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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
A Short Story Collection of Horrors, the Bizarre, and the My
by Carol Fowler

The title says it all, except that is consists of 22 short stories...  
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Featured Book
by Joe

My new Werewolf book entitled Lobison is now in release in E-book Kindle format & print!..  
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Featured Book
Song Of The Succubus
by William Pusey

Isabelle is a member of an imortal race of beings called The Kind. From the dark woods of ancient Ireland to stages around the world, she rises to the heights of music st..  
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All Horror Short Stories

25 Most Recent Horror Short Stories

View Photo of Ghost Tracks Read excerpt from Ghost Tracks Ghost Tracks by Duane Pesice
Ghost Tracks The muted swish of cymbals hisses from a speaker in the corner of a darkened room. A small red light winks in response, and the wash increases in volume slightly and pans. The lights of a meter, green, red, yellow, follow the progress of an angular series of ..
GhostGlasses by Shane Ward
There is a new world out there..
Ghostly Strangers by Jo Janoski
A WWWorkshop assignment to write a story about a little boy scared at Halloween...
Ghosts In The Tornado: The Notes by Nickolaus Pacione
A Gothic horror story by Nickolaus A. Pacione featured in the July / August 2006 Issue of Insomnia Magazine. Authors speaks about the story here, and gives a little basis for the plot. The author's notes so to speak. The story isn't available online anywhere -- these are just the short story's ..
Gilding the Lily by Peter Hills
Talking to plants, well that's just plain daft - isn't it?..
Gilligan's Island meet Addams Family-part4-Finished ? by Richard Kallao
as I said not everyone stays dead any more , another PG story sorry ...
Glutton's Purgatory by Jaleta Clegg
Carl used to love food, until it started talking to him. Now he lives in constant fear, and hunger. Can insanity be far behind?..
Heart of Ghost - Script by Huda Orfali
Heart of Ghost Story by Huda Orfali Script by Teo Graca..
Heat (an excerpt) by J. L. deGarie
--Three college students on a road trip stop for gas in the middle of night in North Dakota and get a nasty surprise.--..
Heavenly Entrails is published by Nancy Cavanaugh
A micro fiction piece about a man with an obsession with entrails...
Heavenly Strains (Excerpt) by R David Fulcher
Summary: A heartbroken man confronts Death...
View Photo of Heavy Metal Poisoning Read excerpt from Heavy Metal Poisoning Heavy Metal Poisoning by Ken Kupstis
A FLASH Fiction short-short originally published through GW Thomas's FLASHSHOT web series...
Read excerpt from Good And Evil Gone Bad Good And Evil Gone Bad by ÃNTI SOCIÃL
It was a dark stormy night when the evil villian was approaching his black-deathed castle. When you walk inside, you can hear the hellish scream's coming from pesent's, gypsie's, little girl's and boy's and innocent people being brutaled in a dungeon by guards. The dungeon was a dark creepy place, w..
Good Riddance by Barbara Marjanovic
A woman is pushed to the edge of her marriage, and she finally breaks. She finds the chance to rectify it and she does...
Good Vampires by Michelle John
This is a spoof on a vampires story. I am told it's not funny. I'll let you decide for yourself. ..
goodbye my love by michelle noble
this is from my third book which is in the process of being published. its titele is Short Horror Stories That Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat thats under my pen name Michelle Patricia Noble..
Gor by Billy Wells
An alien from another planet seeks revenge when a hunter enters the forest and kills three of his animal friends...
Gowdie Legacy, The by Lee Cushing
A Trust sponsored private school comes under threat (FIRST DRAFT ONLY)..
Read excerpt from Grandma Grandma by Dot Sale
Grandma Taylor Matheson drove into the driveway of the Resthaven Seniors Villa with only mild trepidation. He was visiting his own flesh and blood, he rationalized, no need to get the heebie jeebies. Better late than never, he said to himself, looking almost self-consciously into the..
View Photo of Green Read excerpt from Green Green by Duane Pesice
Splatterpunk meets the Cthulhu Mythos. Adult content warning. A door opened, and a young woman entered the relatively august edifice Scather and Ryan's Fine Foods, Inc. Inside: Two youngish men of disreputable mien were discussing the relative merits of a life of crime, and the..
Grotesque. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A severely disfigured man is the target of some neighborhood bullies...
Growing Pains by Charlotte Gledson
Brotherly love?..
Gruesome Cargo..........The Walls That Bleed by Nickolaus Pacione
font face="courier" size="2">Appeared on A href="">The House of Pain/a>, Spring 2004 issue. Beyond the link is the sequel, i>The Walls That Bleed/i>. Within our nightmares we see the things that what we don't want to see -- the pages that are written carry the grue..
Guess Who? (Part One) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A girl is scared of being home by herself while her parents are on an Alaskan cruise...
Read excerpt from Gut Level Gut Level by Jennifer Holly MacDonald
The Bathroom Nightmare. ..
H.A.L.T. by Ken Kupstis
One many uses...
Had Baby by Jade Eckert
This is a story about a child who realizes the horrific story surrounding where she came from and why her mother never loved her...
Half Life by Robert Kasch
You never know what to expect on the way to work.....
Halfway Between by Philip Roberts
A part of Chuck was taken from him, and his only means of keeping his sanity is to try and get it back...
Halloween Charade by Barry Eysman
and underneath all that niceness, something most unbearable...
Halloween Feast by Steven Wedel
A man gets the chance for one last meeting with his wife and son when he's invited to a mysterious Halloween party...
Halloween Girl by Nickolaus Pacione
Story that I wrote about a human vampyrism. Terry [Vinson] suggested that I should unleash this one on the Den. I am glad I wrote this...
Halloween Night of the Beast by Wayne Patrick
Moving into a haunted house with monsters lurking outside..
Hammer Dracula Fan, The - Part 1 by Lee Cushing
Sixteen year old Billy Lawson pretends he is visiting a friend while in reality sneaking into the local cinema to watch Dracula...
Hammer Dracula Fan, The - Part 2 by Lee Cushing
A team of hunters attempt to hunt down Billy Lawson after he is taken to hospital...
Hanging On The Edge. ... by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A man who is scared of heights is stuck on a cliff with nowhere to go, especially since there are hungry bears around who smell his scent...
Happy Halloween-Scare by Richard Kallao
original-in honor of The Walking Dead tv series ,a perfect series for Halloween..
Harbinger of Doom by Glenn Thater
Lord Angle Theta - Historical Inspiration for the legends of Beowulf, Gilgamesh, King Arthur, and others...
Harbingers. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A woman fears that her life may be in danger...
Harbingers. (Part Three) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A woman decides to take she has had enough of the threats made against her. Image of night lightning (c) 2010, by Karla Dorman...
Harbingers. (Part Two) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A woman continues to be held prisoner in her own home due to the killer who killed her bedridden, handicapped sister remains on the loose. She is more terrified than ever...
Haunted House by April Smith
The sickening form before her reached out a pale white hand smeared with blood. Slim fingers reached longingly for Theresa where she stood, rooted in place...
He never understands me by Koty Lapid
Copyright © 2006 By Koty Lapid. It is a story about an abused woman. Some of my writer fellows suggested to me to change the title to something more expressive than my previous title was. I accepted the suggestion and changed the title. The previous title was: When I try to explain my point... The w..
He Should Have Seen It Coming by Brendan Carroll
Short Story Entry for Red Adept Contest: Twists and Turns..
Hear no Evil, See no Evil by Brian Eddy
A man returns to settle a score with the family who disowned him...
Haunted Thoughts by Nickolaus Pacione
div align=justify> font face="courier new" size="2">The thoughts which would be in the mind would be of the dreams that would be in my sleep — the dream which I best describe as a winter funeral. That funeral that I had not been able to go to almost ten years ago; the death of a classmate that ..
He Who Writes Upon the Walls by Garrett Peck
A longtime corporate employee is jealous of a young college kid getting promoted ahead of him and devises a maniacal revenge involving bathroom graffiti and dung beetles. This story appears in the anthology Small Bites edited by Garrett Peck and Keith Gouveia. All proceeds from the sale of this bo..
Heavy Metal Saga - Chapter 1 by Fredrik Carlström
This is the first chapter of a book I'm working on. It's about a former rock star trying hard to stay out of retirement. I don't know if it's humor or horror myself. I decided to go with horror since I know it's going to be pretty violent...
Heavy Metal Saga - Chapter 2 by Fredrik Carlström
In this part of the story Gary Stevens is given the quest to find the Eternal Flame, the Devil's guitar...
Hell Night - Tue, 10th by Stephanie Jean
This is the start of kira adventure of meeting a man who will soon change her future. ..
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Horror Stories
1. The Tunnel
2. Surprise! Surprise!
3. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 9 - The Brute S
4. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 5 -Humpty Dumpt
5. Someone To Kill
6. Looney Tunes Lunacy
7. Spiders
8. The Clown At Midnight
9. Passing the Torch
10. Something In the House
11. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 2 - Hansel & Gr
12. The Z B A
13. Bitter Ingredients, Bitter Pizza
14. Fractured Fairy Tales part 4 - the Three L
15. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 6 - Prince Char
16. Animal Chain Atrocities
17. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 3 - The Big Bad
18. Blood Work
19. WHAT Goes There?
20. Doobie Jack & The Hitchhiker

Featured Book
Hell Train
by Tony Bertot

Ever wonder what it would be like to die or be in a coma? Will you be forgiven of your sins?..  
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Featured Book
The Snake Woman of Ipanema
by Lucille

Every night thousands of terreiros (spirit rituals) take place throughout Brazil. Maggie Dalton takes a torturous path and risks her soul...  
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