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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Looking Up When Your Circumstances Have You Down
by KJ Jacobs

A story of miracles and the sustaining power of Jesus Christ in my life...  
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Featured Book
The Life & Times Of An Incorrigible (Hard Cover)
by G M (Jerry) Roberts

Jerry Roberts has lived a life more full and colorful than most people ever will. He has lived a wild and explorative childhood. The stories herein are sometimes tragic, ..  
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Featured Book
No Time For Tears...A Walk Through Life with Ann Deane Teal
by Kellee Stone

One of the most inspirational books of the century. A must read for everyone. An incredible true story!..  
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All Biography Short Stories

25 Most Recent Biography Short Stories

The True Eccentricities of a Dysfunctional Southern Family, Part One by Ann Scarborough
The actual happenings of a Southern Family..
The Underbed by David Arthur Walters
Where I keep my Plaything..
The Year I Met Loretta Lynn For The First Time by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
I remember this particular time in my life as though it were only yesterday... It was the summer of 1980. August. It was time for the annual county fair in my former home of Mansfield, Ohio, where I had lived for the past 39 1/2 years of my life. (I moved to Texas 3 years ago to be with ..
There is no one unique formula to make a writer... by Ron Cox
What does buying a Harley, moving into a 1965 GMC truck, and living on the street to pay for the Harley have to do with writing a book? Well, nothing, other than the fact that I was able to structure the story of my first novel around it. I'm a part time hourly instructor for a community co..
Think in Yen by Sara Ellis
A short story about the last American recession...
This Far... by Angela DeVere
From my book of poetry..
View Photo of This is ME!  REALLY! Read excerpt from This is ME!  REALLY! This is ME! REALLY! by Bradley Fralick
This says a little about me!..
Though Ball by Jeremy Vaeni
Do not adjust your antennae, folks, this is still just a dream. Just a nightmare. Just a dream...
Through The Eyes Of Ignorance PT.1 by Trixie Love
Stop, Think, and Listen! For I do matter! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The life of being a deaf mute: The pain of being labeled as "different", "Through the eyes of ignorance". For I could feel, think, love and cry. I could see the ignor..
To "Mom's" Family -- With Love by Sara Coslett
May 13th, 2007 Mother's Day reffections...
To Be Or Not ? by Savage Grace
People have asked" why the Savage Grace " handle...
To Speak Her Name: Margie Hart, Ace Stripper by Linda Alexander
Imagine -- a stripper becoming the wife of a Los Angeles City Councilman, a well-respected politician. Hmmm.... Life is so very intriguing, and we can't invent the stories that have already been lived...
To the Candy Shop by Barbara Spring
Childhood pleasures and fears...
Tommy Hinnershitz - The Life & Times of an Auto Racing Legend by Gary Ludwig
Hardcover. ISBN #978-0-9815099-4-5. Publisher: Basket Road Press, Inc. Author: Gary Ludwig. 2009. 252 pp. Sports. Biography. Photos & complete race-by-race career statistics...
Train Crazies and The Human Brain by Jeremy Vaeni
Turning Back the Hands of Time by Indialyne Pinto
Puppy love blended w/ Canine rage, the 1940's..
Read excerpt from Un poco de mí Un poco de mí by Viviana Álvarez
un poco de mi historia..
View Photo of Up On A Mountain Way Back In the Woods Read excerpt from Up On A Mountain Way Back In the Woods Up On A Mountain Way Back In the Woods" by Bradley Fralick
This is a story about a SUMMER camp I went to thirty years ago!..
Vacation Time!! by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
I am kinda' bummed out today: vacation for me and my twin sister has ended, and today we go back to work. (Karla went to work at 7 this morning and gets off at 1; I go in at 4 and work 'til 8:30.) We both work at the Golden Corral Buffet and Steakhouse. Karla has worked at GC for 4 1/2 years, an..
War and Peace by James Cumes
A story of messages bringing life's turning points...
We didn't start out Reeds by Cynth'ya
Sent by Melvin J. Collier, cousin and decendant of our Reed family tree. ..
What have they done with my Jimmy by Scharlie Meeuws
He once had been his own master fully in charge of his life..
View Photo of What Life is Like in My Shoes! Read excerpt from What Life is Like in My Shoes! What Life is Like in My Shoes! by Bradley Fralick
I wrote this for Kon Rouge at THEME STREAM a coupla years ago...
What was I thinking? by Patricia Behnke
The Trouble with Raising Independent Children ..
When A Dream Is Just A Dream by Jeremy Vaeni
Nighttime is rarely mundane...
When I was a Jew by Miller Caldwell
Religion, discipline and mathematics don't come easily but REVENGE is SWEET!..
When Ms Orrie Died by Carolyn Matherne
Heavy rain and rising water set in motion a series of events which resulted in untold guilt and dreadful nightmares for a small child. This story happened only a few weeks after "Momma In The Well" and is the 2nd chapter of "Growing Up Burns", a collection of true stories from my childhood...
When People Hurt You. . . . by Cynth'ya
Not many people know what a sour person I used to be about dreaming. This is just a part of what most people don't know, but explains how I started to trust people again to do the right thing. It's a note to our YTB team I'm sharing because Life is better than what CNN says it is, and it's about..
Read excerpt from When The Pleasantly Plump Lady Belts Out A Tune! When The Pleasantly Plump Lady Belts Out A Tune! by Bradley Fralick
I wrote this one day, about me, when I am feeling sorry for myself!..
Read excerpt from When the sun goes out and darkness descends…. When the sun goes out and darkness descends…. by Peter Oszmann
This story is from the closing pages of Chapter 2 in the Book: "STRONG>EM>Jew Be or Not Jew Be; The Story of a Perpetual Alien",/EM>/STRONG> describing the last few moments and the ending of a happy childhood...
When Your Words Are Enough by Joyelle Evans
A short story presenting the story behind my first book..
Who I am by Lisa Tidrow
This is a way of introducing myself to you through the eyes of one of my characters - enjoy! Who I am. These are the rules. I tell the story, you listen. No questions, no comments and absolutely no quoting me by name! You know, I don’t usually do this. I know, I know, everyone sa..
Who is Anais Nin by Maryanne Raphael
This essay was published in ANAIS, A BOOK OF MIRRORS edited by Paul Herron, SkyBlue Press. ..
Whom God Hears by David Arthur Walters
A Rambling On Dinesen's 'The Immortal Story'..
Why A Pen Name? by Penni Smith (Weston)
The reason.....
Wind Sparked Memories' by Rodney Bohen
Time is ours...
Winged Memoirs by Joyce White
Children need self-esteem, love and parents that hold them up not tear them down. Surviving depression begins with good self-esteem and healthy growing environment. ..
Family History of Howard Campbell..
Won’t you cradle me again? by Joe Bell, Jr.
Remembering my mother. A son never forgets...
Work In Progress by Lauren Soponis
This is a work in progress...VERY (I stress VERY) loosely based on my experience of moving and starting over...
Worldwide Show by Louisa Dobbins
Monmouth Message (Headline): Vol. 34, August 24, 1984 Published in the interest of people at Fort Monmouth Louisa A Dobbins performs her award winning rendition of "The Greatest Love of All" at the TRADOC-level talent contest held August 5 at Fort Dix. Ssgt Dobbins also performed Lanst..
View Photo of YTB-The Founders' Bios Read excerpt from YTB-The Founders' Bios YTB-The Founders' Bios by Cynth'ya
People talk...and people talk. But documentation beats conversation. The world of network marketing has a brand new face, and a brand new heart. What was then was then, and what is now is amazing! The heart of YTB comes from the hearts of three very special founders--soon coming to Canada...
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Biography Stories
1. I Was A Frustrated Newspaper Columnist
2. The First Time I Ran Away From Home
3. The Underbed
4. Whom God Hears
5. My Career as a Manhattan Liquor Inspector
6. A true love story
7. My Pet - Wisky - The Book
8. I Was A Crack Adding Machine Operator
9. About Elaine Raubitschek
10. My First Job...(Part 6)
11. So This Is Who I Am
12. A Chapter Of My Life
13. Doctor Sagwell
14. My First Job....(Part 4)
15. Her Protection From the Hurt
16. I'm Scared
17. My First Job...(Part 5)

Featured Book
Holy Spirit and I by Christina Fez-Barringten
by Barie Fez-Barringten

Christina accompanied the Holy Spirit through 23 years in Germany under the Weimar Republic, Hitler’s Nazi Germany, then the Communists behind the Iron curtain (from whic..  
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Featured Book
Flowers and Stone
by Jan Sikes

A passionate love story set in the rowdy raucous honky-tonks of Texas in 1970...  
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