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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Altered Intentions: Jaben's Rift book 2
by G. David Walker

Jason Bennett thought his part of the prophecy was over. The Altered had other ideas...  
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Featured Book
The Weird and Wonderful Advenfures of Tim Wessurp 'TWERP'
by Derek Flower

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Featured Book
Truth of the Ninja: Air
by TJ Perkins

Book 4 in the Shadow Legacy series..  
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All Fantasy Short Stories

25 Most Recent Fantasy Short Stories

Enigmatic Yen by Jennave Coz
Chain the cage... keep the spirit in, ..
Enter the Komodo by Elizabeth Hopkinson
When Antimony inherits the Academy of Lagado from her uncle, she intends to finally make it into a rational institution. But the giant Komodo dragon on her doorstep is getting in the way. Literally...
Epic: Kaostorm by Omavi Ndoto
My attempt at an epic poem. This originally began as a story idea (which is why I still classify it as a short story)...
Ergen land of the Golden Rod by Richard Kallao
original idea and story ...
ERIC THE BOLD by Charles Coker
When I was young a life might not have been the best, I sought escape into my stories. I'm sure we've all done the same. Here is Eric's story...
Erik the Red part 1 by J Collins
Were-cat meets Pyro-mancer in a world where magic and were's are common. But no one understands a poor under aged Dragon. ..
Eros Rising by Linda Casselman
Trayel flitted through the trees of Kendal forest looking for Dravid. She was supposed to be hidden away in the Maiden’s Cave of Solitude by now as her cycle was nearly upon her, but she just couldn’t stay away from this fine faerie. She had seen Dravid practicing the Art of Vin Ga with his troop ..
Escape: Red by Richard Kallao
original my favorite book was The Martian Chronicles written by Ray Bradbury ..
Eve sequel to Adam by Richard Kallao
Even a God............ by Richard Kallao
Even beyond the Farthest Star by Richard Kallao
Even God.......... by Richard Kallao
Even in Space you Got to Have Faith by Richard Kallao
Ever Wonder about ... Your Bookshelf by Richard Kirsch
Listen in to conversations of the books on your bookshelf. Spend a few minutes and imagine what your bookshelf chats would be like. What would they have to say about you?..
Excerpt by J.T. Whitesell
The Vernore Gene: Book 1 in Shadow Reign Chronicles..
Excerpt from 'A Dreamer's Weavings.' by Laurie Gonzalez
A council of those who rule, and one who seeks to claim leadership among them. Pity he doesn't know that the least among them, is anything but.....
Excerpt from 'By Twlight Beckoned.' by Laurie Gonzalez
All her life she's been hunted for the sake of a father she never knew. He was a demon who disappeared a lifetime before, her mother in tow, leaving their only daughter behind... And this is all she knows of him. So far, it's always been demons who've come before now, driven by their hellish mast..
Excerpt from 'Of Hidden Wings' by Laurie Gonzalez
They come to the village expecting vampires, and the horribly normal hunt this entails... But those who dwell there are unimpressed. Perhaps there's nothing to be hunted, or perhaps something more lurks here than they originally believed...
Excerpt From A Winter In A Summer Home by J.A. Aarntzen
The story behind this unpublished novel from 1982 was based upon what I had discovered in a pail one spring when opening the cottage for another year. There were the carcasses of several decayed mice inside of it. The fate of these rodents saddened me and inspired me to write something in honor of..
Excerpt from Birds by J.A. Aarntzen
"Birds" is my current project that I begun around October. It is a fantasy novel concerning an oppressive totalitarian state where all the birds have been extirpated. This novel is centered around a youth that is about to graduate from a military school and embark upon a career in the army. His p..
Excerpt from Corman the Carp and the Ocean King by J.A. Aarntzen
The following is an excerpt from the unpublished novel "Corman the Carp and the Ocean King". It is a sequel to my PublishAmerica book "Corman the Carp". In this excerpt entitled "Fish With Claws" Corman and Crawmommy meet with a stranger that does not belong to the lake system that they call home...
Excerpt from Iron Horse Country by J.A. Aarntzen
This is an excerpt from my unpublished novel "Iron Horse Country". This book is a sequel to "The Redeemer" also unpublished. The setting for this novel is 1896 Mallogia, a continent in the North Pacific. This continent had been colonized by the British, the Belgians and the Germans. It was divid..
Excerpt from Mosquitoes In Heaven by J.A. Aarntzen
Mosquitoes in Heaven was written in 2008. It is a yet to be published novel that follows a man into the afterlife where he quickly learns that it is not at all what he had expected it to be...
Excerpt from novel in progress by Brady Powell
This is the fifth chapter from a novel still in progress, about the first meeting of two of the major characters...
Excerpt From One of the Flock by J.A. Aarntzen
"One of the Flock" is a novella that I wrote in the 1980's. It is a story of a misfit rogue wood duck trying to join a flock and feel accepted...
Excerpt from Painted Wings and Giants' Rings, A Novel by Wilfried F. Voss by Wilfried Voss
The loss of innocence, when “painted wings and giants’ rings made ways for other toys” is the central theme of this festival of children’s dream world adventures and the harsh reality of adult life...
Excerpt from Severn and Beyond by J.A. Aarntzen
Severn and Beyond is the final installment of The Beerdrinkers' Guide to the Trent-Severn Waterway. In this excerpt from the unpublished novel written in 2003, Captain Ness finds himself in a cave being escorted by a strange creature posing as the Captain from the Titanic...
Excerpt from The Caves of Gwaehr by Mary Fallon Fleming
A bunch of rough-neck off-worlders enjoy themselves at a tavern in the city of Klairsteschallor...
Excerpt from The Fathers of Color by J.A. Aarntzen
I wrote "The Fathers of Color" around 1988 or so and have never sought to have it published. In this novel I have created a world that is on the edge of revolution. It is a world that has not changed for centuries and is one that is dominated by an ultra-conservative sect known as the Fathers of C..
Excerpts from Adventures of the Angels by Lew Duffey
Here are some excerpts from my newest book, "Adventures of the Angels." Enjoy!..
Exert from my Novel by Danial Gorham
Chapter One Cleansed by hate..
Exploration 101 by Richard Kallao
Exploring Ruins by Ralph Nicholls
Taran Eowilmandellin is the captain of a dunerunner and is hired by a motley bunch of explorers to help them get to and help explore the death trap laden ruins of an ancient Terran colonial city in the midst of the unforgiving Parallayx Desert. ..
Extra Extra by Richard Kallao
Facelift by Rob Hunter
Rachel Mae Welding, aged eleven, yearns after beauty and power. She will only have to keep one step ahead of the Alymeadean battle lords...
Fairy Heaven by ĂNTI SOCIĂL
Once upon a time in a mystical magical fantasy forest, their lived a young girl named Nayru, who was a beautiful younge fairy. Her wings were bright shimmering pink, with white little rimestone jewel's, that would reflect off the sun light. Her face was glowing with love, passion and pure lust. Her ..
Fairyborn by Daniel Arenson
When we think of "fairies", we imagine cute, innocent beings of goodness. But in the old days, people feared the fairies; here were creatures of mystery and menace. It seems this world of mystery has vanished... "Fairyborn" was first published in SDO Fantasy in July 2003...
Faith In Unicorns by S. Reisner
A young, cynical astronomer unexepectedly loses the love of his life when he becomes a warrior of the gods, and learns the true meanings of love and faith...
Fall of a Hero by Ralph Nicholls
Fall of a Hero is an excerpt of a novella from the anthology (Chronicles of the Dreamers)of the sci-fi/fantasy stories that form the basis for the soon to be published role-playing game Legacies of the Artificer(which i named and collaborated extensively in developing)...
Fall Out by Richard Kallao
Fallen 9 by Mello Anti
FAME by Eleni Skarpari
The narrator shifts between the truths that define her, in an effort to collapse into one...
Family Brew: a tale of witchery and wedding couture by Sharon Pennington
The color of bridesmaids dresses and food should not be partnered inside Sammie's head. A lighthearted tale...
Family Reunion: An Early Adventure in Sorcery by Jeanne Owens
Marissa Cobalt, the young mercenary sorceress, is hired by a young man to be his "fiance" at his family reunion..
Fancy That by Richard Kallao
Fantasies of a Married Woman by Debra Stiles, The Original Mister
Excerpt from my Next Novel, hopefully fo be completed by the end of this year! ..
Far beyond the sun (part 1) by Mello Anti
Morning already......
Farewell by john zimmerman
Another excerpt from my novel project Chronologically this is after "Altamar" and before "Belle"..
Fast Track by Richard Kallao
Father Christmas Must Die!!! by Patrick Whittaker
The next time you hear "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus," you won't think of it the same way...
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Fantasy Stories
1. Lover's Hands Part 1
2. Faux Companion
3. Elephants and Donkeys: A Fable for Our Ti
4. Out of the Sun
5. Family Brew: a tale of witchery and weddin
6. Tales of the Amomancer: Jennai's Ode
7. An Adventure in my own Back Yard.
8. Of Witches and Wands - Nomadin Chapter Two
9. Secrets in Sulsut - Episode I (full versio
10. FREE AudioBook Fantasy Short Story
11. Whisper and Warnings - Nomadin Chapter Thr
12. The Phantom Library
13. So Juicy
14. Shadow's Daughter: Flight of the Fox
15. Tessa's Wish
16. Games of the Gods
17. Surreal Dummy
18. Surreal Dummy
19. A Goddess Awakens: Chapter 13
20. Love, Myths, and Monsters

Featured Book
The Dragon and The Rose - Part 2: The Confrontation
by Diane Hundertmark

Richard has faced the "Turning Point" in his life, but it is yet to be seen if he will survive the "confrontations" to come. The reason for the PG rating is the same as f..  
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Featured Book
Embraced by Darkness BOOK ONE Sacrifices
by Tarah Wolff

Three women with the power of will show their strength when the very survival of humans is threatened...  
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