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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Jewel and Other Stories
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

eBook on Smashwords Collection of Short Stories..  
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Featured Book
Brief Lives
by Richard French

An almost-forgotten 19th century entertainer who performed magic tricks, wrote highly original songs, and got into grave trouble provides the subject for a play in the 19..  
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Featured Book
Exils Africains ... et il y eut David-Kanza
by Albert Russo

How Sandro left his Mediterranean island in the twenties for the Belgian Congo, how he met his future wife, Florence, who grew up in Rhodesia. They had two daughters, Ast..  
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All Literary Fiction Short Stories

25 Most Recent Literary Fiction Short Stories

Frustration by Wa Conner
In this short story I was experimenting with brevity as a technique. This story is fewer than 200 words...
Further Adventures of Sam: Unpublished Chapter by susan larson
Sam and Ruthie participate in a stampede..
Geisterbahnhöfe (Translation of Ghost Stations) by A. Colin Wright
German translation (by a friend of mine) of "Ghost Stations" below. Just in case anyone would like to read a story set in Germany in German!..
Gentle by Lisa Adams
Getting it on with Ruby Lee by David Arthur Walters
What happened one snowy night......
Ghost Stations by A. Colin Wright
Before the fall of the Berlin Wall a man spends his time travelling on the underground and overground city railways, and is persuaded to help a crazy woman trying to find her lost lover in the East...
Ghost Town by Annie Taylor
A short piece to do with the ghost towns that are the result of the on-going civil war in Colombia and the people that are left behind in the wake of it...
Gifts From Greeks by John Lindermuth
A man must choose between love and loyalty...
Glass Beach by Christelle Harris
The beach in this story was real, and so is the man I'm with in it. Writing this was sort of my attempt at letting go of my love for him, because it is painful. I feel vulnerable around Bear, because he is so beautiul inside and out. ..
Goddess Nadine by j.d. daniels
Spiritual awakening excerpt from Sonny..
Going To See Eudora by Randall Barfield
This story is interactive. If you choose to review, please select ending A or B as your favorite. Thanks...
Good Old Uncle Morrie by Mark Lichterman
“Sorry, Mom. Marcie’s on the..." The phone hanging on the wall directly opposite the bathroom door, “Jesus!” Marsha yelled, trying to suppress laughter. “You going to tell the whole world I’m on the toilet?” “It ain’t ‘the whole world’, it’s your mother... Mom, she’s, uh,” smiling, “on..
Good Rockin' Tonight by Robert Pielke
A white guy band is stranded on the back roads of the south in the 1950's. A black guy band stops to help. They're both headed in the same direction, in more ways than one...
Got Game? by Charlie Delgado
i>Sometimes having friends is just too complicated./i> Jackie stood in the entry way, purse on her arm, keys in her hand, anxious to run out into the world and complete her errands, but finding the way blocked. "Jacks!" The greeting from Kenny came with the usual smile brighteni..
Graciella by Patrick Lee
A young man, certain he has been cursed with a disfigured, hideous face, falls in love with a beautiful young woman...
Graverobbing 101 by Marlin Bressi
An excerpt from the novel "The Making of a Rock Star" by Marlin Bressi...
Green Tea by Jack Lowe
A couple, consisting of a Modern Woman and an Old-Fashioned Guy, 'exchange viewpoints' on the value of fame. Then, it gets interesting. ..
Growing Old by Gil Garcia
My definition of growing old...
Guillermina by Roxana Reyes Davis
A little girl is used by her parents to become their best source of income. As time passes by the girl departs from her parents wishes, but will she be able to free herself from her family?..
Habiba by Muhammad Al Mahdi
Short Story..
Had To by Bill Pieper
Shauna was in rehab and had to get out, which could only happen if she came to terms with everything she'd been hiding from, everything that put her there in the first place. (Artwork credit: Gene Avery) ..
Hands That Will Not Work Together by Susannah Carlson
The end of the line..
Read excerpt from Hank's Achilles Hank's Achilles by Chance Montana
Sometimes Beauty IS the Beast.....
Happy Like Me by Peggy Duffy
"Sophie was a tall, thin woman of thirty-six whose short blonde hair had started to gray prematurely a few years earlier. It had once been long and golden, flowing down her back and landing in thick waves between her shoulder blades. She could still remember the feel of the wind through her hair, th..
Harlan Medlam milks a mudhole by Jerry Engler
This is a colorful piece of man and horse coming to the rescue, with Harlan Medlam, as usual, figuring how to turn it to his advantage...
He Cut Deep by Peggy Duffy
"Shandra, there's something whispering in my head, " Jimmy says, coming into the darkness of his younger sister's room. "What kind of whispering?" Shandra asks, sitting up in bed. "Just whispering." "What does it say?" Click on the link below to read the re..
Heartbeat. by John Williams
A short short sad tale..
Hell by P. Reed-Wallinger
I believe that hell may well be an individual that possible. Could hell be comprised of your worst fears? Imagine being trapped for time and eternity, in your your own personal nightmare...
Hello, I Am Ken Jones by J.A. Aarntzen
Imagine a convention where everybody shares your name...
Her Father's Garage by Marjorie Davis
"Time had stopped in her father's garage, Bec thought, because in 1958, he still had Marilyn Monroe's 1955 nude calendar tacked to the wall. Bec's mother hated the calendar." ..
Read excerpt from Her Long List of Nobodies Her Long List of Nobodies by Eric Johnson
His pale white skin reminded her of a wet paper napkin draped over a dirty spoon. His skin so pale white traces of veins could be seen crisscrossing under his fragile flesh. Aside from slight abrasions and dirt he was virginal lying on her bed. His body didn’t look strong. He was skinny, but not..
Herbal Wisdom by Marjorie Davis
With her tall, narrow body and frizzy purple-white hair, Betty resembled a blossoming chive plant. All day she'd putter outside, head bobbing above bushy herbs. She exuded a spicy aroma, a blend of crushed sage and bergamot. ..
Here's Chapter 6 of Final Paradox, the second in The Osgoode Trilogy by Mary Martin
Harry's back at his office. Watch out for Jeremy, his junior. How many people are after the money? Come back on Monday for the next installment. ..
Hey Joe (The Show Ch.2) by Mike DeShazer
Pat and Erica hit the road in hopes of stumbling upon available tickets for a sold out show...
Hidden Motive by Ingrid Falconi
When a devastating storm nearly destroys New York City, Jared Abott gets a second chance through the miracle of science. At a price...
Hold Your Light Brother Rodney Hold Your Light - Sophie by Wayne Bien
Two stories which introduce the character Sophie in my book "Hold Your Light."..
Home by Lakshmi Sharma
A son is unsettled at the idea of the separation of his parents..
Home Sweet Home by Tanya Leslie
This short story describes one typical morning in my life as a Parisian resident a few years ago.......
Home Sweet Home - Part II by Barbara Terry
Jamie has found a home. What delights, surprises and other things does she find in her Home Sweet Home? ..
Home Sweet Home Part III by Barbara Terry
Jamie wants her real mother and sister to come and live with her at McCreeley Manor. Will she get her wish? ..
Home, Sweet Home - Part IV by Barbara Terry
The trial has begun. What will the verdict be? ..
Home, Sweet Home - Part V by Barbara Terry
The defense puts Jamie's father on the stand. ..
Home-Coming by Cristina Van Dyck
An expatriate mother and her toddler are stranded in a London airport where she confronts the issue of Home..
Homecoming by Deborah Shlian
San Francisco, California The cab ride from the cemetery to Chinatown took Lili more than the five miles. It transported her back in time so that when the driver turned onto Grant Avenue she was ten years old again, playing in the alleys behind restaurants and curio shops. As she stepped f..
Homeless CEO by David Grant
Everyone has a dream, if you don't believe, just Google it!..
Homeward Bound Chapter 5 Continued by Jack Daley
Jack and Vance goe into Shelby to sample the night life, and end up not speaking to each other after Jack leaves Vance in a local bar so he can spend some time with Anne...
Homeward Bound Chapter 6 by Jack Daley
As Jack revises his novel in the mid 1980's he gives an account of some of his night time dreams that show that there is no seperation between the boy who dreams about becoming a writer and the man who writes about the boy...
Homeward Bound Chapter 7 by Jack Daley
Jack and Vance put in another couple day's work on the Montana wheat ranch. Ernie gets fired, and Vance and Jack get closer to doing some "real work" with Doc...
Homeward Bound Chapter-One by Jack Daley
It's July, 1961 when Jack and his friends get turned back at the Canadian border and have to spend some time in Shelby Montana...
Homeward Bound-Chapter 5 by Jack Daley
Jack and Vance spend their second day on the Montana wheat ranch and begin to learn a little more about the hands they are working with. ..
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14. Final Sky, Chapter 5
15. The Messenger
16. Eva Makes a Decision
17. Iron Rose - 32
18. Take Me, I'm Free (Flash Fiction)
19. Iron Roses 33
20. What Lies Within

Featured Book
Shadows of the Rose
by Annette Gisby

A Book of Tales by Annette Gisby. Twelve tales to delight and terrify you. Out now from Double Dragon. Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then, let us begin.....  
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Featured Book
Shadows of the Rose
by Annette Gisby

A Book of Tales by Annette Gisby. Twelve tales to delight and terrify you. Out now from Double Dragon. Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then, let us begin.....  
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