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Featured Book
Pass Fail
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

32 Stories About Teaching, from Inspiring to Hilarious for Anyone Who Has Ever Been to School..  
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Featured Book
Feathers in the Dust
by John Herlihy

Traditional essays on a variety of everyday topics such as love, trust, silence, death, nature...  
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Featured Book
Calliope's Mousepad: Women Writers Online
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

"We are storytellers: Calliope is our muse. Instead of reciting epics, we use a mouse to communicate."..  
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Walking on the Wild Side in Kansas City by David Arthur Walters
A typewriter can be stolen but who can steal the Internet?..
Warm Beer And Cold Women - A Short Story by Wilfried F. Voss by Wilfried Voss
Warm Beer and Cold Women is yet another title I borrowed from Tom Waits. I don't know his song, thus I don't know the lyrics. However, the title inspired me to write yet another short story. It wasn't difficult to write; it probably took me an hour for the first draft...
Watch rotation... by Michael Meisberger
As the New Year is born... do we look forward or back?..
water, people, and six foot catfish... by richard cederberg
essay ... image: lake vallecito colorado..
We Don't Share Crayons by Sandy Knauer
For months, we had our adult coloring party every Monday evening..
We Watched as the World Changed by Jackie (Micke) Jinks
A news event of the last century that occurred in "my back yard"...
What Does America Need To Do? Right Now Solutions by Lonnie Hicks
An abundance of Warning and Caution: Updated June 15 2010 What about the BP oil spill? Days after it was suggested here BP came up with 20 billion. Humm,,But what next? A blog on this in three days. Updated: June 20, 2010 What to do now after the spill? Updated: 7/13/10 I Didn'..
What Happened to the lost pets from Hurricane Katrina? by Ilene Fine
What became of the Hurricane Katrina pets?..
What is an Adult? by Patricia Gatto
This was written by my 15 year old son. I thought his observations were interesting, and so I wanted to share...
What is Free Speech? by Cynth'ya
em>To thine own self, be true. William Shakespeare/em> ..
What Women Need to Know About Men by Lonnie Hicks
So What Do Men Want Anyway? ..
What's in an age? by David Arthur Walters
A question of journalistic style..
When the Chanting Stopped by Nola Muller
Life in KwaZulu Natal.....
When Willows Break by Lynette Bat-Abba
Apologies ahead of time....this is my first attempt at a nonfiction essay. Hasn't been past my teacher yet. (I'm plagued by obsessive commas!!)..
Which Energy Drives You? by De Stanelli
Sometimes we engage in behaviors that cost us dearly. ..
What WIll The World Look Like In 20 Years-Part Two Updated 1/7/15 by Lonnie Hicks
Continued from Part One on this same site. 2/24/15 US Government expenditures to 2017 2/7/15 Alien Technology Given to Silcon Valley? 1/12/15 More on Time Travel 9/7/14 Disclosure Articles 1/7/15 The Depositor Bailin-Or Goodbye To Your Cash 11/23/14 3d Printed Car G..
Why I Accept Death by Tahanee Roberts
A heartfelt essay about how I dealt with the dealth of my cousin and my battle with acceptance. ..
Why I am Thankful to be a Writer by St.Clair Miller
The journey of a writer is never complete. tihis is about that journey -so far...
Why I Drive a Truck by Brian Porter
A few reasons why I drive a truck..
Why I Volunteer with a hospice by Patricia Behnke
The reactions to my decision to become a hospice volunteer were surprising..
Why I Write. by Rebecca Lerwill
How one person's response clarifies an old, reoccuring question...
Why we need a Middle Class by Tim Bryce
Our economic engine and best export...
Willingness- Nina's Story by Lonnie Hicks
Relationships and Power..
Wind in the Tower by Barbara Spring
WIND IN THE TOWER Walking to and from school—my mother allowed me to do this when I was six—was always actually better than school. I learned so much on these meandering walks. Halfway between my house and school, the sidewalk took me through a gothic bell towe..
Wisdom Hides Her Face From Fools by Rodney Bohen
Wisdom Finds only the Searching...
Woes of the New Graduate Registered Nurse by Brianna Blitz
This story is about a new graduate registered nurse who faces the sadness of this economy when she finds out that there are no jobs available in health care for new graduate nurses...
Women Are Capable of Productive Leadership by Barbara Perry
Women, come to the foreforth for you have what it takes to lead. ..
Words are the Spoken Truth by Richard Kallao
speak up wisely or bite your tongue original idea ...
World Thinking Day by C. Edgar Nolan
Analysis of World Thinking Day as promoted by the Girl Scouts of America...
Write what you love! by Mary Wagner
When deciding what to write, follow your heart...
View Photo of WRITER'S BLOCK Read excerpt from WRITER'S BLOCK WRITER'S BLOCK by Bradley Fralick
I wrote this, hoping to get over this! I think I did too!..
Writing Prompt by J.A. Terry
Writing Prompt: Who was scary in your neighborhood? ..
Writing: It's Joys and Woes by Lonnie Hicks
Wherein I write about writing-its joys and woes. 1/1/14 One of the best sites for writers..
You Graduated! by Stephen Geez
Words every graduate should hear.....
Your Betwixt and My Between by Lonnie Hicks
Essay- Part of the PP&L collection..
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16. A Ward of Awards
17. My Favorite Government Hand-Out...

Featured Book
Beyond Religion Volume II (eBook)
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

The collection is subtitled: An Inquiry into the Nature of Being...  
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Featured Book
Pass Fail
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

32 Stories About Teaching, from Inspiring to Hilarious for Anyone Who Has Ever Been to School..  
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