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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Bawlmer, Merlyn - Home of The Hons
by Tom Hyland

"Bawlmer, Merlyn - Home of the HONS" - A Synopsis By: Tom Hyland - Email: Copyright: April 29, 2003 Each and every life on this..  
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Featured Book
Recipes for Survival: Stories of Hope and Healing.
by Karen Wilson

This book is about surviving some of the most difficult childhood experiences imaginable...  
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Featured Book
I-sraeli Syndrome
by Albert Russo

Alexis, who grew up in Rwanda-Urundi, is the son of an Italian Jew and a beautiful mulatto woman. As a young adult, he now ponders over the complexity of his roots: Afric..  
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25 Most Recent Memoir Short Stories

Erstwhile Friends - Opus Nine by Rainbow Starburst
The continuing saga of Erstwhile Friends..
Erstwhile Friends - Opus Seven by Rainbow Starburst
Episode Seven of absolutely true tales od Erstwhile Friends..
Erstwhile Friends - Opus Six by Rainbow Starburst
The latest Opus in the series Erstwhile Friends.....
Erstwhile Friends - Opus Two and Three by Rainbow Starburst
Part Two and Three of Erstwhile Friends..
Erstwhile Friends-Opus 10 by Rainbow Starburst
Continuing the saga of erstwhile friends..
Escape From the Shadows by Budd Nelson
Eulogy. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A man remembers his mother. Image (c) 2010, by Karla Dorman...
Eurydice by Alexandre Arnau
This was originally a poem, but after being gently told it was a bit on the long side, I decided to see how it read as a story. Hope you like it this way...
Everybody has To Be Somewhere by Walt Hardester
Bing Crosby..
Excerpt from The Sky Behind Me, a Memoir of Flying and Life by Byron Edgington
The Sky Behind Me is more than aviation memoir; it is about life in balance, and the necessity to take off again regardless of how hard the previous landing was...
Everything is going to be alright by Lois Wauson
in 1984 I received a call that my mother was dying in another city. I wanted to get there before to tell her goodbye. We were five hours away. She was 82 years old. But then our car broke down on the way, and we were stranded. Why was this happening? Was God in the midst of this? This is my story ab..
Excerpt from The Summer of '72 by Theodore Soderberg
Slowly, the Ranger pushed ahead at six knots, then we were able to see the outline of a boat through the driving rain, and sure enough, sitting dead in the water was the green hull of the Cutty Sark. Captain Jim yelled down from the wheelhouse, “That’s her alright, and she’s got a fish boat on her p..
Excerpt: Chapter 7 of The Sky Behind Me, a Memoir of Flying and Life by Byron Edgington
The author's first experience trying to fly a helicopter in Army flight school...
Extrait de mon livre Saadani et le prince by Emile Tubiana
Premiere Page..
Eyes by Jack Roberts
I have always had a fascination with eyes, not everyone’s eyes, but every so often you come across someone whose eyes just catch your attention and stand out above the rest. I have found that you can learn a lot about people by looking at their eyes. You can tell if they are happy or sad, and..
Fable of Figs by Sherry Heim
To my wonderful, big-brother, Steve: May you rest in peace and thanks for the memories. ..
Face to Face with the Homeless Christ by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
An encounter with the homeless Jesus Christ. A recent experience on the road being touched by a face to face encounter with a homeless man in Baton Rouge. "Will there be any room at my inn for the Lord or will I turn Him away by what I have stored?" - KJPH "Count Your Blessings" Lenten Su..
Facto Errasse by Ruan Mills Burke
Error made (800 words)..
Falling by Yuukon Michigan
Fallout from the Sixties by Eva Pasco
Our school desks would protect us from nuclear fallout!..
Fat Girls Should Stay Home by Vivian DeSoto
View Photo of Father and Mother, Excerpts from Damages by Bazhe ISBN 0595297145 Read excerpt from Father and Mother, Excerpts from Damages by Bazhe ISBN 0595297145 Father and Mother, Excerpts from Damages by Bazhe ISBN 0595297145 by BAZHE
Damages is a memoir about one man’s fight to overcome the psychological wounds created by his peculiar upbringing as he struggled to find his true identity and freedom. The story begins with the death of his abusive father, a Communist official. His mother is diagnosed with cancer, and he immed..
Father's Day Fireworks! by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
Father's Day tied in to a teenage memory of when Daddy had to "crack the whip" and "fire me up" on the right path. A prayer for healing and reconciliation for those with "bad dad" memories and a call to sensitivity re: fireworks and Veterans dealing with PTSD. Pic: Keith and late Daddy, ..
Father's favorite excerpts by J Howard
short collection of my father's favorite excerpts-I miss him but am reminded of him when I read. ..
Fatma's Wedding by Emile Tubiana
A description of Arab wedding customs in Tunisia...
Feather in a Tornado by James Marry
Reading this beginning to a life may start slowly. I need the feedback as I have never gone this route before. Angela's Ashes pushed the button for me...
Feathers by Pamela Wiedenbeck
Have you ever been surprised by peering through an open door?..
Feeling the Fourth by Mary Verdick
I'm an eclectic reader and like everyone from Nicholas Sparks, Danielle Steele, P. D. James, and Pat Conroy to lots of history and biography. I love show tunes and semi-classical music, movies and live theater. I play bridge and do volunteer work. Have a wonderful weekend. Many blessings: Mary Verdi..
File Under: Lessons for Life by Yael Shahar
Miracles do happen, sometimes, to some people. But we still have to be fast on our feet to make any use of them. Shmuel the Glazier points the way...
Final Departure by Micki Peluso
This is a narrative of a mother's loss with a twist ending..
First Impression by Jerry Gerrish
A look at his new home through a five year olds eyes...
First Real High by Thomas Mutchler
First Year Wedding Anniversary by Morgan McFinn
Surprise wedding anniversary for my wife...
Five Minutes Of Fame by Walt Hardester
A Hot Dog interview...
Flash Fiction: Bookmarked by Erin Kelly-Moen
Torn paper.....
Fleeing to Nowhere - World War II Memories V by Emile Tubiana
World War II Memories V..
Flight '787'...Flying Solo by J Fraser
I only turned away for a moment, but just at that split second I heard a terrible thud, a crack on the cement floor. My head spun around and I saw the elderly woman lying crumpled on the floor...
Flotsam by Morgan McFinn
'Out of the loop' on a tropical island paradise...
Granddad, My Best Friend and Mentor by Donelle Knudsen
As I travel down "memory lane" I reflect on times spent with my paternal grandfather; a gentleman in every sense...
Grandma by Michael Barry
An attempt to define my Grandma through my experiences of her...
Grandpa and Grandson by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
A recent summer stay-cation in Baton Rouge with a wonderful visit by our daughter, son-in-law and grandson from Kansas! Pic: John catching his first fish, a bream, at Santa Maria...
Grandpa Loved to Gamble by Lois Wauson
I loved my grandpa. He smelled of snuff most of the time but that was okay. My aunts talk about what it was like then they were growing up during the late 1920's and '30s. Grandpa loved to gamble ..
Gravity by Mark Low
Childhood hopes must always have their limits. Physics is one of the rules all must abide to...
Flowers in the Snow by Patrick Sullivan
Flowers in the Snow At seventeen, I thought I knew it all. With a cynical eye towards everything my parents believed in, and the new freedom of young adulthood looming close, I was eager to express my idealistic opinions. I had ample opportunity. I was active in my school’s Student Counc..
For Goodnes Snakes! by Walt Hardester
More tales from my medical days.....
For Jacob. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A mother remembers her son who died one year ago. This is his story...
Forgive Me Not by Micki Peluso
This is an exerpt from . . .AND THE WHIPPOORWILL SANG, also published as a separate essay...
View Photo of FORT KENTFIELD Read excerpt from FORT KENTFIELD FORT KENTFIELD by Bradley Fralick
This is another story off'n my web page...
Fourth of July Uncles! by Cindy Oldham
Six children enjoy a 4th of July celebration with their family and two special Uncles...
Fra-Gee-Lay! by Eva Pasco
The perils of nylon stockings.....
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Memoir Stories
1. James Cagney Jr.
2. 3.3 - I'd Be on the Moon Now – Part 1
3. Papa There's A Big Fish
4. The Beacon
5. 2.1 - Olympic Slalom Skier
6. A Tribute to Jimmy Connors
7. Father's Day Fireworks!
8. Neptune's Realm - Love Among the Long Dead
9. Swinging High
10. My Checkered Past
11. A Dazzling Fourth
12. Shipyards and Last Ships
13. Hanging In
14. 1.2 - A Diamond in the Ice
15. Dealing With Vicious Dogs
16. 3.4 - The Only Masterpiece
17. My Summer Place
18. Senior Moments
19. 3.3 - I'd Be on the Moon Now – Part 2
20. Hermanns Son's Hall Was Gone

Featured Book
Life goes out of style
by Joe Bueno

A first generation American, who overcame the poverty and tragedy of childhood to forge a brighter path for himself and his three daughters...  
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Featured Book
That's Not Funny!
by Vince Sanders

How come the Nation’s first Black and White stand up comedy team (Tim & Tom) couldn’t stay together? Was it educational and cultural differences–or maybe one wa..  
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