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The Price I Pay (Chapter Ten)!
By Michelle R Kidwell Power In The Pen   

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I thought I had been careful too, but what had it gotten me a bullet in the spine, and a stalker who wanted me dead.

Chapter Ten:

I opened my email instantly wishing I hadn’t.

A message from an anonymous sender, read..

This isn’t over, I know who you are, and I know your secrets.I had no idea what secrets he was talking about, but I did have a good feeling this person was either the one who shot me, or he or she knew who did it.


“Myra what’s wrong?” Sheila asked. I didn’t have to say anything, it was only obvious something was bothering me.

I pointed to my computer and the message that was flashing on the screen.

“We need to report this Myra.”

“I know Sheila.”

Sheila grabbed the phone and dialed the number that had become all to familiar.

“Officer something needs to be done, Myra doesn’t deserve this kind of torture, she’s trying to recover, she’s just now getting to where she is not afraid to leave the house, this isn’t going to help any.”

I could tell by the tone of Sheila’s voice, the way it rose and fell she was not happy with what was being said. I wasn’t trying to ease drop, even though it was me she was talking about, but I could tell she was getting upset and it was making me upset.

“This shouldn’t be happening”

“I’m sorry Sheila, you know you don’t have to fight my battles for me.”

“I know Myra, but I need to be there for you, that’s the least I can do.”

“Sheila you’ve been doing a lot for me, please don’t feel otherwise. I could not have made it through this without you. You are my best friend and will always be.”

“I know Myra, I am just getting tired of seeing you hurt like this.”

Another message popped up on my computer just a few seconds later.

Your secrets won’t be secrets forever if you don’t watch your step. At this rate you should be dead. You should have died that night. “Something HAS to be done Myra, if the cops aren’t going to do something about this I will.”

Lord why are they doing this to me why am I being tortured like this? I want to put the pieces of my life back together, but I am afraid to do anything when I keep getting threats like this.


Lord why aren’t the cops taking these threats seriously isn’t the fact I was shot once good enough reason for them to see this warrants their attention?“Sheila I couldn’t bare it if something happened to you.”


“Myra something has to be done, and I am going to be sure this person is stopped. I promise I will be careful.”

I thought I had been careful too, but what had it gotten me a bullet in the spine, and a stalker who wanted me dead.

“Sheila you can be careful and still get hurt, I didn’t think this would happen to me.” I said placing my arms down on the arm rests of my chair for emphasis. “I didn’t think writing books would lead me to being in this chair.”

“I know Myra, but this person is not going to get away with this. If we don’t find out whose doing this he’ll strike again, and it may not be you he hurts, it could be anyone. This person maybe some kind of psychopath.”

“I know that Sheila, and I don’t want you to be his next victim.”

“I am going to do everything in my power not to.”

You came from nothing Myra, you need to remember that. You have secrets like we all do. Your real parents didn’t want you.“Myra shut that thing down, all it’s doing is upsetting you. These people are only trying to make you upset, and it’s working.”

What was he talking about? If I was adopted, I sure didn’t know anything about it, and I looked just like my Mother, what kind of game is this person playing Lord? Why is he doing this to me?


“Why? Why are they doing this?”

“I don’t know Myra, but what I do know is one way or another it is going to stop, and whenever I discover whose playing this sick game they are going to wish they left you alone.”

I didn’t have a doubt about that for a second.

“Just be careful Myra, we don’t know what this person or these people are capable of. We don’t know if its one person or more. We don’t really know anything about them, other than there purpose seems to be to torment me.”

“I know Myra, but we will find out, and this person will be caught.”

I needed Sheila’s faith at the moment, because mine was lacking. At least faith that this person would ever get caught. This person was still walking free while I was confined to life in a wheelchair.

Lord why is this happening, I was just starting to move on with my life. Just starting to accept what happened and get back to the business of living. I was enjoying writing again and now this. I am facing this again. I enjoyed getting back to writing, now I am afraid to turn on my computer. Give me the peace I so desperately need Lord. Help me get through this day.“Myra this will stop. You will be able to get back to living the life you want to live again.”


“Sheila I know it will stop, but it’s not going to erase what happened to me. It’s not going to give me the use of my legs back.”

At times I thought I was dealing okay with the fact I would never walk again according to doctors. At other times all I felt like doing was shaking my fists at the Lord and asking him why. This was one of the times when all I could do was ask why.

I didn’t know if I could ever get answers though. Answers to the questions I wasn’t even sure if I knew how to form.


















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