwise she had no memory of seeing him put one on, or take it off. And if he wasn’t wearing a r..
BECOMING 63:Death, That's Life? by Mark Lichterman
Seeing his pain, a sudden sense of empathy causing a bond Walter hadn’t before felt for his son. “Wait.” Stopping his wife, “Give him a while to calm down and I’ll go talk to him in a few minutes.” "Becoming" can now also be purchased as a Kindle Ebook @ $2.95 ..
BECOMING 65:A Black Kid by Mark Lichterman
The ebony-colored girl was small, about five-three, and maybe fifteen years old. She had a thin, Caucasian nose with wide, flaring nostrils, sensuous—though not overly, by Mitchell’s standards—full lips and, for a girl her size, unusually large breasts. Her almond-shaped black eyes looking up from u..
BECOMING 66: Oh, Shit! by Mark Lichterman
Getting brilliant idea #2, which, by the way, was the only brilliant idea Mitchell Lipensky had on this day, he was about to pour the “burnt,” black powdery stuff down the drain… But, alas, never equating beauty to brains, changing his mind, he then got really brilliant idea #3, and… Becomi..
BECOMING 67:New Home by Mark Lichterman
After a lifetime of constantly clamoring streetcars and rumbling traffic, the silence at night was deafening and waking in the morning to the sound of birds rather than the clanking of the janitor’s garbage can at first seemed odd, but the quiet was easy to get used to and the Walter Lipensky family..
BECOMING 68:Ain't Cherry by Mark Lichterman
“Y’know, Normie,” sighing loudly, “the only thing that makes me feel better ’bout still bein’ cherry, after all this time, is that you’re cherry, too.” He waited for Norman to answer, and when he didn’t, taking a long pull on his bottle, staring at their feet, “Normie, you ever think ’bout how ugly ..
BECOMING 69:Blue Eyes by Mark Lichterman
Usually shy in class, on this day, at this beautiful new school where he didn’t know a person, for some reason relaxing, Mitchell allowed his personality to come through and in classes was friendly and gregarious, and without his usual shyness giving the impression of conceit, he made friends, both ..
BECOMING 7: Sexual #1 by Mark Lichterman
Careful sex and language here... On her back, lying flat‑footed with her legs bent and her thighs spread, the lady’s moderately large breasts flattened across her chest and lay to either side of her rib cage. His head between her thighs, his arm stretched upward, holding a d..
BECOMING 72: Virgin by Mark Lichterman
With the right boy, oh, yes, Sally did enjoy petting, truly enjoyed petting. But she was determined not to go “all the way” with anyone but her future husband, and with an experienced boy such as Mitchell, she knew that she had to give something or he’d lose interest. Her bare-breasted boundaries we..
BECOMING 73:Balmy Night by Mark Lichterman
Sally knew Mitchell was Jewish and though neither she nor her family harbored prejudices, being Christian she knew that this relationship could not, or would never go as far as marriage, and… Not sure if she’d always have the resolve to always say no to Mitchell, “Mitchie,” she said.....
BECOMING 75:Kitty Corner Stool Story by Mark Lichterman
The movement caused Mitchell to move his rapt attention from the hot fudge sundae to the lady and girl… The long-handled spoon pausing mid-way to his mouth, a blob of fudge dropping onto the cherry- and nut-topped mound of whipped cream, the sundae before him instantly forgotten.....
BECOMING 76: Susan 1 by Mark Lichterman
Susan was well aware of her looks. As a matter of fact, much like Mitchell, the way she looked also made her feel self-conscious and shy, and this, to those that did not know her, also came across as conceit—which to some extent it was—and with a girl, if you’re too good-looking guys will often feel..
BECOMING152: Day of 2 by Mark Lichterman
“Mitchell, I’ve… I don’t know how to tell you this, but… Look, it wasn’t supposed to happen for another nine , and that’s one of the reasons we picked today for the wedding, but…” "Becoming" can now also be purchased as a Kindle Ebook @$4.95days ..
BK1: Becoming;1944#7 by Mark Lichterman
Mid twentieth century novels: "Becoming" (735 pages) and "For Better or Worse" (733 Pages) (sequel to "Becoming") can now be purchased as Amazon Kindle Ebooks @ $4.95. Or if a Prime member, both books can be read without cost. ..
BK1:Becoming; 1940#3 by Mark Lichterman
Mid twentieth century novels: "Becoming" (735 pages) and "For Better or Worse" (733 Pages) (sequel to "Becoming") can now be purchased as Amazon Kindle Ebooks @ $4.95. Or if a Prime member, both books can be read for free. Becoming: 1940#3 is a "Becoming" excerpt...
BECOMING 78: Susan 3 by Mark Lichterman
This whole thing was so improbable: Going shopping with his parents; he never went shopping with his parents. His father wanting coffee just at that time, just across the street from Walgreens. Mrs. Friedman and her daughter coming into Walgreens just at that time, too. And finding the courage to ta..
BECOMING 79: Susan 4 by Mark Lichterman
Putting his arms about her waist, holding her tightly, he could feel and hear the reverberation of Susan’s heart. He smelled the spicy fragrance of her perfume and sensed the gentle, soft swell of Susan’s breasts upon either side of his face…..
BECOMING 8:Summer 1942-Winter 1944 by Mark Lichterman
“I told you before and I’m telling you again: Your son is bad!” Turning away, Pincus looked out the window. “There is no excuse for a kid not to listen to his parents!” “I wish I knew what to do.” His back to her, “There’s something you can do, Myra.” She hesitated, then ..
BECOMING 80: Susan 5 by Mark Lichterman
Lying against and across Mitchell, the position of her left arm becoming somewhat uncomfortable, Susan, “innocently” and “unknowingly,” rested her elbow in… and onto his crotch. Careful, becomes a bit sexual...
BECOMING 81: Susan 6 by Mark Lichterman
Susan may or may not have been aware that she had arched her hips upward and opened her thighs wider and that Mitchell was asserting more pressure onto and into the rapidly dampening fissure beneath the crotch of her tan colored slacks… Careful sexual situation here..
BECOMING 82: Susan 7 by Mark Lichterman
Careful, sexual situation here. Having a full week to think about it, the physical flavor of their, by then, almost, chaste relationship changed on the very next Saturday when, because her parents implicitly trusted Susan and Mitchell, the two, once again were left alone to baby-sit, when, ..
BECOMING 83: Susan 8 by Mark Lichterman
Having confidence that he would pass it, on Thursday, the twenty-nineth of May, hating the lie, telling Susan that was going for a required orientation and to find living quarters, Mitchell boarded a train in Union Station bound for Rochester, New York. ..
BECOMING 84: Susan 9 by Mark Lichterman
Yesterday evening, when they had spoken on the phone and made plans to spend Saturday at the beach, Susan had told him, “Mitchie, don’t come up. My mom and dad are still really hurt and they don’t care to see you right now.” ..
BECOMING 85:Summer1952 by Mark Lichterman
Having no doubt that it was the worst thing he could do, but yet, as if drawn by an irresistible force, Mitchell tortured himself by returning to the Walgreens where he had first met Susan, where he sat on the same stool he had sat on then.....
BECOMING 86: Wright by Mark Lichterman
Watching the swaying buttocks, “Yeah!” Feeling, for the first time since the breakup, a stirring in his crotch, “Those asses look real nice!” he said louder than necessary, not caring if the girls did hear, which still was very much out of character for Mitchell Lipensky. ..
BECOMING 87: U.S.C.G. by Mark Lichterman
Centered on the wall behind the desk were two flags: one, the Stars and Stripes; the other, deep blue with a gold, nautical emblem. Between the flags was a picture of President Eisenhower...
BECOMING 88: Boots by Mark Lichterman
When he had boarded the train nearly twenty-four hours ago, it had been a balmy, Indian Summer day. Here on the East Coast the air was raw and a bone-chilling mist coming off the ocean caused the thirteen young men to zip their jackets and button their coats. ..
BECOMING 89: Cape May by Mark Lichterman
The smirk instantly leaving his face, his complexion becoming even whiter, bending at the knees, attempting to go with the pressure, Sobileski leaned forward, but, the pressure increasing, “La’pinsky,” trying to hide his pain, “you’re, uh,” the pain getting the better of him. “You’re hurting me!” b..
BECOMING 9: 1/14/44 #1 by Mark Lichterman
Stooping, reaching under the desk, “Die, Jewish peeeg!” Frank said, in a bad imitation of Gilbert Roland’s Cisco Kid, as, grabbing Mitchell by the ankles, he dragged him off the seat. “Italian turd!” As they scuffled on the floor in make‑believe fight: “Sheeny sh..
BECOMING 90:Flame Thrower by Mark Lichterman
He had thought about the Coast Guardsmen stationed at the Randolph Street Lifeboat Station in Chicago Harbor. The Coast Guard seemed like romantic, adventuresome, not-too-difficult duty that would get him away from Chicago, and Susan, and bring him into contact with any number of girls Beco..
BECOMING 91: Drill by Mark Lichterman
The days occupied his mind… But the nights found him lonely, and in his loneliness his mind went to Susan. Having no outlet for his feelings, finding he had a penchant for poetry, Mitchell became the poet of barracks 7, writing corn-ball poetry for his shipmates to send to their girlfriends or wives..
BECOMING 92:The Letter by Mark Lichterman
I’ve started to write to you at least a hundred times, and I don’t know whether you’ll be glad to get this letter or not, (I pray that you are), but something happened to me last night and I could not hold back writing to you any longer. Becoming can now also be purchased as a Kindle Ebook ..
BECOMING 93: Connie by Mark Lichterman
Other than his mother, this was the first time he had touched a female hand in nearly six months, and he wondered at the softness, and seconds later, the warm, human touch of her body pressing next to his almost brought tears to his eyes. ..
BECOMING 96: Ewing by Mark Lichterman
Ewing was not bigoted; he just hated Niggers, Gooks, Kikes, Wops, Spicks, Pretty Boys, Civilians, Politicians and Philadelphia Lawyers—not necessarily in that order. And lucky him! Mitchell Lipensky fell into two of those categories. ..
BECOMING 97:Minnossa by Mark Lichterman
“Yeah, Captain Ewing!” Joe said contemptuously. “The ass-hole hates me ’cause I’m a spick, and he’s tried to burn me, a lot, but I’m a cook first class, so’s there ain’t too much he can do to me so long’s I do my job.” ..
BECOMING 94: Finished by Mark Lichterman
Suddenly alone. Feeling lost, Mitchell stood within the hustling crowd in the cavernous edifice of Grand Central Station for a full minute, then, taking the mimeographed directions from the manila envelope, studying them, he caught a south-bound subway, got off at Canal where he transferred to an ea..
BECOMING 95: Rockaway LBS by Mark Lichterman
His eyebrows knotting over his dark-brown eyes—causing the young man to squirm under the man’s intense gaze—Warrant Officer Floyd Richard Ewing stared at the face framed within the window for seven full seconds before… Taking the envelope, turning away, opening it, removing the sheath of papers, he ..
BECOMING 99: Nude Lady by Mark Lichterman
Although she didn’t show much cleavage, he knew that it was hard to judge the size of a woman’s breasts from this distance, especially if she was wearing a restrictive bathing suit, but he could see that she had narrow hips, small buttocks and, though not deterring him, her thighs were a bit on the ..
BECOMING100:Nude Lady2 by Mark Lichterman
Standing, not bothering to brush the dirt off his denims, grabbing the binoculars, “Great!” he studied the lady’s flattened breasts, her wonderful, sun and air puckered nipples and, “Mmm, God!” her fuzzy, mismatched black crotch… for approximately five seconds, when… ..
BECOMING101:Erotic Watch by Mark Lichterman
Careful, sexual content here. _______________________________________ Looking over the man’s shoulder, although too far away to actually see his features, the woman did see the man on the lookout tower watching her lover and herself through binoculars and, lifting her arm, purposely exa..
BECOMING102: Pee'n'Stuff by Mark Lichterman
Careful, body function chapter here ______________________________________ And a new inconsequential chapter was written in the unrecorded history of mankind, as Mitchell Lipensky, to the best of his knowledge, became the only person in the world to ever… ..
BECOMING103:A Jewish Girl by Mark Lichterman
Sitting, Julie Marx was beautiful; with a small nose, big, greenish-brownish eyes, and honey-colored hair that so far as Mitchell could tell looked to be natural and, Oh, God! he thought again, fighting the urge to lick his lips... ..
BECOMING104:A Gentile Girl by Mark Lichterman
Standing knee-deep in the warm, calm water, he watched as a girl in a two-piece bathing suit trudged across the sand. Approaching, he saw that the girl was “put together” just like he liked girls to be put together: big busted, slightly on the meaty side, and not too tall. ..
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