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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Path to Eternal Life
by Henry Miranda

Let me pose a question. What if you only had one day to live? What would you do differently? Let’s face it – we all live our lives like there’s no tomorrow; we do..  
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Featured Book
A Spiritual Journey ( ebook)
by Audrey Coatesworth

The title of the poetry book 'A Spiritual Journey' describes what it is. This is converted to ebook from the paperback of the same name and is available on Amazon Kindle ..  
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Featured Book
The Other Secret
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

Bringing together spiritual classics that changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The synegy of these bring never before transformational Power...  
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All Spirituality Short Stories

25 Most Recent Spirituality Short Stories

Read excerpt from The Legend of Joeabb the Frog The Legend of Joeabb the Frog by Stephen Hedrick
Legend of an frog that becomes a famous tenor...
The Light of the Soul: A Mystic's Journal Entry May 12, 2005 by Laurie Conrad
A Mystic's Journal Entry May 12, 2005 by author Laurie Conrad. Meditation Class: further discussion on the writings of the Desert Fathers...
The Mists: A Mystic's Journal Entries: June 17 - June 23, 2006 by Laurie Conrad
A Mystic's Journal Entries: June 17-23, 2006 by author Laurie Conrad. ..
The Muttering by David Arthur Walters
On so-called snooty academic driveling in re dragon sexuality, Delphi, Goddess Trivia..
The New Book is in the Hands of the Publisher ! A Mystic’s Journal by Laurie Conrad
The new book, Visits With Angels, is in the Hands of the Publisher! A Mystic’s Journal Entries: November 19 - 22, 2010..
The New Book We Meet in Dreams is at the Printer's: A Mystic's Journal by Laurie Conrad
Laurie and her graphic designer work with their publishing team on the new book "We Meet in Dreams"; more supernatural fragrances. A Mystic's Journal Entries: February 6 - March 4, 2012...
The Night by Mark Rockeymoore
What Dreams May Come. ..
The Pen Of Solomon by H Cruz
A tale of a bloody pen used for divination, Please excuse the holier-than-thou element and enjoy...
The Picture of Easter by Mary Coe
Based on stories from the Bible. The inspiring stories of Jesue days on earth can be found in the New Testamens of the Bible...
The Plant Fairy Speaks by Keith Varnum
Every blade of grass has its angel who bends over it and whispers, “Grow, grow!” -The Talmud ..
The Poltergeist in our Old Farmhouse by Beth Trissel
I'm not sure which category to list this in~..
The Prayer Healers & Palms Are A Reaching Temple by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
Healers Balms Cleanse The Silent Temple...Rejoice Inside Your Soul Know Your Divine Spirit With Reveling Joyousness!! xx..
The Presence of Our Lady in the Garden: A Mystic’s Journal by Laurie Conrad
A Mystic’s Journal Entries: Monday, March 24 - May 24, 2008...
The Protector by Darryl Willaman
A slow death by alcohol, how I attempted to accelerate it, and how I was saved from my own folly...
The Puppy & Working With Diana on ‘Visits With Angels’: A Mystic’s Journal by Laurie Conrad
Jesus Comes for a Short Visit: A Mystic’s Journal Entries: October 19 - November 15, 2008 by Laurie Conrad...
The Red Sun by Roy Edwards
Sometimes the Red Sun does not recognize itself. Sometimes what is real in this place is not so real some place else. Sometimes the Nurmaná Road is the undiscovered road the Red Sun follows to find itself. Sometimes the voice in the wind is the Red Sun...
The Red Sun II by Roy Edwards
El Sol Vojo..
The Restless Kid by Roy Edwards
Travelled a lot back then, writing stories and songs, sold a few and lost a few and one day I was told I should meet the man. ‘Say the right words’ I was told ‘bow and scrape and he’ll maybe help you along the way,’ but I never did get around to that. Just couldn’t do it don’t you know, like I was p..
The Sadness of the Sage by Vivian DeSoto
A man's struggle within of his life's (lives) meaning. This is a work in process. *******************************************************..
The Seeress: Weaving Jute by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
this poetic offering is inspired from a tweet tweeted by one of my twitter buds jimflamez: "Sticks and stones and weeds and bones" ..
The Silver Cross by Gloria Gay
This is a true story, faithfully based to my best of recollection, on true events as I experienced them. ..
The Sinner of Today Is the Saint of Tomorrow by Shiv Jhawar
This story inspires us to introspect ourselves before blaming or pointing fingers at others. ..
the snowflake and the prayer by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
This story uses the analogy of the prayer and the snowflake to point out what each can do when put together ..
The Song of One by Shoshana Wolfington
The Oneness of all that is--one song, one verse, uni-verse...
The Song of Rhiannon by Mary Lynn Plaisance
Once in a million years a lady like her rises.... P>center>html>embed src=""autostart="true"loop="true>/html>/center>/font>/p>..
The Spirit Puts me where I need to be. by Denise Contreras
Use me as a vessel..
The Story of White Owl by Mary Lynn Plaisance
White owls bring positive thinking and good luck to me. This is a beautiful story by William Purcell...
The Story That Must Be Told – A Tribute To Our Mother by John Domino
This is a letter sent by our wonderful Pastor Al Moreno, who ministers in our church, Faith Fellowship World Wide Outreach Ministries in Ft. Myers, Florida. This is a tribute to his mother and her very strong faith in our Lord Jesus Christ right until the very end of her life here on earth. May this..
The Stranger by Eddie Cruz
A drunk man meets a stranger who teaches him a lesson about life...
The Stranger At My Door by TONY NERONE
What happens when a stranger comes to your front door...
The Sunday Herald by Shawn Cormier
A young pilot's first cross-country solo flight may be his last...
The Tears of the Righteous by Woodrow Lucas
The History of Human Redemption..
The TESTIMONY of Richard J. Swartz by Richard Swartz
This is the Testamony of Richard J Swartz How he begin his Relasonship with the Lord Jesus Christ and How thes Pomes fit to how Richard Wrote them...
The Three Boxes of Enlightenment by Jeremy Lent
Explores the experience of a moment of awakening, and how by conceptualizing it after the event, we run the risk killing the original experience...
The Timeless Connection of Soul-to-Soul/ Final Changes to 'Realms of Light' by Laurie Conrad
A Mystic's Journal Entries: November 4-14, 2007 by Laurie Conrad...
The Twenty Dollar Bill by Wayne Bien
an example of my spiritual program at work..
The view from my window by Todd Cheney
This is what I see from my window.....
THE VISION by Lady GoldStar
Read excerpt from The Voice The Mind and The Traveler The Voice The Mind and The Traveler by Prem Chopra
This is a story of happiness. It is a simple story of truth and love--through a universal journey. It concisely illustrates Gyan Yoga--the ancient eastern path to enlightenment. The story relates the first stage in Ann's journey of discovery of seven secrets to achieve the ultimate good we ..
The void: a steppingstone to enlightenment by Niki Collins-Queen
When I feel stressed by the drama in my life I think about the void. It’s a peaceful space in the clutter. Before I experienced the void I felt blinded by my own sight, ego and life’s drama and was not able to see the spiritual brilliance of God, the source-substance. God is like a sun ascending thr..
The Waste Of Life... by - - - - - TRASK
The Waste of Life lies in the Love We Have not Given,the Powers we have not Used,can't you See, It is the Stinginess of Spirit that Wears us out, The Anxiety we Give more than We Receive without a Doubt, This Simpl..
The Well of Our Soul by Shoshana Wolfington
“Drink from your own well and you’ll never be thirsty.”..
The Wife and the Monk by Michael Corrigan
A grieving man makes a bargain with a God he doesn't believe in to bring back a lost lover...
The Winter Man by F. Richardson
The old man dropped the axe to the ground and gathered up an armful of newly cut firewood. He shuffled forward, squinting at the humble abode twenty feet ahead. It seemed so far away. The sun peeked through the clouds, casting a comforting glow over the land, bathing plantlife and animals in warmth ..
The Wisdom of The Ascended Masters by Jackie ONeal
Father Edward Hays has a section in his book Prayers For A Planetary Pilgrim called "Cosmopolitan Prayers." I love the notion of a cosmopolitan prayer as it assumes we will draw upon other faith traditions besides our own...
The Wolf Boy of Crater Lake by K. Reid
A real tragedy begets a myth and a legend in this fictional story...
Thin by Roy Edwards
“I can’t hear you,” I said, “You’re just a voice in my head...
This Road is called Enlightenment by Rene Remington
Spiritual adventures of a late blooming flower child. Very late blooming...
Three Stories from the New Book 'Visits With Angels': A Mystic's Journal by Laurie Conrad
These three stories are from the Interviews section of 'Visits With Angels'...
Three wishes by Bianca Boonstra
Three wishes… I was walking on the beach alone, on a rainy day in March. On a Sunday afternoon, from Monster to Kijkduin.(Netherlands) I really enjoyed being there all alone. The smell of the sea, the wind in my hair… amazing. Suddenly something brown caught my attention. It seemed like..
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Spirituality Stories
1. Fault Lines Chapter 6 (start) to be contin
2. What was Your Original Face Before Your Bi
3. Eucharistic Missionaries of St. Dominic -
4. Another Story from The Spiritual Life of A
5. A Journey To The Other Side
6. My Father's Shadow
7. Traveling BACK in time - 2000 Years Ago!
8. The Church of the Cellular Transformation
9. Rei Rei the Christmas Kitty
10. A Letter About Faith
11. The Church of the Cellular Transformation
12. A Glimpse of Heaven and a Taste of Hell
13. The Church of the Cellular Transformation
14. Greater Love Hath No Man Than This
15. The Church of the Cellular Transformation
16. The Church of the Cellular Transformation
17. Slipping and Sliding on the Spiritual Path
18. A Letter About Living and Learning
19. Nurturing Fruits Of The Spirit Instead of
20. The Faery Incident

Featured Book
Deep Living: Transforming Your Relationship to Everything Th
by Roxanne Howe-Murphy

In Deep Living, Dr. Roxanne Howe-Murphy illuminates the stunning and paradoxical mechanisms through which our personalities unconsciously take each of us in exactly the o..  
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Featured Book
The Wisdom of Les Miserables: Lessons From the Heart of Jean
by Alfred Garrotto

What can a 21st century seeker learn about life, love and spirituality from a 19th century French novel? Plenty...  
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