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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
We Meet in Dreams, A New Interpretation of Dreams
by Laurie Conrad

"We Meet in Dreams, A New Interpretation of Dreams" is now available on Amazon, both the paperback and Kindle edition!..  
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Featured Book
The Tragedy Chronicles
by Tony Bertot

In the battle between good and evil we have the Angels and Takers battling it out for souls. This is the story of Tragedy, one of Lucifer's Takers who avoided de..  
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Featured Book
Creating Dreams, from the nightmares of hell...
by Dave Harm

"Creating Dreams," is the third book in a trilogy. "Damaged Merchandise" showed the reader the hopes and dreams that can come alive through sobriety. Its preq..  
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All Spirituality Short Stories

25 Most Recent Spirituality Short Stories

St. Joseph's Altars by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
Memories of St. Joseph Altars & Family Gatherings / Song -
Stand By Your Man by Kurt Peterson
Mary Magdalene looks on in agony as Jesus dies...
Standing With Christ: A Mystic’s Journal July 29 - August 1, 2008 by Laurie Conrad
Standing with Christ and our true self is the soul...
steadfast and focused with discernment by richard cederberg
Story From 'The Spiritual Life of Animals and Plants' by Laurie Conrad
This true story about my dog Guinivere was many years ago, and is in my book 'The Spiritual Life of Animals and Plants', a collection of true stories. ..
Suffering as Opportunity: A Mystic's Journal Entry: March 8, 2008 by Laurie Conrad
by Laurie Conrad...
Sunshine by Terry Rambo
Two sisters faith is renewed.....
Supernatural Fragrances: A Mystic's Journal Entry March 3, 2005 by Laurie Conrad
Heaven Comes to Earth: A Mystic's Journal Entry March 3, 2005 by Laurie Conrad. Laurie Conrad is the author of "The Spiritual Life of Animals and Plants", a collection of true stories...
Supernatural Tales from Brocks Gap, Virginia by Beth Trissel
Paranormal activity and stories..
Surrender by Denise Contreras
My thoughts on Surrendering...
Taken from Chapter 7 in my book. by Denise Contreras
I wrote this about 5 years ago it is from my book Chapter 7...
Thank You God One Lady's Journey Within. by Denise Contreras
Welcome to "Thank You God" One Lady's Journey Within." The story of my life...
The "Piece de Resistance" by Gerald O'Donnell
Infinity cannot be restricted by others, it can only be made dormant by our own selves, only with our own accord and by our free will. ..
The Accident (or was it?) by Jean Holloway
Sometimes God has to get your attention...
The Afterlife: A Composer's Journal Entry December 15, 2004 by Laurie Conrad
Modern music composer Laurie Conrad lives in Ithaca, NY. Cds of her music are now available at Her honors include Who's Who in American Music, International Who's Who in Music & Marquis' Who's Who in America...
The Afterlife: First Review of the new book, 'Realms of Light' by Laurie Conrad
'Realms of Light' will be published in early 2008. ..
The Afterlife: A Mystic’s Journal Entries February 8-19, 2008 by Laurie Conrad
A Mystic's Journal by Laurie Conrad...
The Afterlife: Two true stories from the new book Realms of Light by Laurie Conrad
Two true stories from the book 'Realms of Light/Clairvoyant Experiences of Life After Death' by Laurie Conrad. A Mystic's Journal...
The Angel Loves, The Angel Fights by Lily Alex
An ordinary girl meets not an ordinary man, who changes her life completely / It's a part from a target="_new" href="">Lost_on_Earth/a> / ..
The Book in Production: A Mystics Journal by Laurie Conrad
The new book 'Visits With Angels' enters the final stages of production. A Mystic’s Journal March 21 - April 30, 2011..
The Book of David by Danielle Lee
The first part of a novel, a young doctor struggles with his spirituality as he faces many hardships throughout his life. David is forced to come face to face with his ultimate fears of death, afterlife and the paranormal...
The Breaking Point by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
I see the frustration Jen when you are trying so hard to be strong, and you are strong Jen, sometimes the Lord uses our tears and our sorrow to help us become stronger, to help us to cleanse the junk out of our lives...
The Caged Bird, A Short Story by Melinda Sorensson
The story of a man who owned a mythical magic bird, a love story...
The Church of the Cellular Transformation - 1 by Michael True
New-Age Theology or spiritual reality... you be the judge!..
The Church of the Cellular Transformation - 2 by Michael True
Book 2 – ..
The Church of the Cellular Transformation - 3 by Michael True
Book 3 –..
The Church of the Cellular Transformation - 4 by Michael True
Book 4..
The Church of the Cellular Transformation - 5 by Michael True
Book 5 ..
The Church of the Cellular Transformation - 6 by Michael True
Book 6 ..
The Crash (DUI ) by Lily Alex
When the young athletic orphan meets the successful businessman, she can't even imagine him being the son of the Devil, and that he murdered her parents.....
The Culture of Despair by John Worman
Summary: What too many of us never get is that when we stand with one foot in the past and the other foot in the future, we’re pissing on the present...
The Dance... by Gilles Marchand
The Dance… We cry and sing prayer To mourn forgiveness Between Spirit and Mother To be thankful For what has come and gone For we dance For new beginnings… Running Bull ..
The Day I Met Jesus by TONY NERONE
Down and out, until I met JESUS>..
Read excerpt from The Day I Robbed God The Day I Robbed God by Sheryl Ellis
"Ah, c'mon, man... a guy's gotta hustle if he wants to get anywhere in this world. It ain't easy."..
The Dragonfly and The Scallop by Peter Paton
The Dream: A Mystic's Journal Entries September 16 to October 12, 2006 by Laurie Conrad
The Dream: A Mystic's Journal Entries September 16 - October 12, 2006 by Laurie Conrad...
The education of a god by Melinda Sorensson
A god came to earth as man, to learn that he is a god...
The First Meditation: A Mystic's Journal: November 13 - December 2, 2007 by Laurie Conrad
by Laurie Conrad...
The First Twelve Laws Of The UM by S.I. Sheehan
The Consciousness Of The Universal Mind...
The Forsaken by Roy Edwards
The Forsaken stole life where so ever they had a mind to. Fostering fear and trembling like an old worn out curse curdled with time. In days gone by living men and women were offered to the Shadows in a desperate attempt to placate their ceaseless plundering of souls. It did no good and the few with..
The Gemstone from the Fish's Head by Franz Kessler
a strange, true story about a magic stone - shrouded in superstition, mystery, and wonder..
Read excerpt from The Gift The Gift by Lillie Ammann
A woman prays for a special gift and learns she has already has one...
The God Road by Roy Edwards
“it is god I search for in the vast silence of the desert, in the hot and empty hills that ring the desolate sands in the weary rocks heavy with time I will find god” ..
The Grand Prize by Jill Eisnaugle
The story of two siblings and the magic trick that changed their lives...
The Greatest of Fathers' by Arthur Schade
A short parody Eons before human awareness of time dwelled the first and greatest of all fathers’ ever to be...
The Hawk by Toby Heathcotte
a metaphor for joy..
The Higher Love: A Mystic's Journal Entry September 12. 2006 by Laurie Conrad
A Mystic's Journal Entry September 12, 2006 by author Laurie Conrad...
The Intruder by Jeffrey Mazza
A mysterious visitor is vandalizing a church...
The gift of gratitude from a dream image. by Jeanne Miller
On a photography trip to the White Mountains in California to see the Bristlecone Pine Forrest, I was awed by the length of time that these trees have been living. As I stood and took pictures of their beauty, I wondered what they had seen and what stories they had heard. The battles fought, the fam..
The Gift... by Gilles Marchand
The Gift… Look at all creation… See its beauty See all things come to harmony But yet! All are different These are things of our Mother and Great Creator Brought into life, to give life Seek within Give back to Mother What she gives us… Running ..
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Spirituality Stories
1. Faithfulness
2. The Poltergeist in our Old Farmhouse
3. The Seeress: Weaving Jute
4. Love in a pastoral care visit
5. A Lesson on Hearing
6. An Unexpected Healing.
7. What do you dream? What does it mean?
8. Authoress Allegorical
9. Father's delight when seeing his new baby!
10. Numinous Savants
11. My Holy Father
12. Love at last sight.
13. Nurturing Fruits Of The Spirit Instead of
14. The Church of the Cellular Transformation
15. The Church of the Cellular Transformation
16. He Touched Me _A letter to my brother-in-C
17. Chevelle's Quest For Omega
18. Eucharistic Missionaries of St. Dominic -
19. A Letter About Living and Learning
20. Mysterious Call

Featured Book
Realms of Light: Clairvoyant Experiences of Life After Death
by Laurie Conrad

Glimpses of Life After Death...  
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Featured Book
A Spiritual Journey, by Dr Audrey Coatesworth
by Audrey Coatesworth

This poetry book by Dr Audrey Coatesworth gives insight into the spirit world - and the poems describe many journeys, both actual and in metaphores into the realms beyond..  
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