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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
When All That's Left of Me Is Love: A Daughter's Story of L
by Linda Campanella

This heartwarming story of a daughter's undying love for her dying mother, who loved with her last breath and beyond, will move and inspire not only those who face or fea..  
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Featured Book
Running Scared
by Robert Davis

Could you survive twenty-two years alone... while living in the forests, hunting and consuming wild game and surviving the harsh elements? See how he did it; Read "Runnin..  
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Featured Book
Albert Russo: a poetic biography, volume 1-texts & photos
by Albert Russo

a photographic itinerary of Albert Russo's life (he has resided on three continents) and literary production (in English and in French) with poetic comments by Eric Tessi..  
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25 Most Recent Memoir Short Stories

Funeral Home Diary - Part 1 by Duke LaRance
You can't make stuff like this up......
View Photo of Gentleman Jim Read excerpt from Gentleman Jim Gentleman Jim by Gerard St. John
A young novice lawyer finds himself matched against one of the outstanding lawyers of the Philadelphia bar and learns a great deal about trial practice and about his adversary...
View Photo of George the Third Read excerpt from George the Third George the Third by Gerard St. John
George P. Williams, III was a lawyer's lawyer with an infectious sense of humor...
Get Out Of My Grape Factory by R. Burrow
1st 2nd 3rd 4th..
Getting Started by J Tom
This story is part one of two. I wrote this in 1996. I wrote part two this month. ..
Giant George. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A family fondly remembers their Great Dane who passed away last week...
Girls Gone Wild - Day 4 by Sandy Knauer
god? by R. Burrow
My encounter with a god? A super consciousness?..
Going Home by John Williams
Gentle Memories..
Going Home by Joyce Bowling
Written shortly after I took that trip back to the place where I grew up...since then I often allow myself to indulge in the childhood memories that I have carefully tucked away. ..
Going to Church by Lois Wauson
I was born during the Great Depression and lived on a farm. We didn't go to church. ..
Gone Fishing!! by Sue Hess
This is about my favorite cousin Charles ..
Read excerpt from Good for Something! Good for Something! by Bradley Fralick
STILL GOOD FOR SOMETHING ! I am being facetious, of course. I just mowed the lawn today. I know, you are thinking, big deal . Especially since, I have a riding lawn mower. However, one might tend to agree with me. When I go bragging about mowing THIS lawn, because THIS ..
Good morning Zurich by Mary Elshaday
A fictional story triggered by memories of the first time I flew out. ..
Goodbye by Yuukon Michigan
Goodbye, Caleb. (Part One) (Tear-Jerker) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A couple says goodbye to their son, who had serious health issues. Break out the hankies: this is a sad one, folks. Don't say I didn't warn you .....
Gore Vidal: A Man of Litters by Morgan McFinn
Gore Vidal & Orson Welles in Rome..
Got Goats? by Lisa Adams
Ha! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!..
Graduation and High School Memories by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
Graduation and High School Memories - a serious memory and some fun memories from high school ..
Gramma Remembers 9/11/01 by Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner
Let me tell you a story of something that happened when I was a little girl, about your age. Things weren't always this peaceful when I was growing up. There were wars and rumors of wars, everybody hated each other, and were fighting all of the time. One event of historical pr..
Granddad, My Best Friend and Mentor by Donelle Knudsen
As I travel down "memory lane" I reflect on times spent with my paternal grandfather; a gentleman in every sense...
Grandma by Michael Barry
An attempt to define my Grandma through my experiences of her...
Grandpa and Grandson by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
A recent summer stay-cation in Baton Rouge with a wonderful visit by our daughter, son-in-law and grandson from Kansas! Pic: John catching his first fish, a bream, at Santa Maria...
Grandpa and John Wilkes Booth by Lois Wauson
Grandpa swears this is a true story. Did John Wilkes Booth really live in Texas in the late 1880's or 1890's? Grandpa remembers what he looked like. Lots of stories have come up through the last 100 years or more, about John Wilkes Booth not really dying in a fire, after he shot Lincoln. Is it tru..
Grandpa Loved to Gamble by Lois Wauson
I loved my grandpa. He smelled of snuff most of the time but that was okay. My aunts talk about what it was like then they were growing up during the late 1920's and '30s. Grandpa loved to gamble ..
Gravity by Mark Low
Childhood hopes must always have their limits. Physics is one of the rules all must abide to...
Grief - An Ongoing Journey by Deborah Tornillo
"Grieving the loss of a loved one is worse than fearing the loss of a loved one." Deborah Tornillo..
Grief In Slow Motion by Deborah Tornillo
My Grief.....
Grit, Cloverine Salve, and Muskrat Hides by David Thompson
In the 1940s and '50s, my brother, Philip, and I tried various ways to make spending money. He passed away in 2005. This story is dedicated to his two sons, Patrick snd Clifford...
Growing up at the shore... by Ed Matlack
Ron Hull was right, surprisingly, writing stories are a bit more satisfying than writing poetry...Hate though to admit he was right...;-)..
Growing up in the Bronx by Ir S
A brief summary of my life since childhood...
Growing Up With Brothers by L. Figgins
I love my brothers, but growing up with them was a trial.....
GTMO REVISITED: Notes From a Naval Officers Log by Rod Haynes
Authors Note preceding the Opening Chapter of GTMO REVISITED: NOTES FROM A NAVAL OFFICERS LOG by Rod Haynes, All Rights Reserved, Copyright 2009..
Guardian of Bluebird Hill by Leland Waldrip
My Irish Setter was a family legend. The tale is as real as recall allows. ..
Guardians of the Nest: or Attack of the Killer Yellow Jackets by Elizabeth Parsons
A beautiful day turns to horror.....
Gumdrop by Karen Vanderlaan
a story taken from a chapter of my memoir, "Show and Tell"..
Gunpoint Grocery Scare & Co-Workers Humorous Care by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
High School grocery work memories of being held-up, scared and relieved by co-workers bantering and teasing. Pic: Free Clip Art Public Domain..
Happy Mother's Day by R. Dean Johnson
In honor of Mother's All Over the world, and Mother Earth, this excerpt from Johnson's "Life. Be There At Ten 'Til." offers a unique look at the role Mothers often play...
Happy Trails by Wanda Harrell
2004 Wanda L. Harrell ..
Harlem, June 19, 1946 by Anthony Hall
Reconting the days events in Harlem, before the Joe Louis, Billy Conn fight..
Hatfield by Tova Gabrielle
bizarre happenings in the working world of a small new england town..
Hats by Connie Stevens
More memories with apparel as the trigger for storytelling...
Read excerpt from Hauptmanns Balalaika Memoir Hauptmanns Balalaika Memoir by Ally Hauptmann-Gurski
How the balalaika changed our life, its discovery, our years with the Troika, Tschaika Cossacks, Ivan Rebroff, our episode with Mary MacKillop and how we found back to Russian culture and music...
Have a Cigar... by Morgan McFinn
A brief encounter...
Have You Seen My Puppy? by Harold Hester
Napoleon and Josephine can't go on their cruise without Max...
Heaven for Climate; Hell for Company by Morgan McFinn
Thank God for onions.....
Heavens' Medical Center! by Darlinliz11 Cox
This vision is one of my, "Memoirs of the Holy Spirit" during my personal praise, prayer, and worship time. It shares, that Jesus Christ is still in the healing business today. We serve an awesome God. He is only a prayer away...
Held for Us in Waiting by Rene Remington
The things we put ourselves through and we call it love. ..
Hero by Pamela Taeuffer
A reflective piece when eighteen, wondering why I couldn't trust boys...
Hidden Bay by Evangeline Gilmour
A memory of a holiday in Kaiteriteri made into fiction but all of it is real apart from the characters - they were actually me and my mother. ..
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Memoir Stories
1. James Cagney Jr.
2. 3.6 - Going Away
3. The Wringer
4. 9.7 - Recipe: American Dream Cake
5. 10.6 - The Circus Comes to Town - Day 1
6. Nickel and Dimin' It
7. Shipyards and Last Ships
8. Dancing Squarely
9. Target - Good to the Last Puff!
10. Crocheting, embroidering and knitting for
11. The End of the Line
12. My Kingdom for a Curl
13. A Tribute to Jimmy Connors
14. Lamentation
15. Fallout from the Sixties
16. Towing the Line
17. Tarzan, Jane and Boy
18. The old Terrell wells Swimming Pool
19. Jury Duty in Baton Rouge and New Orleans
20. Childhood Recall 2.0

Featured Book
Jupiter Remembered
by Myra Darwish

A passionate and poignant memoir written by a woman whose life has been guided by the words: "I am here to learn how to love well."..  
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Featured Book
Albert Russo: a poetic biography, volume 1-texts & photos
by Albert Russo

a photographic itinerary of Albert Russo's life (he has resided on three continents) and literary production (in English and in French) with poetic comments by Eric Tessi..  
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