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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Forget to Remember: A Carol Golden Novel
by Alan Cook

Carol Golden isn't her real name. She doesn't remember her real name or anything that happened before she was found in a Dumpster, naked and unconscious, on the beautiful..  
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Featured Book
Turning Idolater
by Edward Patterson

We all have a White Whale to follow. It's high time to get to sea...  
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Featured Book
The Paradise of Revenge (Paperback)
by Richard Orey

Devout young Josefina is obsessed with wicked revenge. Why? How?..  
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All Mystery/Suspense Short Stories

25 Most Recent Mystery/Suspense Short Stories

Live Puppets of 1530 by Deep Rajvansh
This is a story of live puppets of 1530. A group of children reached in a village in past. They had a surprise to see the puppets were working like humanbeings........... ..
View Photo of Lodge Lane Read excerpt from Lodge Lane Lodge Lane by Michael Meisberger
Lost in Time by Thomas Farrell
Do you believe in the transmigration of souls? You will after you read this haunting tale from the author of The Jessica Project...
Love Letters From The Other Side by J. Allen Wilson
.”Allen; Allen, where are you? Allen...My pace quickened until I reached the edge of the bridge and it was there that I found his notebook alongside his clothes......
Love Letters From The Other Side...the visitors by J. Allen Wilson
From the package...a daguerreotype photo of Allen from the early 1890s. (sure...I mean really) ..
Love's Demise ( Revised ) by Marguerite Lemoine
This is a true story which recently happened in which I could have been hurt but was saved by my Guardian Angel...
Lucius Johnson's Morning Encounter by Raven Newcastle
One of the central characters in Danielle Labouleux's life. What would his typical morning be like...
Love Letters From The Other Side continued by J. Allen Wilson
“Mrs. Wilson”? “Yes it is, how can I help you”? “I’m First Detective Casey O’Neil and this is my partner Rosa. May we come in?” “Why yes detective, please do.” “Is this about my husband? Have you found out anything on Allen? He’s not hurt is He?” ..
Luck O' The Irish by Christine Verstraete
Real estate agent Robert O' Flannery has only high hopes when he goes to check out the house his wife, Margie, recommends. Seeing it, he hopes "The Luck O' The Irish" is with him. It is... ..
Magic Fair by Deep Rajvansh
Magic fair is a story in which so many mysterious incidents happened like people has been changed their looks for some time and..............
Magical Place by Larry Lounsbury
A true story...
Malibu Soul by Terry Lattimer
There was no return address on the package, but since this was pre-terrorized America, there was no need for apprehension or fear – except from us “postal” workers...
View Photo of Margo Read excerpt from Margo Margo by Joel Kirkpatrick
This is a story of the OTHER side... Can we make contact? If we did make contact, would we recognize it? The subtleties are... you decide. "The wind touched me again as I looked down at the flat sand in front of me. It had been twenty years, but I could still smell her perfume."..
Marianne's Mama by Sandra Mushi
He couldn’t understand what Marianne, soon to be mother of his first child, was doing at his mansion at that point of time – and mostly what killed his housekeeper and why her dead body was next to her ... ... .....
Mariella and Antonio (Part One) by Amber Moonstone
A new suspense series by Amber "V" Moonstone..
Marked by Brandi Salazar
This is a small excerpt not available anywhere else...
Marvelous Christmasin the City by Deep Rajvansh
This is marvelous Christmas in the city because a very surprising snow-fall was going on that night. Snow was falling with golden leaves of Christmas tree...........
Medal Detector by Beem Weeks
A young man hunting buried treasure uncovers an old mystery...
Meet lawyer, Harry Jenkins, In Conduct in Question, the 1st in The Osgoode by Mary Martin
Have you read any books in The Osgoode Trilogy? So that I can get your reading, I'm going to post the first six or seven chapters of the first in the trilogy, Conduct in Question, where you'll meet Harry, the protagonist throughout the three books. Hope I can hook you! Then I'll post an number of ch..
Melancholy Baby by Jeff Sherratt
It’s 1947. Petty crook Johnny Rocco, masquerading as Johnny Dalmas, a piano player at the notorious Seal Beach gambling joint, The Airport Inn, has his eyes fixed on one last score. But, Big Nick Capro, the crooked chief of police, has other ideas. And when the take-down comes Jo..
Memento (Detective Mystery Stories Magazine by Sandra Ceren
An archaelogy professor discovers an artifact in a high priced gallery which she had catalogued for a major museum. Suspecting the identity of the thief she notifies the FBI,thus launching her career in skullduggery. the thief..
Mengele's Double, Ch 3 by David Schwinghammer
Charle Zelnick tries to get his mother to send him to Mason City to cover the Dorie Bendix kidnapping...
Mengele's Double, Chapter 7 by David Schwinghammer
Charlie is arrested as a suspect in the Dorie Bendix kidnapping. ..
Mengele's Double, Chapter 9 by David Schwinghammer
Marv's best friend Rip thinks Marv may have kidnapped Dorie. ..
Mengele's Double, Chapter Eight by David Schwinghammer
Detective Black puts a tail on Charlie Zelnick; Charlie has dinner with a Mary Kay saleswoman who's been trying to seduce him. ..
Mengele's Double, Chapter Five by David Schwinghammer
Angela decides to accompany Charlie on his Mason City trip. ..
Mengele's Double, Chapter Four by David Schwinghammer
Charlie Zelnick's dream girl, Angela Martin, punishes the boys who toilet-papered her house. ..
MENGELE'S DOUBLE, Chapter One by David Schwinghammer
A televison news anchor is kidnapped. Based on the real life kidnapping of Jodie Huisentruit, a reporter in Mason City, Iowa. Comments requested...
Mengele's Double, Chapter Six by David Schwinghammer
Charlie, Angela, and the cat head for Mason City in Charlie's VW. ..
Mengele's Double, Chapter Two by David Schwinghammer
Charlie Zelnick, Dorie's high school journalism teacher, is introduced. Dorie attempts makes another break for it...
Merryll Manning Beachfront Murders Part 13 by John Howard Reid
A sequel to "Merryll Manning: The Health Farm Murders"...
Merryll Manning Beachfront Murders Part Twelve by John Howard Reid
A sequel to "Merryll Manning: The Health Farm Murders", here is Part 12 of the new Manning novel, "Merryll Manning: The Beachfront Murders":..
Merryll Manning The Beach-Front Murders Chapter One Part One by John Howard Reid
Let's see if I can re-write "Merryll Manning: The Beachfront Murders" in 30 days...
Merryll Manning The Beachfront Murders Part Three by John Howard Reid
On schedule, here's day three's episode:..
Merryll Manning The Beachfront Murders Part Two by John Howard Reid
So far, so good. Second day, second installment...
Merryll Manning: The Health Farm Murders; Part Two, Thursday by John Howard Reid
Here is the second part of "Merryll Manning: The Health Farm Murders", a novel by John Howard Reid...
Mick's Revenge by Graham whittaker
A story about the enduring power of love...and revenge!..
Missing by Adam Powers
Mike, is out for the mountain bike ride of his life. On a quiet, closed illegal trail in the mountains. What happens next may just be a part of that old saying.....
Missing Angel by Johnnie Mitchell
First chapter of my new Amazon Kindle novella. It's a detective story set in the present involving a missing fashion model in danger of becoming a murder victim...
Missing Angel Chapter 2 by Johnnie Mitchell
Chapter 2 of the mystery-suspense novella by Johnnie Mitchell. A part-time detective searches for a missing high fashion model...
Mission of Mercy by Anna Drake
A potentially ugly feud sends Sheriff Delton Ross out on a Mission of Mercy..
View Photo of Monsters in Seas, Rivers and Lakes Read excerpt from Monsters in Seas, Rivers and Lakes Monsters in Seas, Rivers and Lakes by Victoria Murray
Although Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, is by far the most famous lake monster, she is only one example of many. Similar monsters have been reported from lakes, and rivers around the world...
Moochie's Place by Jim Murdock
A mystery with a little bit of humor mixed in to combine to make the perfect combination for a great novel. ..
Moon Over Murder by Alan Cook
A teenage boy in the 1950s gets a dream summer job working in a restaurant beside a lake, owned by his aunt and uncle. It doesn't hurt that three pretty female cousins are waitresses and that they like to sunbathe in the nude. But the dream turns into a nightmare when he finds one of them dead on t..
More Sunday Terror by Janice Scott
It was a normal enough Sunday.....
Mother give me wings by Chaya Rainbird
This story is about a teenage guy trying to cope with life in a particularly difficult time. Finding out the answers to a mystery and finding love, he is overwhelmed by it all...
Read excerpt from Mother with a Capital M Mother with a Capital M by Frances Spiegel
A tale of the unexpected.....
Mound of Secrets by Angela Lantzy
A young boy stumbles onto a family secret thought to have been buried forever...
Movie Buddies by Starr Gardinier
Let's go see a movie.....
Mr. Wilde's Farewell(weirdness) by Ian Thorpe
Another Halloween season trip to the top of the list for this whacky ghost story which won an award for short fiction in 2002. The last bar in London in which electronic entertasinment has remained banned to promote the art of conversation is threatened with takeover by a leisure corporatio..
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Mystery/Suspense Stories
1. Who Is This
2. Soldier's Gap, Chapter Three
3. Mengele's Double, Chapter 9
4. The Underside of Ice
5. The Mark Twain Robbery, Part II
6. Honest Thief, Tender Murderer, Chapter Eig
7. Mengele's Double, Chapter Eight
8. Honest Thief, Tender Murderer, Chapter Nin
9. The Ghosts of Yesterday
10. Fred's Friends
11. The Dream of Foggy Creek
12. Hitch Bitch
13. Karma is a B
14. Fisher of Men, Chapter Nine
16. Curse of Nilofer
17. The Sticky
18. The Day Mark Twain was Robbed by Masked Gu
19. Broken Apart
20. The Mystery Blog, The end.

Featured Book
Mind Games
by Claude Bouchard

Book #3 of the Vigilante series..  
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Featured Book
A Reason To Tremble
by Bob Mustin

A little girl's murder changes a town forever...  
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